A Summer Seduction

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My name is Marilyn, better known as Mom. I am a 36 year old mother of two. My son, Brian, is just short of his 19th birthday. My daughter, Samantha, just turned 16. Before you stop and do the calculations, yes I started early, getting pregnant when I was the same current age of my daughter. Believe me that fact is not lost on me as I watch her turn from my little girl into a woman. My husband, and father of the kids, left me about 10 years ago. We tried to make a go of it, but as so often happens with young love, we found we had little in common as we matured. We have remained friends but have each gone our separate ways. He still sees the kids and contributes to their welfare.

I managed to get my GED and have had a fairly successful career as a Realtor. Successful enough to support the family, and able enough to have a good eye for a bargain, including the house that we live in. We bought our house from a family who were being relocated and had to dump their home here to make the move. The house is in a good location with a secluded back yard and swimming pool. The house has three bedrooms. The kids share a bathroom, but the master bath is all mine. It has a garden tub plus an oversized shower. Overall the house is quite family friendly, and the kids have always felt comfortable having their friends over.

Brian is home for the summer after spending his first year at a state university that he attends on a swimming scholarship. His specialty is distance events which show in his well conditioned body. He is about 6’2″ and all muscle. Samantha is also a swimmer with similar goals to her brother. In stature she is just a younger version of me. She just matched my height of 5’7″ this past year, although she weighs a few pounds less than me, but I keep myself fairly fit. Her breasts are a “B” cup like mine. She has mixed emotions about her breasts growing larger. On one hand she would like to be bigger, on the other hand she knows that big breasts and competitive swimming do not mix well. She is much prettier than I am and will be truly striking as she grows into herself. Her swimming potential has got her invited to two swim camps this summer.

My ex and I agreed early on that we wanted our kids to be comfortable with their bodies. He and I both had been raised in quite conservative environments, which I have attributed, at least partly, to me getting pregnant at such a young age as I rebelled against my parents. Although we don’t flaunt nudity around the house, we certainly have a casual attitude toward it. Since our divorce and the kids getting older I have personally been a bit more conscious about it. For one thing I never knew when one of the kid’s friends would show up. There was never anything sexual in our state of dress or undress as the case may be. That was until this summer.

I came home from work and heard the shower running. I went to the door and yelled “Bri, is that you?”

“Yeah Mom.”

Knowing he had a summer job interview earlier I asked, “How did the interview go?”

“I’ll be out in just a minute.” I stepped into my son’s room and plopped down on his bed and thumbed through a car magazine he had there. I heard the shower stop, and in a minute or so Brian appeared drying his hair and not a stitch on. My eyes instinctively went to his manhood which looked way to mature for my baby boy. Totally at ease with his nakedness he went to the dresser and combed his hair leaving me to stare at his tight ass. I realized I was holding my breath. I snapped out of it as he started to tell me about the interview.

“I think it went well. They seemed to think I would have no trouble doing the job, but they did have two more interviews after me. They said they would make their decision by tomorrow.”

All I could manage was a, “that sounds encouraging.”

Finishing with his hair, Brian lay down on the bed next to me still totally naked. I resisted making a big deal of it by springing from the bed.

“Yeah, we even talked about me having flexible hours so I could do my work out at the YMCA every day. Having my beautiful Mom as their Realtor didn’t hurt,” he said as he reached over and kissed me on the cheek.

I said, “I doubt that had anything to do with it, but thanks for the compliment.” What I was thinking was “where did my son get that cock?” It sure didn’t come from his father. I caught myself trying to remember ever seeing my father’s cock? Surely I hadn’t because I can’t imagine not remembering it if it had been that big.

Picking myself off the bed I said, “I will keep my fingers crossed for you.”

Brian had picked up the magazine that I had been looking at. I paused at his door for one more look at my beautifully naked son. I closed his door behind be and felt my heart racing. As I walked down the hall the wetness between my legs was unmistakable.

I tried to put the incident out of my mind over the next few days. Brian got the job and was to begin the following Monday. He offered, and I readily accepted, his offer to help me with muğla seks hikayeleri some household chores in the meantime. One afternoon he was helping me with the laundry as we chatted about this and that.

All of a sudden he stopped and in a protective tone asked “when did Sam start wearing thong panties?”

I looked up to see him holding the tiny pair of panties up. I had to giggle, “those are mine smarty pants!” You would have thought I had hit him in the head with a baseball bat. He had no response. After a couple of minutes of silent sorting and folding of clothes, Brian grabbed a half full basket of folded laundry which he placed in front of him and hurried out the door saying that he would place the items in our respective bedrooms.

“Now that was odd,” I thought to myself. As I thought about him holding the basket in front of himself, I wondered if he was hiding an erection. Could the thought of his mother wearing thong panties have given him an erection? I told myself I was imagining this, but I found myself with a pair of hard pointy nipples and an itching between my legs at the thought. I went to the bedrooms and found both my door and Sam’s open. No laundry had been placed on our beds. Brian’s door was closed. I fought the urge to see if it was locked, but did stop in front of it and listen. Unfortunately, I could hear nothing.

I was working in the kitchen a little later when Brian came in and sat at the table.

I said “are you alright?”

“Yeah Mom, why do you ask?”

“You just left so suddenly.”

“Oh, well I guess I had to go to the bathroom.”

“You sure you’re not sick?” I had my back to him as I worked at the sink and glanced over my shoulder to see him studying me.

“No Mom I’m fine,” he said obviously deep in thought.

Finally without saying a word, Brian got up and walked out. I thought to myself, “Did my own son just check me out?”

The next week Brian started his new job and we got Samantha off to the first swimming camp of the summer. It was late when I got home and I sat down to read the paper. I was wearing a light summer dress. I sat on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table, knees bent. I must have drifted off to sleep because when I awoke Brian was standing in front of me with a big smile. Following his line of sight I could see that he had a perfect view up under my dress. I adjusted myself asking, “when did you get home?”

“Just a few minutes ago. I was just enjoying the view,” he snickered.

“I guess I better be more careful with a grown man in the house,” I joked.

“Don’t do it for my sake, I love looking at a beautiful woman.”

“You do know how to pay a compliment. If I didn’t believe it was because you wanted something special for dinner, I would be flattered.”

“You should be flattered, because I meant it as a compliment. I think you are one of the hottest women I know.”

“Help me up and I will get dinner started.” I extended my arm and he helped me to my feet. Brian pulled me toward him and placed his arms around me.

I placed my arms around his neck and he said, “Mom, I know I don’t show it sometimes, but I think you are the greatest, and I love you.”

I smiled and probably blushed a little and said, “I love you too baby.” Then I did something that surprised both of us. I kissed his lips. Not a lover’s kiss, but one that lasted too long to be an appropriate mother-son kiss. Embarrassed with myself, I broke our embrace and went to the kitchen.

Brian followed me to the kitchen and asked if he could help. I put him cutting vegetables for a salad while I prepared the chicken. We chatted while we worked side by side and he would hip bump me playfully every few minutes. I would do the same back at him, a seemingly harmless form of flirting. We set the table and Brian poured each of us a glass of wine as I served our dinner.

We joked at silly things through dinner and Brian bent down to pick up his knife which he had accidently dropped.

“Shall I get you a clean one, or did you just do that to look up my dress again?” I joked.

Not to be outdone he responded, “I thought I saw a little tuft of hair sticking out earlier and I thought I would have another look.”

I immediately snapped back, “you didn’t see any hair sticking out down there!”

Brian smiled and said, “you are right, but now I know that my mother keeps herself shaved or do you keep a small landing strip?”

I gave an embarrassed laugh, “you are quite the smart ass, aren’t you?”

He just shrugged his shoulders quite proud of himself. After a short pause he asked, “Well, which is it?”

“Which is what?”

“Are you shaved completely, or leave a small patch of pubic hair?”

“I am not having a conversation about my personal grooming habits with my son!”

“Ah come on Mom, inquiring minds want to know.”

“Change the subject please.” I could feel myself blushing but could also feel that my nipples had become hard as well as feeling dampness in my panties.

Brian was enjoying teasing me too much, he said, “let me see mom.”

“Have you gone insane? I’m not going to show myself to you.”

“Why not?”

“Well first of all you are my son. Second of all if anyone found out, they would have me arrested, and put you in therapy. Shall I go on?”

“No one would know. It would be our secret. And as far as me being your son, I thought you always said that we should not be ashamed of our bodies?”

“You know good and well that this is different. And I am not ashamed of my body, and I can’t believe we are having this conversation!”

“Don’t get mad, I’m just teasing you. So if you won’t show me, just answer my question, shaved completely or no?”

“You are impossible!”

We both began clearing the table. I ran the dishwater while Brian brought me the dirty dishes. When he finished he moved behind me and placed his hands around my waist.

He leaned close to my ear and whispered, “I am the luckiest guy in the world to have a Mom like you.” He leaned down and kissed the nape of my neck.

“Don’t kiss me there.”

“I thought women like being kissed there?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I just ask you to not kiss me there.” He knew he had found my weak spot and pulled me back against him. He not only kissed my neck again but I felt him push against my ass. I had moaned softly before I knew what had happened. Snapping back to reality, I pulled away from him dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen. I went into the living room and sat on the couch and picked up the remote trying to find something to watch as my mind cleared.

Brian came in and sat at the other end of the couch. Brian said, “Sorry mom, I guess I got carried away.”

I didn’t answer.

“Mom, are you mad?”

“No, but when I ask you not to do something, I would appreciate if you didn’t go against my wishes.”

“You are right, I’m sorry, I guess I took that kiss and our flirting the wrong way.”

His comment made me stop and think. I was the one playing along with the flirting, and I had been the one to kiss him. “Brian I’m sorry too, I over reacted. Can we just forget it happened?”

“Sure Mom.”

The rest of the evening our conversation stayed on safe ground. About 11:00 we both went to bed. I lay in bed re-living the evening and feeling myself overly aroused. I couldn’t sleep until I had masturbated to a huge orgasm. I had a restless night wondering what was happening to me.

I woke the next morning in the same state of confusion that I was in the night before. Why was this whole thing so arousing to me? Did I want something to happen between my son and me? Of course not, that is something you only read about. Maybe seeing me as he had requested would satisfy his curiosity? Or, would it make him want to go further? And what did I really want? So many questions, all with difficult answers.

I got ready for work and saw that Brian had already gone to his swimming work-out before going on to work. At work I found myself day dreaming and not being very productive. About midway through the afternoon my phone rang, I answered in my most professional manner.

“I’d like to speak to your best looking Realtor.”

“I’m sorry but Mr. Hanson isn’t available,” I giggled.

“Very funny Mom.”

“What’s up Bri?”

“I wanted to give you a heads up. I’m going to a concert with a friend who just acquired two 4th row tickets. We will be staying the night at his sister’s place.”

“Acquired two tickets? You make it sound like he stole them.”

“I didn’t ask,” he laughed.

“O.K., but be careful.”

“I will Mom, bye.”

All of a sudden a light came on in my head. I knew what I needed to clear my head; I needed to get myself laid. I picked up the phone and dialed my on again, off again friend who could accurately be defined as a “friend with benefits”.

“Hello Charlie. Guess who has the house to herself tomorrow night?”

Plans were made quickly and we would have a quick dinner and then back to my place for some hard core fucking. Charlie wasn’t the greatest lover, which is probably why our relationship hadn’t progressed, but he does always manage to get me off a few times.

The following evening Charlie showed up at my doorstep and took me to a small restaurant that we often shared. I was in a teasing and flirting way and did my best to let him know what I needed. We made short work of our dinner and wine and headed back to my house. We were like a couple of kids as we tickled and groped our way up to the house.

I’m half surprised I got the door shut before we were on one another. We kissed and struggled out of our clothes, leaving a trail to my bedroom. We landed on my bed as we kissed and fondled each other in desperate foreplay. Charley knew what I needed and wasted no time climbing between my open legs. I reached down and guided him home. I gave a loud cry as he slid inside me to the hilt.

Charley slowly began to pump in and out of me. It felt so good. With my legs locked behind his back I matched each of his thrusts with one of my own. I don’t know what made me look, but I looked over his shoulder to notice that we had left the bedroom door open, what shocked me was what else I saw. There in the shadows of the hallway stood my son. He was clearly watching his mother get fucked.

I know I must have frozen while my mind considered the situation. Charley obviously had no idea that we were being spied upon. I continued to let him thrust into me as a wave of excitement stirred deep inside of me. I didn’t know if it was from being watched or for who was doing the watching. Whatever it was I started responding in a more aggressive manner than I had ever displayed, at least with Charlie.

“Fuck me hard baby I need it so bad,” had those words come from me?

“Oh yeah! What has got into you sweetheart? Mmmmm, you are squeezing my cock so nice.”

“Charley, fuck me from behind.” I knew what I was doing. I wanted my son to see me on my hands and knees getting pounded in my favorite position. As Charley entered me from behind I lowered my head to the pillow but not before making sure that Brian was still watching. My breasts shook every time Charley plowed into me, I so hoped that Brian could see his mother.

“Oh Charley baby, you are going to make me cum so hard!”

I knew I was about to cum hard but I wasn’t sure it was Charley or being watched that was going to take me over the edge.

“Cum for me sweetie, cum all over my hard cock!”

“Here it comes! Oh my god, I’m cummmmmmmmmming!” I cried as my body shook in orgasm.

“Oh baby, I can’t hold out much longer,” Charley warned.

“Let me suck you off the rest of the way!” Again, this was not a random thought. As Charley rolled onto his back, I got on my hands and knees with my rear facing the open door. I wanted my son to see my just fucked pussy and ass.

I moaned against Charley’s hard cock as I sucked and licked my own juices from him. He had to wonder where this crazed slut had come from, because I was giving the best head that I have ever performed. I felt Charley’s cock stiffen and then felt his cum flooding my mouth. I drank very drop.

I knew from past experience that Charley was finished but to his credit he rolled me onto my back and began licking my pussy. My clit was very sensitive after my first orgasm and also quite swollen. With Charley’s head between my legs I could freely look to see Brian still watching from the shadows of the hallway. I could see his hand busy and had a pretty good idea what he was doing. I might have imagined it, but I thought we made eye contact. I don’t think there was any doubt in his mind that I knew he was there.

The whole scenario had me hanging on another massive orgasm. I focused my attention on it as Charley took me over the edge into a total body convulsive orgasm. I know I was close to passing out. When I regained my senses I looked to the door and saw no one there. Charley moved up beside me and held me to him.

“Wow, is all I can say. You almost drown me when you came baby,” Charley stated.

“I guess it had just been to long since the last time.”

“Well, do me a favor and warn me next time so I can eat my Wheaties,” he chuckled.

After the requisite cuddling and afterglow, I caught Charley sneaking a peek at the clock.

“Do you have an early day tomorrow?”

“Yeah I do. Do you mind?” he asked.

“No not at all. You wore me out anyway. I think I need some serious sleep.”

We kissed and after Charley traced his clothes back to the front door, he dressed and I kissed him goodbye at the door. I felt a little guilty because I had used him as a pawn. Although I’m guessing the fuck that I had just given him rated right up there on his all-time best. I went back to bed with the thoughts of what I had just done playing over and over in my head.

I awoke early the next morning wondering how the conversation with Brian was going to go. I didn’t have to wait long. He came into the kitchen just as I was finishing brewing coffee.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning Mom.”

“I didn’t expect you home last night?” I’m glad he restrained saying “obviously.”

“Well you weren’t far off to ask if the tickets were stolen. It seems Brad had been sold two faked tickets. They wouldn’t honor them at the door.”

“That’s terrible, does he have any recourse?”

“No, he bought them from a guy he met at a bar, and didn’t even get a name. We were so bummed we just came home.”

There was a pause in the conversation as neither of us knew how to start. Both of us knowing that the elephant was in the room.

Finally Brian said, “Mom I’m sorry I didn’t let you know I was home, but I didn’t have much of a chance. You guys were going at it from the time you walked in the door.”

“You’re sorry you didn’t announce yourself, but not sorry you spied on us?”

He paused, “well I thought a lot about that all night. I guess I am sorry that I spied but not for what I saw. It was beautiful. You were beautiful.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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