A Surprise for Two Friends…

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I sat on the sofa sandwiched between my two best friends, Sam and Alex.

“Cece come on you gotta lighten up a bit!” Sam laughed pushing me slightly.

“Oh I can lighten up..” I told them smirking.

They had no idea what was about to hit them.

“And how do you lighten up? Tell me, was it a new essay you found to write?” Alex laughed.

“Or a new story to read?” Sam added.

They both high fived each other.

“No, something else.. but it would involve you both.” I told them.

I took a swig from my drink then placed it on the floor in front of me.

“No we are not breaking into a library for you.” Sam said.

Alex snorted.

“I want you both to fuck me.” I asked.

They both froze then laughed?

“What the hell are you laughing at?” I asked.

“That was a good one. No seriously, what do you need us for?” Alex asked.

“I want you to fuck me. What is funny about that? I need a good fucking.” I told them.

“Are you serious Cece?” Sam asked.

“No way.” Alex said.

“I want a threesome, it’s on my sex list.” I admitted.

“You have a sex list? What the hell! You’re the tamest person I know!” Alex said.

I rolled my eyes and stood up then faced them.

“Okay. esmer porno You don’t take me seriously, I’m just going to do this…” I undressed until I was standing naked in front of them.

They both sat gawking at me, then looked at each other then back at me.

“And I’m going to wait. You can do whatever and I mean… whatever you want to me.” I told them putting my hand on my hips.

Moments passed, they were both whispering to each other then they both stood up.

“We need a better admission than that if you want a threesome.” Sam said smirking.

Alex was nodding his head.

“Like what?” I asked.

Sam looked at Alex.

“Make us realise you’re the slut you say you are.” Alex told me.

I stood for a moment thinking about what to say.

“I want your big cocks to fill up my slutty little wholes. Make me a whore, make me beg for it.” I asked.

“Hmmm.. get on your knees.” Alex asked.

I obediantly did what he asked me.

They both took their pants and trousers off.

“Where shall we start? Hmmm..” They both circled me.

Sam stopped in front of me, he held onto his cock and placed it against my lips.

“Lick the tip.” He ordered.

I fantazi porno looked up at him. He looked over at Sam and nodded his head.

Alex came around and pinched my nipples causing me to gasp, Sam took the opportunity to shove his cock in my mouth.

I moaned as he filled my mouth. They both started laughing.

“Gentle or rough mate?” Sam asked.

“Rough mate.” Alex replied.

They high fived each other.

“Get on all fours whore.” Alex ordered me.

I quickly got on all fours, Sams cock still dominating my helpless mouth. I couldn’t even breathe properly.

I felt Alex’s cock enter me from behind, filling my pussy. I screamed against Sam’s cock. This feeling was incredible. I was full. Then Sam’s cock left my mouth.

I looked at him.

“Lay on the floor mate.” Sam told Alex.

Alex left my pussy and laid on the floor.

“Get on his cock bitch.” Sam ordered.

I quickly sat on Alexs cock, throwing my head back in delight. Then Sam pushed me forward and Alex wrapped his arms around me.

I felt Sam climbing behind.

“Gently.” I begged knowing what was coming next.

In one painfully quick motion my ass was filled.

“Fuck!” I screamed in porno filmler pain.

“You begged for this you slut.” Sam laughed.

Alex let go off me and started to flick my nipples.

“Ahhh!” I screamed.

They were both pounding into me.

Sam was rough in my ass, I thought I might cry but the pleasure was too much for me.

“I want to cum!” I Screamed.

“Cum on my cock you whore!” Alex shouted.

Then my world became dizzy, I was cumming. More than I had ever cummed. My eyes rolled back, I couldn’t think properly.

I collapsed onto Alex.

Both cocks left me and for once I was kinda happy so I could rest. Then they pushed me so I was lying on the floor, and they both stood over me pumping their cocks.

“Ready slut?” They asked.

I opened my mouth with my tongue out as they fastly pumped their cocks until they exploded all over my face.

Just as I was about to wipe it with my fingers, Alex got his phone and started recording as Sam wiped their cum all around my face.

“Look into the camera and say ‘i’m a dirty little cum dumpster.'” Sam whispered into my ear.

Alex came close to my face with the camera.

“I’m a dirty little cum dumpster.” I said into the camera.

Both boys laughed then got dressed.

“Wow, you do know how to lighten up.” Sam laughed.

I lay there on the floor. I was about to stand up when Alex used his foot to push me back down.

“Oh… you think.. we’re finished?”

They both smirked at each other.

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