A Sweet Dream

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Louise sat in her room trying to escape the constant noise of everyday life, the endless demands of her time. Shutting her door and block out the noise. She took off her clothes and put on her short nightshirt. She then lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. Escaping to her little bit of paradise.

In her mind she imaged a winters evening, fresh snow falling on to the ground, turning everything white. Sat on a large sofa in front of a roaring fire, feeling so warm and content. In the kitchen Fynn was heating up some mulled wine, Louise could smell the sweetness of it from where she was sitting. There was something magical festive about that smell coupled with fresh snow falling and a roaring fire.

Louise was soon joined on the sofa by Fynn bearing a hot mug of mulled wine for her to enjoy. She settled on the sofa snuggling up with Fynn, both watching as the snow fell on the trees around them feeling so at peace. Louise layer her head on Fynn’s chest while he stroked her hair, he always had such power of making here feel so at ease and so relaxed. She finished her mug of wine, put the mug back on the table and kissed Fynn’s soft lips, thanking him for the wine. He kissed her back, lightly at first, and then with more passion as his tongue teasing her lips then her mouth, intertwining with her own.

Fynn’s hands still running though her hair, pulling Louise closer to him. Kissing kuşadası escort deeply than before, such passions between them, the need to become so close. A single touch between these two seemed to course such sensation of the other; it was like nothing either has felt before. The kisses calmed and Louise snuggled down again into Fynn’s arms as he drunk some more of the mulled wine.

“I think I’m gonna have a nice shower” said Louise. She got up and kissed Fynn forehead, then walked to the bathroom. Removing her dress and tights, then her black lacy underwear, she left then on the floor and stepped into the shower. Turning the tap, the gush of the warm water took Louise by surprise. It run down her body making her feel so refreshed. Louise had been so distracted by the shower; she had not noticed that Fynn had joined her. He was now standing behind her, his hand round her middle, slowly kissing her neck which drove her wild. She could not help but let out a gentle moan, the water running down her body, feeling Fynn’s lips running down her neck. It felt like pure heaven. Louise pushed her self-closer to Fynn feeling the warmth of his body against hers also feeling his hardness starting to swell. She turned round and kissed him heavily on the lips, her hands running down his back. They kissed for some time, there hands exploring each other’s body under the flow of the water.

Deep in the frowns of passion there body’s became closer, Fynn pushing Louise up against the wall one hand exploring her breasts, pinching her nipples, while the over hand slowly make its way in between Louise’s legs slowly parting them. Each touches to Louise feel amazing, her whole body tingling form each touch. Her hands were wrapped around his shoulders pulling him close, her hands then ran down his back slowly, with one hand sliding round his front. She could not wait any longer to feel his hardness, the hardness she had created.

Her fingers slowly sliding up and down Fynn’s hardness, her hand wrapping around his hardness, stroking it slowly. Fynn let out a loud moan then returned the favour, sliding his hand right between her thighs getting higher and higher until Fynn felt Louise wetness, my god was she wet. One finger dived deep into her, catching her quite of guard, Louise let out a loud moan. This was followed with another finger, a louder moan followed.

The need to be with each other deeper that before. The passion was so high, it matched the heat of the water falling on both of them. They could both wait no longer Fynn turned Louise she pushed her ass toward his hardness eager for him to fill her. Rubbing his rock hard cock against her clit, Louise let out a loud moan, her clit was so sensitive to his touch. Fynn seemed to like to tease Louise it make her want him all the more. He carried on sliding his cock up and down her wet slit , making her more and more wet until all of a sudden he filled Louise wet cunt with his hardness. There was not feeling like it for Louise, she had never felt so full and I felt oh so good. Fynn at first slowly slid in and out of Louise’s dripping wet hole, then passion and need seemed to overtake them both and Fynn grabbed Louise’s hips and started to fuck her cunt. Louise was working to the same rhythm pushing back to each thrust allowing Fynn deeper and deeper.

They were both in pure ecstasy, then bodies as one , pure lust taking control. Fynn kissing Louise’s neck as he fucked her, Louise’s moans becoming louder and louder, driving Fynn even wilder. They both felt so close, Louise closer that she had ever felt before. One of Fynn’s hands creped round her body finding a very enlarged clit, he began to rub in circus with two fingers making Louise moan so much more louder, this send Fynn over the edge. He came with such a bang shooting his hot load into Louise, this sending her over the edge. He felt we clench this closer as he filled her wet cunt with his cum.

Both breathless they tried to regain their balance, turning the shower off the just both collapsing as heaps on the bed. They were lost for word both lost in pure ecstasy , Fynn pulled the covers over them both, both naked and wet , Fynn’s cum still dripping from Louise slit. Sleep found them.

And then Louise woke up, alone in her nightshirt but oh so wet!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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