A Taste

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The red automobile in front of the apartment had on its trunk a bumper sticker, among others, which read, “Want a taste of religion: Lick a witch.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Aidan thought as he stepped up to the apartment’s wooden door.

It was three short knocks on the door.

“Excuse me, miss,” He said with an enticing smile to the brunette who came to the door. “Do you happen to own the red car that is parked out front, there?”

“Yes. Why?” Her smile was friendly, but terse.

“Well, this is quite forward I know, but I saw the bumper sticker, and thought ‘Don’t mind if I do.’ Seeing you here has confirmed it for me.” He looked her over, but didn’t leer.

Her form was rather enticing. Her straight, shoulder-length hair framed her face nicely. Her bright blue eyes stood out well beneath her dark hair and against her pale flesh. She was wearing a black top, with a low v-neck that showed just the right amount of cleavage and fit snugly around her ample breasts, and some rather short denim shorts, out from which her long, pale legs struck boldly.

“That is very eskort görükle forward.” Her voice was smooth and mellow, and she stood a mere three inches shorter than him.

“Yes. But I am quite skilled with my tongue.”

She blushed.

It began to rain as he stood at her door.

“Well, come in then.”

Forward though it was, he kissed her deeply, as he pulled her out of her apartment and into the rain, closing the door behind them. He moved his hands to embrace the small of her back and softly traced his fingers on the skin he made to show beneath the shirt.

She didn’t fight. As she felt his fingers on her skin, she lifted her arms above her head. A clear suggestion that he should remove the shirt.

He didn’t make her wait. As he removed her shirt, he spun her round and began to kiss the small of her back. Softly, gently, slowly. He traced his tongue up her spine, inevitably reaching her nape. He began to kiss her neck more fervently then and moved his hands to remove her shorts.

She kicked them off furiously as they fell about her ankles. She kestel escort ran the fingers of her left hand through his wet hair as he kissed her, and with her right she unclasped her damp bra, slipping it off one arm and then the other.

The rain fell harder around them.

He slid his hands around and up her belly, touching lightly as he went, and grasped her breasts firmly, playing at her nipples gently with his thumbs.

“My intent was to lick you,” he whispered in her ear, nibbling at it.

His hands left her breasts and made their way firmly down her belly and into her panties. He slid his fingers around to her hips, and began to push her panties down, following them with his tongue. When he had them nearly off, and wrapped nicely around her ankles, he stood and bent her toward the closed door. Her firm, round ass bent well out away from the door; rain dripped down it to her exposed womanhood. He positioned his tongue just above her clitoris and began to lick. He traced her lips gently, and then began to suck on her clit. He could taste her religion bursa sınırsız escort well enough. It tasted slightly like rain.

Her legs began to quiver as the muscles tightened. Her ecstasy was pronounced with a distant crack of thunder. He lapped up every bit of stray juice like a diligent cat.

Then he removed his wet pants and pressed his member firmly against her warmth. She did not protest as she felt him slide into her. He began to rock her hips back and forth, and she felt him slide deeper and deeper into her with each passive thrust. She moaned audibly as he began to nibble at her neck. He covered her mouth fearing the neighbors may hear over the rain. She forced herself onto him, pushing her warmth to the base of his cock. She wanted to feel all of him deep inside her. He began to thrust harder. It was all she could do not to scream in pleasure. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. She could feel him brush against her cervix. She could feel his right hand grasping her left breast as his arm wrapped round her. She wanted more. Then she felt it. Soft at first. Merely a whisper against her inner walls. He brought her well-shaped ass to rest firmly against his pelvis as his shaft grew inside her and began to pulse.

Aidan pushed her gently off of him when he was finished, brought his pants back around his waist, and left her naked in the rain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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