A Test

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She’d asked for it. A true feminist would balk at such a statement but it was the truth. She had asked for it and he was only giving her what she wanted.

Juliana stood straining, her wrists and ankles secured to the cross with paddled leather cuffs. Her body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and had turned a nice bright shade of pink.

Her head fell forward and she took deep gulps of air. She tried to recover, to work through the pain before the next blow rained down. And it would, there was no doubt about that. She had asked for one hundred and they had only worked their way up into the sixties.

Michael stood back and waited his body likewise covered with sweat from the exertion of yielding the large leather flogger. The muscles in his arms strained under the continuous exercise. Never before had he given her so many but if she could take it he sure the hell could dish it out. It was a test, for both of them. Was she strong enough to withstand one hundred lashes? Was he strong enough to administer them?

Their relationship had started out casual. Juliana had been a novice looking for someone with experience to help her first learn and then exceed her limits. She was submissive by nature but over time she had developed a strong masochistic streak as well. Michael loved training newbies. His excitement was heightened when he witnessed their reaction to the first time under the lash. Juliana had been a treat. Not only was she new but she had an extremely high tolerance for pain. Michael was able to let himself go during their play, something he had never been able to do before.

After a time Michael found himself wanting to spend more and more time with her. Juliana was intelligent and possessed the right amount of life experience and education to be interesting. So many women within the community were either unintelligent or lacked a sense of self-esteem. The same wasn’t true of Juliana. What was even more surprising was that when he was with her he wanted to do things other than just play. He was happy going out to dinner and a show or staying home and renting a movie. After a time he realized that he wanted her in his life, permanently.

Juliana moved in and things started to change. Michael found himself holding back. They would be in the middle of a scene, Juliana withering in pleasure and pain on the bed and he wouldn’t bring the whip down quite as hard as he could. Her pain and suffering was so exciting but he was reluctant to take it to that next level.

Juliana seemed to sense his reluctance and hence the request. She had come to him the night before and requested one hundred lashes with the instrument of his choice. At first Michael was amused but then he thought about it and decided that it was something that needed to be done. He realized that his inability to take her to the next level contributed to her general sense of unrest. Juliana had been anxious, often times balking when told to do simple things. He wasn’t using her the way she needed to be used and was she becoming disruptive.

Even now he was reluctant to keep going. Juliana had already sustained sixty-seven lashes; half of those with the smaller whip the rest with the large flogger. Only this time he had pushed them both putting much of his strength behind each swing. Her skin was bright pink and covered with welts. He had focused his attention on her back, buttocks, and thighs and there wasn’t a place on her backside he hadn’t touched. Dropping the leather flogger on the floor he moved behind her running his hands across her skin.

Juliana whimpered in pain as his fingernails scratched the small raised welts. fatih escort Her skin was hot, the blood close to the surface though he had yet to break the skin. He released her wrists and ankles letting her fall unceremoniously on the floor. Grabbing a handful of hair he practically dragged her across the room and flung her onto a small table situated in the far corner. She didn’t fight him as he retied her wrists and ankles so that she was laying on her back the white, unmarked skin of her stomach and breasts drawing his attention.

He caressed her breasts cupping the right one in his hand, his fingers twisting and pinching the nipple. Her breathing went shallow with pleasure and her eyes slowly closed. He watched her and smiled. His preference was to see her suffering and crying but her pleasure was also a joy to watch. He continued moving his hand down her body slipping his fingers between the wet folds of her pussy.

Juliana inhaled a ragged breath and exhaled on a moan of pleasure. Opening her eyes she looked up at him and smiled shyly. “Thank you.” Michael smiled at her gratitude but didn’t say anything. He knew that her tolerance went up in degrees parallel to her pleasure so he sought to heighten both.

She was soaking wet, her juices coating the inside of her thighs. He ran his fingers between her lips covering them with her juices before slipping them inside of her. Juliana moaned and raised her hips trying to draw him deeper.

Michael pulled his hand back so that only the tips of his fingers were inside of her chuckling at the disgruntle look she gave him.

“Please.” Juliana couldn’t keep from begging and in truth felt no shame about it.

He continued to finger fuck her slowly drawing his fingers in and out of her pussy but never going deep enough to fill her completely. With his other hand he reached up and violently twisted one of her nipples causing her to cry out. Michael didn’t stop; he continued twisting it back and forth all the while fucking her with his hand.

Despite the pain in her breast Juliana couldn’t keep her hips from rising up off the table meeting the downward thrust of his fingers. Her head slowly moved from side to side, she didn’t want it to stop; the pain heightened her pleasure until they had bled together into one singular sensation. Michael watched her and knew when she had reached a plateau, when she was ready to experience a new level of sensation.

Michael slipped his fingers deeper into her pussy and positioned his thumb over her clit. It was hard and throbbing and he could see that it was swollen.

Juliana gasped as at the same moment Michael began stroking her clit his fingernails dug into her nipple. She withered on the table, her hands clutching at their bindings. “Please, Sir, may I come?”

“No.” A minute later Michael slowly withdrew his fingers sliding them into her mouth for cleaning.

Juliana licked her own juices off his fingers, her body still moving restlessly on the table, every nerve in her body feeling aroused and exposed. Her eyes were bright with pain and desire and she longed for release. As she watched Michael moved away from her and across the room. There was a large armoire up against the far wall where all of his favorite instruments were stored. He opened the door and stood sorting through the various whips, floggers, and switches until he came to the one he was looking for. When he turned back to her Juliana had to struggle to keep from pleading. In his hand he held a thin metal cane. A thin piece of wire wound up the length of the cane and she knew from experience that it would leave a distinct mark on her skin. It was the most painful and her least favorite in the bunch.

Juliana lifted her head and tried moving her body away from Michael as he drew closer. “No, please not that one.” She was started crying and kept begging. “Anything, Sir, I’ll do anything çapa escort just please not that one.” By the time she finished she was openly sobbing and straining against her bonds.

“Shhh.” Michael reached out and brushed her hair back from her face smiling as she settled down from his touch. “Be still.”

Juliana struggled to hold her body still whimpering quietly her eyes focused on the cane he held in his hand.

“You have thirty-three lashes to go. I’m going to divide them up; eleven on your breasts, eleven on your thighs, and eleven on your pussy.”

Juliana looked up and saw something in his eyes that calmed her. He was looking down at her with such pride and devotion and she knew that she could do this that she could suffer for him. “Okay.”

Her voice was barely above a whisper but it was enough. Stepping back he reached out with one hand a gently caressed her breast before bring the cane down where his hand had just been.

Juliana cried out and there was barely enough time for her to catch her breath before the next stroke rained down. They came one right after the other in quick succession setting her breasts on fire. By the time he finished she thought that her nipple had been severed from the rest of her breast.

Without breaking rhythm Michael moved onto her thighs making sure to both of them with each stroke. Juliana had her face turned to the side buried against the inside of her arm muffling her screams. By the time he finished her body was bowed off the table and tight with tension.

Finished with her thighs Michael moved back to the table and run his hand down the side of her face. She looked beautiful covered in bright red welts, her face streaked with tears. At that moment he wanted her more than ever, his cock was hard in his jeans and he could hardly wait to take his release. She had been right they both needed this.

“Good girl; only eleven more to go and we’re done.” He didn’t expect a response and he didn’t get one. Juliana was sobbing uncontrollably her mind completely blank and focused on the pain searing through her body.

Michael moved the foot of the table and looked up between her spread thighs. Despite the pain she was still soaking wet, her juices pooling on the table beneath her. He placed the cane on the table between her legs and ran his hands up towards her pussy. Again her skin was hot to the touch and he could feel the welts he’d raised with the cane.

She watched him, his touch bringing her back from the edge. She knew what he was after, he wanted to see her broken, her every thought on him and no longer concerned with the problems of the day. And she was close to giving it to him.

Michael saw it and responded; his cock throbbed in his jeans as he picked up the cane tapping it lightly against her pussy.

Juliana moaned, her body growing tense with each stroke knowing that the next one could be the one.

Michael waited until she started to relax before bringing the cane down with a snap. She screamed high and loud before once again burying her face against her arm. Michael moved back and forth across her pussy careful to catch the point where her thighs met her pelvic region. This time he counted down each stroke that brought them closer to one at which point he paused, taking in the site of her withering and straining on the table before using all of his strength to bring the cane down.

The last lash landed on her clit. Juliana screamed, her words were no longer coherent and Michael was unable to make out what she was saying. It didn’t matter. He had achieved what he had set out to do. She was broken and they both would be the better for it.

Michael knew that tonight would reaffirm their commitment to one another. He had struck blow after blow without ever feeling guilt or pity and she had suffered beautifully for him. For the next several days she sarıyer escort would be docile and submissive. Juliana would be emotionally and physically close to him and he would relish in the feeling of having her close at hand. He smiled at the thought of how far he could push her over the next few days knowing that she was always more submissive after an intense session.

But all that would come later. For now there were still things to be done. Michael quickly stripped out of his clothes leaving them in a pile on the floor and crawled up onto the table beside her. Juliana opened her eyes, bright with tears and watched him. He could see her struggle with wanting the comfort of his closeness but knowing enough to worry that he might have some thing more in store for her.

Michael marveled at her body. Juliana’s skin had turned bright red and there were welts covering nearly every inch of her and there were more than a few places where he had drawn blood. Making note to carefully clean her wounds he was once again amazed at the amount of pain she could withstand, when properly motivated of course. Despite what some people thought Michael didn’t see her submission as a weakness. It was quite the opposite actually. He knew what a strong woman Juliana was and just how much she could take. Over the months that they had been together he had tested and pushed her both mentally and physically. While it was true he had broken her this evening he knew that she would recover and within a few days be back to her usual ornery self. She was never broken for long and he wouldn’t see her broken permanently.

When she had calmed Michael moved to straddle her chest, his cock only inches from her face. She watched him move closer and when he was within reach lifted her head up off the table and circled the head of his cock with her tongue. Taking her time she licked up the length of him careful to pay special attention to the places where she knew he was most sensitive.

While he appreciated her time and dedication he didn’t want to wait. Thrusting his hips forward he shoved his cock into her mouth causing her head to slam down against the table. Bracing one hand against the wall and entangling the other in her hair he started fucking her face.

Juliana gagged and struggled as Michael shoved his cock deep into her mouth each time slamming the back of her throat. Her eyes began to water and she was near panic as his lower body cut off her air. She was completely helpless with her wrists and ankles secured to the bed but it only added to her excitement.

Michael felt his approaching orgasm as Juliana continued to struggle beneath him. Reaching back he slipped his fingers between the lips of her pussy and started finger fucking her. Her struggles quickly turned to convulsion brought on by the pleasure she was receiving.

Juliana was trained well enough to know that she could not come until he gave her permission and she struggled against the sensations radiating from between her thighs.

Her struggles heightened his excitement and Michael felt his cock begin to surge inside her mouth. At the same time he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and pinched her clit. The large cock in her mouth muffled Juliana’s scream of pain and the sound of her suffering sent him over the edge. With one last thrust Michael forced his cock down her throat his cum nearly chocking her. He pulled back enough to ensure she could still breath through her nose and waited until the last of his orgasm passed. He could feel her throat muscles working to swallow him cum and it was almost too much against the sensitive head of his cock.

Moving off to one side Michael laid down beside Juliana lovingly caressed her chest. He rested his head on her still secured arm and watched as she slowly started to calm. Her body was still in a heightened state of arousal and he decided he wanted to keep her that way. She was always so much more docile when horny and he planned on seeing just how far he could push her. There would time enough later for her orgasm and the delay would only add the intensity.

To be continued…

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