A Very Lucky Husband Ch. 03

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“Something on your mind, Baby?” Leslie asked her husband of 6 years. “Your body is here, but your mind looks a million miles away”

She was right, of course. And it was no surprise. Leslie knew Mike like she knew herself. “Just thinking about things.” He adjusted his legs in the car after setting cruise control, stretching himself out.

“Well, based on what I see, it must have been something you REALLY like!” Leslie said with a giggle. Mike didn’t have to ask what she meant. He was rock hard, and knew it. Leslie scooted a little closer, rubbing him through his pants, turning the slightly uncomfortable confines into a nearly unbearable ache. In the best way possible, of course. Mike moaned his response. “Are you gonna share what has you so excited??”

“Oh, just excited about this weekend.” Mike said nonchalantly. It was partially true. The hadn’t been out alone in forever, let alone two nights alone. He was also thinking about last night with Iza. She hadn’t been too happy about him leaving for “THREE WHOLE DAYYYSSSSS!!!!!” as she had pouted. But she was going to be busy the whole weekend with work anyway. And she seemed to actually understand. Things had been going so well between them. The casual thing more then worked for them. Iza was always busy with school and work, leaving Mike plenty of time at home without Iza being upset. He still missed her though. Especially after all she did for him last night. Blood surged through his dick again as he thought of Iza’s pussy, spreading and tightening for him.

“Yeah, you must REALLY be looking forward to this weekend away! Hey, do you t think we can stop at the hotel before dinner?”

“Sure, that sounds good. We should be there in like 15 minutes.” They drove the rest of the way in comfortable silence, occasionally making a joke or small talk, but mostly just lost in their own thoughts. Before long they pulled into the hotel and got checked in.

“Goodness, I love the smell of hotels. So clean. Oh look how big the tv is!” Leslie yammered excitedly.

Mike smiled, loving the way her face lit up with excitement. Most people complained about the lumpy beds and loud noises, but Leslie always loved the experience. “I am going to go get some ice and a soda, do you want anything?”

“No thanks. Just hurry back!”

Mike gently kissed her head before heading out the door. He quickly sent a text to Iza letting her know he was thinking about her and hoped she had a good night at work. He waited around the ice machine, hoping to get a text back before he headed back to the room. When he couldn’t stall anymore, he turned his ringer off, and walked back to the room distracted thinking about her. He shook himself, trying to focus on what an amazing weekend he was sure to have with Leslie. He opened the door to the room calling out to Leslie as he came in “Hey baby, I got you a soda ju…..” The rest of the sentence was lost as Leslie came into view. Lying on the bed, she wore an incredible sexy blue corset with matching over the knee socks. Her already large round breasts now propped up, as if on display on a shelf. As perfect as they were, they deserved to be on display.

“Oh, Baby, thank you. How thoughtful!” Leslie said as she shifted her legs, giving him view on a tiny piece of blue fabric covering her mound. She moved up onto her knees, moving to the edge of the bed, and reached out for him. Mike’s hands automatically went for her chest as his mouth found hers. They kissed like that for a while until they were both frantic for each other. Mike pushed Leslie down, running his hands over her body. He pushed himself in between her legs, making sure she knew how badly he wanted her. She pushed her pelvis back against him, whimpering into his kiss. She pulled his shirt up over his head and frantically tried to push his pants down. Mercifully, Mike made quick work discarding his pants and boxers, before leaning down to lick and kiss the tops of her tits. Leslie pulled him up, once again thrusting her pelvis out against his hardness. She reached down and pulled her panties to the side, and guided his dick into her. “Oh god Baby, that feels so good. I am sorry. I just needed it so bad.”

“Don’t apologize, I wanted it just as badly. You look so hot. God, you feel amazing!” Mike said as he thrust into his wife harder. The outfit was amazing, but the clouded look of lust in her eyes, and the flush in her cheeks was even better. Her hair was wild, spread on the pillow like sun beams, her lids heavy, her mouth slightly bruised from their kissing. Mike felt the tell tale tightening around his dick, and knew she was about to come. He pulled almost all the way out, slamming hard into her. He repeated this twice more before she came undone, he could feel his dick and balls being soaked in come. He pulled her arms over her head, pinning her down, sliding his body against her. He had never felt so deep inside her, so tight and so wet. He felt that tightening again, and felt her coming again, this time he followed sikiş porno soon after filling her with his come.

“You really are the best fuck ever.” Leslie said as she stretched. “And now I am starving! Are you ready to get dressed and go eat?”

“Yeah, let me just get dressed.”

“Ok, I am going to go freshen up and get dressed.” She said on her way to the bathroom. When she came out a short time later, Mike was at a loss for words. She had kept on her corset, pairing it with white low rise pants, tight on her ass and thighs before flaring out. She wore sexy blue heels that matched the corset, and a white cardigan over the corset. She had some how managed to pull the corset up a bit, covering her tits more, but still so sexy. With the cardigan it looked just like a regular outfit, until you look closer and see the tight formfitting corset under it. She kept her hair loose and wild, her curls tousled. That alone reminded him of having her on the bed again.

“You look amazing! I can’t wait to show you off!” Mike said as he kissed her. “Although, if you want to just stay in, I can think of some other things we could do…..”

Leslie giggled, blushing a little at the compliment. “Nope! I have been looking forward to this.” The had decided to go for fondue, nice and casual and fun. Dinner went wonderful. The food was amazing, and the company better. They flirted and laughed with each other, constantly rubbing their arms, holding hands, and occasionally brushing their legs against each other, the smallest contact sending electrical surges through their bodies. They finished eating and were enjoying after dinner drinks. “So, do you want to call her and let her know you are here?” Leslie asked.

“Who?” Mike asked, honestly puzzled.

“Your girlfriend. Or fuck buddy. Or whatever you guys are.”

Mike’s palms started sweating, his chest tight, his stomach churning. Did she really know? What should he do? Was this get away all part of some revenge? Mike’s mind raced. “I am still confused.”

“I am not dumb. Sure this is the best you have done at keep a secret, but I know you. So, who is she? How did you meet? I know you have met her, what have you two done?” Leslie asked as if she was talking to a friend about a new relationship. Far from how you would expect a wife to question her husband about his new lover.

“I don’t know what to say” Mike stammered. He hadn’t figured out what to admit to.

“IzaBee90. Baby, the computer keeps your chats saved in a folder.”

“Oh God. Baby I am sorry. I don’t… I don’t even know what to say.” Guilt covered Mike’s face and she saw his hands shake.

“Don’t be. I am not mad. Jealous sure, but not mad.”


“Hell yeah. You didn’t share her with me!” Leslie pouted. Mike’s body relaxed. She really wasn’t mad. How did he get so lucky? “You have to make it up to me!”

“Anything Baby. Anything!”

“Wanna call her and see if she wants to come up here?”

“Are you kidding? Seriously.”

“Yeah. Wouldn’t it be fun?”

Just the thought of what could possibly happen had Mike hard again. He brought out his phone, pausing only to double check with Leslie that she was really ok with this. At her urging he called Iza, expecting her voicemail, but happy when she picked up. “Hey Baby.”

“Hi!!!! Where are you? Is everything ok?”

“Things are amazing. Better then amazing, actually. We are at dinner right now. How are you?”

“Good. I miss you, though.”

“I miss you, too” Mike said studying Leslie’s face as he said it. He saw her eyes darken for a second, and panicked wondering if it was out of anger. But then he saw her bite her lip as she rubbed his arm.

“Are you in the bathroom? Or is she? How are you calling?”

“She is actually sitting right across from me.”

“What do you mean? Are things ok?”

“Like I said, they are amazing. So, Leslie and I were wondering if you wanted to come up her while we are here?”

“Leslie was wondering that? You told her? I thought you wanted to keep it a secret?”

“She knew. And I am glad it is out now. So what do you think?” Mike asked, hoping that she had some free time sometime. His wish was granted.

“Oh, I am so glad! And, verrrrryyyyy intrigued! Would this mean a knew lesson you are going to teach me, Sir?” Izabell questioned in a sexy voice.

“Ohhh yeah. Do you think you are up for something like that?”

“Definitely. Nervous, but very interested. I wish I could drive down right now, but I have to get back to work. But I will try to get someone to cover for me tomorrow. Like REALLY try! Oh, I gotta go, I will let you know. I miss you Baby.”

“Sounds great. I miss you, too. Oh, and Izabell?”

“Yeah, Sexy Man?”

“I love you.” Mike said before he could chicken out. He had known for a while he loved her. And now that they were out in the open, it was the perfect time to tell her.

“Oh, Baby, I love you, too. So şişman porno much. I can’t wait for tomorrow.” They said their goodbyes before hanging up. Leslie signaled for the check, paying and then standing up to leave without saying much. Mike wondered if she was mad. She didn’t look mad. Or hurt. But she was shutting him out. When they got to the car, Leslie pulled Mike in the back, quickly sliding her pants down as she climbed in. Even in the shock of things, Mike was more the ready. He slid in behind her, sliding his cock out of pants and taking her from behind. She pushed against him, screaming for more.

“Tell me about her. Have you fucked her? Have you fucked her tight pussy?” Leslie screamed.

“Oh god. Oh fuck this feels so good.” Mike croaked out.

“Tell me, Baby. Oh god, did you? Did you fuck that young pussy with your big cock?” She screamed again.

“Yes. I did. Oh God baby, she is so tight. I can’t wait for you to experience it.” He said as he pounded her pussy. She came hard. Screaming loudly. He briefly wondered if there was anyone in the parking lot, but the thought passed quickly. Leslie pulled away before turning around to take his dick in her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down, swirling her tongue around until she was able to get his hole cock in. He thrust against her mouth, fucking her face until he couldn’t hold back anymore. He let her know, but she kept working him, as she tasted the first spurts of come down her throat. She drank it all down, loving the taste. She sat up and pulled up her pants as he tucked his dick away and adjusted his pants.

“I’m driving and you are talking” Leslie said. “I want to hear everything.” They started on their way, Mike talking, slowly opening up more. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as he spoke, watching her reaction, wondering what she was feeling. He took pauses often, giving her time to say something if she wants. But she kept quiet, so he pushed on. He told her all about Iza, how the started talking, and what they had done. He was hesitant to tell her everything, but once he did he didn’t lose the feeling of naughtiness that he got from keeping Iza a secret. Instead it became even more naughty, being so open with his wife about his hot young lover.

Leslie drove in silence, listening as her husband spoke. Though he tried to keep his voice nonchalant, she heard his excitement, adoration, lust, and even love seeping in as he spoke of Iza. And though Leslie felt a gnawing in the back of her mind, it wasn’t one of jealousy or anger. It was more of a how this all wasn’t bothering her. She knew she was supposed to be mad. Fly into a jealous rage. Cry and sob and be mad. But she wasn’t. She was turned on. She was fascinated listening to her husband. She wished he would go more into the dirty details. But she sat in silence and listened, Mike so wrapped up in getting the story out that he hadn’t even noticed that they weren’t heading for the hotel. She glanced over at him again, listening as he told her about them talking at night online, and saw his impressive hard-on straining against his zipper. They had fucked earlier in the hotel, and again not too long ago, and yet he was ready to go again just thinking of Iza. And since Leslie would be the one reaping the benefits, she was extra happy. Leslie slowed the car as she turned into the parking lot of their destination, Mike finally looking out the window.

“Surprise!” Leslie said, her smile wide. “Now I know a strip club isn’t as good as some raunchy crazy sex, but I thought it would be fun!”

“God I am a lucky man! Now lets go get some boobs in the face!”

They went into club together and had a few drinks at the bar, enjoying the scenery, talking and laughing. Leslie unbuttoned her cardigan a little more, showing more of her corset, but not much. The club was a nice one, filled with music perfect to grind to, and gorgeous women. Better then most he had seen, Mike thought to himself. Some seats by the stage opened up, and Leslie suggested they head over there. As they walked up to the front, Mike noticed the way some of the men watched Leslie. She looked amazing. And seeing a hot woman like her so enthusiastic to be in a strip club was even more amazing. They spent a few hours there, a few VERY hot hours. Mike loved watching the women fawn over Leslie, and Leslie fawn right back. They got some very hot private dances, though Leslie was definitely getting way more attention. Which was fine with Mike. After one particularly hot dance, Leslie reached over and rubbed Mike’s leg, rubbing upward.

“Are you ready to get out of here?” She said breathlessly.


“OK, I just have to run to the rest room. I will be right back out.”

Mike watched her leave, watching as men turned to look at her, thinking about how hot her ass looked in those pants.

“Your girlfriend?” One of the other patrons asked him.

“No, she is my wife.”

“Seriously? Wow, swinger porno lucky man! Newlyweds?”

“No, been married 5 years.”

“Wow, not many women go with their husbands to places like this.”

“She actually was the one who took me here. I had no clue. Great surprise.”

“Lucky man. Lucky lucky man.”

“You have no idea. Oh, here she is. Enjoy your night man.”

They left, hurrying to the hotel. And once there they took there time. Teasing and taunting, bitting, nipping, licking, kissing, sucking until they couldn’t stand it anymore. Mike finally ended the torture, sliding himself easily into Leslie’s slick hole. Leslie quickly came undone, squirting her juices onto him. What little restraint Mike had snapped, and he started pounding her harder, adjusting the angle so he could get nice and deep. He was only vaguely aware of Leslie’s loud moans, and the feeling of her come dripping down his balls, and wasn’t aware of anything else. He knew he was about to come, so he pulled out, stroking himself to relief, covering his wife’s big tits and face in his spurting comes. He loved seeing her covered in his come. “You are such a naughty little whore for me.” Mike said as he laid back down. They fell into a deep sleep, snuggled together, exhaustion finally overtaking excitement.

The next morning Mike woke up to the sound of the shower turning on. He laid in bed for a minute until he knew she was in the shower. He leaned over the bed, reaching for his pants he had quickly discarded the night before, rummaging for his phone. He was surprised to find 5 text messages waiting, all from Iza. Oops, forgot to turn the ringer back on, he thought disappointedly. He quickly read through the messages, all 5 about how excited she was, how surprised she was, the last one being how much she missed him, loved him and how so wet she was. Just at reading the words, his cock jumped up. He quickly dialed her number, anxious to hear her voice.

“Hey baby.” She answered sleepily.

“Hi. Did I wake you?”

“No, I was already up, but fighting getting out of this nice warm bed. I am so excited for tonight, I keep thinking about it. I can’t get there until about 6, is that too late or too early?” He could hear the excitement and nervousness in her voice.

“No, it is perfect. You are perfect. And tonight will be perfect.” They chatted for a bit, Mike giving her the name of a bar they were going to go to that night that was next to the hotel, before they said their goodbyes. Mike started getting his clothes together, then went into the bathroom as Leslie was getting out of the shower. He reached for his wife, wet and dripping, She laughed as she turned to face him, giving him access to everything he wanted.

“I was thinking about you in the shower. The water wasn’t the only thing making me wet.” The started kissing, Mike growing harder and harder. “We have to get going soon, Baby….” Leslie said, though she made no effort to break away.

“Ok. I will make it fast then.” With that, Mike turned her around and bent her over so she was holding onto the tub, and roughly took her from behind. She screamed at his roughness, but quickly came, loving the frantic pounding of her sensitive pussy. He continued slamming into her, getting rougher and rougher as they went. He pulled her hair, then would let go to spank her nice round ass, hard enough to sting his own had, and get a rewarding scream from her. Leslie pushing her pussy back to meet his thrusts, coming and screaming, begging him for more. Mike came, filling her with his stickiness, as Leslie kept pumping him, getting every drop.

He helped her up and to the bed, knowing she would be a little light headed, before heading back to shower and get ready to start the day. When he exited the bathroom, Leslie was dressed and ready, and looking amazing. She left her hair down again today, this time straightening it. She wore a black halter top, with dark low rise jeans. She wore a green bolero over her halter top, meant to cover things up more. It only brought more attention to her amazing tits, not that she needed the help with that.

“Goodness, you are looking HOT, Baby!” Mike said, his eyes wandering to take it all in. “Are you suuuurrrreeeee we have to go out?!”

“Yes, Silly!” Leslie laughed as she grabbed her purse. They headed out for the day. Did a little shopping, a little sight seeing. Leslie watched, smirking to herself, every time Mike ‘subtly’ checked his phone. The way he smirked to himself when he got a text from Iza. The secret was out, but he obviously wasn’t out of the sneaking habit. It was fine by Leslie, she liked seeing him so happy. They weren’t the traditional couple, but look how many of those have ended in divorce, or where both people were miserable. Leslie grabbed his arm, turned him to her, and kissed him hard. A lot harder than was probably appropriate in the middle of the street, but she needed to feel him, to taste him.

Mike broke the kiss, knowing he would have taken things a lot further. “Baby, let’s head back to the hotel. Or a bathroom? Or at least an alley somewhere….”

“No, let’s keep shopping. I love the anticipation.” Leslie answered, as she turned around and rubbed her ass against his cock, feeling it hard.

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