A Very Special Massage

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We arrived at the resort about eight in the evening. The flight had a two hour layover in Atlanta so actually we were late to check in. The three of us had planned the vacation months ago, but since our vacation times had to be arranged to coincide we were forced to cancel out twice before things worked out.

My name is Susan, Sue to most, and my two friends are Tammy and Tiffany. If age matters, we’re all about twenty and I think we’re all fairly good looking. Well to get on with it………. We were all sorority sisters in college and were here to visit another sister, Lisa.

Lisa had dropped out of college after her third year and was now a makeup artist for a small modeling agency. She had also opened a beauty salon at this resort and between the two jobs, was making out rather well. Anyway she had arranged for us to stay at the same resort where she had her shop and promised to show us around the island.

I should explain, although we’re straight, or maybe a little Bi, none of us ever really got serious about any one guy. We’d go so far and no further. I mean sure we’d give a little but as far as I know none of us ever let a guy screw us. If we really liked a guy, maybe we’d jerk him off or sometimes go down on him but that was about it.

So that is how we got our rep as being teases. As far as we went with each other, well that was a different story. We all roomed together so it was impossible to keep secrets from each other and we really made no effort to hide anything. I suppose it began when I found Tammy “tribbing” her pillow one afternoon. You know, fucking it and rubbing her pussy against it until she came.

At first she was embarrassed, but hell, I’d done the same thing ever since I could remember. Well things got more interesting after that. You know, a little petting and mutual masturbating, things like that. On special occasions, mostly when we were drunk we might do each other, but it never went any further. We were friends, never lovers.

Well back to today. We checked in and went to the bar in the lobby. A couple of drinks later, we had brought each other up to date on everything worth chatting about.

And as usual we did our scan of the prospects that were available. Mostly older guys who were either married or were losers. I was a bit disappointed. During the first three days we did the usual. Tours, sight seeing and all that, and by that point I was getting bored and was actually looking around for some guy to latch on to. Spending time around the pool was getting a bit much and we started going to the shore. That was a hell of a lot more interesting. At least the guys were younger.

Anyway, I began hanging out around Lisa’s salon and spending time between there and the pool. Lisa also was the masseuse at the spa and operated out of her salon, occasionally giving privates sessions in clients in their rooms. All strictly on the up and up she assured me.

When she asked if I had ever had a massage, I had to admit that I hadn’t so it began. I booked an appointment in her salon and the next morning I had my first body massage. To be perfectly honest, it made me so relaxed that I went to sleep. At first I was a bit uncomfortable with it. You know, getting nude with only a small towel to cover up, but after fifteen minutes of her hands working over my back I was addicted to it.

She was good and quite frankly Lisa was quite cute. She wore white short-shorts and a white blouse that didn’t hide too much. Add to that white sneakers and you have one very cute young lady. I figured that if anyone would know where to meet some interesting guys, she would.

So that afternoon things were slow and she joined me at the pool chatting. She tipped me off to two clubs in town that had some action on Friday nights so I got Tiffany and Tammy to go with me.

Sure the guys were hot but stupid. You know, Mr. Macho types who though they were god’s gift to girls. Real bummers.

By now Lisa was giving me massages almost every other day. My morning appointments became afternoon sessions and she did them in my room. And I had actually gotten quite close to her. Anyway, it was Saturday morning and again I was at the pool.

Lisa didn’t have too much to do so she took a break and sat next to me when I saw him. He took my breath away. Hell he took every girl in the areas breath away. God was he ever good looking. I stared.

“Have you ever seen him around here before, I asked.” She laughed.

“Glen? He’s my brother. He doesn’t work here but when things are slow he drops in and gets a little sun or if I’m over at the studio doing some makeup work, he takes over in the shop for me. Want to meet him?”

I checked myself out, straightened my hair and nodded Yes…. “Definitely, Yes.”

Have you ever met someone who took left you speechless? This guy had it all. Beautiful muscular body, a smile to die for, and a voice that sent chills down my spine.

For one of the few times in my life I didn’t have my wits niğde seks hikayeleri about me. He was congenial and I was a stupid stuttering blonde who couldn’t form a whole sentence without stumbling over her words.

He chatted with the two of us and thank god for Lisa, she carried on the conversation for me. When he excused himself and left I was breathless. And Lisa noticed it. I’d become so engrossed in him that I let my imagination take over, and at some point during our little chat, and my pale blue bikini bottom had a spreading darker spot form at it’s crotch. Although Lisa said nothing, I know she saw it.

Embarrassed, I said nothing but got up and quickly dove into the pool. At least now my whole suit was wet and a shade darker by the time I climbed out.

I wanted to ask so many questions about him and yet I didn’t want her to know how interested I had become in her brother.

She picked up on it and opened up to me. I would think of something I wanted to ask her about him, and she instinctively told me with out my even asking. Then came the shocker. She was his sister, but only his step sister.

And another confession….. She admitted that she had seduced him soon after her mother and step father had married. It wasn’t an on going thing, although he didn’t think it was appropriate, he continued to make love to her right up to the present.

I gushed over him as soon as Tammy and Tiffany joined me for drinks that evening and they practically demanded that I introduce him to them. Hell, I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again but I intended to get Lisa to do what she could to get us together some time.

Monday Lisa had an appointment at the studio doing some makeup work on the models for a photo shoot and when I went to the salon, I found Glen there. I sort of followed him around like a sick puppy dog and finally got up the nerve to begin a conversation.

It’s sort of different when you look at a guy and you know he’s fucking his sister. I mean it gives you some courage you normally wouldn’t have. So the conversation began safely enough as we discussed the business.

At one point I finally blurted out that Lisa had been giving me massages and how wonderfully relaxing I thought they were. Then on impulse, I asked: “when she’s not around, do you take over that part of the business for her?”

He smiled before answering… “Sure, I’m the one who taught her and sent her to school to learn all about it.”

I swallowed hard… My mind conjured up an imagined scenario in which he had his hands on my body and I began to weep just a bit down below. For some reason my nipples began to swell up and each time I moved my arms, my bra teased them until I thought I’d lose my breath.

A half hour later I had a date. Or at least a sort of rendezvous by the pool later that evening. He couldn’t close the salon until ten that evening but around ten thirty he came to the pool and we splashed around between visits to the tiki bar. By eleven thirty the place was closing down and I was getting fairly loopy and more daring.

I had brought a wrap but he had come to the pool with nothing on except those tight spandex trunks. Taking my hand he walked me to the lobby and started to say good night. I panicked.

“Where are your clothes,” I asked.

“In the shop. I came straight from there out to the pool. I usually change in there.”

I took his hand and we walked back to the Salon. He unlocked the door and I led him in.

“Don’t turn on the lights. Please? Would you consider giving me a complementary massage tonight? I mean if I asked really nice?”

I heard him chuckle before he squeezed my hand and led me to the back room.

The room was very dimly lit by the light in a display case in the other room. I turned to him and sliding my arms around his neck drew his lips to mine. He wasn’t the aggressor, I was. I stabbed my tongue between his warm lips and he began to respond.

Taking my arms from around his neck I reached back and unfastened my bra. Now my breasts were pressed against his bare chest and I began panting. Without even asking I unfastened my bottoms and let them drop to my feet before swiveling my hips forward, pressing my smooth pussy hard against his thigh.

Without a word being spoken, I crawled up on the massage table and lay on my tummy. He moved closer and he drizzled scented oil on my back and began. So help me god I was swaying between that point where reality and dreams meet. As his hands caressed my shoulders and neck I began to moan lowly.

When his warm hands moved lower to the hollow of my back I was beginning to squirm and roll my hips back and forth. He moved his hands and suddenly his palms were gently kneading the cheeks of my ass. I had expected it, wanted it, but still I let out a loud gasp.

He paused as if he’d done something wrong when I whispered, “more, do more just like that. I love it.”

My legs inched apart until my feet were almost hanging off the sides of the table as he began to knead the backs and insides of my thighs. I wanted more. I wanted him to be more daring but I didn’t know how to tell him.

I suppose he knew. My body was beginning to tremble as he began to move lower. I really didn’t want him to go any further. He was moving down the backs of my legs and over my calves and I gasped. “Higher. Go back up. Don’t leave my buttocks I want more there.”

His hands quickly slid up the backs of my thighs and again rested on my ass. More warm oil and his fingers slid from the hollow of my back slowly down. His fingers moved between the cheeks of my ass and still lower. Up and down he massaged and his middle finger began to glance over my little tan portal. I was becoming frantic.

Between the teasing sensation of his index finger stroking my most private part and the occasional moments when he would gently let his finger drift between the weeping folds of my pussy I was ecstatic.

My pussy began to throb. Actually ache with the slow contractions and I continued to shiver. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and rolled over onto my back.

He probably expected it but pretended not to. He reached for the oil again and began to drizzle it just under my throat.

“NO! Take off your trunks Glen. This isn’t fair. If I’m nude, the least you can do is join me. Please take them off.”

I think that caught him by surprise. He began to stutter something but gave it up. Reaching to his hips he shrugged out of his bathing suit and returned to the table.

Again reality became a misty shadow of sensations. At some point it was no longer a massage. He was making love to my body with his hands. He knew everything my body was telling him. He would cup my breasts and ever so gently knead them between his palms.

His fingers danced across my nipples, sometimes holding them between his thumb and forefinger as if rolling a grape then he might move on. Sometimes sliding the ball of his fingers along their taunt surface and at other times drawing his fingers around the aureoles that had given birth to a pattern of small bumps. He was playing with my body and I was going insane.

My breasts are sensitive. There seems to be some erotic connection between my nipples and my pussy. The more he taunted and played with them the harder they got and the more congested and swollen my cunt became.

When I felt his breath on my left breast I let out a gasp. I must have been holding my breath too but when his warm lips circled it and sucked I felt me pussy contract hard and start to weep.

He would suck first one nipple into his mouth, hold it there a second and lift his head until it slipped from between his lips. Again and again he did that until I was ready to scream.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer he took one nipple between his teeth, as his hand reached across and rolled the other between his fingers. His free hand slid slowly down across my tummy and rested, palm down on my throbbing vagina.

Like the tentacles of some seductive creature might, his fingers began to probe and move. Now just brushing my pussy, now parting my puffy labia, invading the soft slippery crevasse between.

I began thrashing. My need was him. I wanted to hold him. But bending his head over and suckling my breasts the way he was, I could only grab his buttocks.

Finally his lips left my nipple and followed his hand downward, kissing a pattern of warm tracks down until his mouth joined his hand.

When I felt his tongue dart out and stab at my clit I screamed. “Glen! Oh my god Glen. What are you doing to me? Oh damn don’t ever stop. I’m so close and I don’t want it to end.”

I was sure there was nothing more in life at that point. At last I could reach his cock and wrapping my hand around it I frantically tried to bring it to my mouth.

His fingers began to crawl within my pussy. One, two, three they slowly moved into my slippery opening and his mouth clamped over my clit.

He was masturbating my clit with his lips, sucking and relaxing and all the time his fingers were probing, curling, twisting and stroking in and out.

Rolling my shoulders to one side I trapped his cock in my mouth. Holding it there I fondled his balls and slowly moved my head back and forth, taking him in as deep as possible.

I didn’t feel it coming. I had been so close to orgasming for the past ten minutes that I should have expected it. Suddenly it felt as if I were being turned inside out. I screamed and thrust my hips up. His teeth brushed against my clit as I came in his mouth. And suddenly I found myself smearing my slippery wetness all over his face.

For a long moment I was lost in the most intense climax imaginable. Slowly it ebbed, but another always hung just out of reach. I wanted it again and for the moment it was elusive.

By now Glen was so hard and big that I was beginning to gag. I panted and begged. “Put it in! For god’s sake give it to me. Fuck me! I want it deep and fast! Oh god I want to cum again Glen. Fuck me baby!”

I rolled from my side onto my back again and as he knelt at the bottom of the table, I lifted my legs high and lay them on his shoulders. Perhaps I was too anxious or perhaps a little too demanding but I reached between my own legs and clutched at his rigid shaft.

The backs of his thighs were tight against the cheeks of my ass and it was a simple matter to slide the head of his cock up and down from my clit to my vagina. Finally he must have felt the soft opening slowly expand near the bottom of my slit and slowly edged his cock in.

It was a moment I will never forget. My first, and it was something I will never be able to describe.

I was already wet and rather sticky so there was only the sensation of being stretched open. But my god he seemed so big. I instinctively contracted but he continued to move deeper and deeper and I thought it would never end.

When I felt his cock nudge my cervix I let out a little gasp. I couldn’t let him stop. I went rigid and dug my chin into my chest, sobbing. “MORE. AGAIN. Don’t stop! Keep doing it! Keep fucking me!”

I don’t know too much what other girls do, but I know this. After the second or third thrust I seemed to open up. I no longer felt his cock pounding against the depths of my pussy. I felt his cock moving in and out and the heat as his balls.

His thighs continued to make that smacking sound against the underside of my uplifted legs. As his swaying balls continued to pat against the sensitive space between my cunt and my ass.

Gazing into his face, my eyes clouded with sensations and I had to reach up and clutch his biceps as I tried to pull him deeper inside me.

Tendrils of erotic thoughts streamed thru my mind and the feeling his strong thighs slapping against my butt and the methodical stroking of his cock moving in and out was moving me closer and closer to another orgasm.

He had reached around my thighs and was doing things to my nipples with his warm oily fingers. Where minutes earlier he had been dragging his teeth up along their sensitive surface, his fingers now were doing the same thing. And so help me god.. I turned into a mad woman. I had to be satisfied and he had me hanging on the edge.

I lost it. I lost any semblance of dignity or respectability. At that moment I was a whore. I needed him to satisfy me, and for some strange reason, I needed him to lose his control along with me. I wanted desperately to hear him call out my name and tell me he was going to cum with me.

Several times I think I came. Oh not the big one, but a staccato of mini climaxes that made my face flush and took my breath away. Then…. Almost as if he were within my mind I heard his voice.

“Sue? Sue, I’m gonna cum. I can’t stop it! I’m cumming!”

If there’s a trigger that was it. As soon as I heard his voice I felt my pussy contract hard and I was going over the top. And as his breath quickened and he tried to draw out I clutched his upper arms more desperately and held him.

“Give it to me! Fuck me Glen. Shoot for me. Mix it with me. I’m cumming too. Oh god don’t let it stop. Keep going. I’m with you, I need it bad baby. I need to feel your cock moving inside me. NOW! Gimmee it now!”

His body shuddered with each pulsating jet and I felt my ass lift up high. I was supported by my legs on his shoulders and my own shoulders on the padding. My back was arched and I was gurgling some incoherent sounds from deep in my throat.

It was amazing and I made him stay inside me for a while after we had both finished. Panting like fools I just stared at him and gasped. “Holy shit, that was wonderful. I never had anything like that happen before.”

When he smiled and began to draw out, I had another crazy urge. I wanted to put my lips around his cock and taste us. I mean I really wanted to taste our sex. It was a compulsion that I had thought about and suppressed until now. So sliding off the table I squatted at his feet and took his shaft in my mouth and drained him.

I never told Tammy or Tiffany about that night, and was determined to have other nights with Glen but then there was Lisa. I couldn’t stand the thought of him fucking her. I even thought about threatening to tell about their little arrangement, but the next day I abandoned that idea.

I went to the salon to have a chat with Lisa but as soon as I walked in the door Lisa came over and put her arms around me and we actually kissed on the lips. Backing away she smiled at me and gushed.

“You and Glen did it didn’t you? Oh he didn’t say anything but I know him so well. I’m so glad for you. He was fantastic wasn’t he? And the way he was all giddy and floaty this morning I knew it. He likes you Susan. I’ve never seen him like this.

I couldn’t even bring myself to nod a yes to her. She knew though.

“Look, I’ll butt out but if the two of you become an item, could you sometimes let me and my brother sort of spend some time together? It’s going to be hard to give everything up but I’ll do my best.”

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