A Visit to the Chiropractor

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Sitting in the chiropractors office at the end of the day proved to be very uncomfortable, and I had dreaded this visit the whole day. I was nervous about this first visit to a “bone cruncher”, but then I met Dr. O’Brien.

I had never been to a chiropractor, but had heard stories from others about what to expect, which included everything from the bone crunching details to total pain relief. I dreaded the bone crunching. I had injured my lower back playing tennis and after a week of pain, I was referred to Dr. O’Brien by a close friend. “Trust me”, she said, “and you won’t regret your visit.” So now I found myself in his office lobby in a rather uncomfortable chair, waiting to have him pounce on my already sore back. The only saving grace was that my friend had given me some of her pain killers and I could feel them begin to work a little, so I hoped they would be in full swing when he began his bone crunching.

My name was finally called and I was led into an exam room by his nurse, and instructed to remove all my clothes except my panties, and to put on a paper gown she handed me. She told me he would be taking X-rays, so all jewelry had to be removed as well. I changed and sat in a typical cold exam room waiting for his arrival.

He finally arrived, and seemed a bit course and hurried when he introduced himself. He was a taller older man, and not that striking in his appearance. He brought with him a stack of forms, and began asking all the usual questions regarding the pain. He then handed me a form to provide him with other information he needed, and told me was going to get the X-ray machine ready. I began looking over the questions, and providing the answers. I came to a section on the form that asked for specific information regarding my “sexual health.” I was bit reluctant to answer, but decided the form must be legitimate, so I filled it out. The questions were very detailed about the number of times I have sex in a week, did I find I preferred one position to others, did I routinely climax, did I ever masturbate, etc. Then of course I had to provide him with the usual insurance information. I once again, felt annoyed that I had to spend money on something I knew would be painful.

He returned and asked me to follow him down the hall, and at first I was reluctant to walk down the hall in only a gown, but he quickly informed me I was his last appointment for the day. No wonder he seemed in a hurry. I now assumed he would be quick with the exam, and therefore I would have to endure more pain. I could feel the sweat begin to build. My nerves were on edge. He took me into a small room, and had me stand for X-rays. He positioned me facing him, and then with my side facing him. As he positioned me with my side facing him, he came from behind me, and with his hands on my hips, he guided me to stand more forward. He then moved his hands up under my breasts, and turned me more to one side. As hands brushed under my breasts, I felt a bit uneasy. He took a picture, and then returned to me, and again placed his hands under my breasts. At this point, my breasts were resting more in his hands, and I could kuşadası escort feel a small surge of excitement building in me. He took several more photos, checking the development every few pictures, and then informed me something was wrong with the machine.

“The films are blurry today for some reason. I am not getting a clear picture of your spine. I need you to remove the gown.”

I thought to myself, this paper gown is a problem? But he was still kind of course, so I decided I better do this or he might end the appointment, and the pain in my lower back reminded me I wanted some relief, and today. So I removed the gown, and he again had me face him, and he again took pictures. He then had me turn to the side, and again came up from behind me, and placing his hands under my breasts, guided me inches forward, and to the side. Then he asked me if I ever had trouble with my upper back or shoulders. I told him, I hadn’t, and he placed both his hands on my breasts, and holding them in his hands told me they were so full, and that he wondered if the weight of them bothered me.

“I have many clients that experience pain in their upper backs because of full breasts. Yours are very full.”

My breasts did not seem to be that big of a problem to me, but I was more focused on his hands touching and holding my breasts than on any history of pain in my back or shoulders. He took a few more pictures and then repeated his investigation of my breasts. At this point, the pain killers were making me feel a bit woozy, so I was beginning to feel like I had to concentrate on what he was saying. He took my breasts in his hands, and asked if my breasts ever seemed sore to me. I told him only when I had my periods. He informed me had clients that experienced daily soreness because of full breasts. He then took my breasts in his hands and began massaging them.

“Having someone massage your breasts will help with any soreness.” He went on to ask, “Do you ever massage your breasts, or play with your nipples?”

At this point, between the pain pills I took, and his constant touching of my breasts, I could begin to feel pleasure begin to build in me. I told him, without hesitation, that I touched my breasts and nipples when I masturbated. He wanted me to show him how I did this, so I began touching my breasts, and rolling my nipples. I could feel wetness spill out of my already wet pussy.

“It feels good, huh?” he asked.

“Oh yeah.” I said. I was starting to feel an intense urge to put my hands in my panties, but held off. He must have picked up on my signals, because he soon asked me if I wanted to touch my pussy. I wasted no time, and put my hand in my panties and began rubbing my clit. He was so close to me, I could feel his warm breath on my neck, and could smell his Old Spice cologne. His hands were again caressing my breasts, and pulling on my nipples. I continued to massage my clit and pussy, pushing my finger in me. He took my hand and bringing it to his mouth, he began sucking on my hand, licking what juices that had accumulated there. He inhaled deeply, and instructed me to put my hand back.

“Touch yourself for me. I want to see you climax.”

It wasn’t long, and I could feel the rush of an orgasm spread over me. The room seemed to be closing in on me, and I struggled to hang on. As the feeling faded, Dr. O’Brien was leading me back to the exam room. He instructed me to lay on the table on my abdomen. The leather was cold, and the table slightly uncomfortable. My face was placed between a gap in the table, and I was instructed to place my hands on a bar in the front and to the side of my head. Dr. O’Brien told me he was going to start by working the muscles in my back. I could feel him place warm oil on my skin, and I was feeling so relaxed, almost to the point of sleep. I shook off that feeling and tried to focus on what he was doing. He kneaded the muscles of my neck, and shoulders, working down towards my lower back as time passed. After he worked the muscles, he informed me he would be pushing on my back. He pushed, and as he did I could feel bones pop in my back. The pain was quick to pass, and I did find some immediate relief. He then had me lie on my sides, and twisted me, only have me feel more pulling, and bones snapping.

He told me to relax a bit, and as I did, I could hear move about the room. He then had me lie on my back, and came up to my head. He took more oil, and spread it on my shoulders, and began working my shoulders and neck area. The tension seemed to float away as he did. I closed my eyes upon his orders, and enjoyed the massage. He then took my head, and twisted it sharply, from side to side, and again, I could feel bones pop in my neck. He again told me to relax, and keep my eyes closed. I wanted to fall sleep at this point. Between the pain now subsiding, the recent orgasm, and the sedation I was still feeling totally relaxed, almost hypnotic to his voice. He took some oil, and began massaging my breasts, and again advised me to have someone do this if I were to have breast discomfort, due to their size. His hands gliding over each breast made me gasp a bit, and when he began pinching my nipples, I could feel my teeth bite into my lip.

He then told me to lie again on my back, and again took the oil and poured it on my lower back this time, and started to massage my back. I could feel him work over my hips, and down the sides of my thighs. He continued to ask questions regarding any pain in other joints. I mumbled out the answers. I felt him lower my panties, and he asked me to raise my hips. I did as he instructed, and could feel him massage oil into my ass. He worked on the muscles, and I did not want him to stop. I could feel pleasure again beginning to build in me. I could feel him move between my cheeks, and again could feel warm oil being poured on me. His voice was so soothing, and he repeated the command to “relax” while he massaged me. I soon felt his fingers probing deeper and deeper, and instinctively I opened my legs to accommodate his fingers and hands. His hands found my pussy in time, and began rubbing my wetness. He said, “Being this relaxed is so good for your back. You’ll see how it helps.”

I did not want him to stop, and opened my legs even further. I could feel his fingers probing my wet slit, and pushing into me. His other hand continued to rub oil into my anus. The combined probing was unbelievable. He instructed me to move onto my knees, with my head remaining down, and I did so without hesitation. Now with my ass in the air, he had an incredible view of pussy and puckered hole. He rubbed my clit, and I could feel my bottom push into his hand. His fingers now pushing into me in long strokes. I wanted more and asked if he would fuck me.

“Please fuck me, please….I need to feel you in me.” I was begging.

“You must be totally relaxed first,” He told me.

I felt like if I was anymore relaxed I would fall off the table. He soon had his tongue licking my wetness, and I could hear him slurping the wetness that had built already. His hands on my hips pulling me into him, I felt his tongue move in me. He sucked on my pussy, and rubbed my clit. His tongue moving in and out of me, and then moving up and down my slit in long strokes. He licked my anus, and pushed his tongue into it. The feeling was overwhelming to me. I had never had anyone do this, and wanted more. He continued to suck and lick my clit and pussy, and I began to beg again.

“Please fuck me, please.”

I could hear him undo his belt, and pants, and soon felt his hard cock against my wet slit. He grabbed me by the hips, and pulled me into him. His cock, moved into me, with one long push. He withdrew it, and pushed it again. I met his strokes with my own, and I could feel pleasure building in me.

“It’s important to take it slow, as not to jar the vertebrae,” I heard him tell me.

Fuck the spine, I wanted his cock to ram me hard. I began to beg with panting breaths. He had one finger now pushed in my ass, and one hand on my hips, pulling me into him. I could tell he was getting close as his breathing seemed to be louder, and now coming in pants as well. He began to pump me harder and harder so I no longer had to push back into him. He was doing all the work. His cock rammed me over and over. I knew I was also close. I had not been fucked liked this in a long time. His finger in my ass was thrusting in me faster and faster. I began to feel his cock spasm, and soon heard him moan in one long breath.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me hard,” I begged.

With one last hard thrust, I knew his cum was spurting deep in my pussy, and I soon began to feel my own climax shake my body. He stood behind me for a few minutes with his cock deep in me, and I tightened my muscles to milk the last few drops of cum from him. I could hear him moan as I did. He withdrew his cock, and I could hear him redress. I settled back down on my abdomen, and enjoyed the tingling in my pussy, while he shuffled papers. He soon asked me to dress and to stop at the desk on the way out.

I dressed and was soon standing at his desk, and I noted his secretary was long gone. He handed me my insurance cards, and told me that until my back was completely healed, I was to visit him three times a week. I had no idea what the cost of these visits would amount to, but I didn’t care. My back was feeling much better., and I couldn’t wait to come back for another bone crunching experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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