A Wedding Trilogy Ch. 03

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The wedding had been a spectacular Gala. The Wedding Party consisted of six groomsmen and Bridesmaids, Best Man and Matron of Honor, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer and of course the Bride and Groom.

The Bride was resplendent in her white off the shoulder satin Grecian Gown with a 5 foot train and a tiara attached veil woven into her flower enhanced French braided hair. The body hugging gown accentuated her slender frame and hourglass curves. The Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids wore similar Grecian gowns in alternating pastel colors of pale lavender and sage green. The groom wore a period specific white tuxedo with tails and spats reminiscent of Fitzgerald’s Gatsby. The groomsmen all wore white tuxedos with gardenia boutonnieres, bow ties and cummerbunds that matched the dresses of their corresponding bridesmaid.

The rice paper aisle runner was adorned with a mixture of gardenia and rose petals. The lighting was subdued and supplied primarily by an array of 200 sandalwood scented candles that added to both the lighting ambience as well as the aromatic aesthetics of the venue. To complete the sensory grandeur of the experience music was provided by a chamber quartet, two vocalists and a French horn player. There was the obligatory performance of Pachabel’s Canon in D, an upbeat arrangement of Fogelberg’s “Longer” and of course the traditional “Wedding March” with the rather ethereal accompaniment of the French Horn. In addition Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” and Brad Paisley’s “Then”, were woven into the tapestry of the ceremony as a tribute to the rural roots of the bride and groom and an homage to their courtship, personal commitment and respect for one another.

She sat through the ceremony, the cake cutting and the obligatory toasts all the while her crotch was throbbing with desire. Now dancing with one groomsman after another, she could feel her desire rising and her fantasies running rampant. The groomsmen were dashing in their tuxedos, each one reminded her of last night and the joy of being used by multiple men. Never though had she even in her wildest fantasy believed she would have access to six men at once. The thought caused the blood to rush from her head and she nearly fainted. Lightheaded she stumbled slightly and her dance partner and one of the bridesmaids grabbed her before she fell.

“Come on, honey, let’s sit you down a minute.”, the Bridesmaid said. She complied.

After sitting for a few minutes and a couple of glasses of champagne, she began confiding in to the Bridesmaid about the events of last night and this afternoon with Raoul and Paolo and her continued seemingly insatiable desire to be used again and again. The other woman seemed very interested in her ribald tale of depravity. In fact, she asked numerous questions and added some tales of her own. She felt her juices beginning to flow as she listened to the other.

As is the female custom, the Bridesmaid asked her to accompany her to the ladies room. On the way back to the reception, the Bridesmaid, Amie was her name, told her that her bra seemed twisted in the back and made an unsightly lump in the back of her dress. Amie suggested that they slip into one of the suites reserved for the bridal party as dressing rooms and she will help her adjust bra and correct the problem.

They turned right at the next corridor and entered the suite. There were several suitcases belonging to members of the Bridal Party. There were small bags of rice tied with ribbons of sage green and lavender… balloons of the same colors… a box of tin cans, some rope and a “Just Married” sign standing in the corner. There was no one else in the room.

She allowed Amie to unzip the dress and unfasten the bra in order ro make the adjustment. In the process Amie’s hand brushed across her erect nipple and a sent a shudder of delight up her spine. She blushed at her own reaction. Amie saw the red fill her cheeks and knew the cause. Amie then intentionally brushed the nipple again and yet a third time. The actions of the bridesmaid Amie was causing her to flush with excitement and anticipation of the next touch.

Amie stepped behind her, grasped one nipple between her fingers and cupped the other breast entirely in her hand.

She was again in uncharted waters. She had never been with a woman before but now the craving was intense. She did what she had never before done. She spun around grabbed the back of Amie’s head and locked her lips to hers, her tongue prodding and exploring. Suddenly they were on the floor, their dresses lying in a rumpled pile next to them. Hands grasping, tongues kuşadası escort flashing and hips pressing and gyrating against one another, she had never done this but now her body yearned for more.

The Groomsmen entered the room as a group to gather the “Just Married” sign and cans to tie to the back of the newlyweds’ car. What they saw were two women naked on the floor, legs entwined and grinding their groins against one another as Amie sucked and pulled at the other’s nipples. Her head was thrown back and groans of delight were coming from her. The two women were so engaged that they did not here the groomsmen enter the room.

The boys stood stunned for several minutes, staring in awe at the two beauties before them.

The erotic gauge of these two writhing bodies in the throes of passion was off the scale and sent the hormones of the groomsmen into overdrive. After several moments during which time stood still, the women noticed the six slack jawed observers with bulges in their pants.

Alcohol was originally used as a medication to lessen pain and later as a sterilizing method. It is, as most people know, a depressant. It reduces respirations, slows the heart rate and confuses the senses. However, it also clouds the judgment and lowers the psychic inhibitions of the user. The wedding party had engaged in a number of toasts and she now had no inhibitions as evidenced by her lesbian experimentations with Amie. The Groomsmen and Amie also were without restraint.

The men suddenly broke from their stupor and began to move in unison toward the grinding bodies on the floor. She looked up at each of the men’s faces as they approached. She had known only two before the rehearsal dinner and even they were only passing acquaintances.

Now as she looked at their faces she ran through their names in her mind.

She had employed a simple mnemonic technique the night of the rehearsal dinner in order to remember their names. By simply recalling the words F-U-C-K-M-E she could remember the names of all six:





Michael and


Her gaze drifted to the crotch of each has they approached. She could feel herself shrinking and opening up to what was to come. The thought of being used again, this time by all six men and Amie, was overwhelming her. Her senses went on high alert. The testosterone in the room was like a fog of aphrodisiac engulfing them all.

The gang of six began disrobing as they approached. They moved in and grabbed the two women, tossing each on a separate bed. At first the numbers were even, three men on each. Frank, Charlie and Edward moved toward her while Ulysses, Kevin and Michael moved in on Amie.

She lay there as they came to her, her tongue licking her lips, her pelvis engorged with blood as her heart began to race with anticipation. Her nipples were erect, pupils dilated and her clitoris throbbing. She was about to be used by three men but she wanted more. She looked at Kevin and their eyes locked. A lick of her lips a nod of her head and a simple outreached hand was all it took. Kevin shifted his direction and moved toward her. Ulysses and Michael had already begun their invasion of Amie and Amie was totally engaged.

She watched as Amie took one in her mouth and guided the other between her legs. This act of voyeurism only served to arouse her further. She wanted them all. But, there was time.

From her perspective on the bed she watched as four blood engorged, rock hard erect penises moved toward her like a platoon of purple helmeted warriors parading before the general.

She reached out and took Edward first in her hand and then to her mouth. She wrapped her hand around the pride of the fleet, Kevin’s cock was at least nine inches of menacing monster, and she guided him between her legs. The other two took up positions on either side of her as though in a practiced flanking maneuver. Her hands found each of them and began to stroke gently, slowly but deliberately. Eight hands were palpating her body in almost a syncopated rhythm. Her breasts were being groped and licked and the large nipples sucked in a delicate but aggressive manner, causing her to gasp and arch her back to press the breast more firmly in the mouth of her assailant.

Her throbbing cunt was pierced by Kevin’s spear like member. She felt the depth of his penetration as the head of his penis banged against her cervix.

What most women don’t realize is that the vaginal canal is between six and nine inches deep. Therefore, any penis over nine inches is wasted length. To engage completely would result in painful intercourse and possibly cause serious injury. Of course, as with men, some women have a deeper canal. She was not one of them. Kevin’s ramming of her cervix was causing her some degree of discomfort although the activities of the other three distracted her enough that it was not a concern.

She heard Amie’s muted scream as she had Ulysses pounding her pussy like the energizer bunny while her mouth and jaw strained to accommodate the grand girth that was Michael. Amie was already in the midst of her orgasm and surprised her two paramours by squirting like a spasmodic fountain of opaque liquid. Her eruptions continued for several minutes. Then Ulysses gave out a growling howl as he pulled out. Amie released Michael and sat up just in time to receive the full force of Ulysses’ cannon like ejection as he blew his load Amie. The white cum splashed against Amie’s belly and breasts but the main force hit her square in the face. She had never seen such a massive ejection.

She watched Amie and Ulysses and his volcanic eruption and marveled at the quantity of his load. Her attention was only slightly diverted as Kevin moved from her pussy to her mouth.

She was lying on her back with her head dropped from the bed to allow a straight channel down her throat for Kevin’s lengthy cock. Some would call it deep throating but she preferred the term throat fucking. She gulped and swallowed as he entered her mouth and throat. It took some control, concentration and effort to not yield to her gag reflex. She was like a sword swallower in a circus as he moved in and out past her full lips. She sucked and licked his cock with her tongue while continuing to stroke the two shafts in her hands.

She was getting that wonderful feeling. Her body was engaged and she was being penetrated by four men. Edward who had been in her mouth was now drilling her pussy like a pneumatic jack hammer. She could feel his well hung balls slapping against her ass. She felt his cock inside her beginning to throb and pulsate. Suddenly he withdrew. He sat astride her belly and laid his cock between her ample breasts. His hands pressed her breasts together as his cocked moved back and forth between them. His adept fingers tugged at her nipples causing her to gasp with delight.

She felt her legs being forced apart and something being wrapped around her slender ankles. Amie had taken her stockings and was wrapping them around her feet and ankles. Amie then tied each stocking in turn to a post of the bed. Now she was lying across the bed with a cock in each hand, Edward astride her fucking her tits and Kevin mouth fucking her with renewed vigor.

Her pussy was momentarily empty as Amie took the opportunity to run her tongue along her labia and begin to lick and suck her clit. It was a new sensation but it drove her wild. She couldn’t help herself as she began to buck and squirm with her first orgasm.

Amie stopped and moved in position to suck on her nipples as Edward continued his titty fuck. It was then that she felt her pussy again being used. This time it was Michael. His cock had to be seven inches around. It was like a log being pressed into her. The pressure against her inner walls was profoundly and delightfully intense. She arched her back and pelvis, using her stocking bound legs as a fulcrum and the bed posts as anchors. She heard herself squeal and shout “Oh My God!” as she released Kevin’s cock from her mouth and tilted to receive Michael. As he pressed forward Michael’s tool stretched her open and pushed deep within. She groaned with amazement and pleasure.

Her juices were flowing out of her. Her heart raced and her breathing was rapid as she tried to suck in air around Kevin’s cock in her mouth while working her lips and tongue. She had that feeling again. The sense of being overwhelmed by six men and a woman at the same time made her feel both important and insignificant at the same time. She had the power of controlling their pleasure while at the same time she was serving them and being used by each. She was a powerful woman and a slut at the same time. The paradox was intriguingly beautiful in her mind. She stroked and sucked and gyrated and relished in her role as a sex toy, a cock sucker and a cum dump.

Suddenly she felt her one leg being loosened. It was Frank. He rolled her hips to the side and she rotated on Michaels cock like a pig on a barbecue spit. Edward shifted slightly with his concentration of attention still on her beautiful and bountiful breasts. Amie had moved to the other side and continued to suck on her nipples. Kevin continued to pump his piston like cock in and out of her mouth and throat. She now had Charlie in one hand and Ulysses’ revived cock in her other.

It was then that she experienced another first. She had always wanted it but never had the courage to request it. She felt the cool sensation of lubricant, most likely K-Y or Vaseline being gently massaged into her asshole. Frank’s modest cock followed. He slowly, gently but deliberately made his invasion of her forbidden space.

She was a tiny speck.

She felt herself withdraw and allow herself to be used by six men and a woman all at the same time. Charlie and Ulysses ready to explode in her hand. Amie sucking her tits while Edward fucked them. Kevin pumping her mouth with his long rod and groaning as his moment approached. Michael with his monster cock in her cunt was ramming and slamming her clit.

And, finally Frank penetrating deep up her ass and bringing her a new experience and a new pleasure that she had never known. It wasn’t that this new anal experience was so pleasurable by itself. It was the total complete and ultimate objectification and subjugation of her and her complete surrender to this ultimate submission to seven strangers at one time.

All of her holes were filled and she could feel the collective cocks throbbing inside her as well as the pulsations of the two on her hand and between her breasts.

She was writhing and squirming with unbridled lust and passion. Her body screamed for release. The tension was building. She arched. She pressed her ass back hard against Frank as plunged deep into her bunghole. His thrusts were getting stronger and deeper. He moaned and grunted.

Her hands were moving faster on Charlie as she felt his cock begin to throb and his body shake.

She was being pounded from every angle. She knew it was near. Her own anticipation was growing as her pussy tightened and released and tightened again around Michael. Her mouth was sucking and licking and taking as much of Kevin down her throat as possible.

Edward was first. His cock exploded between her breasts and the cum shot onto her neck and throat. Amie began lapping it up. Charlie blew his load next. She felt him throb and the semen splash off her right breast. Next Ulysses unloaded onto her left breast as Amie vacuumed up the warm white gooey liquid.

Kevin groaned, thrust his hips forward and yelled inaudible syllables of pleasure. Frank screamed at her and called her a fucking bitch as he and blew his load up her as at the same time Kevin’s pulsating cock spurted a torrent of spunk down her throat.

She jerked and swallowed as she reveled in her debasement. She was a cum dump. She was fulfilling her destiny. She was being used like never before. She both a powerful woman and a small child all at the same time.

Her third or fourth orgasm, she had lost count after the second, was building. She could feel her cheeks flush… her pussy and ass contract… her pulse race and her breathing intensify. She was climbing the mountain and Michael was about to send her over the top. His thick meat rammed her harder and faster. He was calling her name and invoking the spirits of the Universe for help. He was holding back as long as he could. He would pull out and re-enter for several minutes and then began his rapid accelerated assault on her cunt. Harder… Faster… Deeper… Faster and Harder still. He let out a yell like Tarzan swinging through the trees. She joined him with her own screams and writhing passion as his cannon went off inside her she could feel the white hot cum filling her.

The sensory input was overwhelming with intense sensations inside and out. Amie licking the cum from her skin… juices dripping from her ass and running out of her mouth and now Michael’s triumphant blast that could only be described as magnificent filled her. She was bathed in man juice… swimming in a sea of semen.

She lost it. She bucked like a mustang and twisted and squealed and her body went into spasmodic tremors which she could not control. The penetration, the joy, the pleasure were so intense it was almost painful. She gasped and groaned and sensed tears welling up in her eyes. They were tears of joy and happiness. She had never felt so used and so happy.

She lay there in a near stupor as each the men in turn brought their cocks to her face and squeezed the last drops onto her and she opened her mouth to receive and clean them.

The last she remembered was Michael’s beautiful member in her face. She woke several hours later. She was alone and felt dirty and sticky and oh so used and oh so delighted.

“Oh my God!” she thought I can’t wait til the next wedding.

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