A Weekend In The Caravan Ch. 03

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That afternoon the young ones went off to the pictures. So Ann and I closed the caravan curtains and made love on the pull-out bed. After I lay on my back getting my breath back. Ann looked at me saying that Jill fancies you.

“What” I said. “She has the hots for you” Ann whispered.

I pointed out that I was her stepfather. She cant help how she feels retorted Ann. Ann confessed that she don’t mind if Jill wets her knickers every time she sees you. I laughed. She went on to confess a fantasy she would like to fulfil, with my agreement. She went on to say that, her fantasy is to hide naked in a room and see me having sex. It’s important that you know I’m looking and the other person does not know. I was a little shocked to here this, but Ann seems to be insistent upon fulfilling her fantasy. I thought for a moment, and then asked her if she had anyone in mind.

“I have – Jill would be suitable” she said biting her top lip.

“Well – Well” I said.

“Would you help me to live my fantasy” Ann pleaded.

I pointed out this has danger, it could go ‘pear shaped’, it could break up our family.

She observed that I was interested because the hard on I supported was oozing pre-cum out of its tip. I laughed aloud; I had to confess that I fancied the idea.

“How can we arrange it – do you have a plan in mind” I said.

She had a plan of sorts. Ann went on to describe the ‘plan’ in some detail. At home, we have louver doors on our bedroom wardrobe; she would hide in there naked and watch. She went on to say that, I was to make love to her daughter in such away that I, from the wardrobe, could see as much detail a possible. When you finish I will need a good fuckin straight away. This would complete the fantasy.

Ann went on to say “We get home this Saturday and Simon is away Sunday morning for 4 hours at the gym with his mates, so that’s the time to do it”.

At that we made mad passionate love again and we both climaxed in less that a minute.

We put the ‘pull-out bed back and tided up. I thought to myself ‘Jill said nothing about the jacking off session we had the other day, – it looks if I can trust her after all’


We all got back from the holiday Saturday evening. Simon went with Ann to get a ‘take away’ while Jill and I empty the car of our belongings, getting our dirty clothing in the washing machine, spare bedding into the spare room. Jill and I took several journeys from the car on our driveway into the house. I was leaning into the car boot to get the last of our belongings, when a hand was placed onto my right thigh, I quickly turned around and it was Jill. She looked into my eyes saying with that big smile of hers relaxbet güvenilirmi “I’ve got some condoms – I got them in the toilet at a motorway café we stopped at on the way back from holidays”. She turned around slipping her hand down over my crotch then walked back into the house.

I told Ann about this later while we were in bed. She got excited and she couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning to exercise her fantasy. I asked if she was sure about doing this. We can stop it now if you want. She thought for a few seconds, then “I want it to happen” she pleaded. Ok,Ok I said.

Ann and I got up in the morning, the sun was shining, and the young one’s were having their breakfast at the kitchen table.

“Morning Mum and Joe” they said in unison. “I’m off to the gym soon” said Simon.

“That’s ok – I will need to go out myself to see a friend at the same time you leave” said Ann.

We all finished breakfast and tidied up. Simon left the house going off to the gym. Jill went up stairs to her bedroom. Ann explained the ‘plan’ to me. It was that she would shout goodbye and leave via the front door. Then she will creep around the back, and get in through the garage, get up the stairs and into the wardrobe.

“I’m going now – I’ll be gone about an hour – bye” she shouted up the stairs to Jill. Then Ann winked at me as she opened the door stepped out side closing it with a bang.

I stood in the kitchen with my mind twirling with anticipation, doing my best to suppress my hard on from being visible. I sat at the table reading the paper as Jill came into the room saying, “Mum gone then – has she gone to her friends”.

“Yes she’s gone and will be about an hour” I said.

Jill stood by and whispered into my right ear “I’m all wet, down here – I want you to put it right – I want you to give me a good fuckin now” Now I said!!. But first I need to lock the car up. I went outside to lock the car giving Ann time enough to get un-dressed and get into the wardrobe. I came back some minutes later; Jill gave me a big smile and kiss on my lips.

“Let’s go then “She said.

Jill held my hand and we walked to the stairs. As we ascended the stairs, I thought to myself ‘I hope Ann got into the wardrobe ok’.

We entered the bedroom and I shut the door. The room had a king size bed at one end with its tailboard facing the wardrobe louver doors. Jill and I stripped off our clothes, throwing them onto the floor. Jill looked lovely, she had full brest’s with large nipples. Her pussy was nicely trimmed in a ‘V’ shape. She sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned me over. I stood close to her as she gripped my cock with her right hand. She looked into my eyes as she lowered her mouth and touched relaxbet yeni giriş its tip with her tongue; she smiled at me flicking her tongue over my cock head. I thought ‘she not new at this game’. I put my right hand to her head indicating that she goes down on me. She slid her mouth slowly over my cock.

“Ooo Jill – to see you going down on me – Ooooo – lovely” I gasped.

She then put her fingertips under my balls. My legs stated to quiver. I was feeling the beginning of a climax.

“Ooo Jill – stop – Oooo” I croaked.

I pushed her head back and my cock popped out of her mouth.

Jill gave out a laugh about the power she had over me. “I nearly had a mouth full of your spunk” she said. “Do you know that Simon has the hots for you” she said with a smile.

“What do you mean – has he told you something” I whispered. She remained silent, just smiling at me.

I pushed her back onto the bed; she landed with her legs hanging over the bed’s side. I got down on my knees and pushed my face into her crutch. Jill gave a loud moan. Her pussy was wet through with her juices. I licked her swollen lips, tweaked her clit with the end of my tongue. Jill lifted her legs up and put her feet onto my shoulders. This exposed her arse hole to me. I traced long licks from her butt to her clit. I put my hands onto her tits.

“OooHhhh – I’m cummm——-“. She clenched my arms with her hands and pulled me closer to her pussy. Then she came, she came with such violence it made her body buck up and down. I struggled to keep my tongue on her love box. I held on to her until her climax ebbed away.

I pulled my very wet face away from her pussy. She lay back on the bed panting with her arms out stretched. I looked at her pussy hairs; they were matted with her love juices. I got up and lay above her supporting myself with my arms. I slowly lowered my face down to hers. We looked into our eyes, we kissed, we flicked our tongues together. She jumped up saying

“I want you to take me from behind – now – and I don’t what you to use a condom”. I pointed out that we risk you getting pregnant and that’s the last thing I want.

“But I want to feel you cum inside me desperately” she squealed. I said no, she said then pull out and shoot it over my back instead.

“No – not this time – in case I loose control – open the condom” I retorted.

She opened the condom and holding it with experience I noted. She sat back on the bed edge.

“Come here – I want to put this condom on your cock” she giggled.

I stood in front of her. She held the condom with her right hand and the condom tip with her index finger and thumb of her left hand. She expertly rolled the rubber down my relaxbet giriş cock. She then turned around on the bed on her knees with her legs over hanging the bed edge and her arms out stretched.

“Take me now – give me a good boning – make me cum again” She croaked

I knelt down on one knee on the floor behind her, rubbing her upper thighs with my hands. I moved my thumbs ether side of her anus, tweaking it, making it wink at me.

I thought – ‘what a lovely view, I never thought I would get the chance to fuck Jill, especially with her Mum’s consent. But here I am now just a few seconds for just doing that’- ‘I hope Ann’s watching all the action. I wonder what Jill meant about Simon fancying sex with me – well well, who knows what the future holds.

I slowly put my face to her. My stiff tongue pushing in and out of her wet pussy and my nose in her arse. “Gooood – Oooo – yes” She shouted. I was ready now to fuck her. I stood up and placed my right hand onto her hip and guided my tip into her swollen lips with my left hand. My cock went all the way without stopping. I held her hips and started to work my dick in and out slowly at first, then a little faster. Jill griped the bed sheets and lay her head to one side, the side facing the wardrobe louver doors, she started to pant and moan in between small squeals of ‘yes- yes –yes’

Sweat was dripping from my forehead, dripping onto the small of her back. Her pussy was making a ‘sloshing’ sound as I pumped her hard. Then I felt it, the start of my climax.

“Oooo – Jill – yes – I’m on my way” I spluttered.

“Not yet – I’m near – but not yet” She grunted.

I slowed down my stroking to stave off my climax. She kept repeating ‘yes – O – yes ‘.

“Ooo – make me cum” she bellowed.

I put my thumb in my mouth covered it with spit, and then shoved it into her arse. I waggled my thumb in side her hole and leaned my body as to have more effect on her G-spot.

“God – you’re an animal” she screamed.

At that we cum, we cum together. I shot wads of cum into her. She let loose a stream of cunt juices over my cock and some of it run down my legs. We slowed down to a stop, both of us out of breath; I leaned down onto her back and kissed her right ear.

“Was that ok” I said with a whisper.

“That was fantastic – I want to go again because you are still hard” she giggled to me.

I had Ann in my thoughts, so I said “No – that’s enough for now. – your Mum will be coming back soon”.

We un-coupled, I slid the condom off and flushed it down the toilet. Jill complained that she wanted to spread my cum over her breasts. I said sorry I didn’t think, next time. She smiled saying next time I want a double dose. I laughed, saying, “Quick get dressed and out of my bedroom before your Mum comes back from her friends”. She was dressed and gone in a flash.

I sat on the edge of the bed with a semi-hard cock, wet through with Jill’s juices. I looked with anticipation at the louver doors that were slowly opening.

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