A Weekend with a Hitchhiker

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Last spring was great because I had an amazing adventure I will never forget. Just prior to this excellent weekend that I will go into in a minute, I had been going a little stir crazy at work and I had been putting in some late hours and I was feeling a bit burnt out. In addition to this problem, was the lingering depression that seemed to be growing deep within me. It is inherent to some of the locals with the nonstop rain that is common in the Emerald City, and like many of them, the wet and gray days were really getting to me. I absolutely wanted to get away, but I wasn’t sure where to go. So, I felt a little stuck in my rut.

So a few days later in the breakroom at work, I shared these thoughts with my buddy Eric from the Accounting department. He just looks at me blankly and says,

“Do you want to check out my time share?” “I am scheduled to use it next week, but I don’t have any plans or anyone to share it with.” If I don’t use it Terry, it’s just wasted cash. Just leave it clean is all I ask so I don’t have to pay an extra cleaning fee.”

“So where is this place?” I asked him.

Eric smiled and said, “Its right next to the beach in Gold Beach, Oregon.” A few of my college buddies and I have been sharing this pad for years. It is a great place to get away and just enjoy the coast, some west coast sun, have a few drinks, and just totally relax and unwind.”

Eric looked at me and said, “Believe me, you will love it and it is so worth the drive.”

So, I took him up on his offer and the following afternoon he tossed me the keys and threw the parking pass on my desk and said “Enjoy the beach house! It’s really a great place to wind down and totally forgot about everything…trust me Terry, you will thank me for it.”

After a quick handshake, I plopped down on my computer and submitted my vacation days. I also took two comp days of vacation time that I had coming to me. That afternoon, with my bags packed for a nice weekend, I headed south on my drive to Gold Beach.

About an hour into my trip and I am just south of I-5 around Olympia, Washington and I get off the exit and look for a place to gas up and perhaps get a bite to eat. I pull into to truck stop and as I do, I notice a brunette leaning up next to the gas pumps with a sign that says “San Diego?” So I drove closer to get a better look at her and then I parked my blue Chevy Cruze around the back and thought…why not check her out.

So I walk over to her and simply throw my offer down without really talking to her.

“Hey, there…I am only headed as far as Gold Beach, Oregon, but if you want to get that far, you can ride with me? It’s your call.”

I turned to walk around and head in for a bite to eat at The One Shot Truck Stop…and she called back to me.

“I’ll think about.”

Then she looked at me and as she was trying to size me up I was simultaneously doing the same to her. She looked as if she was 27, but no older than 30. I am a good guesser on these things, and I certainly knew she was in that range. She had an attractive face, long brunette hair that was pulled back into a shoulder length ponytail. She also had a nice rack and for the most part, she seemed pretty athletica and very attractive. I was so engrossed with profiling her, that I didn’t hear her the first time she asked me…

again she repeated it…”And your name is….?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Terry, I snapped back into reality.

“Well, I’m Lynn, and I am cool with that…ya know…your offer?”

I nodded back at Lynn and then asked her if she wanted to eat first and get to know each other a little bit before we head off down the road?”

“Yeah sure…but before we eat, could I put my bag in your car so I don’t have to lug it into the truck stop?”

“Sure” I said.” And then I started back towards my car.

As we walked to the car I asked her

“So, how did you get here…and where are you coming from?

“Well, I’ve been stranded at this truck stop a day, maybe two looking for a ride, but at least the food was decent.”

“As for my story…well I was living up in Bellingham, Washington. My boyfriend was a navy type and we were really cool together for the past two years, until I picked up his phone one day last week and found a few pics of him and some blonde…and they were, being overly friendly…if you know what I mean?

“So, you just up and left?”

“Absolutely, why wouldn’t I?”

“I guess that makes sense…sorry to hear that.”

“Well, it’s his loss, not mine.”

Feeling like this was a bit sensitive, I just changed the subject and moved on…

So, what do they have good to eat in here?

“They have some pot pie that reminds me of my Gram’s from way back. That is really good.”

“That is something I haven’t had in forever…guess I will try that.”

Minutes later, we had ordered our food and we were talking Escort Bayan again and asking each other questions, trying to get a feel for something to latch on to. We continued to talk while we ate and we continued talked about some of our travels…the waitress wandered by and politely dropped the bill on the table she seemed as if she did not want to bother us. We finished up, I tipped our waitress and paid the bill, and then we rolled to the car.

Lynn walked around the car, opened the passenger door and got it. I thought to myself, this might be fun. When I got in my seat, she pointed to me to go to the pumps closest to the exit, so I could get some gas and avoid the big trucks lined up just around the corner. After being fed and fueled up, I was on the road again, but with some company.”

Ten minutes later, we had the music playing and we were cruising down I-5 and headed south to Portland and beyond. We had a few hours to go, so we continued to chat and have small talk between us. After about 45 minutes, I looked over and the poor girl was out cold. I figured I would drive as long as I could so she could catch some “Z’s. Without trying to be sneaky, I glanced over at her and just kind of looked at her, perhaps staring at times, but hey, I was driving and I had to keep my eyes on the road. After staring at her about a half a dozen times, I gather that she was tough, but also quite pretty and I would enjoy spending some time with her if things worked out that way this weekend. Never expected my weekend to start this way, but what the hell…why not right?

I drove for a few hours and she slept peacefully curled up by the door for almost the entire duration. She must have been pretty drained. She woke up in good time as I was needing a rest stop to take a piss and get more gas. She looked over at me and then shook the cobwebs from her head…”Is that time right on the day?” She asked.

“Sure is.”

“Wow! I guess I must have been pretty tired from the last few days. So uh, where are we now?”

I glanced at my phone’s GPS app and said, well, we have about an hour, maybe ninety minutes till we are at Gold Beach.” I need to stop up ahead and fill up the car’s tank and empty mine. How about you?

“I could use a break myself and maybe a Coke too.”

We pulled into another truck stop. I gassed up the car while Lynn went to the restroom.

I was just topping off the tank, when she walked back out with two Cokes.

“Thought you could use something to drink.” By the way, thanks for lunch earlier. I appreciate it.

I took a big guzzle of the soft drink and quenched my dry throat and then I asked her where the restrooms were at.

“Just off to the right over there.” As she pointed in the direction.

Alright, you want to stay here with the car? I will be right back.”

“Got it covered” was her response.

A few minutes later, we were back on the road and our next stop would be our last for the weekend I hoped.

“You were out cold back there…” In fact, I don’t think you moved an inch in four hours…guess you needed to catch up on your sleep.”

“Yeah, haven’t had too much lately.” “At first, when I left, I didn’t think it would be that hard getting from Washington to San Diego, but life has a way of throwing some rocks in your way…” Anyway, I am headed back to my parents place for now until I can sort things out.”

“Nice place to grow up…San Diego that is.” I said to her.

Lynn laughed, then laughed again…harder.

“What did I say that was so funny?” I asked her.

“Oh, I didn’t exactly grow up there.”

“My dad was a Navy guy too…and we moved…a lot.” I spent time in Virginia, Tampa, Japan, and even did some time in Italy until my Dad anchored down in Southern California.

“That’s cool, if you like to travel.”

She just nodded in agreement.

Then for the next hour or so, she pretty much told me about her travels around the globe. It made time pass by pretty quick.

She was telling me all about Rome, when I looked up and noticed the sign on the interstate overpass…” “Gold Beach, next exit”

I excused myself and interrupted her, “Hey, we are here! That sign we just passed said Gold Beach is this next exit so we are almost there.”

I think I surprised Lynn when I announced that…and I wondered what she was thinking then…but opted not to say anything.

Then I threw another offer on the table. “I don’t know what your plans are, but I am staying at a place on the beach…my buddy’s beach house that is, and I am sure there is more than one room if you want to get some rest before you continue on your travels south?” “Again, it’s your call…but just wanted to try and help you out a bit.”

She nodded “Let me think about it.”

Then Lynn looked out the window searching for the beach, but the sun was quickly disappearing and Escort the sky was growing dark. If she decided to stay tonight, she could see the beach tomorrow morning when the sun comes back up. So, again, without pressuring her, I waited to hear her response.

I handed her my phone and asked her to give me the directions as we were close now and I wanted to find it right away and be done with driving.

A few minutes later she navigated me right to Eric’s timeshare and as we stepped out, you could hear the wave of the Pacific Ocean crashing onto the beach in the distance and smell the salty air. I think that sound and the fragrant ocean helped Lynn make up her mind

“Would you mind if I stayed tonight?” she asked.

“I told you that it was okay.” I responded.

“Okay, thanks” was all she said.

She grabbed her bag and I got mine and we headed to the door. It was dark now, but the sounds of the beach were fantastic. I couldn’t wait to see it in the morning.

I fumbled with the keys until I got the door open and flipped on the lights. “Wow! Nice place Eric has” I thought to myself.

I quickly found the master bedroom and threw my stuff on the bed. Lynn found one of the two guest suites on the other side and dropped her stuff off on the bed as well.

Then she yelled to me…”Are you hungry?”

“Hell yes, I am” I yelled back.

Lynn came back with “Well, then let’s skip driving and walk down the boardwalk and see what kind of food we can get in this little tourist town, plus it will do us good to walk and stretch out.”

I totally agreed and we left the beach house in search of some grub.

We walked for about a mile and passed several restaurants, when we seemed to be nearing the end of the boardwalk, we turned around and started headed back. We talked about what we saw on the way and narrowed our six selections down to two choices…the Pirate’s Cove, a pub that also served some good grub and the Sandcastles, which just looked like your typical mom and pop diner. We opted for the Pirate’s Cove as we both wanted a drink and some food.

Thirty minutes later, we were eating some great burgers and some seriously crunchy French fries and we had about two or three rounds of drinks in us and we were feeling good. We finished off our burger and took one dessert to go that we could split later. We also got a six-pack of Corona to go and the waitress threw in a complimentary lime to go with our beach beer. Then we headed back to the time share, Lynn carried the dessert and I lugged the beer.

We tossed the stuff in the fridge and then I said I was going to go hang off the back porch for a bit. She went and changed and then met me on the back porch. I was listening to the distant crashing waves and a few lone seagulls when she pulled up next to me. She offered me one of the beers we had brought back, and had even cut the limes and had it perfectly situated in the top of the bottle. I thanked her and then squeezed my lime and then with my finger in the bottle, I turned the bottle upside down to spread the lime flavor through my beer. It had been one of my customs each time I drank Corona. Lynn saw what I did and followed my lead. I leaned against the deck and just took in the sounds of the ocean and I noticed that Lynn had gotten a little closer.

I decided to see where this could go, so as I was leaning over the deck, I slid my arm around her back and gave her a quick hug and told her that I enjoyed her company and talking with her today. She got friendly and returned the hug. I asked her if she wanted another beer and then decided to get them herself. A minute later she was back, with two more Coronas and the lime topper. We were both feeling our way along with each other and the alcohol was helping.

I looked down at her and as I was moving to give her a kiss on the cheek, she started moving towards me and our lips met. It didn’t seem awkward, it just happened. I kissed her back, tasting the Corona on her breath and underlying cherry gloss on her lips. The quick kiss turned into a long kiss. She moved closer to me and our bodies pressed together. From the fabric of my light shirt, I could feel her nipples jutting out and pressed into me. So, I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up and set her on the rail. We started kissing passionately as we listened to the waves in the background. When she wrapped her legs around me, I decided to take the next move. I reached up and unclasped her bra. Without any protest, I slipped my hand up the front of her shirt and got more than a handful of her nice warm melon. I started rubbing her tits and cupping her breast and running the tips of my fingers over her stiff nipples as we continued to kiss. She was enjoying this and so was I. A few more minutes and we were really getting heated. We were giving each other sloppy wet kisses, we were kissing each other on the neck and Bayan Escort exploring each other with our hands. She plopped down and took my hand and said, “Let’s continue this inside…” I took her hand and followed her to the master bedroom.

She went right to the bed and laid down and I was right next to her. We were lying on our sides kissing and our hands explored each other. I was still admiring her lovely breasts and enjoying the softness of them when I felt her reach down into my pants. My cock grew three more inches as soon as her tiny warm hands wrapped around my member. I slowly moved my hand from her breast to her shapely ass. When she didn’t say anything…I slipped my hand between the waistband and her skin and moved towards her pussy. I edged my fingers closer and closer. I could feel her pubic hair as it touched the palm of my hand. I stayed there for a minute or two and just touched her hair and rubbed just above her mound concealing her pussy. After massaging her for several minutes, my finger found her slick groove and I searched for her clit. Thirty seconds later, I had found it and was feverishly massaging her little button and it was making her a go crazy. Her hand picked up the pace as she stroked me and she had me feeling just as good too.

I pulled back and quickly unfastened the button on her pants and slid them down her sensuous legs. She lay there next to me with just her panties and her top on. We quickly undressed each other and as she crawled to the center of the big bed on her elbows, I followed and climbed on top of her. She spread her legs for me and I got into position. I was passionately French kissing her, feeling her tits pressed into my chest and my cock was buried in her pussy fur at the moment. When she adjusted her pelvis, I knew she it was time. I rhythmically placed my cock at the top of her pussy. I could feel the groove with my cockhead. I let it drop a little and I could feel her lips touching me. I pushed a little and I could feel my manhood enter her. Knowing I was close, I pushed more and then I slipped right into her. She looked up at me and put her arms around me and whispered “thanks for picking me up today…I have had a fucking great day…” I loved the instant warmth and glove like feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock. As I was on top and she was on the bottom in the standard missionary position, I arched my back and placed my hands right next to her shoulders and dropped my waist and we were in perfect positon for deep penetration…and that is what we did.

I pushed as deep into her as I could and she moved her hips to accommodate me and the two of us were like old pros making love. I loved the feeling of my cock slipping nearly out of her and then feeling the wave of pleasure as I pushed back and easily slid into her slippery depths. We were kissing and making noise and just enjoying each other with the sounds of the crashing waves coming in from the window. It was just a perfect evening. Her body was tone and amazing. When I wasn’t kissing her, I was ogling her tits and enjoying them bounce all over her chest as we made love. Periodically, I would bend down and kiss them and suck on a nipple and after doing this two her several times, each time thereafter when I would do it, she would bite her lower lip in anticipation of the pleasure I was giving her. I loved sucking on her beautiful tits and the fact that she was savoring what I was doing to her made our session even better.

She was sexily gyrating her hips and it was doing wonders to me. I knew I would not be able to hold back much longer. It was only a matter of time before I went over the edge. I pulled out as much as I could and tried to slow things down to extend our love making session but Lynn was well on her way to Orgasmville and she was pulling me into her deeply and holding on for dear life. I could feel her nails in my back digging in as I repeated penetrated her womb with jabs from my engorged cock. She was making all kinds of sounds and squeaks and breathing hard and then….”yes, yes, yes…oh my God yes….” And just like that, the wave hit her and she rode it like a surfer for all it was worth. She was gripping my cock with her pussy muscles and rotating her hips and doing almost circle like rhythms with her waist as I continued to thrust in and out of her. Then, almost without warning, I shot my load deep into her pussy. Wave after wave of hot jism sprayed deep within her wonderful womb and painted her cervix milky-white with a years’ worth of my pent up hot sperm loads. I held my place solidly inside of her for two minutes as her orgasm wound down too and then the two of us were spent and a mess.

I got up and got a clean wash cloth and then I ran it under some warm water. I walked back over to the bed and gently cleaned Lynn up. She just laid there quietly as I delicately wiped and cleaned up her most intimate area. I threw the washcloth in the bathroom and then I went and laid back down next to her. I put my arm around her and she snuggled up next to me and we fell asleep together. It was early to say it, but I totally believed that my weekend was going to be fabulous.

To be continued…

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