A Weekend without the Roommate

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Well if you have read my other stuff you will probably know that some of what I write is fictional and some of it is something I experienced in real life. The story you are about to read is of the latter. My name is Brianne and I am a xdresser. I have been dressing for several years now, and I still find it just as exciting as the first time I slid on a pair of panties. I really love writing stories and even more so, the feedback I get from them.

I was living with a roommate who didn’t know I dressed, which made it hard to do so at times. Now as luck would have it he was leaving for the weekend and I had the apartment to myself. I was already thinking of what I was going to wear around the house as he walked out the door.

I pulled out my stash of feminine clothing and began sorting through them till I found what I wanted. I ended up choosing a sexy, slim, black dress that came down about mid-thigh. It was all black but the edges were outlined in white. I also had my sexy black boots that came up just below the knee. I decided to wear a black thong since my dress hugged me just right and I wouldn’t have any panty line showing. My fake breasts looked very nice protruding from my chest and the makeup and long brown hair finished the ensemble.

As I looked in the mirror I was impressed on how much like a girl I looked and I began thinking more and more as if I were one. Before long I was trying to act as a girl as much as I could, but it just isn’t the same when your by yourself. I got on the internet and began looking for people who might be interesting. It was frustrating because I wasn’t getting any responses from people, or if I did they weren’t for real. After a couple of hours I still wasn’t having any luck, then suddenly a guy peak my interest. And with that another guy came in behind him chatting with me.

I didn’t know what to do because they both seemed very sincere and I was really interested in both of them. They were both in there mid thirties and seemed very hot with there photos and the way they talked. Before long they both were asking about times to meet and I was a little reluctant at first, but then I agreed to meet….both of them. Wow I couldn’t believe I was about to do that, but my sexual urge was getting too strong. I had all day so I could have one meet me at my place, then later the other.

What ended up happening, edirne escort is that the times they could meet wasn’t very far apart from each other. Only like an hour apart, but I wanted them both so badly. I agreed to there times and waited. The first one basically said he was down for anything which I was cool with, the second guy however wanted to be my husband coming home to his wife. I was eager for whatever they wanted to do, I just hoped an hours between would be enough time.

The first guy knocked on my door right on time. I opened the door and he seemed very nice. He showed up in a pair of khaki pants and a button down shirt. His goat tee was a very nice look for him as well. I invited him in and shut the door behind us. He sat down on the couch and I offered him a drink. We sat there on the couch a minute just chatting. I mentioned I liked to role play and he seemed very interested in the idea. Then I mentioned that my “husband” was coming home in a little while, so either we could play off of that or make it a quickie. He definitely wanted to play, which made me very hot for him.

He quickly got into character and basically treated me like a cheating wife. Making me feel like a my husband was inferior and he was the alpha male. Before long I was on my knees in front of him. His dick was out and I was sucking on it. He told me I was sucking his dick because my man wasn’t dominate enough to keep control of his bitch. This made me suck him harder and faster. After a few minutes he pulled me off of him and I crawled seductively up on him, unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest on the way up. I mounted him and began giving him a lap dance right there on the living room couch.

I felt him grab me with both arms and pick me up as he stood. He was very strong I found out because he lifted me with ease. He then asked where the bedroom was and carried me in there. When we got in there, he threw me on the bed and crawled on top of me naked, shoving his cock in my face. I sucked on him some more as he hovered over me. Then he climbed off the bed and pulled me to the edge, pushing my panties to the side. He spit on his dick and began pushing himself in me. Oooh he hurt at first, but as he slid deeper in me, I loosened up and began to enjoy it more and more.

I was moaning loud now as he fucked me, my legs now over his shoulders. elazığ escort I could here and feel him slapping against me as he pounded away. He told me to flip over, so I quickly did and found myself bent over the bed. He fucked me even harder as the whole bed began to shift. I started clutching the blankets, pulling them toward me as he made me feel like the woman I wanted to be. Now I don’t know how long he was fucking me, but all of a sudden the doorbell rang. His motions got a bit slower and we got quieter. I said, “Oh shit, my husbands home!” Quickly I straighten the bed and myself up as he grabbed his clothes and jumped into the closet.

I tried to calm myself as I went to answer the door. When I opened it, this gentleman looked a bit older and was not quite as in shape as the other guy. He was slightly chunky, which I didn’t mind and seemed very nice as well. He was actually dressed in a suit and tie and carried a briefcase. He was already in character as I greeted my hubby at the door. He stepped in and grabbed me with one arm, pulling me closer and gave me a kiss on my painted lips.

He said, “Don’t worry about dinner yet baby, daddy wants to play.” I smiled at him and began walking toward my bedroom. He slapped my ass on the way and as soon as we got into the room he grabbed me for another passionate kiss. We slowly ended up on the bed, never really breaking our kiss. He began taking his suit coat off followed by the tie and shirt. I could feel his hard cock against my leg as he laid on me, and I wanted it. I began rubbing it through his trousers and then started undoing his belt.

I felt him pulling my panties off from under my dress and shortly his dick was out. He didn’t even have me suck it, as he began to slide it inside me. The next thing I know I’m getting fucked without any real foreplay, which was strange for me. I’m used to giving at least a ten minute blowjob or more before anything else. Either way he was giving me his cock and I was enjoying it to the hilt.

He wasn’t quite as big as the other guy, but still about 6 inches or so. He kept asking me if I missed daddy and that I was going to take good care of him today. He laid completely on top of me, missionary style as he fucked me. I had my legs spread for him and my hands on his back. My chin was resting on his left shoulder and I could see erzincan escort his ass moving up and down with every thrust he gave me. I began to hear him moan and his thrusts became a bit slower, but more powerful shoving me into the head board. I felt his cum shooting inside me as he climaxed. His whole body went limp as he rolled off of me.

“Thanks honey, daddy had a long day at work.” he said as we laid there for a moment pretending to be a married couple. He then told me to get a wash cloth and clean him up before he had to go to his nightly meeting. I did just that making sure his cock and balls were nice and clean. I wanted to suck them clean, but instead he told me to use the washrag. After that he got dressed and I went with him to the door. He kissed me good bye and walked out.

I walked back to the bedroom where I found the other man already standing by the bed. “Come suck this shit you cheating whore.” as he stood there stroking his dick slowly. I walked on over and got on my knees again, looking up at him as he slapped me in the face with his 7 inch cock. He teased me with it at first, making me beg for it with my tongue before allowing me to suck on it. Once again I was giving this man a blowjob and he was making me work for it, as he would pull it out and make me chase it.

I then reached around putting a hand on each ass cheek of his and pulled him to me. I wanted his cock in my mouth and I was determined to have it. “Damn, you’re a hungry bitch aren’t baby.” as he was unable to pull it away from my lips again. All at once I surprised when I deep throated his cock and held it there as long as I could hold my breath. In a way I wanted him to fuck me again, but I already had been filled with cum, so I continued to service him on my knees.

I heard him getting close as he placed his hands on my head. I massaged his balls a bit as I sucked, rubbing his taint as well. I felt his body tighten up and all at once he began to cum. I took his cock all the way down my throat as he sprayed his load. He then held my head tight to him as his orgasm peaked. I started gagging a bit but he continued to press on me, my chin touching his balls. He was giving me all of his seed straight down my throat and I loved every minute of it.

When he finished, he pulled his cock out of my throat. I reach up and took it in my hand, licking and kissing it to make sure it was thoroughly empty and clean. After that he thanked me for a good time as he got dressed. I straightened myself up and walked him to the door. After he left I continued to stay dressed all weekend in my apartment, just enjoying being a woman.

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