A Winters Tale

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This is for My Fox, you know who you are! Love from your Sexy Vixen xx

The directions he had given her were perfect. As she drove down the dirt track, with the first flurries of snow falling lightly on the windshield, she could see a thin spire of smoke rising above the trees. Moments later, she rounded a corner and saw the log cabin. It sat almost on the shore of the lake, surrounded by forest; it was everything she could have dreamt of. He had promised secluded and romantic, and he had not let her down. She recalled that he had offered to take her sailing on the lake but somehow she thought that the snow might put paid to that particular plan.

She pulled up the car alongside his, a small smile crossing her lips as she recalled him bragging he would cycle up here, and that he would get here first. He was always making jokes like that; telling the most outrageous lies, just to make her laugh. The thought made her feel suddenly shy – like an awkward teenager – now she was this close to actually meeting him. They had chatted for almost a year on the internet, had mailed each other and had slowly fallen in love. It was the typical older man/younger woman scenario with which he had been uncomfortable at first but somehow to her had never really mattered. She loved his magnetism, his zest for life, his sense of fun, the way he was always in control and the way he always made her feel so good about herself. They had planned this weekend with care and with excitement and now it was actually happening she was filled with a mixture of anticipation and a sudden attack of last minute nerves.

Stepping out of the car, she turned to look towards the cabin and there he was – standing on the porch, smiling, watching her. He looked ruggedly handsome, even better than the pictures he had sent and her heart skipped a beat as he began to walk towards her. He was taller than she – and God, he was even sexier than his look-a-like Steve Martin! As they came towards each other, his whole face lit up in a smile which spread to his soft brown eyes. He held out his arms to her and held her for a moment, kissing the top of her head, then gently holding her away from him as if he was committing each detail of her face to memory so he could savour this first moment of togetherness forever.

He picked up her bag and slid his arm around her as they walked to the cabin. It was immediately obvious how much he had put into preparing for her arrival. There was a roaring log fire burning, delicious smells were emanating from the kitchen, the table was set for dinner with a centrepiece of freesias, and his favourite song – “Miss American Pie” – was playing on the stereo. They sat for a while and laughed and joked until they were both more relaxed and as at ease with each other as they had been online.

They talked, she found her imagination wandering. She imagined what it would feel like to be in his arms. All these months of desire and need were pent up inside her and now that she had met him she knew those feelings were very real. She felt conscious about her every word, how she smelled, how she looked. She wanted him to want her. Could he smell, would he know that she was using some of the body lotion he had given her the previous Christmas? Or that she was dressed in the red thong and bra he had sent her months before? She hoped she was making a good impression on him, that he liked how she looked in the casual pair of black wool trousers that she had chosen so carefully, and the black cashmere sweater that she prayed accentuated her breasts.
They moved from drinks to dinner, chatting like two old friends, laughing and teasing as they sipped their wine. He had remembered her favourite wine was Sancerre and had stocked up the fridge. She drank nervously, greedily. When dinner was over he opened a bottle of champagne and proposed a toast to ‘them’ and to this one stolen weekend where they belonged to each other completely.

They drifted over to the sofa, warm and content, not too full, but refreshed and intimate with each other. He sat on it, she on the fluffy woollen rug at his feet, leaning against his knees, both of them watching the fire spark and crackle. The snow was falling heavier outside, flakes drifting past the window silently.

He started gently running his hands through her hair and along the nape of her neck. She could feel how he wanted, needed to touch her. She needed it too. She sat very still for a few moments afraid to break the spell, eventually turned her face towards his, letting him see that she was smiling. Very gently he tilted her face upwards and moved closer towards her. Their eyes met and very softly their lips brushed against each others. She moaned softly as he kissed her again, this time their hunger for each other mounting as their kiss became more urgent, more passionate. His tongue gently probed her lips, pressing into her mouth exploring Van Escort her, tasting her, wanting her. She responded with a passion that she had only ever dreamed was possible. His hands caressed her face, her hair, as she ran her hands along his firm thighs.

He broke away from their kiss, leaving her gasping for more. His strong hands reached to pull her sweater over her head and she heard him gasp when he saw the red silky bra.

‘Do you like it better on me than on the girl in the shop?’ she asked, smiling seductively. In answer, he dropped to his knees beside her and buried his face between her breasts, breathing in her scent, licking her soft feminine body. His hands ran along her bra, teasing the outline of her breasts. She felt her nipples react and begin to swell. His self-control was equally fading. He slid the straps of her bra down her arms releasing her breasts, and she heard him gasp as his fingers touched her breasts, her soft skin pale, yet glowing from the flames of the fire and the heat of her own arousal. His fingers gently toyed and played with her nipples, twisting and pinching the way she had told him so many times that she loved.

‘Yes,’ she whispered. ‘Just like that. Please don’t stop.’

Now she in turn began to unfasten his checked shirt, fumbling with the buttons but eventually casting it on the floor. His chest was firm and she bent her neck to kiss his neck, murmuring in his ear how much she wanted him. She ran her fingers over his nipples, down to his stomach and back up to his face – exploring every inch of him. Her need was being fuelled by every touch, every smell.

She pulled away for a moment, breathing hard. It was a struggle to get to her feet. She watched his eyes as she unzipped her trousers, letting them fall to the floor. She stood before him, her body smooth, soft, wearing nothing but the bra and thong he had given her. She stood quite still as he cast his eyes up and down her body, letting him take in every detail she had described to him so clumsily in their emails, but which she now knew pleased him and aroused him. Long moments passed as he looked her over – her hair dark and curling softly, her pale skin smooth, her legs slender and toned, her belly button ring sparkling, her breasts swollen. Oh, but most of all, she hoped she could see the look in her eyes, the smile that showed her desire. She hoped he would never forget a single detail.

Looking down, she could see his trousers tightening around his crotch as his cock strained to be free. She dropped back down to her knees in front of him and teasingly ran her hand up his thigh, brushing lightly against his cock and then back down the other thigh. He groaned loudly as she reached for his belt buckle and one by one popped open the buttons on his jeans. As her hand pressed against the bulge in his boxers, she reached over and kissed him, her breasts soft against his chest.

He swept her up, bore her down on the rug, lay over her, and kissed her with a hunger that made her body liquid. His hands roamed over her body, reached behind her and unhooked her bra. He kissed her neck, and slowly made his way to her breasts, slowly licking around her nipple, kissing the soft flesh of her breast. He rolled his tongue around each nipple, circling, feeling her body arch towards him as he teased her. Finally, just when she could bear it no longer, he wrapped his mouth around her nipple and sucked, alternating between her two breasts. All the time her fingers were running up and down his back, scratching his skin in her need for him, pulling him to her.

Releasing her breasts, he kissed down her stomach, around her belly button, teasing the ring she had there and that she was so proud of. She gasped, and pressed against him, lifting her hips. He slipped his fingers under the elastic of her thong and slid it down over her mound, as if he knew how baldly she wanted to be naked for him right then. Naked, and a little self-conscious, she stretched languorously out on the rug, the fire casting light on her body, that made her feel as if she was on fire. His erect cock throbbed as he took in her naked pussy, shaven completely bare. He drew her legs out straight, and she surrendered the openness of her body to his eyes.

His mouth started licking along her inner thigh, brushing lightly teasingly against her slit and then back down the inside of her other thigh. Her legs almost involuntarily opened as she wanted to expose every part of herself to him. She could feel his warm breath on her pussy and she arched her back up into his mouth as he brought it down on her. His tongue licked up and down the length of her by now soaking slit, tasting her, lapping at her juices. He flat tongued her from her clit to her pussy, to her rosebud; he licked at her puckered ass, then moved back to her pussy. She spread her legs wide open as he buried Van Escort Bayan his face in her body, and pushed two fingers deep into her wet cunt.

‘Oh Jesus,’ she cried, and ground her hips down on him. She felt his tongue probing and licking until he found her aching clit. Her body started to buck as he flicked at it and sucked it, all the time fucking her cunt with his fingers, his fingers and tongue working together, driving her insane. Her breath became ragged as she panted and groaned. She was thrashing her head from side to side, gasping and calling out to him, her pussy arching up against him. She could feel her muscles squeezing his fingers deep inside and just at the point where she was about to explode he pushed two fingers from his other hand deep into her ass. She could hold on no longer and screamed loudly, her body bucking wildly as her orgasm crashed around her. Panting and shuddering and gasping she collapsed back on the rug trying to catch her breath, every part of her body tingling and on fire. He softly kissed her pussy then lay beside her and wrapped her in his arms, kissing her and holding her until she finally stopped trembling.

He reached to refill their champagne glasses and as she sipped from it slowly, a wicked smile appeared on her face. Whispering to him to stay where he was she got onto her knees and edged down towards his cock. She gently tugged his boxers over his throbbing, swaying erection and slid them off. Locking her eyes into his she gently began running her hands up and down the length of his shaft. His pre-cum was oozing from the tip of his cock and she began to rub it into the length of his shaft. Cupping his heavy balls in her hands she slowly began to kiss his shaft from tip to base and back again, tasting his salty pre-cum, her tongue darting around his pee-hole knowing she was driving him wild.

She reached for her glass of champagne and filled her mouth with the cold sparkling liquid. Taking his throbbing cock in her hand she slid it slowly into her mouth, feeling his cock react to the fizzy wetness. She moved her mouth up and down his shaft, the sensations of the bubbles and the cold causing him to cry out in ecstasy. She then opened her mouth slightly and let the fizzy liquid spill down the length of this cock onto his balls, between his legs dripping into his ass. Each time she did this she would slide two fingers into his ass, feeling his body arch into hers, knowing she was driving him crazy with desire. She continued doing this until she knew he could bear it no longer, he was calling out to her and begging her to take him, to fuck him.

Putting her glass to one side she moved to sit astride him. She sat high above his cock as he moaned and tried to pull her down on his by now aching erection. She slowly lowered herself down on him, just so that the tip of his cock was nudging against her pussy. Groaning he tried to push it deep into her, but she pulled back, smiling at him teasingly. She lowered herself down again, this time letting him slide just inside her cunt, but holding him there, tantalising, but not giving completely, pulling away again even as he reached for her. When she came down on him a third time, she slid his entire length deep inside. As one, they gasped as their bodies became one for the first time.

His hands reached to cup her breasts and to squeeze and pinch her nipples. She rode him, slowly at first, then picking up speed as he began to push his hard cock deeper inside her. She reached one hand between her legs to finger her clit as she pounded up and down on his cock, impaled on him, her finger scraping his cock as he thrust up into her. Her clit, swollen and aching demanded attention and she circled and rubbed it. Panting and moaning she could feel his thrusting become more frantic, more urgent. His hands mauled her breasts.

‘Now, Baby now!” she screamed, rubbing her clit frantically. He fucked her even harder. She felt his body tense for a split second, and then shudder and buck as he shot his load deep inside her, just as orgasm overwhelmed her for the second time. His body jerked and thrashed as his seed exploded into her. All the time, he called out to her, reached out to her. Only when she felt his warm creamy cum running down her thighs, could she lean over and lay against his chest, kissing him and panting, half crying half laughing. His arms pulled her close, as he murmured into her hair, caressing her, loving her.

Eventually, as the embers of the fire were slowly dying, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed, slipped in beside her, drawing the duvet over their bodies as he wrapped himself around her. They fell asleep together instantaneously, sated, knowing that they had the whole weekend to look forward to.


When he stirred the next morning, Escort Van he reached out for her but found only an empty space where she had been sleeping. As he sat up, he saw her sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed, completely naked, smiling at him. She had been watching him sleep.

‘It’s Saturday morning, darling’ she told him with a laugh in her voice. ‘And you know what we always do on a Saturday morning!’

She watched him fall back on the pillows, laughing as he realised where her mind was going. In recent months, they had been spending time online together early on a Saturday morning, when they were both alone in their respective homes and certain they would not be disturbed.

Sitting in the armchair she had deliberately placed at the foot of the bed, her blue eyes dancing, she provocatively ran her tongue around one of her fingers, her eyes half closed, continuing and deepening the play she had enjoyed while he had slept. Lazily, she ran her finger down her throat until she reached her breasts. She caressed both, her wet finger concentrating on her nipples, making them stand out like two wet puppy noses! When she opened her eyes once more, she saw him propped up against the pillows, very much awake, unable to take his eyes away from her. It was evident that his cock was firmly erect under the duvet.

Smiling at his reaction, and how he looked at her, she lifted her legs over the arms of the chair, leaned back and began to run her hands down over her stomach. In her mind, she recalled the rimes they had discussed this fantasy, and she knew he would recognise it too. It made her shiver with pleasure. Once more she looked across at him, and saw that he had thrown back the duvet and lay naked watching her. His hands were stroking his cock, which stood rock hard and dripping with pre- cum. His eyes were fixed on her fingers and her pussy, his cock pulsing and growing as he watched her.

Her fingers slipped into her wet, warm slit, then she lifted one hand and brought it up to her mouth to taste herself, licking her finger and sliding it back down to her aching pussy. He watched as she masturbated herself, his eyes following every move she made on her pussy and on her clit. Her pussy lips were crimson and exposed. She in turn was completely enraptured by the way he held his cock and stroked it. He rubbed his pre cum all over his bulging purple head and then ran his hand down along the shaft until he reached his balls, occasionally cupping them and squeezing them, before working his hand back up to the tip again. All of the time he watched her, her legs spread wide open over the arms of the chair, fingers running up and down her slit, circling her clit, her face and breasts flushed with passion.

He started pumping his cock harder and faster, one hand jacking, the other cupping his balls. Her eyes were on him, remembering all those Saturday mornings where he had described to her what he was doing and now they were actually there, watching each other, sharing something so intimate. Online he had liked to play the part of the one in control, trying to teach her orgasm control, to make her hold back when she was so close, holding her so close to the edge that she thought she would burst. Then just when she couldn’t hold on any longer and would be begging him for release he would let her go and push her right over the edge.

Once again, the memories drove her on. She fingered herself deeper, and moaned with pleasure, loud and uninhibited. With one hand, she pinched and squeezed her nipples, while the other slid over and circled her clit, dipping into her pussy every now and then returning to that swollen bud. She knew she could not hold on much longer; she was sure he would realise that too. He too was gasping and grunting and trying to hold on, to wait for her.

Slowly yet deliberately she stood up and slid up the bed towards him. She lay cross ways against him, with her head on his chest, continuing to finger herself while she felt the motion of him behind her, as he continued to pump his cock.

‘Cum all over my face, baby,’ she whispered huskily. ‘Cum on my face and my tits, shoot your load all over me.’

She felt his body tense and he screamed her name over and over again as he shot his load all over her face, splashing against her mouth, running down her chin and onto her tits. Gasping, so aware of his hot sticky cum all over her she lost control and bucked and shudder against him, calling out to him, wanting him, needing him, waves of sheer pleasure and emotion crashing over her.

Rolling over to face him and to kiss him, she could taste his juices all over her mouth as she rubbed his cum into her tits and her face. Their tongues tasted each other, tasting their own juices from each other’s mouths. Giggling into his ear she whispered: ‘Wasn’t that much better than Saturday mornings online?’

Snuggling each other tight, they joked and teased about whom was going to get out of bed and get breakfast, but as she disappeared under the covers and began to hungrily lick and kiss his cock clean, they knew breakfast was going to have to wait for quite some time!!!

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