A Witches Story Ch. 06

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Amia Miley

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“A large glass sided box was uncovered. The box was full of water and had a top that fit securely so that if you were inside the box, you would be trapped underwater completely. I was told to get in and submerge my entire body. I would not be let up until I was on the ‘far side’ of drowning. I didn’t know what that meant but it didn’t sound good.”

“I asked if they were actually going to drown me but the witches stayed silent. I climbed up on a ladder and stood above them on the top of the box. I knew that it presented a good of view up my twat but there was nothing I could do. I sat on the side and took a series of deep breaths and then sank into the tank with my head still above the water.”

“The head witch nodded her head and I breathed one more time (my last?) and sank under the surface. My legs were folded up to my chest and bubbles leaked out of my nose. I looked up to see a witch snap the lock the top of the cage on the tank. I was trapped.”

“Now we wait, I thought… Then to my horror – I saw through the clear side of the box that the witch with the key walked over and tossed it into the swimming pool! To get it out would take several tens of seconds! Maybe minutes! That is what she meant by far side of drowning!!!”

The tub water was getting cold again so I reached up to run hot more in. Katie nodded her approval and asked if we needed more wine. I told her that I sure did! She stood and stepped out of the tub and went into the toilet room to pee first. I got up and felt the urge to do so as will so I followed her in and waited until she was done and flushed. I immediately took my stance and peed for a long time. A very long time. She teased me by standing behind me and reaching around to hold my penis for me. She said that it was kind of like having one herself.

Katie left me to shake off – I have years of experience at that – and I watched her cute little glistening bottom as she walked out of the bathroom and down the hall heading for the kitchen. I straightened up the towels and sopped up some of the water and made the place look presentable again. She arrived back as I was bending over the tub and she shrieked with mock shock at my naked asshole that was staring back at her. I was more than a little embarrassed but I did not let her get to me. I had seen MUCH more of her so far this evening!

She poured the wine and we got back in the tub. We drank and luxuriated in the hot water. She changed the subject and started asking me about my past water + sex experiences. She pointed out that I took to fucking her underwater like a … well like a mermaid with a drowning sailor.

I told her that most of my experience was in my head but that I did do a little underwater tit sucking in a private pool on occasion. I also told her that I had never gotten a girl out flat underwater and I didn’t even know how to go about asking for it.

She told me that she was more than ready to do it again if I could OR I could hear more of her story. My choice. I told her that wanted to fuck her in the tub again AND I loved the story but that too many questions were flying around in my head. She told me that she could take a break from the story and answer some of them but not to be insulted if she had to decline to answer everything.

I thought carefully and asked, “Is the Blue Witch Coven an old one?”

“Very old”, she replied. “It was founded in the Middle Ages when witches were tortured by the nasty and superstitious peasants. The story goes that there was a village in France that had taken to drowning ‘witches’ on a regular basis more for entertainment than actual religious zealot-ism. Women were labeled Manavgat Escort Bayan witches by town folks and tortured and killed by a variety of methods that all included drowning. When they got tired of trials and finally drowned a ‘witch’ they didn’t do it quickly – they ‘played’ with her for a bit and drew it out for as long as they could.”

I listened intently as we drank more wine. Katie sounded angry but cooly professorial at the same time. She continued, “It is very easy to drown someone quickly but dragging it out is just plain cruel. It turned that that some of the women in that period WERE actually witches (what ever that meant). They didn’t have magical powers but did rely on each other for support and to fend of brutal husbands. The story goes that one of the women was accused as a witch and they sentenced her to the dunking chair. They dunked her over and over increasing the time underwater far greater than any person had survived in the past. In the end, they just left the chair underwater for several minutes. When the pulled her up, she was taken by some of the other women and revived.”

“She told them that she had been practicing holding her breath in a basin of water for some time and could now do it for minutes and minutes on end. Maybe up to three or four mintues! She hoped that she could survive a future punishment and not drown if they put her to the dunking chair. The women snuck her out of the town and gathered with her in the forest at a small lake a month later to start the Blue Witches Coven.”

“Every woman who joined was sworn to secrecy and the skills and rules developed over the years. After another woman survived a ‘trial by water’ and then another, the coven started working on more advanced skills and increased their security.”

“Then as the legend goes, a priest who has sentenced several women to death and in fact, killed them all was lured to the woods under a full moon. They had a plan to drown him but after they got him there they stripped him naked, tied him up, and slipped him into the pond. One thing led to the next and soon they were taking turns fucking him in the water. Pretty soon it developed into fucking him with his head increasingly underwater.”

“The priest lasted a long time and soon the witches gained the confidence as they fucked him and pushed him closer to death. They took turns but whenever he was on the verge of drowning, they pulled him up for a brief recovery period. The priest lasted over 12 hours but in the end he begged for death.

“Not so fast – they told him. He would get his watery death but soon … but first they brought in the husband of the woman who had been abused but him. The husband was stripped naked. He struggled to get free of the bonds on his legs and the ropes that tied his hands behind his hairy back. His dick was limp with fear and shame but when he saw all the naked women – INCLUDING HIS LOST WIFE (he thought she was dead) – he started to get an erection.”

“They dragged him into the circle and surrounded him. The story goes that they roughed him up and then pushed him against his naked wife. A rope was wrapped around them and their bodies were joined face to face very tightly. His dick was poking between her legs and she was riding it like a witch on a broomstick. (Yet another theory where that came from…) She angrily gripped it with her strong thighs and it became even harder.”

“One of the women announced that they were going to throw them both in the clear cold lake. If he could hold his breath longer than his wife then they would let him live. If he did then she would be forced to drown. She turned to the priest and informed him that they were finished with him and it was time Manavgat Escort for him to just … well … die. The women attached a heavy stone to his feet and put him in a small boat. His feet were tied so tightly that he could not get at them to free himself. The boat was pushed away from shore with two naked women swimming along on either side guiding the boat out to the middle.”

“The priest called out in fear hoping that his voice would carry to the town and bring help. His cries went unanswered.”

Now my cock was as hard as diamonds! I wanted to fuck her (again) so bad!

“They got out a few feet from shore but the water was very deep there. They toppled him still screaming over the side and he was gone in a trail of bubbles!”

“They took the tied up husband and wife out into the shallow water and joined their hands in a circle around them. The water was only a few feet deep. The man was trying to get his cock up into her pussy not understanding the magnitude of his predicament. The woman looked calm and started to take deep breaths like she had been practicing.”

I was starting to take deep breaths too!

“‘Don’t look so scared,’ the husband said cheerfully. His teeth were very white and even in his tanned face. Now that she was close she could see the black stubble on his hard jaw. She felt his heavy arms go around her and his animal smell. She knew the water would soon cover that up completly.

‘We’ll just kiss a little,’ Antony murmured to her. ‘And we’ll see what happens when we go underwater.’

He had been drinking; she could taste the wine on his lips, his tongue. He smelt different from the fastidiously clean witches: he smelled of sour sweat and horses and leather.

‘Mmm, that’s nice,’ he breathed. ‘You like it too, don’t you? I told the priest you would. Kiss me again and this time I’m going to touch your breasts. No, don’t struggle! It’ll be so nice, nicer than just kissing.’

He wondered where the priest was…

His big hands were warm even through her tunic as they cupped her breasts, wakening all her nerve endings. His thumbs flicked slowly over her nipples sending arrows of desire through her. She could feel herself moistening between her thighs, feel the heavy ache as he kept stroking her, his fingers circling her nipples, stroking up them so that they lengthened and hardened beneath his touch. She had never known that she was so sensitive there.

‘You’re loving it, aren’t you sweetheart,’ he whispered. He took her nipples between his thumb and finger and squeezed gently so that she gasped and pressed against him. ‘I knew you would. Look down, watch what I’m doing to you.’

‘Let me touch you flesh to flesh. Let me lick you – you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Imagine my tongue, my mouth here on your hard nipples while my fingers are free to explore. Then your nasty witch friends can push us both underwater while I suck your cunt. I’ll bet you drown with out my lips on yours.’

It was like a dream where someone else’s hands, not hers slid down to her waist, presenting her nipples to that wonderful mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned out loud as his lips closed over her. His tongue flicked delicately, pushing the hard tip backwards and forwards as his fingers parted her thighs.

“The witches moved closer but he did not notice. The truth was – neither did she!”

‘Here.’ Antony took her hand and placed it on his cock, pressing it there. ‘There isn’t a thicker one in the village,’ he boasted. ‘Do you want to see it properly?’

“He was tanned all over, covered in dark hair. It should have been obscene but it excited her further. He was an animal, intent on physical pleasure, uncaring where it came from Escort Manavgat or who she was.

‘Here.’ He thrust his hips towards her. ‘Use both hands. Pull on me a little. Oh yes, that’s good.’

He was thick and straight, so hard that his cock touched his flat muscled stomach. His skin felt burning hot as she moved her hands over him, squeezed him, needing both hands to circle his incredible girth.

‘Keep stroking me,’ he muttered as he moved up her body on his big knees. ‘And suck my cock at the same time.’

“Lick it,’ he grunted. ‘Oh yes! Get it really wet. Do you want a little more in your mouth? Here, take it.’ He pushed in further, pressing her tongue down, making her feel more helpless than before as she opened and allowed him in.”

“His hands found her nipples again and plucked them as he thrust further into her mouth. Her lips were stretched wide and she could barely move her tongue with the size of his cock filling her, but she loved it, loved having him take what he wanted with no concern for her.”

“His balls were big and full. She wondered what they would feel like in her mouth. She wished she could take them in with his cock but it was impossible. She was already full to capacity.”

‘Do you want to suck them?’ he groaned as if he had read her mind. ‘Oh, I don’t want to pull out, your mouth feels so good. But I have to. Here, sweetheart, ‘ He held his massive cock in his big fist and pulled it back, exposing his balls to her. ‘Take them in your mouth and suck them hard.’

‘You’re making me want to cum so hard,’ he groaned. ‘But not yet. I don’t want to do it yet. Shall we fuck underwater sweetheart? Do you want to feel my massive cock ramming up inside you as you drown? Oh, you’re so good. Stop servicing my balls now or it’ll all be over.’

‘Do whatever you want to me,’ she whispered. ‘Use me. Fuck me. Stuff me full. Cum all over me. I won’t stop you.’

‘Did you hear that bitches?’ The husband flung his big head back and roared with laughter. ‘Who’s the better man now?’

‘He pushed himself between her thighs. ‘Spread your legs for me, sweetheart, no, wider, really open them for me. There’s a lot to fit in your tight cunt.’

She flushed with shame at his coarse words but did what he ordered anyway.

‘Oh wife, I’ve never felt a woman as soaked and creamy as you!’ He rubbed his cock slowly along her slit, rolling in her moistness till the head touched her clit and she jerked.

‘Just there,’ he crooned and did it again, making her moan. ‘Shall I bring you off first or do you want to do it with me, on my cock? Hmm?’

‘Your cock,’ she whispered. ‘Please!’ She turned to the head witch and nodded once quickly.

He used his hand to position his thick cock at her entrance and then began to push. She felt herself opening, stretching, felt her nerve-endings scream with pleasure.

‘More,’ she gasped. ‘Push it all in.’ She too a deep breath and watched the circle tighten around them as they stood in the thigh deep water.

“See how you’re creaming all over me,’ he whispered against her ear.’Look at how wet you’re making me.’ And he crammed it back inside her, so that her head went back with the outrageous pleasure of it.”

“With one well choreographed motion, the witches closed in and pushed the joined couple over backwards into the water! The woman was on the bottom and she disappeared completely under his trashing bubbling body. One of the witches threw her naked leg and crotch over the back of his neck to hold him underwater. He struggled with great strength against her as he continued to fuck the underwater woman.”

My cock was almost ejaculating on its own now! I wasn’t even touching it!!! I wanted her to throw HER naked pussy over MY neck and hold ME underwater. I was ready to do almost anything to fuck her underwater again. Wait! Why don’t I just ask?

“Katie”, I gasped, “Take a deep breath because I HAVE to fuck you underwater again! I have to do it NOW!”

To be continued:

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