A Woman of Letters Pt. 03

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Big Cock

My girlfriend Cindy and I had what will probably be our only threesome, at least with another guy. Afterward, I let it slip out that I’d love to see her with a pregnant belly as long as I knew it was mine. She made it clear that she’s not ready to have a kid. I let her think that I’m only turned on by the form. I was afraid if I told her how sublimely happy it would make me, I’d scare her even more.

I can’t enjoy Cindy’s two best features at the same time. There’s no mistaking that she’s Asian when you look her adorable face. Maybe it’s just because I’m in love with her, but when I see her naked from behind, her hips and butt practically scream out for me to plant my seed and watch it grow.

A couple nights later, she called me. “Is the pool still gonna be open Friday night?”

“Are you asking if I’m working that night?” I get a break on my rent for lifeguarding a couple days a week, but the season was coming to an end.

“Yeah,” she admitted.

“No, someone else has that shift.”

“Great. I wanna come over.”

“I’d love it.”

She added, “And stay the night. Is that okay?”

I told her, “You can always stay here.” I managed not to add, “for the rest of your life.” I tried to make out like we were just fuck buddies, but she’s the only one I was fooling.

“But I have some instructions for you.”

I’d “controlled” her a couple weeks ago, so I guessed it was her turn. “Go ahead,” I said.

“You can tell me how you’d like to get me pregnant. You can even tell me how sexy I’ll be. In fact, I’d like that.”

“I can manage that,” I assured her.

“But don’t talk about babies or family.”

“I think I can avoid that too,” I said, and I was pretty sure it was true.

“And this is important. Even though I’m on the Pill, don’t mention that fact either,” she continued. “In fact, don’t even remind me that we had this conversation.”

These all seemed pretty reasonable, although the last one seemed odd. “Is that all?” I asked.

“One more thing. Get us some good dinner, ’cause you’re going to needs lots of stamina,” she concluded.

“What time?” I asked.

“Can you be ready at 6:30?”

Some sort of reality was hitting. I countered, “How ’bout seven? There’s construction by my job and I don’t want you waiting too long in whatever sexy outfit you have planned.”

“Be good and ready, then.”

“I will be.”

She did her best to sound sultry as she said, “Bye!”

I was pushing it to have the oysters ready by seven. I know they’re not really aphrodisiacs, but I hoped the power of suggestion would help get her ready. At least I was pretty sure the wine was properly chilled. I had just put the oysters and the cheese on their trays when I heard a knock at my door. Cindy was wearing the same yellow sundress she’d worn a few weeks ago. When I saw her in it that night, I knew I was in love. We made small talk as she helped me finish putting everything out.

Cindy directed most of the conversation during dinner because I was trying too hard not to talk about the things she’d prohibited. After we’d put the leftover cheese in the refrigerator, she told me, “You haven’t said anything about my dress. I wore it ’cause I thought you liked it.”

Of course, I was already turned on by the dress but I’d been afraid to say anything. That very slight accent that some Asian-American women have, combined with her tone of voice gave me the nudge I needed to start the sexy talk. “That’s ’cause I was afraid I’d say something stupid or crude.”

We’d moved to the couch, and Cindy put her hand on my knee. “Like what?”

I managed not to say, “Like the fact that I’ve been in love with you since the first time you wore it.” Instead, I covered up and said, “I don’t know, maybe how great it would look on the Bayan Escort floor.”

Cindy moved onto my lap and put her arm around me. She whispered in my ear, “I was planning on it. The only question is which room.”

I looked out the window across the complex and joked, “Well, the lifeguard changing room’s still in use, so that’s out.”

She bit lightly on my earlobe. “Maybe another night.”

That got my dick hard in a hurry. “Right here!” I blurted out.

“Thought you’d never ask,” she answered.

She started to pull the hem up, but I stopped her. “Not all at once,” I said. I could see the outline of her bra through her dress when she walked through the door, so I hadn’t bothered checking below the waist. She was wearing a thong that was barely wider than the cord to a small appliance. I added, “Besides, I should get comfortable too.” I eased her onto the couch so I could strip down to my boxers. I sat back down and Cindy returned to my lap.

She reached between my legs and started rubbing my dick. “Yeah, you definitely seemed cramped.”

Once my pants were off, I eased her onto her back and knelt in front of her. “Another stupid thing I was afraid I’d say: ‘Time for dessert.'”

Cindy giggled and said, “Not stupid, just not very original.” I pulled the thong to the side and licked the ridge of her lips. She cooed, “Yeah, you love eating my pussy, don’t you?” while I got my tongue inside. I just nodded so I didn’t have to take it back out.

I pushed the hem of her dress up to her waist and traced the edges of her pussy. I probed a little deeper, and Cindy brought her knees up quickly, so I knew I’d touched a sensitive spot. She accidentally forced my head up, making my tongue come out. She also forced my hands up, which made her dress gather up a little higher. I could see her belly, and I remembered the instructions she’d given me. Since I could talk, I commented, “I love the dress, but you know how I’d really like to see it?” Cindy separated her legs so I could go back to eating her, but I held off long enough to continue, “I’d like it if it didn’t fit you any more.”

“You want me to get fat?”

“Only temporarily,” I explained. I stopped for a moment to pull her thong off and continued, “I’d love to see you lying on the couch, and the dress doesn’t come all the way down to your waist ’cause your belly’s in the way.” I put my hand under the dress and held it up.

“You wanna see me pregnant?”

“Just the image turns me on,” I said.

“Will you still want to eat me?”

“Even more,” I told her. “The first time after you tell me, I’ll think there’s a bump there even though it’s only my imagination.” I put my hand just above her pussy and ran my tongue up and down between her lips. “A couple months later, I’ll see a bump that only keeps me from seeing the lower part of your boobs.” I pushed the dress up to her boobs and put my hand about halfway between the chest and the nipple. “That’ll turn me on even more.” I licked a circle around her pussy and stroked her clit with my thumb.

Cindy put her heels on my back and urged me to go in deeper. I wiggled my tongue inside her and touched the tip to the front. “Oh, God, yeah,” she moaned.

“Once you’re big enough that I can’t see ’em at all, you won’t be able to keep me off you,” I said.

“Who says I’ll want to?” Cindy giggled. She pulled her dress off and urged me forward.

Her bra was strapless. I pulled the top of the right cup down, far enough to expose the upper half of her tit. I sucked on it and asked, “Will I still get to do this?”

“Up until the first time it hurts,” she said.

I did the same thing on the left. “They’ll be huge,” I said. “Huger.” I pulled the bra down and kissed the underside of each boob. “Is that a word?”

“It’s my new favorite word,” Cindy said. She raised her back. I reached underneath and unhooked her bra. She tossed it aside and said, “Well, now that I’m naked, shouldn’t you be too?” I hesitated for a moment, and soon she’d pulled my underwear down to my knees.

“Is the risk turning you on as much as it’s turning me on?” I asked. Of course, I knew there wasn’t any risk, but she wanted to play it like this.

Cindy nodded. She was enjoying this so much that I wasn’t about to spoil her fun. I stood up and stripped the last of my clothes off. When I got back on the couch, she had already pulled her legs up and apart so I could watch her pussy while I slid my cock into it. “Make love to me, Josh,” she said.

“Whatever you want, Cindy,” I answered. After I’d thrust a couple times, I asked, “Will you still want this when you’re eight months along?”

Cindy echoed my earlier response. “I’ll want it even more when we can’t do it this way.”

“Wanna pretend?” I asked.

She nodded and pushed me back. My cock slipped out but stayed hard. Cindy got on the floor on all fours. I got behind her and guided my cock back into her moist pussy. “Yes!” she yelled. “Fuck my pregnant cunt!”

It turned me on so much that I fucked even harder. “Yeah, I wanna fuck that pregnant pussy!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re fucking me in front of your Christmas tree!” she moaned.

I went from really fast to incredibly fast. “How did you know that?” I asked.

“I didn’t. Just fill me up, damn it!”

I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to me. All I could say was, “I’m coming!” over and over. I was so far over the moon that I couldn’t remember what she said, but I’m pretty sure it was something to the effect of, “Give it to me!”

We headed to bed after that. Cindy was on her back, and I reached across to finger her. She took my hand and used it as a sex toy. “Nice thing about fingers is, they never go soft,” she said. I let her go like that for a couple minutes and then moved her hand to my dick. She didn’t have a screaming orgasm, but I could tell she liked what we were both doing. Soon she told me, “Take me again, Josh!”

“But I like what you’re doing,” I protested. “I wanna see my cum flowing over your pretty little fingers.”

Cindy looked at me and said, “Another time. I promise. But fingers won’t knock me up.” We headed to bed and fucked one more time. Cindy had been so into the impregnation fantasy that I got into it too and didn’t give a thought to her instructions about not mentioning the Pill. I did still have to avoid saying the word “baby,” but the mental effort just helped distract me the same way we talk about thinking about baseball.

The next morning I woke up to find Cindy leaning over me with my dick in her mouth. Since it was still first thing in the morning, I forgot about the whole pregnancy talk. I could only think how great it was for the woman I love to be blowing me. I couldn’t resist telling her, “I love you,” but I was able to hold off until she was coming up before I said it.

Cindy didn’t seem to want to let me go, but she held my cock in place long enough to say, “I love you, too.” I put my hand on her butt and nudged it toward me. She moved around until we were in a 69 position.

I zigzagged across her pussy with my tongue before I slid it inside her. She bobbed down to take me deep, and I remembered what I’d said about her belly blocking my view. “I’m gonna like this view too,” I said.

She let me out and asked, “What do you mean, ‘going to’?” She paused. “Never mind, just eat me,” she said, and she sucked each of my balls into her mouth. I pulled her butt down so I could lick her pussy deeper.

She took my cock back into her mouth, and she was so masterful with her tongue that I was coming soon. I looked for the sensitive spot I’d found the night before so I could put her over the top before I spoke. I moved her onto her back and turned around so we were face to face again. “Sorry to waste my cum like that,” I joked.

“What do you mean?”

I thought my meaning was clear, but I explained, “Last night. We both got really turned on at the prospect of having sex while you’re pregnant.”

Cindy froze. “Shit,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“I need to tell you what I did last night,” she said.

I figured this conversation meant that I didn’t have to follow the instructions any more. “Don’t tell me you did something drastic like flushing your pills down the toilet.”

“I don’t know what you consider drastic,” she said. “It goes back to the night we had the threesome and you were talking about getting me pregnant. It turned me on. I didn’t really want to get pregnant, but I wanted to see what it’s like to have sex where it’s possible and not terrifying.”

“Okay, but you knew it wasn’t possible. At least not supposed to.”

She had me hard now. “When I was in college, one of the R.A.’s did a presentation for stress management. We learned an exercise where you don’t completely forget something, but you push the knowledge out of your conscious mind. It’s supposed to be for unpleasant knowledge, but I used it for being on the Pill. As far as I knew consciously, every time we fucked last night, it was possible you’d get me pregnant, but subconsciously I knew about the Pill, so I wasn’t terrified.”


“And I also made it so I’d remember once I woke up this morning.”

“No, I mean, did you like it when you thought you might get knocked up?”

She straddled my hips. “Couldn’t you tell?” Then she pointed my cock up and brought herself down on it.

I didn’t try to stop her, but I pointed out, “Yeah, but it’s first thing in the morning. You haven’t taken it today.” I paused for a moment. “You didn’t get out of bed, take it and come back, did you?”

Cindy was bouncing up and down and she leaned down to stage-whisper, “No, I didn’t. And with a little persuasion, I might completely forget to take it.”

I smiled back at her. “Forget to take what?”

She was thrusting back against me even harder. “Let’s use gravity,” she said. I knew what she meant. I put my arms around her and rolled us both until I was on top.

“Oh, God, Cindy, I love you,” I repeated.

“Prove it to me,” she said.

I happened to see a calendar on the wall. I couldn’t stop fucking her, but I said, “Hopefully not right away.”

Cindy put her hands on my butt to make sure I stayed inside her. “Agreed, no rush.”

“Too late now,” I said, and I exploded inside her. I could feel her walls contracting around me.

“When did you have in mind?” Cindy asked.

“Well, if it happened right now, you’d be wearing winter clothes when you’re at your biggest. When they open the pool back up next spring, I want your belly out there where everyone can see it, and they’ll know that I’m the one responsible for it.” I waited. “Or at least, I’ll know it.”

“Yeah, but if it happened now, I’d be showing when we fuck in front of your Christmas tree. I mentioned it last night, and you asked how I knew. What did you mean?”

It came back to me. I got off her and pulled her up so we were sitting face to face. Cindy moved onto my lap. “Doing it by the Christmas lights is my favorite fantasy,” I explained. “It means we’re not just fucking. It means … well, it means we’re family.”

“No one’s ever told me they wanted that before,” Cindy whispered. “I like it.”

She stayed the whole day with me, so I knew she didn’t take her Pill. She told me later that she caught up that evening, and I was glad. That was a few months ago. Since then, about once or twice a month she pretends that she forgot to take it, and we have lots of fun.

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