A Young Woman Remembers

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I finally ended it, I had to I was obsessed and he was using that against me to do what he liked.

I’m Amy, I’m 20 and I just left my boyfriend of two years Dave. Dave is 32, successful accountant, fit, has money and is good looking, sounds great? He was but he had a very bad side and this is what I want to share. It is therapy for me, sharing with you.

Ok first thing first, yes I have daddy issues, all girls do but I actually acted on mine. I had never felt a lot of love from my Dad and I had always had a thing for older men, wanting to get their approval. It probably isn’t healthy but we all have our issues.

I had broken up with my first serious boyfriend a couple of months before I met Dave. It had been a first love thing, just two kids finding our way. I had turn 18 a few months before we split so I had been out to the clubs but after we broke up I started dressing a bit more sexy, I even started buying thongs for my underwear, I preferred very flimsy cotton ones, they made me feel naughty.

The first night I met Dave I was out with a few friends, I was all dressed up; my dark hair pulled back, short skirt and a tight top. I am not ugly. About 5’4 — 100 pounds, dark hair, green eyes, I workout so the body isn’t bad ? and my boobs where about a C-cup but I wouldn’t be the best girl in the club if you know what I mean. Dave was great, he bought me drinks, talked and really listened and before I knew it the night was ending and my friends and I were leaving. I gave Dave my number, we had a connection and I wanted to see him again, he was manly, a real man, tall, had money and I thought looked great.

It was the next weekend before I heard from him again I was out and had a few drinks when he texted me saying to meet him at a club a few doors down. I decided to go; I left my friends and went to meet Dave. As soon as I found him I went to kiss him, I wanted him and I didn’t care. Dave was just as eager and was all over me, he had drinks ready so we grabbed those and headed for a corner. This was a racy bar so our behaviour barely registered but I was been driven wild. Dave’s hands were everywhere on my arse, boobs, through my hair and boy could he kiss. I was pawing at him, I even rubbed his crotch through his jeans and he was hard and felt big. I was out of control so when Dave turned me so I was facing the wall I let him, he grinded against ankara escort bayan me as we moved to the music, I pushed back against him but when I felt fingers slipped under the string of my thong and ran it down between my buttocks I nearly passed out. The wanton groan that slipped from my lips simply encouraged him to explore still further.

I could feel his impossibly hard cock pressing against my back like a steel bar. After he squeezed my arse, he began to nudge his hand around my hips. I expected him to stop short at any moment, surrounded as we were by other people, but he continued his teasingly slow journey.

I felt totally hypnotised by his touch and as his fingers brushed through my bush into my sticky folds I gasped, breathing heavily in his ear as he continued to probe and push. Our spot was fairly dark, which enabled Dave to hide his actions from most of those around us, but as he cupped my pubic bone in his hand, I no longer cared who was watching and just needed him to touch me.

All my previous sexual encounters with my ex had been confined to the bedroom when our parents were out. We had managed it once, very clumsily in the shower, but that was the extent of my sexual experience. But now, in the middle of a throbbing bar, my head swimming with alcohol and my pussy alight with lust, I felt Dave slip his middle finger into me whilst I grabbed around his neck to attempt to maintain control.

I no longer cared if we were being watched. In fact, the thought that we might not be, was a disappointing one. I shuffled my feet apart and was rewarded as a second finger slid home.

“Oh that’s good.” I groaned into his ear as he fingered me shamelessly in the crowded bar. I felt a second hot and sweaty hand grope at my breasts. This served only to heighten my excitement and push me closer to orgasm as I realised that, we were being watched!

“I’m gonna cum.” I panted and pushed my hips forward to take Dave’ fingers deeper. “Make me cum.” I almost pleaded as my pleasure peaked and I came hard on Dave’s fingers.

Dave just held me like I was whilst I calmed down then he slipped his fingers out of my wet pussy and slowly slipped them into my mouth so I could taste myself. Dave asked if I wanted to go back to his place and I was quick to agree, I was falling for a guy I just met.

We grabbed a taxi and were at Dave’s house eryaman escort in 15 minutes. It was a big two story house, much bigger them my parents house. As soon as we were inside Dave was all over me, he picked me up, grinding his hardon into me as I wrapped my legs around him on the way to his bedroom.

Dave kept telling me how beautiful I was and that he wanted me, I for one love to be told that, I like the feeling of knowing I am driving a guy crazy and being 18 in this big house with this great older guy made me feel special.

When we entered the bedroom Dave placed me on the bed and the stood up and started to undress, I wasn’t really sure what to do so I just watched and he removed his shirt then his pants, to my surprise he wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock sprang out towards me like steel bar. It was big, way bigger then my first boyfriend and it was worrying as I am so small how it would fit.

He walked towards me and I knew what he wanted. He gently stroked the back of my head as he coaxed me towards his cock. I took him in my mouth as deep as I could, I am not very experienced and after a minute I could tell Dave wasn’t impressed and he started to thrust he cock into my mouth with more force on the back of my head. I was starting to panic as his cock started hitting the back of my throat and I started to gag, my eyes watering, I started to push on his thighs to try and stop.

Eventually Dave pulled out and I gasped for breath, I had tears down my face and I had drooled from the movement of his big cock in and out of my mouth, this was nothing like my other experiences this was aggressive. I remember him saying “Good girl” not a very romantic thing to say. I was leaning back on the bed looking up at Dave with my messy face when he reached forward with both hands and ripped all the buttons on my shirt, sending the buttons flying. My heart rate went through the roof, I wasn’t in control but I was as hot as I had ever been. He quickly was on top of me, kissing me deeply and pawing at my boobs. My front clasped bra was quickly open and my nipples were been played with by Dave’s mouth, I was in heaven I was moaning and withering from the pleasure, I could feel his hard cock pushing against my thong.

Things stayed that way for awhile, very nice, lots of kissing, I stroked Dave’s back as he kissed my neck and played etlik escort with my breasts, much more like I was used to but just as I started to relax Dave’s hand made a quick dip down to my pussy and dipped a finger in me. “Just checking” was what he said I swear to god, I was wondering what he meant as he put the finger in my mouth so I could taste my very wet pussy. He then made his way down my body with his hand again but this time took hold of my thong and yanked very hard up towards my head and my damp throng just tore so that it looked like belt around my waist. He then quickly shift and drove his penis into me.

He big cock sinking into my small pussy made me scream, I was so stretched but I didn’t have time to adjust as he started thrusting in and out, drawing his cock back to the tip and then pumping back into me. He was really pounding me, each thrust in pulsed against my clit, after about 5 minutes I could feel an orgasm building. Dave rose up and looked me in the eyes, it was like he was looking into my soul, I was about to come and it was like he knew as just as I started to cum he thrust deep into me, held his cock there and reach down and pulled my nipple and sent me into fits of orgasm, I came so hard like nothing I had experienced before.

After about a minute I settled down and Dave gently kissed me before slipping out of me and standing up, he reached for my hand and got me to my feet and then lifted me up and carried me across the room to the wall and sunk himself back into me. He resumed our fucking with abandoned I wrapped my legs around him as he lifted me up and down his cock hard and fast. I wasn’t really enjoy it to be honest I was getting sore from the deep penetration in my small pussy but what could I do? He had me pinned against the wall.

After about 5 minutes of pounding Dave groaned and I realised with fear that he had just came in me, I had never done that before, I was on the pill but it was a strange feeling to know that I had sperm in me.

Dave held me there while he calmed down, he then moved backed to the bed where he lifted me off his cock and put me on the bed. He went to get us a drink so I laid back on the bed, I was tired; I had just been fucked, I now knew what that really meant, my pussy was sore and I had came hard. When I looked down at my body I could see my ripped shirt, my nipples where red from the attention they got, my skirt was twisted around and I could feel what was left of my thong sitting under my skirt around my waist. How the hell was I going to go home to my parents? But at the moment I just wanted to sleep.

To be continued…

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