A Yummy Sundae

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You lay on the bed deep in sleep. One arm flung over your head, the other laying across the rumpled sheets. The room is lit by a dozen candles positioned around the room. They cast a golden light over your skin. I set the tray I’m carrying down on the beside table. Leaning over I trail my thumb lightly over your bottom lip as you unconsciously open your mouth emitting a soft sigh.

Smiling I walk over to the closet door and pull out two silk scarves, running them through my hands as I glance at you laying on the bed. Approaching the bed, I gently lift your arm off the bed and tie the silk scarf to your wrist, and then to the headboard railing.

As I walk around to the other side, you stir, gently pulling against the scarf. I smile again as I watch you, anticipating your reaction when you awaken. I lean over the bed and lift the arm lying over your head. Tying the scarf to your wrist I again tie the other end to the headboard railing.

Once done I walk to the bottom of the bed and climb on the bed, kneeling in between your feet. Reaching over to the bedside table I pick up a bottle and open the cap. The smell of fresh peaches rises into the air, mingling with the smell of vanilla from the candles. Pouring some of the oil in my hands I rub them together briskly to warm the oil.

Placing my hands on your ankles I slide my hands up over your shins. Bending one leg and moving my hand over your calf, kneading the muscles of your leg. Switching to the other leg, I do the same.

You shift on the bed, again pulling against the scarves but not awakening completely. I move up on the bed so I am kneeling between your knees. Pouring more oil on my hands, I rub them together and start to massage your thighs, first one and then the other. Pushing into the muscles, feeling them with my fingers and thumbs, kneading them until they are pliant under my hands. You groan and slowly I watch your eyes open. You look at me and smile as you reach out to me. I watch as your eyes open farther and hear you mutter “What the hell?” I just smile. You look up and see the silk scarves tied around your wrists anchoring your arms in place. You look at me. I am grinning now.


You answer with a “Hi” and I watch as you relax. You glance around the room and see the tray on the bedside table with a cloth covering it. You raise an eyebrow questioningly.

“Don’t be so impatient.”

I go back to massaging your legs, running my hands up and down your thighs, moving higher with every pass of my hands. Scooting forward I raise myself up and then lower my hips down, straddling your hips. I grab the oil bottle and drizzle some over your chest. Slipping my hands through the oil, over your ribs, chest, shoulders, up and down your arms.

As I pass over your chest again, I rub your nipples with my thumbs. I feel rather than hear your sharp intake of breath. I squirm a little and hear you growl softly. I just smile and lean over you, taking one nipple in my mouth and sucking. Your stomach muscles tighten in response. I wiggle my hips again.

“Take these off,” you growl at me, pulling at the scarves.

Shaking my head I lean over and uncover Bayan Eskort the tray. On the tray are 3 small dishes – one of melted chocolate, one of fresh whip cream and the other containing warm, melted caramel. Also on the tray are strawberries, banana slices, apple slices and fresh pineapple rings.

Dipping my finger in the chocolate I bring it up to my mouth and over my bottom lip. My tongue darts out to taste and sucks my finger into my mouth, swirling it over my finger cleaning the chocolate off, pulling it back out and trailing it down over my chin and the center of my chest. I look deep into your eyes.


You respond by pulling at the scarves again. I just watch you, smiling, shaking my head.

Picking up a pineapple ring I sit it over your left nipple. With my finger sprinkle some chocolate over it all and add a dollop of whip cream. You watch in apparent disinterest, but I know better. Under my ass I can feel your cock throbbing, hard. I can hear your laboured breath, see the sweat break out on your brow.

I lean over and with a flick of my tongue the whip cream disappears off the tip of your nipple. Slowly using my tongue, my teeth and my lips I eat the pineapple ring, licking, sucking at the chocolate around it. I hear you groan again and feel you pulling against the scarves harder.

“Untie me” you demand. I look up and grin.

“Nope, and you didn’t say pretty please,” I reply. You growl at me again and I wiggle my bottom against you, feeling your cock harden and swell more, pulsing between the cheeks of my ass.

I pick up another pineapple ring and repeat the process; pineapple, chocolate, whip cream, then nibbling, sucking, licking your nipple clean. Your hips buck against me in response. I grab the dish of chocolate and tip it slightly, drizzling it over your chest and stomach. Leaning forward I begin to lick the chocolate off your skin. Long, slow passes of my tongue. Tracing over the dips and valleys of your chest, savouring the smell of your skin, the salty taste of your sweat, the sweet tastes of the chocolate and pineapple. Over and over my tongue slides over your chest. Sitting up, I look down and eye your critically.

“I think I got it all” I murmur.

You just growl at me again and pull at the scarves. Reaching over I pick up a strawberry and dip it in the chocolate. I bring it to my mouth and put in between my lips, sucking at the chocolate. Biting into the strawberry, my head tips back, eyes slide shut, moaning softly as I set my hands to your skin again, shifting my hips over you. Touching, kneading, caressing, wherever I can reach, not able to get enough. I reach for another strawberry and dip it in the chocolate and then the whip cream. I can feel your eyes following my every move, waiting to see what I’m going to do next. I bring the strawberry up to my mouth again and place it between my lips. Leaning over you I lightly press the strawberry against your lips. You open and with my tongue I push it halfway into your mouth and bite down at the same time as our lips meet. With a burst of flavours – strawberry, chocolate, whip cream – we kiss, a long, slow, drugging kiss to blend the flavours. We both moan at the same time and I sit up giggling.

“Now will you untie me?” you question, adding a quick “Pretty please.”

“Not yet,” I reply. “I’m going to make a banana split and you’re going to be the banana.”

You moan again, anticipating what is going to happen and knowing there is nothing you can do. I grab the dish of chocolate and scoot my hips down until I am kneeling over your thighs. I tip the dish and pour warm chocolate over your cock. Your hips buck as you feel the chocolate slide down your length. Then I take the dish of whip cream and using my finger, drop dollops of whip cream along your length, with one big dollop right on the tip.

I pick up a strawberry and then a knife from the tray. I watch as your eyes widen as you see the knife. I giggle again as I cut the strawberry into slices and lay them over your very hard cock which is definitely interested in what I’m doing. I can hear your breathing getting faster each minute that passes. You are panting lightly now.

“Will you hurry up?” you gasp out.

I just shake my head and say “You can’t hurry art.”

Picking up the caramel dish I pour out the sweet caramel straight down over your stomach and down the length of your hard-on.

I look up and smile, “Looking good,” I quip.

You chuckle as you suck in air. I reach for one last item and place a maraschino cherry right on the tip of your head.

“There!” I exclaim.

You just groan in reply. I shift my hips a little lower down your legs and lean over. With my lips I nibble off the cherry and give your head a lick, chewing thoughtfully, watching your face, looking deep into your eyes as you watch me.

Without looking away I lower my head again and with my lips, nibble away each strawberry as I come to it, licking my lips. Once the strawberries are gone, I slide my tongue up from the base of your cock, along your length to the very tip and give it a flick of my tongue. Your muscles clench in surprise. Opening my mouth, I dip lower and take just your head in my mouth, licking, sucking, nibbling on it to remove the chocolate, whip cream and caramel. Swirling my tongue around your head, lightly grazing it with my teeth, nibbling with my lips. I feel your hips pushing up, trying to slide deeper inside my hot, wet mouth.

Sliding my hands down your chest and over to your hips, I grasp your hips in my hands and hold them down to the bed. You groan in frustration, as now not only can’t you move your arms, but your hips and legs either. I look at you as I suck on your head, interpreting the look in your eyes as pleasure and the need for retribution.

Opening my mouth wide I lower my head down and take your whole length in my mouth. Sucking hard as I drag my lips back up. an explosion of flavours flooding my mouth. I hum to myself softly and feel a ripple of pleasure go through your body.

Up and down I send my mouth on its delicious journey. Sucking at the caramel, licking at the chocolate, harder until you are throbbing in my mouth, pulling at the scarves, breathing heavy and ready to explode. Your cock in my mouth hard, hot, ready. I stop and sit up.

“I’m going to untie you now, but you have to play nice.”

I lick my lips at the lingering flavours covering them. Reaching for the scarves, leaning over you. As I struggle to untie the knots that you have pulled tight, I am unaware that my breasts are in direct line of your mouth until I feel your tongue swirl around my nipple, your teeth nipping gently. My back arches automatically, pushing my breast closer to your mouth. As I continue to struggle with the scarf, you alternate between my breasts, sucking, nipping and nibbling on my nipples, laving them with your tongue.

I finally remove one of the scarves and got to work on the second. You take advantage of your free hand and slide it between my legs as you continue to work on my breasts. I am panting now. You slide your fingers over my lips, finding me wet, hot, ready. You push your thumb against my clit making me moan and frantic to get the scarf untied. Your arm finally breaks free and as both hands are free now, they start to move over my body, caressing, searching.

I raise my hips to slide farther up your body and in a surprise twist I squeal and find myself on my stomach on the bed and you above me.

Groaning softly I murmur “Oh oh” as I look over my shoulder at you.

You just grin. I try to roll over onto my back but you slide your hands over my ass and hips and hold me still. Skimming your hands up along my spine you reach for both of my arms, catching my wrists and pinning them above my head. You curl one hand around the railing of the headboard and then the other. I grip the railings tight in my fists, waiting, holding my breath, for your next move.

In a whisper of sound, I feel your lips on my back. With a sigh of pleasure I arch my back trying to push my hips up but your hands are back on my hips, holding them down to the bed. Up and down my back your lips, tongue and teeth move, hitting all the spots that make me wetter, more desperate for your touch.

I try to push my hips up again and feel your cock slide along the cleft of my ass cheeks.

“Is this what you want?” I hear you ask.

I can only gasp out “Yesssssssssss” as I try to push up again.

I feel your hands slip under my hips and lift my ass off the bed. You slide your cock over my ass and down over my slit, passing over my clit. With another moan I feel myself get even wetter, feeling my juices running down my thighs. You slip your hand around over my tummy and press on my clit as your plunge your cock into me as deep as you can go. In, out, in, out, hard, fast, deep. I grip the railings harder, pushing my hips back to meet your thrusts. Whimpering, I can feel myself building to a climax.

With one final push, I hear your groan as I feel your begin to cum, the incredible feeling pushing me over the edge. I bury my head in the pillow and scream as I cum hard, fast, over and over the sensations rocketing through me in waves. You continue to slide in and out of me as my body goes limp and you collapse against my back.

We lay like that until our breathing regulates back to normal, content to just breath, skin touching skin, sated. As I start to slip into sleep I hear you whisper in my ear “Still hungry?” I just purr in pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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