Accidental Awakening Pt. 01

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Disclaimer: Names have been changed for obvious reasons. The content of this story is entirely factual and all the content mentioned in this story have taken place.


Fast forward a few years, I’ve been with my girlfriend, Alina, for 3.5 years. We were each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend. Having met at university we were fairly young, at 22, but rearing to explore each other. My girlfriend, isn’t exactly a conventional head turner. In fact, usually she hung out with select female friends and only studied, so she didn’t give herself the opportunity to meet guys. To add to her introvert nature, she only wore baggy clothes, that didn’t showcase her sexy body.

Being a 5’4” Asian girl with C-cup breasts and a naturally perfect plump ass, I can assure you that-that is a rare find. I was lucky to find her to be honest. I always felt she was out of my league. However, she always complained that only I found her attractive and nobody else ever complimented her. Lucky me I guess…

I wouldn’t say our relationship has been perfect, in fact, we’ve broken up multiple times, but always found a reason to get back together. Initially, we argued frequently, however, over time this subdued and we have managed to get on and became somewhat more civilised. I mean we do have our occasional arguments, but what couple doesn’t, right?

Sex wise, we were both virgins when we started dating, we hadn’t even kissed another person. The learning curve was steep, hugging led to kissing, which lead to removing articles of clothing, which lead to us being completely naked in bed. We were hungry and passionate for each other. I just wanted to stick my dick into her pussy to be honest. I hadn’t seen a real vagina other than the neatly trimmed one’s in porn. I guess I had a twisted conception of what happens during sex in relationships. We pushed boundaries further slowly, trying to find more ways to pleasure each other. Soon I sucking on nipples, giving and receiving oral. We had come a long way, however, my girlfriend wasn’t ready to pop her cherry. We tried numerous times over the years.

However, my girlfriend eventually said she wanted me to wait with her till marriage (yeah, we’re kind of old fashion like Casibom that I guess…). She was also worried that my dick would hurt her if I tried to penetrate her, as though it wasn’t very long it was rather thick. Her naivety combined with her fear of god and getting pregnant (even when using contraception) outweighed any logical argument I could conceive (excuse the pun). Eventually I stopped trying to penetrate her. To be honest, I was just happy that I lasted that long during our sessions, who knew that a virgin guy could blow his load by just looking at his girlfriend naked for first time?

As a guy who masturbates most days, even multiples times a day, I stupidly thought sticking to everything we done so far, particularly oral sex would suffice in the mean time. How wrong I was… My girlfriend hated and when I say hated, I mean HATED giving head. She hated the taste and stickiness of the pre-cum.

I loved her enough so I thought perhaps I should be more understanding. In the mean time, I still gave her oral, something about licking a wet, musky pussy is just so arousing. Her fairly large protruding clit stood out proudly for my attention. However, she eventually admitted that I wasn’t doing a very good job at giving her oral either. This was apparent from her often painfully bored expressions, whilst I lay there trying to satisfy her with my tongue. At least her vibrator did a more adequate job. I still tried to give her oral, in hope that she would get turned on one day and we could go the extra mile. I guess that’s what lack of experience brings. Even though she used a vibrator, she was never able to achieve an orgasm.

So for the last 3.5 years, I’ve spent the entirety of our “love making” sessions, hugging, licking her body, in particular her armpits, and massaging her till she got bored. She didn’t like kissing so much either, so that was reduced to a few pecks, no tongue. We’ve both gained weight over the past few years, however I guess I’ve come off worse, having acquired small man-boobs which, to my dismay she loves to cup, suck and bite. I often found it emasculating the way she would cup them when she saw them, but I guess it’s one way to get her attention… I’m presuming after Casibom Giriş marriage things will change and improve for the both of us, once I penetrate that sweet virgin pussy. Though I’m growing extremely doubtful given her lack of sexual interest. Maybe she’s just asexual?

We would occasionally watch porn together. She would watch straight porn, in which there had to be some form of female sensuality. Not the hard and fast fuck type of porn that is abundant on the net. One afternoon, after the usual “love making” I was laying behind her on our sides as she watched porn on her tablet with her vibrator buzzing between her legs. I slowly rubbed her ass and slid my had between her moist thighs.

Soon, she complained the porn wasn’t turning her on, and the guy in the video was annoying. So, I suggested I help find some porn that would satisfy her taste in porn. As I scrolled through the website, I eventually found a clip that looked half decent. Reluctantly, she took the tablet and watched it. In the meantime, I continued to stroke her from behind, controlling my raging boner which had its own plans.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the genre or type of porn we were expecting. Sure, there was a brunette with beautiful eyes and smile, laying on the massage bed in a towel awaiting her masseuse. The towel was wrapped tightly, I guess to show her slender physique with ample cleavage. In the next scene a blonde entered the set. It was her masseuse. We were oblivious to the fact that we were watching a lesbian video. The blonde had a similar physique wearing a skimpy sports bra and yoga pants that showcased an ass to die for. My girlfriend was soon complaining over the length of the video and lack of action.

I skipped forward a few minutes, by which time the masseuse had already started to give her massage. This video seemed mundane, why was it on a porn website? When is the guy going to enter and fuck them?

However, what happened next would change our relationship forever.

I skipped a few more minutes. All memories of the massage soon left my thoughts, with the brunette on her back, naked, legs spread wide open, with the masseuse now eating her wet glistening pussy. The brunette cooed Casibom Yeni Giriş at every flick of the masseuses tongue on her clit. My girlfriend was quiet, had she fallen asleep? She has a few times previously…

I reached over to see her eyes wide open, glued to the screen, mouth wide open. What came from her mouth next was a first for the both of us. Her first moan. A whimpering sound that was fighting to leave her lips. A sound she had never previously made in her 26 years of existence.

My girlfriend skipped a few more minutes, to now see the two women, entirely naked, legs intertwined mashing their pussies together, gyrating in rhythm, looking into each others eyes, whilst their tits swayed in unison. As they pulled apart their pussies, love juices were smeared on each other pussies, which glistened in the light. The blonde was ravaging the brunettes tits, trying her best to squeeze the entire boob into the crevices of her mouth, whilst they ground pussies even faster. Both women began to scream together, as an orgasm washed through their souls. What a feeling to both have an orgasm together whilst your pussies are making love to each other, juices combining to create a sticky nectar that keeps both cunts conjoined.

At this point, my girlfriend had begun to ram the vibrator aggressively against her soaked pussy, to a point where I was scared she would hurt herself. She kept rubbing furiously, whilst her moaning got louder and higher in pitch. Soon, I wasn’t sure if she was screaming in ecstasy or crying in pain. All I knew was that she was wet, very wet, in fact the entirety of her thighs, my hands and surrounding bedding had been drenched in her pussy juices. She screamed for me to get on top as she rolled over onto her back. Confused, I did as I was told, but before fully getting on top, she dropped the tablet and forced my man-boob into her mouth. Growls escaped her mouth as she sucked and bit my nipple. I moaned in pain, I looked down, to see her pussy gushing juices in small spouts. This was magical… out of no where came a ground shattering scream, her eyes rolled back and her mouth detached from my boob to let out the spirit that had possessed her. As she came back around from a moment of euphoria, I saw her smile and closed her eyes as she recovered from her first ever orgasm.

This was the first time my girlfriend had seen lesbian porn.

As I was going to soon find out, this was the beginning of something very special…

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