Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 05

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This story contains multiple fetish themes and may not be for you. This series includes cheating wives, cuckold, Black cock superiority, small penis humiliation, female domination, incest, and humiliation. I appreciate feedback, it helps keep in invested in writing and is always welcome.


I couldn’t believe it was finally happening after days of teasing Kat was finally going to let me have my way with her bare-naked E cup breasts. She gripped the hem of her tight top crossing her arms in front her and slowly peeled it up revealing her soft belly and pausing just as her under-boobs slipped down and out keeping her delicious tits covered for just a moment longer.

“You’re sure you want this?” Katie teased knowing full well what my answer was.


“I want to hear you say it, tell me what you want.” She scolded.

“I want to see your breasts, Kat, I want to see your tits, and I want to kiss them, lick them, suckle them and feel them on my dick. Please, Kat, you promised.” I nearly cried.

“Good, big boys should be able to say what they want.” She praised like a mother coaching a pre-pubescent son how to order for himself.

She smiled and lifted her shirt…

“Oh, look Mike is here!” Kat chirped.

Shit, I was daydreaming, we were still in the car and had turned down my street and could see Mike’s BMW sitting in the drive. We had given him the access code to the garage years ago and it looked as if he had used it to get inside.

“Kat.” I sighed, “What does this mean? I mean, well, what about…” I stammered.

“Well, I guess it all depends on you. What do you want to do and what are you willing to do?” Kat replied.

We parked and Kat got out and came around to help me out of the car. As I stood up, we both looked down to see my dick still sticking out and the front of my shorts that were wet with precum.

“Can you fix it?” I asked.


“What? But what about Mike?”

“You made a deal, no covering up.”

“I thought that was just while in the store?”

“Hmm, I don’t remember it that way.” She sang. “But if you want to cancel our deal…”

“No! No. Please no.”

“Okay then, I bet Mike doesn’t even notice. It’s not like he goes around checking out other guys dicks.” She laughed and closed the car door. She grabbed her bags, including the one from the sex shop that proudly displayed the store’s name and logo on the black bag, and her Victoria’s Secret bag, and we went inside.

“We’re home!” Kat called out over the sound of the garage door closing.

Mike called out letting us know he was in the family room. Kat didn’t seem the least bit anxious, while I, on the other hand, felt like I was about to pass out.

“What are you doing here?” Kat beamed as she greeted her husband, dropping the bags on the coffee table and giving Mike a big hug as he stood up from the couch.

“Well, I got off work early today, and figured I’d come pay my baby a visit?” He licked his lips and picked Kat up, pressing her against his torso. His thick black arms wrapped around Kat like a father hugging a child.

“Did you buy me a little somethin’ somethin’?” Mike repeated playfully and grabbed the bag with the Fleshlight in it. He pulled it out and made a contorted face while looking at me and then back to Kat.

“Tell me you’re not doing this.” He Said. Kat smiled as the most devilish look I’d ever seen on her crawled across her face. “Shit!” Mike laughed.

“What?” Kat teased in a little girl voice.

“You know damn well! It’s one thing to do this with friends and co-workers, but they family Kat!”

“What are you talking about?” I sheepishly asked.

“Looks like ALL the family secrets are coming out now,” Mike’s voice boomed. “Don’t let her fool you… she loves this shit! Seriously the first time she told me about it I thought she was crazy, now I know she’s just a messed-up pervert. She’s been doing this for years, she’ll find a girlfriend or co-worker and she’ll start off just getting to know them, then she starts telling them about how we met, and her first time with black man, and before long she’s convincing these women that they need to experience a big black cock.” Mike smiled and gripped his dick through his pants.

I stood there like I was in a dream, or drunk. I heard what he was saying but just couldn’t piece it together to make sense.

“What?” I gasped.

“Yeah, she’s the devil alright, she plants temptation in the hearts of women and then coaches them on how to cuck their men. Don’t ya?”

Kat smiled so wide I thought her lips would split.

“The hard part is winning their trust,” She started, “I share just enough to make them want to know more. Make it seem like they are the ones asking for it. I tell all these women the same thing, I’ve got it down to a science… or is it more of an art? Either way, I can take the most white-bread, boring couple and turn them into a black-cock-loving, cuckold couple in just a few weeks.”

Kat sat down on the couch and invited me to ataşehir escort sit beside her as she continued to talk.

“Step one, I tell them, make your man believe you have lost interest in sex, and no matter what never let him know when you’ve cum. Make him believe he is totally inadequate. Then start teasing him, turn him on as much as you can but refuse to touch his dick. Refuse to sleep with him, refuse any sexual advances and then on a Friday night, send your kids – if they have any- to stay somewhere else for the night. He will immediately think he’s getting lucky. When you’re all alone tell him, you want to watch a movie, any movie will do, snuggle up beside him letting your hand creep to his groin. Tease his balls and dick, keep him on edge for as long as possible. Then excuse yourself to the bathroom, he’s going to think you’ve gone to get ready for sex. Wait for at least five minutes, ten is better, and come back to the room. While you’re gone mess up your hair, rub your eyes so they’re red, and slip on your normal loungewear.

When you come back tell him you got sick, you’ve been throwing up and you need to call it a night. Be sure to leave him with his laptop and wait. If you can, get a small home camera and place it in the room so you can watch him on your phone. I promise, once he believes you are asleep for the night – he’s going to start watching porn and jerking off.

That’s when you come back in, as quietly as possible, you sneak in and catch him. Even if he hears you and is able to cover up, you know the truth and so does he. Confront him and make him tell you the truth.

The next part is where you gain all the power. He’s going to feel guilty, but he’s also going to feel justified and he’s going to expect you to be mad. Don’t get mad. Ask him to show you what he was looking at, tell him you’ll jerk him off if he shows you – do whatever it takes to make him show you. Then start looking through the site until you find a video of a big black cock.

Once you’ve found the right video jerk your man off while watching. Make comments about it, let him know you like it, and move your hand to your clit. Make sure he knows you’re masturbating with him. In fact, sit up and ask him to let you watch him as he jerks off.

When he finally cums, make sure you let out a little giggle and tell him you think his penis is cute, that’s always code for small, and make a big deal about it not taking long – no matter what, if you pretend his dick is small and that he cums too quick he’ll believe it.

Now’s the time to get vocal, tell him you never knew dicks could get so big, let him know you wonder what it would feel like to have such a big black dick inside you – use those words and he’ll be hard again in seconds. If he tries to fuck you, let him, but make him believe you aren’t satisfied with his little dick, tell him to finish you with his tongue, and once he does praise him for licking you so well.” Kat acted all this out like she was hoping for an Oscar.

My face was burning I was so turned on and my dick was throbbing.

“Then over the next several weeks, I tell them to ask to watch more porn with him, always steering it to black cocks. Let him pound away at you with no feedback at all, only allow yourself to cum with his tongue. Then tell him you want to try some toys to spice things up. Then go online together and order a large black dildo.

Every time he uses it on you, you have to convince him you are having the most powerful orgasm of your life. I guarantee within a few weeks he’s going to be begging you to take a real black cock and he’ll think it’s all his fault for not being man enough to satisfy you.”

“And that works?” I asked,

“Seriously?” Kat smiled, “look at yourself, did you tell Shelby she could fuck a big black cock on this cruise?”

I didn’t answer, but just looked down at my pathetic dick leaking through my shorts. Two days before we headed down to Kat and Mike’s house, I had told her I wanted her to have fun, to enjoy herself, and if she wanted to – she could fuck anyone she wanted as long as she took pictures and video for me. I honestly did think it was my idea, but now… now I know I’ve been cucked.

“So… what do you get out of it?” I finally asked.

“Shit!” Mike laughed, “Don’t let her fool you, she gets off on teasing small dicked men, she loves manipulating and dominating men, and she loves sharing me with all these women. She’s like a fucking a gold-digger who loves to show off their diamond rings, but for her, it’s my big dick.

“So…Now what?” I asked.

“Now you only have two choices,” Kat counseled with a pragmatic tone, “You either learn to live with this new reality… or you leave your wife. But honestly, what woman are you going to get with this little dick clit?” She reached over and pulled my dick out of my shorts and playfully thumbed my frenulum.

Kat called Mike over to her and she let go of my dick long enough to unbuckle his pants and fish his cock out. Mike’s dick flopped out like pork loin, long thick kadıköy escort and black as coffee. She kissed his head and held it up for me to see.

“You can’t compete, but you can still play if you behave.” She smiled again. “Do you want to play?” She asked and gave my dick a few tugs.

“Yes,” I huffed.

“Good, then stand up.”

Kat unceremoniously stripped me, pulling off my shirt followed by my shorts leaving me in my tennis shoes and wife’s panties with my dick and balls hanging over the waistband causing them to poke out. She instructed Mike to take a seat saying she wanted to play with me for a while. I suddenly felt like a child’s toy, but I didn’t care… that’s not true… I did care and I was loving it.

Kat grabbed the Victoria’s secret bag and the Fleshlight and excused herself to the bedroom, leaving me with my arms in casts, and a raging 3 and a half inch hardon with Mike, who still had his large cock dangling between his legs.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked awkwardly.

“I’ve learned to be. It’s strange that even guys with normal sized dicks can be turned into cucks. But guys like you. Guys with genuinely small dicks… well… that makes sense.” He said.

“Are we…okay? I mean, are we still… friends?”

“Honestly. I don’t know, I think it depends more on Kat and Shelby, like how far they want to take this. But I don’t know, you guys are family… so I just don’t know.”

Kat came jiggling down the hall wearing her new black bra and panties. The cups were overflowing with her curvaceous flesh as they bounced on her chest with every step.

“You like?” She sang out as she reached the center of the room and slowly spun around with her arms in the air. Her full ass was as mesmerizing as her tits.

“Yes.” I breathed.

“You’re so cute.” She smiled with a crinkled nose, that made her look adorably sweet. “Now, what should we do first? Hmm?” I began shaking with adrenaline-charged anticipation.

“Hush,” She consoled and wrapped her arms around me pressing her breasts into my chest and ran her hand to the back of my head directing me to look in her eyes. “Calm down, I promise you’re going to enjoy this, just take a deep breath. I followed her instructions and took several deep breaths while looking down at Kat’s gorgeous face and the massive amount of flesh she had pressed against me. She pulled me to her and placed her lips on mine giving me a series of small, delicate kisses as she guided me closer to the coffee table. She slowly slid down my torso placing kisses all over my neck, chest, and stomach before sitting on the edge of the table.

Kat’s hands gripped my ass and she kissed and licked all around my hairless groin. Letting go of my butt with one hand she lifted my dick up and licked my balls still pushed up and out due to the position of the panties. She tongued my tender and swollen balls sucking them into her mouth and gently gnawing at them.

“You’re just so small,” She huffed, leaning back and letting my dick fall back into place. She looked up at me and smile, licking her lips. “It really is the smallest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of small dicks.”

“I am sorry” Was all I could say.

“No… don’t be sorry, just understand your place. You will never satisfy a woman with this, no matter how hard you try. No matter what positions you come up with. No matter how long you last. You will never make a girl cum with this. But we can still have lots of fun, as long as you understand your limitations.”

Kat kissed the tip of my small dick and a shiver ran through me. I gasped and whimpered while she rubbed her nose and lips around my penis. Kat placed her lips back on the tip and slowly pressed in, taking me into her mouth. The warmth of her embrace was heavenly as she slowly took all three and a half inches bottoming out on my stomach and using her tongue to massage the entire length of my dick.

“So small,” She gargled out still holding me in her mouth. Kat pulled back and grabbed the Fleshlight.

“Let’s try out your toy,” She held it up looking at it and licked her fingers sticking them inside the fake pussy. “I think you’re going to like this.” She spat on the opening and slowly pushed it over my dick. “I guess it doesn’t take much lube for you to fit inside.”

She was right, I had no trouble slipping in, but once inside I could have used a little just to make it more enjoyable.

Pressing the transparent toy tight against my body we watched as my dick barely stretched the material and didn’t even make it past the thick upper part of the Fleshlight. Kat pumped it just a few times knowing that it wouldn’t take much to make me cum.

“Do you see how little you are? Do you see how much of the Fleshlight you aren’t even able to use? Now imagine that has been Shelby every time you fuck.” She let that sink in for a few seconds, and then called Mike over.

Kat grabbed Mike’s giant cock, which was only slightly erect and held the Fleshlight against him. He was longer than the toy by about two inches. bostancı escort bayan She took the bottle of lube and applied it his thick dong like putting ketchup on a footlong hotdog and rubbed it around making sure it was coated. By this time Mike had gotten a bit harder, and a bit bigger. Kat placed the toy at the tip of Mike’s cock and pressed it on. Mike’s superior tool stretched the toy and there was a moment there I thought he wouldn’t fit his fat black helmet inside it. Kat worked the toy down his cock until his head pressed against the base, now with about 2 and a half to three inches of his cock unable to fit inside.

“Don’t you think your wife deserves to have her pussy filled like this?” Kat asked.

“Yes.” I conceded.

“Do you think she already has? I mean she comes home tomorrow. I bet she has already found a guy to fill her cunt like you never could.” She said all this while continuing to fuck Mike’s cock with the toy.

That’s when I realized we hadn’t heard much from my wife the entire time she was gone. Maybe Kat was right, she had found a fuck buddy and was too busy getting her pussy filled to even think about me.

“Now, I am going to ask you a question, and I want you to think about it before answering,” Kat said, and I braced myself for what was about to be said. “Honestly, would you rather cum or watch Mike fuck me?”

I stood there for what felt like 20 minutes thinking about it. Why was I thinking about it, I’ve been wanting to cum all week… but I’ve been watching big black porn for months. As I was thinking Kat pulled the Fleshlight off of Mike and guided him between her cleavage. He was slowly rocking back and forth sawing his black cock between her mounds.

“What’s your decision?” Kat asked sternly.

“I… want to watch.”

“I know, I just wanted you to know it too.” Kat got up and went to my bedroom, I heard her rummaging around and she came back with the tube of numbing cream and wearing a pair of latex gloves, then quickly applied a generous amount to my dick painting it in a thick coat of cream until my dick was numb and flaccid and peeled the gloves off.

“I want you to enjoy this, I want you to watch and know there is nothing you can do to cum.” She smiled, “Honestly, isn’t it better this way? No pressure to perform? No fear of cumming too soon? You get to just have fun.” She said and pulled my panties up over my shriveled dick.

Kat moved to the couch pulling her panties off and throwing them on the table. She told Mike to go get undressed while I helped her get ready. She instructed me to lick her pussy and get her ready for Mike to fuck her. I quickly obliged, kneeling between her legs I dove in without hesitation wanting badly to show her I could please her with my mouth. I lapped at her full protruding lips and clit sucking her, tonguing her and working her pussy with all I had.

“God” She huffed, “you are so eager to please. That’s so good. Yes, you are so good at eating pussy. You make me feel so good.” She hummed as I ate her out her juiced flowing through my thick beard.

“You feel so good. Just a little bit more… I … oh my God… you’re going to make me cum Jay… you’re going to make your wife’s sister cum on your face!” Kat’s legs shook as her orgasm rolled over her gripping the back of my head and pressing me deep inside her.

“Oh, my,” She smiled as she loosened her grip. “That was nice, but it just made me horny for more… now I need to be fucked. I need to be filled deeply with a big cock.” She smiled and pushed me away.

Mike had been behind me watching as I pleasured his girl. Kat told me to sit beside her on the couch and watch as she took Mike inside her.

Mike knelt down in front on Kat taking my position, his height made it possible for him to lean in and place his dick against Kat’s soaked and eager cunt. Kat bit her bottom lip in the excitement of being filled by her man.

“Are you ready for this?” Mike teased.

“Yes,” I answered not realizing he was talking to Kat, which made both of them laugh.

“Yes,” Kat answered, and Mike pushed her cunt open with the thick head of his cock.

“God!” Kat groaned as Mike shoved his fat dick inside her spreading her open and filling her deep with his monster cock.

“I love teasing little dicks, but not as much as fucking big ones” She hissed. Kat and Mike quickly worked into a rhythm, having been together or years now, as he pounded her pussy stretching her, filling her and fucking her in a way I’ve never been able to fuck.

Kat gripped the back of my head and pulled me to her bra covered breasts allowing me to snuggle into her flesh and get an even better view of Mike’s tool working his way in and out of her.

“Is this what you wanted?” Kat asked me.


“Do you wish it was Shelby’s cunt getting pounded like this?”

“Yes,” I strained to say.

“Do you want to watch Mike fucking your wife?”


“You know if she starts fucking bigger dicks, she may never be the same. Even if she lets you inside her she may be so stretched out you wouldn’t feel anything.” Kat teased, I was pretty certain that wasn’t true, that it was a just a myth, but then watching Mike pull out and seeing her badly stretched opening made me wonder if she was serious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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