Adrienne’s New Job

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The sound of the lawn mower woke me up, and the sunlight illuminating my blinds. I stretched and ran my fingers through my hair. It was a Saturday and I was waking up in my own bed, in my own apartment, on my own schedule. I was twenty years old and this was really my first taste of freedom.

Since graduating high school two years ago I’d been living at home while I took classes at the local community college. I was trying to save some money and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I guess. Some people just know, but for me it had taken a little while to figure out.

What I was doing now, though, was my first big step. I had enrolled for the fall at the state university (as a sophomore thanks to the classes I’d taken). I was going to major in early childhood development. I had a job as a part-time nanny that provided me with a studio apartment attached to a rambling old Victorian house in exchange for two nights and of childcare and some afterschool hours each week. I was going to be taking care of a couple of great kids and have plenty of time and space to do my own things, as well. I couldn’t have been happier.

I had kind of fallen into the job. One of my C.C. teachers had encouraged me to go to university and had hooked me up with her friend, Bill, my new boss and landlord. She said Bill needed a hand with his kids and I could consider it as a sort of experiment or internship in child development.

I had been nervous about meeting Bill and the kids, but I shouldn’t have worried. The boys were great, five and seven, energetic, bright and funny. Bill couldn’t have been more welcoming. He was a bit shy discussing his situation, but basically he and his wife were separated and divorcing. He was a writer and taught a few classes, she was some sort of minor corporate VP. I guess she had bigger plans than having a house in the suburbs and a moderately successful spouse taking care of her home and kids. She left, Bill stayed and I got a job as a nanny.

I got up and walked barefoot to the little kitchenette. It was warm so my running shorts and cami were comfortable. I made coffee and caught a glimpse at myself in the full-length mirror on the hallway wall. My tan was coming along nicely, I thought. I’ve always had great skin and the sun had lightened by brown hair a bit, too. I pouted at myself and stood up as tall as my 5’4″ frame would allow. Without make-up, a bra or heels I think most guys would describe me as “naturally pretty”. I’d been told I was cute in a girl-next-door way. If I was being honest, my best assets were my breasts and hips. C-cups boobs on my frame looked pretty darn impressive and my nipples always seemed ready to poke out, whether it was chilly or not. My hips were a little wider than I liked, but my ex-boyfriend said they were a perfect fit for him. In the mirror I cupped my breasts and ran my hands over my boobs. Hard nipples instantly; they were hard-wired to my belly and I immediately felt warm and fluttery.

I thought for a second about going back to bed and almanbahis adres pulling up a video on my laptop, but I had too much to do. While the coffee brewed I showered, trimmed my bikini line because I was going to the lake with Bill and the boys today, and got dressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I wore a pair of khaki cut-offs and a t-shirt, with a simple cotton bra and panty set. I packed a bag with my suit and towel and headed downstairs to meet the men of the house.

The lake was about a 30-minute drive from the house, so I chatted with Bill and the boys a bit. Bill was nice. He was about 40 years old, fit in the way of an ex-athlete (he told me he’d been a high school wrestler, but hadn’t competed in college) and funny. He’d already mowed the lawn that morning and he had that kind of outdoorsy tan that comes from actually working in the sun. Between his sense of humor, obvious love of his boys and his startling blue eyes I was enchanted. I’d always had a thing for older guys and, not that I’d doing anything to jeopardize my job, Bill could easily make his way into my nightly fantasy sessions.

As these thoughts distracted me I felt Bill’s eyes on me. I looked down and saw that the seatbelt was cutting my cleavage and emphasizing my boobs. Of course, my nipples had perked out at the thought of my nightly masturbation sessions and I caught Bill checking me out. He quickly turned red and his eyes returned to the road. I smiled to myself. Well, I was 20 years old and single, a little flirting couldn’t hurt, could it?

We had a great day at the lake and the boys were asleep in the car by the time we got home. Bill brought the kids in and asked me to stay for a minute. We had planned on grilling for dinner, but with the boys asleep I wasn’t sure what the plan would be. I could always go up to my place, make some Ramen and watch Netflix. When Bill came down he asked me to stay, though. He said he already had dinner planned and it would be a shame to eat alone. We’d had such a great day I quickly agreed. He asked me to make a salad and began grilling a steak. To my surprise he opened a bottle of white wine and poured us each a glass. I’m only 20 and he is my boss, so I felt a bit funny drinking with him, but it seemed like a civilized and adult thing to do. I had a glass while making dinner and a glass sitting on the patio watching Bill finish the steak. Between the sun, the long day and the alcohol I must have dozed off.

I woke with a start when I felt Bill’s light touch on my shoulder. “Adrienne, are you OK? We can take a rain check if you’re too pooped for dinner.”

I blushed a little at his touch. For some reason it affected me strongly. I’d felt a little “zing” go through my belly when he touched me. It was the same feeling I’d had once or twice earlier today, as well, when we’d accidentally touched on the beach or in the water.

“No. IÕm fine, Bill. Just a little too much sun.” I smiled at him and he smiled back. Dinner was served and we chatted about nothing in almanbahis adresi particular. Bill laughed at my jokes and I laughed at his. When he smiled little crinkles appeared at the corners of his eyes and dimples broke out on his cheeks. He had a kind face, darkening now in the shadows of the twilight and with just the hint of end-of-the-day stubble. As I looked at his face the thought of those cheeks rubbing against my cheeks jumped into my mind. I must have stopped talking because Bill looked at me in silence. “Oh I said, embarrassed, “I should probably go.”

“Um, yeah. I guess. Adrienne, it’s nice to have you here. The boys and I have been alone for awhile and,” Bill stopped talking and looked up at the sky, “I think weÕre all going to enjoy you being here with us.”

He looked so vulnerable when he said that. I realized that he was probably pretty lonely here. It was shocking to think that this attractive man should feel so alone. I stood and he stood. Without thinking about it I impulsively hugged him. I don’t know what made me do it. It just seemed like the right thing to do. The problem was Bill hugged me back.

As soon as I felt his arms wrap around me I knew I wanted to be closer to this man. I squeezed a little tighter and heard a soft moan escape my mouth. Bill was taller than me and his face nestled in my hair. I could hear and feel his breath on neck and head. I tilted my face to his and we kissed lightly.

It wasn’t a passionate kiss, that came later, but it was a perfect kiss. The minute his lips touched mine I felt warmth spreading through my hips and belly. I knew if we separated my nipples would be hard again. I kissed him again and again, opening my mouth and tasting his lips and tongue.

Bill’s hands roamed through my hair and down my back. One hand skated across my hip and slowly and lightly cupped my bottom. I was still wearing my cut-offs and I felt his fingertips on the skin of the back of my thigh.

“Ahhh,” I moaned into his mouth. I was feeling warm and wet and light-headed. Bill pushed a gap between us and brought his right hand to my breast, his left still cupping my ass. He kissed my neck as he pulled on my nipple through my shirt. I wanted this man. I wanted him inside of me and to go down on me. I wanted his hands on every inch of my body. I don’t know what had come over me, but I was like a woman possessed as I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face down to my neck and chest.

As we broke apart for a breath I took Bill’s hands and led him into his house. I sat back on the big sectional couch in his living room, the room seemed hazy I wanted him so badly. With my legs spread slightly I held out my arms to him, inviting him to me. Bill kneeled on the floor between my legs and ran his hands over my hips and up sides. He caressed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I could feel the flush on my face and neck as the heat from my body radiated out.

I pulled my shirt off and reached behind me to undo my bra. As my boobs came almanbahis adresi free Bill smiled quickly and locked his mouth on first one and then the other nipple. I could feel myself breathing hard and I got, if possible, wetter as his tongue trailed from my breasts to my belly. He ran his mouth along the waistband of my shorts. I shifted my hips and in one motion Bill pulled off my shorts and panties. Soaked, he tossed them to floor and his mouth locked onto me. His tongue ran back and forth over my labia as he found my clitoris first with his finger and then with his mouth.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” was all I could moan as he pushed two fingers into my wet pussy and ran his tongue around and around my clit. Over and over, I couldn’t get away from it, over and over I felt his tongue work insistently driving me to the edge of coming, his fingers pistoning in and out of me, making wet sounds I could hear over my moans. “I’m coming!” I gasped and pulled his face into me with both hands as my legs clamped around his head. I jerked and twitched. I don’t think I’d ever cum as hard or as long.

When I recovered my breath and opened my legs Bill sat back on the floor and looked up at me. He was smiling and his chin and dimples were wet with my fluids. I lay back, spent; my legs open just showing myself to him. My fingers lightly playing with my trimmed, now matted, pubic hair.

“Get your clothes off.” I said, surprising myself at how forceful my tone was. Bill stripped his shirt and dropped his shorts and boxers. His cock was hard and beautiful. I was surprised to see he was totally shaved, I’d never seen that in real life before. It made his dick stand out and I loved how smooth his balls looked. I sat up and pulled him to me. As I took his cock in my mouth and cupped his balls I was amazed at how horny I was getting again. My pussy was wet from before and getting wetter. I sucked him into my mouth, not quite deep-throating him. I used my hand to jerk him off while my other hand toyed with my own wet pussy.

Before he could come I let his cock go with an audible pop and quickly turned on the couch pushing my hips and ass in the air toward him. It was wanton and I didn’t care. Bill didn’t waste a second and with a grunt he pushed his cock into me as hard and as far as it would go. I’d like to say we made love, but honestly we just rutted. He fucked me hard as my nipples grazed the couch and my hips shook with the force of his thrusting. I came again hard, but not as log or intensely as the first time and Bill panted, “Adrienne, I’m coming in you!” I felt him jerk as he shot into me. “Fill me up. Fill me up.” I think I said. I was pretty incoherent at that point, but eventually we slowed down and I turned to face him.

I don’t think either of us knew exactly what to say. I laughed a little and said, “Good first day in the job.” Bill laughed too and kissed my neck. I could smell my sex on him and French kissed him hard. “I’m going upstairs now.” I said, “I’ll see you and the boys in the morning.” Bill sat and watched me stand up his cock semi-soft and wet. I bent over and picked up my clothes, showing him my ass as I did so. Naked, with his cum dripping down my leg, I walked through the house up to my little studio apartment. I had a feeling this was going to be a great year.

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