Adventure in Trust Ch. 02

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The next morning, I wake up to find myself naked and wrapped in your arms. I untangle myself carefully from your embrace and hastily pull your dress shirt on. It barely covers my ass, so I decide that I had better pull on some shorts as well. I think I remember where the bathrooms for this place are, and I begin the hike up the hill to take care of washing my face and hair. When I arrive at there, I realize that these bathrooms are equipped with crude showers, so I decide to undress and clean up all over.

I step into the concrete stall, and pull the curtain closed behind me, allowing the warm water to rush over my naked body as I begin to soap myself. I hear the door to the bathroom open, but know that these showers are well away from the other areas.

Suddenly, the curtain pulls back, causing me to jump and yelp with fright. You are standing there, naked, and step into the shower with me. I am completely soapy, but that doesn’t stop you – – – in fact, you take the soap in your hands and begin to rub my body with it. Your hands feel so strong as they slip silkily over my muscles. You take the shampoo and wash my hair for me, massaging my scalp and causing me to almost go weak in the knees. Rinsing me off, you turn me toward you and take my face into your hands – – – pulling me close.

Your lips find mine and we begin a slow, deep, wet kiss as my hand slides down between our bodies to grip your now-hardening cock. You are slightly soapy from standing against me, so my hand slips easily up and down your shaft causing you to moan against my mouth. The warm water washes over us as you turn me away from you once again, pushing me to bend at the waist. My hands automatically reach for the wall of the shower to support myself as you grip my hips and thrust forward. The water and my juices have made your entrance very easy indeed, but we are careful to be quiet. This is a public restroom, after all, and we are not sure if or when someone will come in. This just adds to the excitement as you glide in and out of my wet pussy. It’s all I can do to suppress the joy that your cock is giving me at this moment.

You reach around my waist and pull me toward you, sliding one hand up to grip my breast. You pull me up against your chest, and bend at the knees to continue to thrust inside me. Your other hand slips down between my legs to my clit, and massages me to a thunderous climax. You have to hold me tightly against you to support me as this orgasm leaves me unable to stand for a moment. You are kissing my shoulders and back – – – knowing how much I love that – – – while you hold still within me, still gently playing with my clit and allowing me to recover çorum escort before beginning to thrust again. We are so quiet when we are fucking this time, but our bodies are talking in perfect harmony.

I feel you begin to expand, and I drop down to my knees, taking you into my hand. I begin to stroke you and you cum – – – – and I allow the cum to splash on my face, in my hair. I suck the remaining drops from your cock as you take the shampoo once again and wash your cum from me. We dry and dress, and go back to camp for a little breakfast before you reveal what the day has in store for me.

“Put on your hiking boots,” you say, “because I’ve found something I want to show you.”

“Alright,” I reply, and put on some heavy socks and my boots. I wonder what we are going to see.

“It will take some time to get there… I think we will be there by noon…” your voice trails off. I notice that you have a rather large backpack.

“Do I need to carry anything?” I ask.

You turn and think a moment, and finally answer, “Um… that’s your backpack over there. I’ve already packed everything you’ll need…”

I pick it up and begin to look inside, but you stop me. “No! You don’t need to look in there just yet. Just trust me.” I shrug at you and put the backpack around my shoulders.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been hiking, and even longer still since hiking with a backpack, but you somehow understand and take things slowly. You have figured that it would take some time, and even though the destination isn’t far away, you have guessed at the time just about perfectly. I find myself standing, at near noon, at an open pool… below a beautiful waterfall. Luckily the rains from spring were enough to feed this magnificent site, so the water is cool and flows sparkling clear. You find a clearing and take the backpack from my shoulders as I stand and stare in awe the beauty that surrounds us.

“Like it??” you ask as you come to stand beside me.

“Oh, God! It’s wonderful!” I say.

You put your arms around my waist and hold me close to you, whispering in my ear, “It’s even more beautiful now that you are here!” I feel myself blush hotly.

You take my hand and lead me over to where you have set down the backpacks. You begin to pull things from them: a blanket, a bottle of wine, fruit, cheese, assorted things for a picnic lunch. Then you set me down, and say, “Now comes another lesson in trust” as you blindfold me.

I feel so out of control and this feeling scares me a little. You sense my tension, and continue to talk to me softly… and then you begin to remove my denizli escort clothing. First my boots, then my socks… then my shirt.. then my bra. I am half-exposed. You watch to see what my reaction will be. You don’t touch me or even speak for a moment… the hiss of the waterfall covers any sounds that you might make.

I begin to tremble and then to panic… just as I get on the brink, you touch me again. You are amazed at the effect just your hand on my skin has. I immediately begin to calm. You remove my shorts and then my underwear. I am completely exposed in this gorgeous setting. You sit behind me, and have me lie back across your lap. You begin to feed me… allowing me to savor each morsel of food as you offer it. You watch my face for signs of panic, careful not to push me TOO far.

After lunch, you tell me to stand. I do and you take my hand and walk me to the pool, leading me into the cool water. My nipples immediately become erect and you just have to stop and take first one then the other into your mouth. I gasp at the sensation: the warmth of your mouth versus the coolness of the water. You lead us to the waterfall then under… the pool is only waist-deep. We stand, the water rushing against us, and kiss long and hard. I still cannot see, so I am surrounded by other sensory clues as to what is going on.

Underneath the waterfall, there is a cavern in the rocks – – – just deep enough for two people. You gently lift me onto the rock ledge and step between my legs. You part my thighs and lower your head to suck my pussy. I feel the warmth of your breath on me long before your mouth touches me.

“OHHHHHH!!” I moan in anticipation. I know that the curtain of water behind us will muffle any noises I care to make. Your tongue finally makes contact, laving up my slit to capture all my juices. “Jesus, you taste good!” you say then place your mouth back onto my pussy. The rocks bite into my back somewhat, but I find that I don’t even care. I wrap my legs carefully around your shoulders – – – if only to get your tongue further into me. Your fingers finally find me and slip inside, driving me to a frenzy that only your cock will be able to continue.

You are so hard. You love watching and hearing me cum, and I’ve been especially vocal this time. You move up onto the ledge with me. I am afraid that you will hurt your knees on the rocks, but you smile and say, “I really don’t care. I want you so badly. You are so sexy, and this is just about as close to heaven as I have been in a very long time.”

I feel you grip my ass in your strong hands and pull me up, my pussy slaps wetly at your hips diyarbakır escort as your cock buries itself into me. “Oh, my God!” I groan, and kiss you. Your head then lowers and your mouth captures one of my nipples. Knowing this will drive me over the edge, you thrust deeply and at the same time bite gently down on the nipple, sending shock waves all over my body. “NNNNGNGGHHHHHH!” I arch and cum on your cock.

“Good, eh??” you say smugly, thrusting hard against me. I am trembling so hard that I cannot even answer.

Suddenly, I put my hands against your chest and push you away. For a moment, hurt confusion rolls across your face until I reach up and remove my blindfold. “Lie back!” I order you, and you lean back against a flat rock to the back of the ledge. I straddle your hips and lower my steaming pussy once again onto your cock.

“MMMMMNNNNNNNNN…” you moan as you feel me engulf you. You thrust up into me and reach for my breasts, holding them and stroking the nipples with your thumbs. I lean over and kiss you deeply, whispering how good you feel inside me, telling you how much I love making love with you… how much I feel you – and for you. You feel my inner muscles grip you as I squeeze your cock each time I rise… and I feel your balls under my ass beginning to contract and spasm.

“Where do you want to cum??” I ask you, sucking gently on your earlobe.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… please… let me cum inside you…”

I push down on your cock so hard that you feel the head rubbing against my cervix. This sends electricity through you, and I feel you tense. “I’m ccccuuuummmmmiiinnnng…” you moan, arching up to drive even deeper still. I feel your heat flood me as I roll my hips to massage your cock. With each roll, I am pressing my clit against you – – – – I cum in a final jolt as you hold me tightly against you.

“God, that was good!” you say after a few minutes, “but we’d better be getting back. It is going to be dark soon.” You take my hand and lead me back across the pool to the other shore. Our blanket is still there, as well as our backpacks and clothes. We repack the backpacks and get dressed, and then head back toward camp. We talk the entire way, and you reach back to take my hand in yours, gently lacing your fingers between mine and stroking the outside of my thumb with yours.

When we arrive back at camp, you ask me if I am hungry.

“No.. are you??”

“No, not particularly. I’m just tired.” I agree, and we unload our backs. We sit down near the fire, you prop yourself up against a tree, with your back against a blanket. I curl up next to you and place my head on your chest. We spend time like that, entertwined, without needing to say a word. You stroke my hair and I feel myself relax more and more.

I am awakened by the sun streaming through the trees and warming my face, to find myself still nestled against your chest near the tree where we had sat. I guess we WERE tired, indeed!

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