Adventures in a Dressing Room

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It was a typical Saturday afternoon when my girlfriend Emily suggested we go to the mall.

We had been out running errands and we had stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

“I need to get some new jeans,” she said, “oh, and some shoes.”

“You have nine-million pairs of shoes already,” I joked. I learned a long time ago never to get between a woman and her shoes. A woman can have 200 pairs of shoes and suddenly see something she “can’t live without.” I once made the mistake of arguing about shoes with a former girlfriend and ended up spending the night on the couch. So now I just agree, no matter what I really think.

As we left the restaurant, walking to my red Miata, I couldn’t help but notice how hot Emily looked. Her blond hair was tied up in a pony tail, which always got me horny for some reason. Her 36D breasts were straining against the white cotton blouse she was wearing. And although she was only 5’5″ tall, she had long, sexy legs. Today they were hidden in a pair of tight, light-blue jeans. She also wore dark burgundy leather sandals, which showed off her blue toe nail polish, which was a touch darker than her blue eyes.

“Where are we going, a department store?” I asked, hoping I could sneak off to look at electronics while Emily shopped.

“No, there’s a new women’s clothes store I heard about that I want to try.”

So much for looking at electronics. Men can shop for clothes, but unless a guy is looking for lingerie, don’t expect them to be interested in shopping with a woman for women’s clothes.

We pulled into the parking lot at the mall, and I longingly looked at the Best Buy as we passed it. Emily pointed out the new store, some big chain new to the area, and we parked nearby.

As we walked into the store I noticed a few hot saleswomen talking to each other standing near a rack of clothes.

Emily immediately started to touch the new shirts and sweaters on display, a habit she applied to everything. My quirk was smelling food before I would eat it, hers was touching everything.

I walked around for a few minutes, feigning interest in the clothes, and every now and then checking out some of the saleswomen, who continued to talk.

One of the saleswomen, a tall brunette, kept returning my looks. I am not the type to cheat on a steady girlfriend, but it doesn’t hurt to look.

Before I knew it the brunette had walked up to me.

“See anything you like?” she asked.

Why do women seem to only hit on guys when the men are obviously taken?

“A few things in particular look good,” I answered.

That was when Emily found me. She was carrying an armload of jeans.

“Hey, I found you,” she said, giving the brunette a short look. “Come with me, I want to try these on.”

“You need my help to try on pants?”

“No, but I want your opinion. Come on.”

I gave the brunette a parting glance, noticing her smiling back. Emily led me towards the dressing rooms, which were in the middle of the store. The doors were right out in the open, unlike most dressing rooms in more expensive department stores.

“Stay right here,” she said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I knew the drill well. Emily tried a few doors, but found them all locked. Suddenly the brunette saleswoman appeared.

“Need to try something on?” she smirked, directing her gaze first at Emily and then at me.

“Yeah,” Emily said, seeing what was going on.

“Here,” the brunette said, unlocking a dressing room door. The saleswoman held the door open for Emily, and as Emily was walking into the small cubicle, the saleswoman looked at me anime porno and said, “do you want to go in or stay out here?”

Before I could answer, Emily reached back and grabbed me by the arm while still trying to juggle the pile of blue jeans. “He’s coming with me,” she almost growled back. I walked into the cubicle, past the smile of the saleswoman and closed the door.

“What was that all about?” Emily questioned, setting the jeans down on a small shelf.

“I don’t know, I can’t help it if women find me attractive.”

“No, but do you have to flirt back, especially when I’m right here?” She said this as she was picking which pair of jeans to try on first.

“Are we jealous?” I kidded. I loved it when she got jealous. Emily wasn’t very insecure about many things, but she had told me one of her previous boyfriends had cheated on her, so she would get jealous or even scared if I flirted with another woman. “I’ve never been in a woman’s dressing room before,” I said.

“They’re all the same.”

“I know, but I mean I have never been in one with a woman. Especially a hot woman,” I added.

She smiled. “Sit down, you’re in the way.”

I gave her a hard time about inviting me in only to be rude, and then I sat down on a small bench.

Emily unzipped her jeans and started to pull them off so she could try on her first choice. I got a good look at her legs, and although I see them all the time, and frequently have them wrapped around my head, I never tire of looking at them. She used to be a dancer in high school, and she has kept her nice figure by running and doing aerobics a few days each week. I also noticed she was wearing a sexy pair of white cotton thongs she had bought at Victoria’s Secret.

Just as I was hoping she would turn around so I could see her ass, she pulled the first pair of jeans up and moved over to the mirror.

Emily said something about not liking how her ass looked in that brand of jeans, and started to grab another pair to try on.

That was when I noticed that I could see the bare feet of the woman in the stall next to us. The doors and walls to the dressing rooms only covered the middle of the frame, leaving probably 10″ of open space at the top and bottom of each wall. Although I could only see the woman’s feet, I could see her sandals off to the side, and a pair of well worn jeans piled on the floor next to the sandals.

The thought of an almost naked woman standing on the other side of the door was getting me horny, and I looked back at Emily, who was taking the first pair of jeans off. This time I looked more closely at her white thongs, noticing the beautiful bulge of her vagina through the thong. I love eating pussy, and Emily liked having it done to her about as much as I liked doing it.

My tongue began to dance in my mouth. I couldn’t let an opportunity like this go by without doing something. I waited for the exact moment to pounce, and when she removed the jeans, first the left leg, then the right, her legs slightly spread, I made my move.

“Hold on a minute,” I said, pulling her close to me. I wasted no time, quickly moving her thong to the side and placing the meat of my tongue on her bare, unsuspecting lips.

“What are you doing?” she said, shocked. “We can’t do anything in here.”

I let my tongue move over her lips, just starting to push past those tender pink petals and into her moist heaven. When I heard the shock and mild protest in her voice, I changed my tactic and immedietly moved up to her clit. I purred on her clit, running my tongue over it like a vibrator.

“Oh, anne porno that feels good,” she said softly, no longer protesting. After a few seconds I noticed her legs move ever so slightly apart. That was the final surrender. She was mine.

I purred over her clit for another few minutes, but Emily had gotten excited so quickly she didn’t need much help.

“Ugh,” the low groan escaped her throat. I moved my eyes up to look at her while keeping my mouth and tongue on her. She had the knuckles of her right hand in her mouth, trying to hold back her cries of passion. One thing that I loved about Emily was that she could really let loose when we made love. I once told her I would bet good money she could drown out a marching band at halftime with her yelling and moaning, she was so loud.

Her knees buckled, trying to hold her up and let the wave of her first orgasm flow from her pussy to her head and back to her toes. I kept my mouth on her pussy, one hand spreading her lips to get better access to her clit, the other hand on her ass, keeping pressure on her so she couldn’t move off my mouth.

I let her orgasm end, and moved my tongue down, sticking it past her now swollen, pink lips, tasting her wetness. Damn was she wet.

I stood up, licking my lips, and said, “get down on the floor.” She quickly obliged. I guided her onto her hands and knees and removed her white thong, admiring her ass as I did.

As I unbuckled my belt I couldn’t help but reach out and rub her wet pussy. Emily never had any trouble in the bedroom, but she was even more excited that usual. I took my pants off and pulled off my boxers, my hard cock springing forth like a pipe.

Emily arched her hips back and up, spreading her legs wide so I could kneel between them. I teased her by rubbing my rock hard prick against her ass cheeks, but I was too turned on myself for much foreplay. I held the shaft of my cock in my right hand, grabbed one cheek of her ass and spread her pussy so I could get in.

I put the entire length of my cock in her with the first thrust. Emily tried to moan, but I moved back and then forward, coating my cock with her wetness. The third stroke was smooth and warm. I put both of my hands on her ass and started to slowly pump in and out of her, never letting my entire length fall out of her warm, tight, wet pussy.

Emily moaned almost continuously now, with a more pronounced “uh,” every time I struck deep. At first I hadn’t noticed, because of the heat of the passion, but Emily was getting louder. In fact, I was pretty sure people would be able to hear us if they were close to the dressing rooms.

I kept thrusting, and Emily reached back and moved one of my hands to her hips.

“Grab my hips, hold onto my hips as you fuck me.”

She always loved me holding onto her hips as I drilled her from behind. Once I had a firm hold on her hips I started fucking her faster, pumping my hard cock in and out, in and out, back and forth, deep and deeper.

“That’s it…” she muttered. “Uh…Uh…Uh,” her moans matched my thrusts. “Fuck me, harder, harder, fuck me, fuck me!” She was practically yelling now, and I knew everyone in the store could hear us, but this made me even more excited, and I pumped her full of cock as best I could.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

My balls hit her pussy on each thrust.

“Uh…Uh…Uh…” her grunting answered back.

“Oh, babe, I’m gonna cum,” she yelled, and her back arched, her pussy tightened, her ass clenched before me. I started to slow down because of the increased tightness, but she commanded me not to stop.

I arap porno noticed the top of her feet pressing flat against the dressing room carpet, her toes curled up, riding the wave of her orgasm.

A groan from the deepest part of her soul pushed past her lips, and everyone in the store, forget that, everyone in the mall, must have stopped what they were doing to hear the sounds of a woman in true ecstasy.

“Yes!!!” she hollered, and her body went limp. I stopped my thrusting, gently holding her hips. “I want to taste you,” she said, matter-of-factly.

She turned around and guided me back to the bench. I sat down, my hard member sticking out towards the middle of the small room. My cock glistened with her juices.

Emily crawled between my legs and took me in her mouth, expertly moving up and down the shaft with her hot tongue and lips. She stroked my shaft with one hand while the other hand was on my thigh, helping to keep her from falling into my crotch because of how ferociously she was sucking my cock.

This lasted only a minute or two. I was getting worked up and I was close to cumming. I suddenly noticed that the woman in the stall next to us, whom I had originally gotten hot over seeing just her bare feet, was now on her hands and knees spying on us by looking under the dividing wall. The woman was a very attractive redhead. She had her hair tied up above her head, but some strands had gotten sweaty and had fallen down on her freckled face. I looked into that pretty face, which was full of surprise, excitement, and lust, and our eyes met. As Emily sucked away on my cock, my shaft half buried in her mouth, the redhead looked at my cock, back at my eyes, and slowly traced her lips with her tongue.

That was enough. My legs, ass and balls all tightened, and I blew the biggest load of my life down Emily’s awaiting throat. I came so much and so quickly, she honestly couldn’t keep up with it. Some of my cum dripped out of her mouth and onto her lips and chin. She pumped my cock with her fist, draining every drop of cum in my body.

I let out a small guttural groan, nothing compared to Emily’s excited yelling, but loud enough for most to hear. It was the unmistakable sound of a man having his life sucked from him, a little piece of his soul at a time.

When Emily finally allowed me to relax, my body almost collapsing, I noticed the redhead was no longer watching us.

Emily and I stood up and got dressed quickly. She cleaned her lips and chin with her tongue and a tissue from her purse. We giggled about what we would find when we opened the door: A crowd of appreciative fans or the police waiting to arrest us for public indecency.

We found neither, but I did notice that there were now a couple of groups of saleswomen, along with customers, who had been standing still listening to our performance. When I made eye contact with some of them they quickly dispersed, except for a few bolder women who looked back at us with a look of awe.

“Where do I get me one of those?” I heard one customer ask a saleswoman.

Emily walked right past two more saleswomen, one of which was the brunette from before. I was behind Emily, but I swear she was gloating. As I walked by the two women, the brunette’s eyes were locked on mine, and I returned the look. She didn’t know what to do, and she quickly walked away.

I thought we were leaving, but Emily, bless her heart, was actually buying a pair of jeans. That gave me a moment to scan the store and see if I could find the redhead who watched us fucking, but she was nowhere to be seen. I looked back at the dressing room doors, and her door was still closed.

“Are you ready?” Emily said, finished paying for the jeans.

“I was born ready,” I said, leaving with her.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the redhead was still in that dressing room relieving some of her own tensions.

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