Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 05

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Gus finished packing his cooler and loaded it into his truck. After his half-day of work, he was headed out on a new adventure up in the Appalachian mountains and he planned to leave straight from the office. A quick once over of his gear in the backseat, the addition of a couple extra pillows, and he was set. Gus appreciated that he had flexibility at his job. He was able to work his forty or so hours per week on the front end, and take time on the back end of each week which he loved doing, especially during the summer months. “How was it that the half days on Friday always seemed like the longest part of his week,” he wondered.

Staring at the clock was akin to watching a pot on its way to boil. Gus picked up his phone and started scrolling. He clicked on Aaron Green’s profile to see a little more about the Marine who had worked his cock in the fitting room yesterday at the man mall.

Aaron Green, USMC – retired. Married, no kids, 42 years old. Gus clicked through his pictures and started to get a chubby, and thought, he was even more handsome in person. Aaron had a few pictures of himself almost naked, in his skimpy Marine drill shorts, from a decade or so ago that were just jaw dropping. I bet he learned how to suck a cock during his time in the service, Gus thought, smiling. There were quite of few pictures of him fishing, and showing off some good catches at that, so he wasn’t just cruising Bass Pro Shop, which made Gus a bit more comfortable. He’d taken pause at the immediate friend request based on an overheard conversation, but decided, after a bit of perusing, he could be ‘friends’ with this guy. “Accept,” Gus clicked.

Almost immediately a message came over from Aaron, and Gus quickly wondered if he’d made a mistake and befriended a potential stalker. Gus opened it:

Hey Gus – sorry I never got your name in person yesterday, I realize it must be weird gettin this request from me, thanks for accepting. Everything happened so fast, and I didn’t want that to be the only time I ever saw you, so I took a chance. Ready for your fishing trip today? I hope you catch a bunch, and thanks again for yesterday. I’ve been hard all day thinking about it. Aaron

Gus smiled. He scrolled through some more of Aaron’s pictures and realized, that while he was ‘married’ he had zero pictures of his wife on Facebook, which Gus found odd. He also noticed that Aaron was definitely another one of his many types, as he had seen in person yesterday to confirm, and his work pants started to tighten as he thought back the fitting room encounter. He responded:

Aaron – nice to ‘meet’ you – hell of time yesterday, huh? Couple more hours and I’ll be headed out for my next fishing excursion. You getting any lines wet this weekend?

Gus could see the bubbles at the bottom of the message showing that Aaron was responding:

I have to work the rest of the day today, but I’m off tomorrow and Sunday, and my other half is visiting family, so yeah, rus escort I’ll probably get the chance to finally fish this weekend.

“Hmm”, Gus thought, “do I mention where I’m headed? What am I thinking?” Gus scrolled through Aaron’s profile in a bit more depth, noticing they had other similarities beyond fishing. They were both from the same area of the state, and had both made their way to the big city, and actually lived in the city, not the burbs. They both drove the same truck too, and from what Gus could tell, had similar fishing equipment and gear. Then, another message popped up. It was from Bill. Gus sighed, closed his eyes and pictured Bill’s beautiful ass in front of him and read his message:

Hey Gus, hope your week’s going well. Just wanted to say hey, and apologize again for calling you a faggot down at the river last weekend. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really need to not use that word anymore. You’re a terrific guy and I’m glad we met. Best of luck on your next adventure 😉 Bill

Gus didn’t want to immediately respond to Bill, though his primal instincts wanted to ask for a dick pic from him. He resisted, and turned his attention back to Aaron’s message. “Well, what the hell,” he thought, and sent the link to the small cabin he had rented for the weekend. And followed it up with a message:

For what it’s worth, this is where I’ll be – as you can see in the pictures, there’s a nice stream just a couple dozen yards from the back porch of the cabin – where I’ll be casting for brookies and browns. If you’re up for a road trip, you’re welcome. Cabin is small, but there’s a bed and a couch, so should be plenty of space.

Gus watched as the typing bubbles appeared then stopped, probably a dozen times. About 10 minutes later a message came back:

Looks like a great spot – really secluded. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it, but thanks for asking. I gotta run, good luck if I don’t see you. – Aaron

“What kind of response was that,” Gus thought, “Well, maybe he shows, maybe he doesn’t, nothing to worry about I guess.” He knew that he wouldn’t have phone service at the spot, so whatever happened would happen. Gus looked at the clock and saw that it was quitting time and straightened up his work station before heading out with waves to his co-workers.

He hit the road heading west. With light traffic and only one pit stop to make, Gus should be at the cabin before sundown and get to try his first hand at the stream this evening. With the potential for Aaron to show, Gus wanted to make a pit stop to grab some supplies. “I’m being completely presumptuous,” He thought as he walked in the door of his favorite sex store that was conveniently located, for this trip, on the western edge of the city, in the inner-ring stretch of strip malls between urban living and suburbia.

Gus walked in and headed straight to the lube section of the store, passing the dildo yenimahalle escort displays, the edible underwear, and rows of smutty magazines. He grabbed a bottle of Gun Oil, and asked the twink behind the counter for a bottle of Rush, paid in cash, smiled at the cute boy, and was back on the road. “With or without company, I’ll enjoy these”, Gus thought.

About three hours into his five hour trip his phone rang, he turned off the news and answered.

“This is Gus.”

“Hey Gus, it’s Jake, how’s it going?”

“Hey Jake – doing good man, on my way out to the mountains for some trout fishing, how are you?” Gus had given Jake his number in a message before last weekend’s adventure but Jake had never called him before. He’d remember to add him as a contact, now, and was glad that his long lost college bud was reconnecting.

“Doing good, hey, question for you”

“Shoot,” Gus replied.

“Hey so Bill and I have been talking, and we wanted to know if you’d like to come join us and our families, and neighbors for one of our cul-du-sac parties?”

“Uh, I mean, why?” Gus responded, feeling a a bit guilty at the curtness of his tone.

“Well, we just thought, you might have a good time, our neighbors are all really nice, and we’d like to be friends – it’s kind of the one social thing we do, will you at least consider it?” Jake asked.

“Okay,” Said Gus, “But you know I’m usually out of town on one of my fishing adventures on the weekends, right?”

“Yeah, we know, but hoped you’d block one off for us, sometime soon.”

“I’ll let you know, Jake. Thanks for the call buddy – I’m glad we’ve reconnected.”

“Me too, Gus! Good luck this weekend, see ya!”

“Buh-Bye, Jake.”

A cul-du-sac party, really? Gus was thinking about how lame it would probably be, but told himself to keep an open mind about it. He did appreciate reconnecting with Jake, and if this meant he’d see Bill again too, then, what could it hurt. Plus, as much fun as his adventures were, a few stable friends and confidants could be a really healthy addition to his life. He smiled, and noticed the sign letting him know he’d entered the national forest, he was pretty close to his destination, and it was 4:30pm. “Right on schedule,” he thought.

Gus’s phone buzzed again, but he couldn’t look at it, he was just turning off onto a backroad and would be making some cutbacks, and needed his full attention to not miss the dirt road turn off to this cabin. He arrived just after 5:00pm and stepped out of his truck, stretched, and walk down to the stream bank. “Wow,” he said aloud, “it’s gorgeous here.” The evening sun was nearing the mountain tops and Gus was itching to get some lines in. Not wanting to fiddle with getting his fly rod all set, he grabbed his spin cast and walked down to the stream bank. He used a tiny jig bait he threw downstream and then worked up behind the rocks as he reeled it toward him. On his third cast, as the sun, touched the mountain tops above him, Gus caught his first fish, it was a small Brook Trout. Its reddish orange belly and golden spots shimmered in the late evening sun, and Gus carefully held it in his hands. He inhaled deeply, and freed the small fish with an ear to ear smile on his face. He breathed out, rinsed his hands in the stream, and headed up to unpack his truck.

The cabin’s owner had given him a code to the lock box outside the door, and he used the key inside to open up the front, and only, exterior door. It was exactly what he’d seen in the pictures, one large room with a small bathroom tucked away in the corner. Old pine floors creaked under Gus’ boots as he offloaded his bag, pillows and blanket onto the bed that was set up in the corner of the room, adjacent to a small sink, and a dorm-size fridge. A small sofa sat perpendicular to the bed against the wall. Two windows, on either side of the front door, looked out over the stream. The small bathroom had a toilet, a door, and a window, but no shower, which didn’t matter to Gus, as he planned to dip in the icy stream anyway. Gus brought in his cooler and put a few beers and some meat he had packed into the dorm fridge, leaving most of the beers in the cooler which he moved to the porch. On his last trip to the truck Gus flipped over the phone, and remembered he’d received a message. While he didn’t have service the message had downloaded, it was from Aaron:

Hey Gus, so, I think I’ll be taking you up on your offer to do some fishing up in the mountains this weekend. I’m just off work and need to head home, pack and grab my gear, but I was gonna go ahead and drive your way tonight. Hope that’s okay. See you soon I guess.

The message had been sent just after 4:30pm and Gus started doing math in his head. “Let’s see, say he made it home by 5:30, half an hour to pack, probably a stop for food and gas, and a five or so hour drive, means Aaron should be arriving sometime around midnight.”

Equal parts nervous and excited, Gus went about his set up, collecting some wood from the forest to build a small fire in the fire pit between the cabin and the stream. After it was built and had started a decent coal bed, Gus grabbed his grate and threw a couple sausages on for dinner. He arranged his fishing equipment on the small covered porch of the cabin, cracked open a beer, and put on his fishing uniform – he was at peace. It was about 9pm, and Gus, a couple beers in, belly full, laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

A few hours later headlights streamed in the bathroom window from the up the dirt road and shone across the cabin, above Gus’ snoring head, lighting the wall above him. A truck parked adjacent to his, and Aaron stepped out. Gus had forgotten to put out the fire before he fell asleep and a few coals breathed oranges and reds out in front of the Cabin. Aaron walked up to the porch, nervous as he’d ever been, which was a lot to say for a man who’d seen two tours of combat, and opened the door.

Gus rustled in his sleep bud didn’t wake up, and a broad smile crossed Aaron’s face as he watched the naked fisherman, fully exposed in all his glory, peacefully resting in front of him.

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