Ægir’s Bride Ch. 08

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Kirsty looked around the cabin where she had been their ‘prisoner.’ No, even captive seemed a bit strong after…him. Bjorn. She bit her lower lip and smiled secretively remembering that she had seduced him that first time. His first time.

But there had been other firsts here too. When Mikael had… She blushed just at the thought of his darker head buried between her thighs. But he had teased and tormented her with his mouth. Pushed her to the very edge of her release and then pulled back leaving her hanging. Until he had not drawn back and sent her body flying over the very edge of the universe with his mouth and fingers.

Of course, the very first had been him. Here that very first day after their coffee. “Pleasant memories, Kirsten?” that deep, accented voice asked as he took his coat from about her shoulders. At least this time he was not demanding she get naked. Yet.

She smiled up at him and nodded. His hands caressed slowly up and down her arms for just a moment. For a heartbeat, she almost believed he would say something, but then he merely turned his back and walked to the toy box. When he came back, he held a small brown box, the kind that online company used. Her blush deepened as she remembered a similar one that her flat mate had delivered to her room one evening…a gold bullet vibrator.

“Open it,” his voice always seemed like a caress. His accent was thicker than his brother like English was not as easy for him as it was for Mikael and especially Bjorn.

Her fingers trembled as she pushed aside the flaps that had already been cut open. She was not sure what she expected, but what was there made her inhale sharply. Her eyes grew wide at what lay cushioned on the bubble wrap.

“A full set,” he said as he lifted the first and smallest from the box. He held it up and turned it slowly for her to examine. She shivered as he ran the soft almost transparent silicon down her face. “We will begin with this one tonight.”

She could barely breathe. His voice sounded so far away as she listened to him speak. “Every day for a couple of hours at first, you will wear it. We will gradually increase the time a bit every day. Until that sweet virgin ass of yours can easily accept my finger buried deep inside of it while I fuck you from behind.”

Her eyes flared wide at his bold words. Part of her was disgusted, frightened, even terrified. Anal had definitely not made her fetish list. But she remembered too how she had… when he… last time. He had told her then that he would ‘train’ her. She just had not expected this.

He picked up the last one, the largest of the three. Although it was tapered at each end, it flared in the middle. It was as thick there as… Yes, it was every bit as large as.

His rich, deep laughter that she loved so much echoed around the small cabin. “Yes, I so love the way your pretty face shows everything you are thinking and feeling, Kirsten. Yes, by the time we reach this one. By the time you can easily accept it inside that tight little butt of yours, then you will be ready for something else.”

If she had hoped he would have the good graces to leave off the dirty talk there, she was too be disappointed as he once more leaned in and ran the smooth surface of it across her cheek until it reached the corner of her mouth, “Open for me,” he commanded.

Kirsty blushed as she stared up into those blue eyes. She was light headed. Perhaps from trying to breathe fast enough to keep up with the pounding of her heart. Perhaps from the very, very naughty things that this man was saying. Because as much as she was shocked by such dirty things as butt plugs and anal sex, she was also incredibly turned on.

He ran the cool silicon across her bottom lip as he bent in and whispered, “Then you will be ready for me to fuck that sweet virgin ass, my wife. And don’t deny that the idea turns you on. I can smell how worked up you are even now. And you will be even more worked up with my baby brother buried deep in that wet pussy while I push you forward on to his chest and enter your ass from behind.”

Her mouth was dry. Her heart was pounding so hard inside her chest that she knew he must be able to hear it. There was no way that she could make even a sound as he pushed the thing just between her lips. Her mind was on auto-pilot as she opened them and it slipped deeper. “That’s right, sweetheart. Suck it. Because you know there are three of us. While baby brother fucks that sweet cunt and I take your ass, Mikael will bury his cock in your throat.”

She was not sure how she was managing to stand then. Her mind was reeling. His words painted such a realistic…such a naughty picture. Not even Raquel Graffen’s book had been so blunt when describing that very act. “Are you going to tell me that you don’t want that? All three of us? Taking you at once? If I put my hand between those sweet thighs right now, what would I find?”

She blushed and looked away rather than answer him, because the truth mardin escort was that she could actually feel the wetness dripping down the inside of her leg.

Then she was reeling a bit as she struggled to stand. It was only then that she realized his arm had been about her waist. Her body pressed against his the whole time he spoke of such intimacies. And now without him to keep her upright she teetered for a moment. Her knees were incredibly weak but somehow she managed to remain standing as he crossed the cabin and picked up the coat he had discarded earlier.

“But first we have to train that sweet little ass of yours.” He chuckled, “And my brothers and I need to learn to share our toy without killing one another. That may take some time, sweetheart. But it is so much fucking fun to mind fuck you with the idea.”

He slipped on the coat and came back to stand in front of her, “But, Kirsten, it will happen. One day. For tonight though, you can simply imagine it. The plug filling your tight ass as I fuck you. I might not be as good looking as baby brother…or as sweet talking. But I intend reminding you that there is something to be said for experience over youthful enthusiasm.”

“I may not be able to wile away half the damned day in bed with you tomorrow morning, but I promise you I’ll let you sleep in…after I spend the whole night fucking you and coming inside that equally sweet cunt. Over and over.”

He brushed his lips against the side of her face briefly as he whispered, “I will get us supper from the house. I am sure at some point during the night we will both need the break, to renew your energy.” He shrugged, “And let the others know that once more I have taken you as Ægir’s Captive. I am sure that is just going to thrill baby brother,” he laughed sardonically.

“But blame my beloved mother for keeping the lovers apart this night. She should have fucking known that with your honest face you could never keep the family secret from Bjorn. Don’t worry though, by morning you won’t remember your own fucking name. Let alone the oh-so tragic circumstance of my baby brother’s birth and the demise of my father.”

His hand found its way between her legs somehow. Without any preamble, two of his fingers thrust deep inside of her. Her response was instant and visceral as her body began to pulse and throb around them. She felt liquid heat explode as her juice coated them and he added a third finger. She leaned her head into his shoulder. She bit her bottom lip until she tasted cooper. Anything to keep from screaming as his fingers plunged deeper and faster inside of her cunt.

His mouth covered hers and she released all the pent up energy as she screamed into it. By the time, those fingers stopped their assault her knees were jelly. She was pressed completely against his hard body. Against his equally hard cock that throbbed just behind the zipper of his rough jeans.

He gave her that devil-be-damned smile as he lifted his fingers to the same lips that had kissed her. He licked her juices from his fingers, cleaned them completely as he silently held her gaze. “Delicious, although that reminds me…certain things I have not shown you…”

Kirsty could feel her face darken even more as she realized what he meant. He chuckled once more, “I see my brother, brothers?” he asked. “They have not been so remiss. Yes, well, I am sure that I shall find some way of pleasing you. But for now, there are instructions on the table. Explicit ones. Follow them. All,” he used that tone which always sent the butterflies scurrying in her stomach.

“I will be back soon. So do not waste time. Assuming of course that I do not need to fight my way back here. But do not fear, I will be back. Maybe a bit bruised and bloodied, but nothing…and no one…not even my beloved brothers are going to keep me from this night with my captive bride.” Then he turned and was gone.

It took her a couple of moments to steady herself. To slow her breathing and heart rate enough to walk the short distance to the table. The table were they had all shared dinner that first night. The table where they had explained her Fate, her destiny, her future.

When her trembling fingers finally lifted the sheet of paper, she forced herself to read the bold masculine handwriting twice. She shook her head and looked around her blushing. The man could not be serious. She could not. But even as she thought it, pushed the bubble wrap aside to discover what else that box contained, she knew that she would.

Partly it was her submissive nature that did not want to disappoint. Partly it was her own curiosity. She really did want to explore this…thing. Even more as she thought about the images he had planted in her mind. Yes, she was panting and almost tempted to relieve herself, even though he had just given her an incredibly intense orgasm, she wanted more. She wanted it all…all of them too.

But partly it van escort was him. Petrine…or Rachel was right. She wanted, almost needed, to reach this man. Her Atlas with the weight of the world on his shoulders. She needed that as much as she needed his brother’s love, which he so freely gave her. As much as she wanted to chip away those walls of pain that Mikael hid behind. Yes, she wanted them all.

Tonight though was his. His alone. And as hard as this list was, it was as good a place as any to begin this fight. The battle to win more than just his lust…but his heart too.


Sven looked around the living area. His family. His crazy, wonderful fucked-up family. His responsibility, he sighed. But right now, she was his first concern, his biggest responsibility.

Mikael was once more trying to engage with his daughter, using that sign stuff she was teaching them. He smiled, baby brother had been right about the Russian girl, having a child did not make you a mother. Then again they should have learned that lesson from this little girl’s mother.

Her on the other hand? She had just stepped in and already as subtle as they were, he could see the differences in his niece. She was going to make one hell of a mother. To his son. He breathed deeply. Now was not the time to dwell on those thoughts though.

His uncle frowned as he turned from where he and his mother were serving dinner in the kitchen. “We were wondering where you had gotten off to.”

But it was his youngest brother, who looked up from the table at him, as he demanded, “Where is she? You went to find her and mother. So where the fuck is my wife?”

“Your wife?” Sven felt the tension inside of him rise at Bjorn’s words. “Decided already that sharing ain’t as much fun as you thought. Well too fuc…,” he looked across the room at his niece and stopped himself even as his hands fisted at his side. “Too bad, baby brother. This was your idea. You, you and Mama,” he added as he turned shaking his head in the direction of the woman who at that moment he was madder at than he could ever remember.

“You and Mama who drug me and Mikael into this. Who convinced us that the old way was best. But now that you had a taste of…” he cursed under his breath. He was not about to say this in front of his niece. She might not speak, but that did not mean she could not hear. Did not understand a far sight more than they realized. This was no place for this conversation. No, he had come here for one purpose, well, two actually.

He turned away from his brother and joined his mother and uncle in the kitchen area. “Kirsty and I will be spending tonight on Ægir’s Captive,” he said loudly enough that his brothers could hear. “I just came to let you know so that you would not worry…and to get some food for later.”

He kept his back to his brothers as he searched in the cupboards for containers. He lowered his voice so that only his mother could hear as he whispered, “What the hell were you thinking, woman? You know that woman cannot hide a single thought, emotion.”

He found what he was looking for and crowded the woman over a bit. He felt a twinge of regret as he noticed for the first time that her eyes were swollen. It had been so many fucking years since he had seen that he had almost forgotten the knot that it always made in his stomach. He had just come to expect her strength, her stubbornness. It was an odd reminder of that other time…those dark days.

He sighed as he shook his head, “I am keeping the lovers apart tonight, Mama. But you know as well as I do what you have to do. One look at her and he will know something has upset her. How long do you think it will take for him to get it out of her? It’s not her place to tell him, you know that,” he whispered.

His mother nodded her head slowly, but before she looked down he saw the tears gathering in her eyes. He noticed her hands trembling with the bowl and ladle too. Once more he was a twelve year old boy watching as the man he thought of as his father carried her pale, motionless body to the boat. The man he had thought was invincible, but that day he had seen tears running down his weathered cheeks. That had scared him more even than his mother’s lifeless form.

It had been years since he thought about that day. About the months and months of silence that reigned in this house. Silence broken only by the sounds of her sobs. How many times had he seen them all scurry at the sound? Andreas grabbing the vodka bottle. Stig reaching for his coat and disappearing to work on that damned greenhouse.

It was always left to Olaf and him. His uncle would go to her. While he was left to care for Mikael, to try and reassure his brother that all would be fine…when he was not even sure it would be. But that was behind them. They had put it all behind them. All rallied around her…and that little baby. They had rebuilt their lives.

Until her. Until she came. ankara escort He shook his head, “If you cannot tell him, Mama, I will,” he sighed. “But it has to be done. You know that?”

But it was not his mother, who spoke but his uncle as the man wrapped his arms about his mother from behind, “We know, son. We will handle it. You just see to her tonight.”

Sven nodded slowly as he finished filling the container. He could only nod with the tightness in his stomach that he had almost forgotten over the years. He tried to smile at them before turning and heading up the stairs for the other things he had come for this night.

But Bjorn blocked his way by her door. He shook his head and prepared for the battle, though if it were to get physical it might have to wait, not that he was opposed to burying the kid’s handsome face in the cold mud a time or two. Weather and night be damned. But right now he could think of better ways to burn off that kind of physical energy.

“You will not hurt her,” he growled.

Sven chuckled, “You forget, baby brother, that is what we do. Who we are. And you want to forget that she likes it. Needs it.”

Bjorn frowned at him, “You know that is not what I meant. She is our wife. Not one of your fucking married subs getting a little excitement behind hubby’s back. And far more than just a piece of meat. A prize heifer to be bred by the bulls.”

“Oh, you have it bad, baby brother,” he chuckled. “Let me remind you of some truths then. The ones that I didn’t say down there because of our niece.”

“This is all your fucking doing. Mikael and I wanted no part of it, remember? He wanted something more traditional. And maybe that did not work out so well, but who knows if we had given him time. Time to really heal, to get over that bitch, maybe he would have tried again…for Monika’s sake if nothing else is I think how you sucked his ass into this mess, isn’t it?”

Now that his anger was unleashed he was not holding back. “And me? You knew fucking good and well I had no interest in commitment. That’s why I liked my women married…they rarely expected anything more than what I was willing to give.”

“I have a wife…Rán. Remember her? The cruel and greedy bitch of the sea who took my father before I was even fucking born. You think I want to bring a woman, any woman into this life? You think I wanted to subject them to the kind of pain that Mama has known?”

He gritted his teeth, “But no, you, baby brother, had to fucking point out the obvious. That without doing just that to some poor helpless woman our way of life ended with us. It was you who reminded me that like it or not, I needed sons. Sons to feed that greedy bitch. Sons to appease Njör?ur.”

“But now that she has gotten under the little virgin’s fucking skin, now that he knows what he has been truly missing all these years, well, you give new meaning to pussy whipped, baby brother. So you first go after Mikael on the boat and now me?” he shrugged as casually as he could with that much anger coursing through his body.

“Here is a bit more of honesty for you. Do you think that you can bait us? Draw me and Mikael into this mess that I watched almost tear my uncles apart and then just change your fucking mind? Neither one of us would have objected if you wanted to marry her the ‘normal’ way. Hell, we would have danced at your fucking wedding.”

“But if you think you are the only one that has acquired a taste for that sweet, tight cunt of hers, then you are crazy. And if you think that either Mikael or I are going to just move aside so you can have her all to yourself…go fuck yourself, baby brother. You started this…so fucking learn to live with it.”

He drew in a deep cleansing breath and forced his hands to loosen from the fists that he had been clutching at his sides, “So move the fuck out of my way…in more ways than one, baby brother.”

Bjorn shook his head, “She deserves better than this, big brother.”

Sven laughed, “Hell, yeah, I am not arguing that with you. The woman deserves a hell of a lot more than our fucked up asses. But you choose her. I wanted the Russian cunt. At least she would have known the score. At least…”

He shook his head as the truth hit him…at least she would have been safe. She would not have made him feel…not like this. Not like her.

Bjorn just shook his head, but he moved out of his way…away from the door at least. Damn him to Helveti. Damn him for choosing her. And damn her…

But it was him who was truly damned. Damned by those blue eyes that could not hide anything from him…from them. Damned by that oh-so-fucking sweet submissive nature of hers. Damned by her tight cunt and welcoming warmth that haunted his dreams…on those nights that he was forced to share what had first been his. If he were being honest he wanted her all to himself as much as baby brother did.

He was not going to let those thoughts control him now though. Now he was wasting precious time with her on his brother. No, he had come here for one thing…rope. The lengths in the toy box on Ægir’s Captive were not long enough for what he had in mind this night. But he was determined that if he could not yet bind her to him as he wanted…he would bind her sweet body in other ways.

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