Affair with Aiden

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I lean in to kiss Thomas, and, feeling his lips against mine, hope to send him messages of my own desire. I pull his hair, moan into his mouth, and whisper, “Let’s go into my room.”

“I don’t know,” he sighs, “I’m pretty tired.”

I’m disappointed, but not surprised. We’ve been going out for a few months now, and I can steadily feel my self-esteem dropping the more he seems uninterested sex. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me – I’ve always thought myself attractive: petite and curvy, with soft white skin and red hair that flows down my back.

Still, when we do have sex, I can’t say I feel much better. I’m quite generous in the bedroom, but anything longer than a couple minutes of foreplay and he’s complaining of a stiff wrist, and he’s said himself that going down on women does nothing for him. This lack of interest in my pleasure extends to straight sex as well, where I’m always left breathless and needing of something more, unsatisfied and (I hate to admit it) resentful as he rolls over, smiling, while I’m left to wait till he leaves in the morning to satisfy myself. I’ve tried to spice things up, but Thomas remains stubbornly vanilla, unwilling to try anything new or exciting to make things better for me.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts when my phone rings. It’s my best friend, Sara, and I answer immediately.

“Hey, I just got off work and I’ve got nothing to do tonight. Wanna come over?” she asks.

“Sure,” I tell her, knowing my boyfriend will be leaving soon. I don’t much want to spend the whole night alone.

A couple of hours later and I’m kissing Thomas goodbye. Still a bit stung by his rejection earlier, but determined to have a nice time, I go into my room to fix my makeup and put on my favorite skirt, hoping looking nice will cheer me.

Just as I’m finishing, she arrives, and soon I’m laughing at her jokes as she speeds towards her house, stereo cranked.

“Oh, and by the way,” she says, her voice raised over the music, “My roommate is having someone over. His girlfriend just broke up with him, so he’s feeling down. We’re gonna try and cheer him up, so we’re gonna bust out the wine. Is that alright?”

I tell her yes, excited at the prospect of this small party.

When we get to her house, and let ourselves in, I see that her roommate’s guest has already arrived. I nearly trip over the coffee table as I take him in. The first thing I notice are his eyes, colored the brightest blue. Tall, with pale skin, and a shock of jet-black hair, he’s probably just a couple years older than me, maybe 22 to my 19. I find myself forcing myself to remember the boyfriend who just left my house.

“Hi, almanbahis adresi I’m Rain,” I say, reaching out my hand, trying to look into his eye.

“I’m Aiden,” he tells me, and takes my hand. His hand is warm, soft, and strong. “We already dipped into the wine a bit, but you’re welcome to have some too, if you want.”

I immediately agree, and, a couple glasses of wine later, I’m much more comfortable, laughing with my friend at Aiden’s self-deprecating jokes, and extending my sympathies towards him as he talks about the – idiotic, in my mind – woman who left him earlier that day. Sara and her roommate announce they’re going to bad after a long while, as they have and early shift together the next morning. So, I’m left with Aiden.

“Thanks for talking to me about this by the way. We weren’t together long, but it still sucks to be without her, you know?”

“I totally understand. You’ve only had about one drink tonight though. When I break up with someone I clear out the liquor cabinet. Trust me, you’ll feel better. Well, at least till morning.” I smile at him.

He laughs, and pours himself a small glass of wine. But, before raising the glass to his lips, suddenly says, “How would you like to go for a drive?”

My first thought is yes, I’d absolutely love to, but still, the thought of Thomas loom in my head. I take a gulp of my drink before saying, “Fuck it, sure.”

As we’re driving to nowhere in particular, my mind couldn’t be further from Thomas as I’m watching Aiden drive. I can’t take my eyes off his lovely hands on the steering wheel, strong arms shadowed in the moonlight.

Without thinking, I use my favorite pick-up line. “What’s that on your hand?” I ask, feigning curiosity.

He looks over, confused, till I say, “Oh wait, that’s my hand,” and lace my fingers between his.

He laughs. “God, you’re adorable.”

I flash a false, haughty look back, then laugh as well.

“Come back to my house?” It’s a request, and I know I’m free to ask him to take me back to Sara’s. But with a feeling of freeing myself, I agree.

He lives alone, and his house is dark when we enter. He brings me to his bedroom, but stops before pulling me inside, and kisses me, warm and tender, and I feel heat flooding through my body. The kiss makes me ache for more, but he pulls my face from his.

“Do you want to?” he murmurs, breathless, but meaningfully.

I smile a bit, finding this gesture sweet, as Thomas had never asked me what I wanted before taking me. In an answer, I push Thomas from my head and kiss him back eagerly. I bite his lip and relish in the moan that escapes his mouth.

He almanbahis adres picks me up, and I feel weightless in his strong arms. I kiss him hungrily, my tongue exploring his, and he lays me onto his bed. His are at my neck, biting and sucking as I close my eyes in ecstasy. He pulls off my shirt, now kissing the tops of my full breasts, straining my bra. He fumbles a bit trying to unhook my bra, and I laugh and do it myself, he cups my breasts in his hand, his tongue playing with my nipples. I feel more luxuriated, more turned on than I’ve felt in months. I moan as his teeth pull on my nipple, feeling my panties become soaked.

I need to touch him. I pull off his shirt, kissing him everywhere I can. His pale, well-muscled abs tense up as I kiss him, neck to waistband. I slide off the bed, onto my knees. I pull out his cock. It’s huge, already leaking precum. I look up at him and tentatively lick the head. His dick twitches and he moans. I pull him deeper into my mouth, relaxing the muscles in my throat. God, he tastes good. His hands tangle in my hair, and he pushes my head down till all of his thick cock is in my mouth, making me gag. I massage his balls with one hand, and after soaking his length with spit, I use the other to stroke him as swirl my tongue around the tip.

“Fuck fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he breathes, and his grip on my hair tightens. I feel his cum pump into the back of my throat. I gag, but swallow all it, warm and delicious, savoring every last drop. I pull him out of my mouth, and there’s a string of saliva and cum from my mouth to his member. I smile wickedly up at him.

“Now it’s my turn,” he says, and pulls me off my knees, onto the bed.

He pushes up my skirt and kisses my thighs, teasing me. His hands massage my clit through my panties. “Oh my god, fuck me,” I groan.

“Not yet, not till you’re begging” he says, slipping off my panties. “God you’re soaking.”

This remark makes me spread my legs wider, and I feel his tongue lick the folds of my soft, pink pussy. My eyes close and I grip his sheets as his tongue finds my clit, teasing me. His fingers push inside me and my toes curl. I forget my inhibitions, myself, as his tongue moves faster, his fingers stroking my G-spot. The double-pleasure of it sends me over the edge and I cum, shaking and screaming.

“Oh fuck, Aiden!”

As the muscles inside me relax a bit, my clit still throbbing, Aiden looks up at my, dripping in my juices. “Yes?” he asks.

“Oh Aiden, fuck me, please fuck me. Please please,” I moan, pulling him up to me. I kiss him, tasting my sex, and it sets me off more.

He pulls away, smiling. “Well, almanbahis adresi since you asked so nicely.”

His dick is hard again, and as he places it at my entrance, it twitches. I want to feel it do that inside me, and I beg him more to fuck me. He pushes the head inside me, and I dig my nails into his back, needing more, needing all of him. But, always the tease, he pulls out again.

I wrap my legs around his waist. “Please,” I beg again, making my eyes wide, pleading, sexy.

The look makes him snap and his huge cock drives into me, making me cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He grabs my ankle, putting one leg over his shoulder while the other stays around his waist. His breathing quick and ragged, he puts a hand beneath me, at the small of my back, lifting me to him. In this position I can feel his cock grinding against my G-spot.

“Yes yes yes oh fuuuuck” I moan, nails scratching down his back again. I can’t get enough of him. I try to call out to him but it’s inarticulate, lost in the steady rhythm of his thick cock slamming in and out of my pussy. He pulls me closer, burying his face in my neck, moaning my name. He puts his fingers in my mouth, forcefully, making me gag.

“Yes, that’s so fucking hot!” he groans into my neck.

Then his other hand grabs my throat. I can’t breathe, can’t speak, feel him fucking me. Feeling totally owned by him, the pressure on my throat drives me to ecstasy, and I cum hard, feeling it drip out of my cunt, onto his sheets.

“That’s right,” he says, releasing my throat.

He pulls out of me, and flips me over. I’m on all fours, amazed at his stamina. He smacks my ass, and I lift it higher, offering myself to him.

I glance behind me, smiling coyly. “Now it’s your turn to cum. Fuck me hard.”

He doesn’t answer, but instead grabs my hips and plunges inside me. Keeping one hand on my waist, he grabs my hair, forcing my head back. I luxuriate in the roughness. He lets go of my hair to reach around me and play with my clit. Once again, the double-stimulation drives me crazy. I feel his cock swelling inside me, and I scream, “Cum inside me, please, I want to feel it!”

And it’s the hot spurts of his cum inside me that send me over the edge for the third time tonight. I scream his name as he gives a final pump, then pulls out of me, our sex dripping out of me, leaving me sore and sated.

He gives a quick kiss on the forehead before lying down and pulling me close to him. “We’ve got to do that again. What are you doing this Saturday?”

I decided I was free. Or at least, I would be soon. This night made me remember what I’d long forgotten I could feel, and I knew there was no going back. It high time for something better, something like this.

“Absolutely nothing,” I smile.

“It’s a date then.” Aiden smiles softly back.

And with that, I drift to sleep in his arms.

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