Affairs of State Ch. 05

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Clive received the message on his mobile, whilst sitting in his office. His father-in-law, the old goat, wanted to meet with him privately and had booked one of the smaller meeting rooms in the House for 11am. Checking his watch, Clive reckoned that he had time for a quick shag and was just about to pick up his phone and dial Stacy’s number when there was a knock on his door.

“Come,” he called out, expecting to see either Beryl, his more than middle-aged, totally unattractive pa or, preferably, Stacy, the red-haired Polish beauty who had been satisfying his sexual desires for the last few weeks. When the door opened and Penny walked in, he was, initially, disappointed. She was, however, wearing a very attractive, sleeveless, wrap-around red dress that finished just above the knees. Clive’s eyes were drawn to her legs, the soft, smooth skin calling to him. His mind thought back to when he had licked her cum of off his fingers; his cock began to grow in his pants as he remembered how he had enjoyed the taste of it.

“Penny, come around here, please,” he said.

Penny walked towards him; her hips sashaying as she walked in her high heels, stopping at the side of his chair. Clive reached out with his hand, stroking her nylon clad leg, enjoying the feel of the smooth material under his fingers. His hand reached under the hem of her dress and continued upwards until he felt the bare flesh at the top of her stockings, pausing here to enjoy the feel of her bare flesh, before he continued towards his goal. He paused when he reached the edge of her panties and then withdrew his hand. He looked into Penny’s eyes and then back down at her legs, his mind racing at the thought of what he wanted to do.

“Penny, take your panties off please,” requested Clive.

Penny was surprised and delighted at the new Clive; he had never used the word “please”in her presence previously and here he was now wanting her cock bared and ready for action. Penny turned her back on Clive and reached under her dress, grabbing the sides of her panties and slowly lowering them, bending at the waist as she did so, the hem of her dress rising tantalisingly up. Clive was watching the show as it developed before him, his hand moving to his crotch and stroking his cock through his trousers as Penny bent over and her delicious derriere came into view; he could see the dark circle of her anus, that anus that he had fucked so many times. When Penny had her panties round her ankles, she turned her head and looked back at Clive, seeing his face ogling her posterior, his mouth open and a tiny drool of saliva leaking out.

“You can kiss it if you want, Clivey baby, I don’t mind,” she wiggled her arse and then reached around pulling her cheeks apart.

Clive dived in, his mouth covering her anus and his tongue licking at the sweet little opening before him. He licked her ferociously, his tongue lapping up and down her little butthole, before he inserted the tip inside her.

“Oh God, yes, Clive – that feels amazing,” moaned Penny, as she started to rub her cock.

“Leave that alone,” said Clive, pulling away from her, “that belongs to me.”

Penny removed her hand and just held on to the edge of the desk for support as her legs began to go weak. Clive seemed like a man possessed as he worked his tongue up and down, in and around her arsehole. She so desperately wanted to stroke her cock but, equally, was hoping that Clive was going to suck her off.

“Lay on your back on the floor, Penny,” said Clive, as he stood up and removed his trousers.

Penny did as requested and lay down on the carpeted floor, her eyes watching Clive as he stripped his lower half bare. He proceeded to lay on top of Penny in a 69 position, lowering his cock into Penny’s waiting mouth as he eyed up the cock beneath him. He briefly re-considered his decision, but the sight of the pre-cum leaking from the cock in front of him drew him in – he opened his mouth in a gasp as Penny’s mouth began to suck hard on his cock and, with Penny thrusting up, he soon found his lips wrapped around a cock for the first time in his life. He enjoyed the softness of the skin as it entered his mouth and the warmth of the cock on which he was sucking; the viscosity of the fluid leaking into his mouth, as well as the taste of it, was also to his liking. Clive lowered his mouth further, taking more of Penny’s cock into his mouth as he sucked on the throbbing member beneath him, at the same time pushing his cock further into Penny’s mouth. Clive had soon lost any doubts he had about what he was doing; the sensations in his groin and the enjoyable feeling of a cock in his mouth removed any lingering thoughts of stopping and he was soon bouncing his mouth up and down the rigid pole. Penny had hold of his hips and was pulling his cock further and further in, her tongue lapping at the very welcome invader.

They continued sucking each other’s cock for some time, Clive getting used to using his tongue to pleasure the cock in his mouth while at the same time enjoying thrusting his length into Penny’s willing mouth. Escort Çankaya He was first to cum, his cock erupting in her mouth and coating her tongue and the back of her throat with his thick gooey cream. Penny bucked her hips faster, driving her cock into Clive’s mouth, sometimes getting caught slightly by his teeth but she didn’t care; she wanted him to swallow her load and she was determined to fill his mouth with her cream. She reached down and pushed his head down further as, with one final thrust, she felt her cum shooting up her cock and out into Clive’s waiting mouth. Penny groaned as she felt Clive sucking and swallowing, having christened him in the art of cock-sucking.

When she had finished, she was surprised when Clive moved around and lay on top of her, kissing her lips and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She accepted his tongue willingly, tasting her own cum on it as she sucked and licked it. Clive was feeling her breasts, playing with her nipples as he kissed her passionately; his cock laying up against hers. He found that he even enjoyed this sensation and started to move his cock – rubbing Penny’s cock with his own. Soon they were both hard again and Clive could feel dampness on his stomach – unsure whether it was from Penny, himself or a mixture of fluids from their cocks. Suddenly, he turned Penny over, and positioned his cock at her arsehole. Penny moaned as she felt him rubbing the tip of his cock against her; parting her legs, she reached behind herself and pulled her arse cheeks apart.

“Yes, please Clive,” she murmured, between panting breaths.

Clive didn’t need to be asked twice and was soon forcing his cock into Penny’s arse, his hands helping Penny to pull her cheeks as far apart as they would go as he continued to force his length into her.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he whispered, as he watched his cock slide into the delightful butt beneath him.

“Fuck my little tush Clive, baby – you’ve filled my mouth, now fill my arse,” she cried out.

Clive began to pump in and out of her, his hands feeling the soft, velvety skin of her arse as he plundered her rear. His cock noticeably stretching the little hole beneath him. He watched as it slightly contracted as he pulled out, only to be stretched again with each forward thrust. This was the first time he had paid any attention to her butt when he fucked her and he found the sight not only fascinating but very erotic and stimulating. With another three thrusts, he was shooting his second load into her arse, his cock spasming inside her. He collapsed on top of her and just lay there, listening to her breathing as she came down from, what he assumed, was an orgasm.

He was stirred from his almost trance-like status by a knock on the door.

“One minute,” he called out, as he quickly rose to his feet and dressed himself, encouraging Penny to do the same. “Okay, enter,” he said, as he sat back in his chair with Penny, somewhat to his annoyance, sitting on the corner of his desk facing him, her legs parted and no panties on.

The door opened and Stacy walked in. “Hope I’m not interrupting anything,” she said, a knowing smile spreading across her face, “and I hope you haven’t been taking advantage of my girlfriend’s willingness to please,” she added, as she placed some files on Clive’s desk. Stacy walked around to stand at the side of Penny, moving her hand up and under her dress, feeling the dampness of leaking cum.

“Stand up Penny honey, let me see what he has done to you.”

Penny stood and Stacy lent her over Clive’s desk, raising the hem of Penny’s dress until it was bunched around her waist. Looking at the sore bottom before her, with a trail of cum leaking out of it, Stacy lowered her mouth and kissed her girlfriend’s arsehole, gathering up as much cum as she could. She turned towards Clive and opened her mouth, showing him the cum on her tongue before closing her mouth and swallowing. She then returned her mouth to Penny’s backside and started to push her tongue into Penny, licking and swallowing all the cum she could find. When she had the last mouthful, she moved away from Penny and approached Clive, kissing him on the lips and thrusting her cum-covered tongue into his mouth. Clive reached out and caressed her breasts as she fed him his own cum from Penny’s arse; she was both pleased and surprised that he not only accepted it readily but swallowed the mouthful she fed him.

As Stacy retreated and moved back to Penny, Clive checked his watch again.

“Christ, I’m gonna be late,” he said, as he quickly rose to his feet, checking his zip and rushing into his adjoining bathroom to check his appearance in the mirror. “Scoot, you two – come on, hurry up.”

The three of them left the room, the two girls giggling as Clive marched out of the office and towards the front door. Penny and Stacy made a point of kissing in front of Beryl before they exited, making their way to their own offices.

When Clive entered the meeting-room at the House, he was confronted with the sight of his father-in-law sitting behind Çankaya Escort the desk with a pile of what appeared to be photographs in front of him.

“Take a seat, Clive, take a seat – we have some important matters to discuss.”

Clive glanced nervously at the photos, wondering if someone had caught him in flagrante delicto and spilled the beans to Rebecca’s father. As he sat, he watched Lord D’Estrage sorting through the photos and then looking across at him.

After a few minutes silence, that seemed like an eternity, Lord D’Estrage held out one of the photos to Clive.

“Looks like someone has quite a little nest egg built up Clive, my lad – care to explain?”

Clive breathed a sigh of relief. He was sure he could make up some believable cock-and-bull story that the old goat would believe and then he would find out who had breached his security.

“Oh, that,” he began, “an inheritance from a distant aunt – popped her clogs in New Zealand and left everything to me.” He smiled at his father-in-law, though his smile faded when he saw the look on the other man’s face.

“Really Clive? Really? After all that I’ve done for you, you are going to sit there and lie to my face?”

“What do you mean, sir? It’s the truth,” asserted Clive, small beads of sweat forming on his brow.

Lord D’Estrage gave him another filthy look as he popped some kind of small electronic device into a machine and pressed a button. Clive was stunned as he listened to his calls to Giles Shaw and Andrew Stephenson being relayed into the room.

“Have you got my office bugged?” he asked incredulously.

“Let’s not get into the how’s and why’s Clive – but I must say I am very disappointed in you,” came the response.

“It’s just funds for my campaign Sir,” Clive said, “I was trying to ease the burden on your pocket, that’s all.”

“Oh, I’m not disappointed that you’re a corrupt bastard Clive; far from it – in fact that’s why I selected you. I’m disappointed that you would see fit to lie to me, after all that I’ve done to get you where you are today!”

“I’m sorry Reuben, I was worried that you wouldn’t approve,” replied Clive.

“Oh, officially I don’t, and if this ever gets out I will disown you without a second thought,” said Lord D’Estrage, “However, with this lot of little goodies on you, what I want you to know is that when you become PM, you will not be in power but I will. Sure, you can have all the trappings of being the PM, being the nation’s figurehead, all the apparent power and glory that goes with the job but you will do as I say, the policy decisions will be my decisions – you will not sign a single document of import without my express consent – do you understand?”

Clive looked glumly at his father-in-law as he nodded his head, “Yes, sir – I was always going to seek your advice in any case.” Inside, his stomach was churning, his mind racing, trying to think of ways to get around this – he wanted the power all to himself, as things stood, he would merely be the old man’s puppet.

“Okay, meeting over – you can go back to whichever young tart it is you want to take your frustrations out on now,” said Lord D’Estrage as he watched Clive rise from his seat and leave the room like a dog with his tail between his legs.

Clive left the House and headed straight for “Number Ten” where he ordered a double Tarquin’s and tonic. He downed the drink in one and then ordered another, before retiring to a table in the corner pondering what, if anything, he could do to get out of his current situation.


Stacy was just finishing off some paperwork when her phone buzzed again. She picked it up and smiled when she saw Rebecca’s name as the message sender. She held the phone in her hand, rotating it as she considered her next move, eventually deciding to call the “poor woman” and put her out of her misery.

“Rebecca, hi honey,” she said, “been missing you so much.”

“Really?” came the response, Rebecca’s voice sounding hopeful, “I’ve tried to get hold of you so many times.”

“Sorry Rebecca, it’s just that my boss keeps me so busy,” stated Stacy, “anyway, we could meet for lunch today – and then we could come back to my office – my employer is out all afternoon and we could have some fun.”

They arranged to meet at “Number Ten” at 1 o’clock and see how the afternoon panned out.

As soon as she put the phone down, Rebecca went to her dressing room and surveyed her wardrobe, selecting a low-cut virtually backless navy-blue number that ended mid-thigh. As she tried it on, she sat on a chair and crossed her legs, taking note of how high the dress rose up, exposing her thighs. She smiled to herself and then picked out a matching pair of heels and a handbag. When she was ready, she checked herself in the mirror one final time before dialling for a cab.

The cab pulled up outside “Number Ten” at twelve-forty and Rebecca was just in the process of tipping the driver as her eyes caught sight of Clive exiting the pub. Çankaya Escort Bayan She paused and watched him as he walked down the road, somewhat tipsily, heading in the direction of his office.

Exiting the cab, she watched Clive until he disappeared out of sight and then entered the bar.

“Mrs Samuels,” called out Claire from behind the bar, “you’ve just missed him – he left just a minute or so ago.”

Rebecca smiled at her as she eyed the young woman up and down. Claire had always been on her list of “targets” and she was dressed to please the customers for sure; a low-cut top revealing a very ample cleavage and a mini-skirt. In her mind, Rebecca was bending the barmaid over the counter of the bar and baring her arse and pussy before devouring them.

“Mrs Samuels?” said Claire again, “is something wrong?”

“No dear, I was miles away, that’s all. I’m not here to see Clive – there’s a friend of mine that I’ve arranged to meet for lunch – I reserved the back room.”

Claire checked the reservations list and nodded. “Yes,” she said. “it must have been one of the others that took the booking – let me get you a drink and then I’ll go and check that everything is set up in there.”

After serving Rebecca with the glass of Chardonnay she ordered, Claire moved from behind the bar and made her way to the small, discreet room at the back of the bar used for “private” meetings. Rebecca’s eyes followed the shapely legs and arse as they made their way past her and towards the room and then gazed at the attractive chest of the young woman as she came back.

“Yes, it’s all set up for you in there – if you want to wait in there, I will send your friend in when he or she arrives,” stated Claire.

“It’s okay, I’ll wait out here and chat with you, if that’s okay?” responded Rebecca, smiling as she looked into Claire’s eyes.

Claire blushed; she had been aware of Rebecca gazing at her bosom and had heard the rumours that the woman was an ardent lesbian. She had never tested those waters and was generally happy with a cock servicing her animalistic needs but, she had to admit, Rebecca was an incredibly attractive, if somewhat older, woman who knew how to dress both classily and sexily. She unwittingly licked her lips as she responded, “That will be fine, Mrs Samuels – it’s quite quiet at the moment – you’ll have to excuse me of course when anyone needs serving.”

“Of course, honey, and call me Rebecca please – Mrs Samuels is far too formal.”

Claire smiled; Rebecca had a way of putting you at your ease and Claire was getting drawn into the web that Rebecca was spinning for her. Their voices had lowered and their talk had become more conspiratorial as Stacy walked up to the bar.

“So, what might you two be plotting?” she enquired, a smile spreading across her face.

Claire looked at her in shock as she realised that Rebecca’s lunch-date was Clive’s assistant who regularly lunched and flirted with him at the pub. It fleetingly crossed her mind to try and disclose this to Rebecca, but decided to avoid the issue – it not being her place to snitch on her regulars.

She poured Stacy her usual glass of Sauvignon Blanc and watched as the two women made their way to the back room, a tinge of jealousy entering her head as she wondered what they might get up to. After about ten minutes she entered the private room and took their food order, trying to spot whether any clothing was out of place or looking unusually rumpled. Disappointed that there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, she returned to the bar and passed the order to the kitchen to prepare the lunches.

When the food was ready, Claire served the food to Rebecca and Stacy, still unable to see any signs of sexual activity. What she failed to spot, to Stacy’s amusement as she had noticed the barmaid’s searching eyes, was Stacy’s shoeless foot under the table and between Rebecca’s thighs, stroking the crotch of her panties.

The two women lunched and chatted like old friends, Rebecca advising Stacy how she had spotted her husband leaving just as she was arriving and what a co-incidence it was that Stacy worked in the same area as her husband. Stacy smiled knowingly but gave nothing away. Halfway through their meal, Stacy had decided to get up and sit next to Rebecca rather than opposite her; she ate with one hand while her other was constantly stroking Rebecca’s thigh, slowly working the dress up her leg. When Claire came in to see if there was anything else they needed and whether they needed more drinks, Stacy left her hand where it was and Claire could see her stroking Rebecca’s bare thigh what must have been inches from her pussy. Claire gulped as she briefly froze, watching the fingers moving tantalisingly up Rebecca’s leg until Rebecca reminded her that they had both asked for fresh drinks. Claire blushed as she removed the empty glasses from the table and left the room, returning with two new glasses. When she placed the glasses down on the table, she spotted a pair of panties, she assumed Rebecca’s, on the floor. Her eyes moved to Rebecca’s lap where there was obvious movement under her dress; Rebecca’s face was flushed as she looked into the barmaid’s eyes and winked at her. Claire left the room in a hurry and asked Patrick, the other barman on duty to cover her while she went to the toilet.

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