After The Bad Date

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Big Tits

This is the next thing that happened with my sister. If you haven’t read The Phone Call, it might be helpful to read it before this one. Please give me some feedback. I’m just learning to write and would like to know what you think. And also, please be gentle and remember that these are actual things that happened. At some point, I’ll write a work of fiction, but at this point, it seems easier to learn the mechanics of writing while recounting actual events.


A couple of weeks after The Phone Call episode with my sister we took another step forward in expanding our relationship. I had thought about what had happened that day many times since. Upon reflection, I had come to the conclusion that my sister had been the best kisser I had ever kissed, and for my age I had a decent sample size. At the time, I was in excellent shape, having played football and baseball. Between playing those two sports for our school team, and being active playing basketball and tennis with my friends, I was in the best shape of my life. Admittedly, I didn’t have the face of a male model, but I also wasn’t considered an ugly guy at all. So I had my share of dates and girlfriends to compare my sister against.

On a typical, lazy Friday night, I was watching a movie and as the credits rolled I decided I would go to my room and watch some porn, masturbate and enjoy a good orgasm. One of the good things about a good strong orgasm is that I always fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. So after the movie I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and made my way to my bedroom.

I went online to my favorite site and had difficulty choosing which type to watch. I have several favorites. I like gloryhole porn, younger guy and mature woman is also one of my favorites, as well as truth or dare. So tonight I was in the mood for the truth or dare, specifically there was one featuring a brother-sister game of truth or dare. Well, of course, since it’s a porno, one thing leads to another and things turn sexual and the next thing you know they’re taking it into the realm of kinky incest.

This one was pretty good, and I was really just beginning to get into it. I took off my shorts and boxer briefs and was laying on the bed on my side, watching some good porn. I had the beginnings bursa eskort of a good hard-on but I really hadn’t even started masturbating yet and I heard the front door to the house slam shut. I knew my sister had gone on a date, but I didn’t expect her home this early. Well, I was just thinking that I should go out there and check up on her and was trying to decide whether to put my shorts on since I had an erection. After our make out session, there was no uncomfortable awkwardness between us. Neither of us was freaked out at the thought of making out and kissing. Far from it. I remember thinking that since I knew she liked to masturbate, and she knew I enjoyed it too, I should just go out there without bothering to put on any clothes.

Well, about the time I was coming to that decision, she made it a moot point. She opened my door, came in, shut the door behind her and locked it. She made her way to the bed and sat down at the foot of my bed, on my right. I was lying on my left side watching porn before she came in. She seemed preoccupied and I could tell she wanted to talk so I paused the porn so we could talk. She proceeded to tell me that her date turned out terrible and this guy, who she was hoping would turn out to be a long term boyfriend, actually wanted to break it off with her.

While she was unloading all this on me, my erection subsided, and I was trying to think of something to say to her. Then she put her right knee on the bed and turned to face me and noticed, really for the first time, that I was naked. Then she saw the porn on my screen and figured out what I had been doing before she came in. She smiled and that seemed to break her foul mood. There was no point in trying to deny it, I was busted. She knew, I knew it, and it was pointless to lie about it. she smiled and said “We haven’t really talked about it but I want you to know I really enjoyed our make out session the other day. I don’t feel funny about it and I don’t regret it and I hope you feel the same way.” I said “Yeah I’ve been meaning to bring it up and see if you felt the same way I feel about it” So with the truth of that moment now out in the open, she took the initiative and shocked the shit out of me.

She stood up and took off all her clothes. I was surprised bursa escort bayan and happy at the same time. I had been thinking of ways to take our relationship past the make out session we both clearly enjoyed. I had seen naked women, both in person and in porn, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen a more sensual woman than her at that moment. Even though she doesn’t have obscene porn star fake tits, hers were already a natural C cup, even at that age. I wasn’t surprised to see that she was completely shaven, because she always practiced excellent hygiene and always presented herself well.

She sat back down at the foot of my bed, but this time she sat facing me in the Lotus position. If you’re not familiar with that term, I’ll use the term most people would be familiar with, although nowadays it’s probably politically incorrect. Most people would call it sitting Indian style. Ok so anyway, she looked at the screen and asked what I was watching. I told her it was just some truth or dare porn. She grinned and said something about needing to relieve some tension with a good orgasm and I didn’t hesitate when I told her that yes, as a matter of fact, sometimes I enjoy a good jack off session before bed. So now that we were discussing it freely, I asked her how often she masturbates. She said almost every night, and some days two or three times a day, depending on how she feels and if she has an opportunity. So she said “Play the porn, I want to watch you jack off.” I said “Ok but only if I get to watch you play with your pussy while I jack off.” She grinned and unfolded her legs and put the soles of her feet on the bed and said “I’m way ahead of you” as she started rubbing her labia with her right hand.

I hit play and I can honestly say that I only watched a few minutes of the porn. At this point, it was just background noise because I had something much better right in front of me. I rolled over on my back and sat up against the headboard so that now we were facing each other engaged in a mutual masturbation session. When the blood returned to my dick and I once again reached full hard-on she said “I could tell when I was on top of you that day that you’re nicely endowed, but I wanted to see what you look like görükle escort without any clothes in the way. You’ve got a really nice cock Kelly.” Now I’ve seen enough porn to know that I’m only average to above average length wise, but I do have some girth to my circumcised cock. I’ve never measured myself but I’d guess I’m no more than 7 inches long, and I know for certain that I’m thicker than a toilet paper roll cardboard cylinder. Way bigger. I tried to put one on my dick once and there was no way I could get it down on the shaft, not even close. So I’m guessing maybe halfway between that and like, maybe a coke can? I don’t know, like I said I’ve never measured with one of those cloth tape measures.

Anyway, I’d never done this with anyone before, and between the porn, and this new exciting breakthrough with my sister I was really horny so I didn’t last long. About ten minutes (I’m guessing) into it I said “Julie, I’m getting close” She said “Me too, let’s try to cum together.” When her body seemed to tense up, I sensed she was on the verge so I concentrated on trying to cum. She was fucking her vagina with two fingers and rubbing her clit with her left hand. That was all it took for me and I said “Here it comes” and shot a huge cumshot on my chest and stomach. When she saw me shoot ropes of cum on myself, she started whimpering and her hands stopped moving. Earlier, she had slid down in the process of masturbating so even though her right hand was still covering her pussy, when she started to climax she raised her butt off the bed and I could see her asshole contracting and relaxing and I knew she was in the throes of an intense orgasm.

We both just relaxed and let the waves of orgasm roll over us with that rush of hormones and bliss that follows. After a few minutes I used my boxer briefs to wipe my cum off of my skin and she crawled up the bed and laid down next to me. We kissed deeply and hugged each other laying on our sides facing each other.

She said “I want you to know that I don’t regret what happened and I don’t feel funny about it”

“Me neither. I was hoping you’d feel the same way I feel”

“I do. As a matter of fact, now that we’ve reached this point, I want to do this again.”

I grinned and hugged her tighter and said “And again, and again, and……”

And we kissed some more and fell asleep. At some point in the night, I noticed she had woken up and gone to her room. My bed felt empty, and I knew that whatever happened between us, we would always be close and always love each other unlike before.

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