After The Game

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The guys won the soccer championship that year, like anyone would have thought differently. They were very happy guys, strutting around with their trophy. We were very proud of them all. You came up with a lovely idea of having a camp out in the back yard for the guys and their dads also, if they wished to join. You suggested a cook out and lots of fun activities that could all take place in the back yard.

Our Son let them all know about the back yard party and everyone said they would be there. Several of the dads also made plans to join their sons for that evening. Of course they all asked if His fuck slave would be attending the camp out. It was a busy day getting everything ready for the camp out. Preparing the yard and getting everything in place along with the cook out.

In the back yard in the far corner it has been transformed into a play ground. Not the usual kind for kids. This one is for Their fuck slave, to be used and to help be used by many at a time. It has tall spiky shrubs around the fence area so the neighbor can not see freely what’s going on. It has 4 thick wooden stakes in the ground, sticking out far enough to be able to tie the fuck slave too and she will not touch the ground. There is also another area that is fixed just so that the fuck slave can be tied and hung up off the ground and open for several to fuck and use at the same time.

The slave is a very attractive woman in her late thirties. She has the body of a young woman in her early twenties and that is something she is very proud of. Most everyone that met her thought that You were lucky in a couple of areas for sure. She has long dark brown hair, almost black. She has that white alabaster skin you could almost see through. She was wearing a rather loose blouse but everyone could see she had well shaped perky breasts. Her tight short skirt hugged her well shaped bottom and long, shapely legs. She greeted every male that arrived for the party, all had to have a second look at the sexy beauty before them.

She sat across the table from one father with a glass of iced tea and leaned over to get the lemon. Her blouse was open enough to get a good look at those great breasts. He got a flash of her tiny pink hard nipple as she sat back and squeezed the lemon into her tea. She saw him staring at her blouse and smiled at him and gave a little wink once his eyes finally moved up to meet hers.

“I think this will be a night to remember,” she said to him.

“Yes,” he said with a nod of his head.

You came over to her and held Your hand out for her to take, then escorted her to the play ground made just for her. Looking deep into her dark eyes You smiled that smile that makes her melt inside and said its time. She licked her sexy red lips, smiled and sat back in the sling, revealing plenty of those long legs. She slipped off her shoes and had undone two buttons of her blouse when one of the guys spoke up and asked to have the honors of undressing the slut. You looked at her with a twinkle in Your deep dark sexy eyes and grinned.

“Yes, I think that would be a good way to start the evening,” You said.

She looked really sexy sitting there. The guys could feel themselves getting aroused by her lush body. The guys sitting down across from her started noticing that she had no panties on. The first guy moved over in front of her and asked her to stand. He looked her up and down and let a small moan slip from his slightly parted lips. One by one he unbuttoned her blouse. Then slowly pulling it open to fully expose her round firm perky breast with her small rock hard nipples, he slid his hands up her arms to her shoulders and pulled the shirt back off of her softly letting it fall to the ground. He stood there for a moment just looking at her breast, his eyes moved up her long elegant neck to her beautifully shaped face. The other guys started to chant take it off, take it off.

Next he moved his hands around her waist to the back of her tight skirt and unzipped it. She stepped forward a bit and turned around so he could get to her zipper better. Once fully unzipped he started to work the form fitting leather skirt down over her firm round ass. She slowly started to bend over as he worked it down. Finally it fell freely to the ground and she stepped out of it and kicked it a side.

Now standing there completely nude all the guys gasp and moaned at the sweet tight body that stood there before them, all knowing they were going to have a go at it tonight. You moved over to her and took her hand in Yours as she lay back into position to be tied to the four wooden stakes. Once in place You put the restrains on her and stepped back to admire what is Yours, hanging there in such a lovely position. Her legs were spread wide and her Eskişehir Escort cunt and ass open.

You picked up a flogger and moved over were You would have a perfect shot of her open cunt, looking up at her eyes once more before You started. Then with a nod of Your head the flogger slapped across her flesh for the first time this evening. There was no hesitation between the pops to her nude body. One after another the leather straps of the flogger kissed her skin with a pop and a flinch from her. Small whimpers and sighs escaped from between her red lips. You made sure no part of her trim body felt left out, whipping her open and now very moist cunt, her thighs, tight stomach and those luscious tiny nipples and perky breasts.

You moved next to her and used the handle of the flogger to peel open her cunt lips. You could see that Your handy work with the flogger had made the whore dripping wet as always. The moisture ran down between her ass cheeks coating her small rosebud as well. Her nipples stood up tall and rock hard. Smiling down at her You brought the damp handle of the flogger to Your lips and licked it.

“Yes, now the slut is wet and ready to be used,” You said

You gave a few rules and instructions and then the line started to form. The first guy just stood there looking at her open cunt when…

“You look like you never saw one before,” she said.

“I can tell you, never one as beautiful as yours,” he said as he stroked his hard cock.

She grinned at him and he moved closer to her and started to touch her smooth skin.

“Mind if I get a better look?” he said.

“As close as you want,” she said and smiled a wicked little smile.

He moved to her and kneeling down began to kiss his way down one of her thighs to the beautiful bald patch where her legs came together. He could feel the heat and smell her muskiness as he got closer. He ran his palms down her thighs until his hands could spread her swollen lips apart more. He lowered his head to her pink slit and began to probe her with his tongue. ‘Oh, fuck, that is wonderful, lick it and suck it harder, more she moaned. It is like electricity crawling thru her body. She was dribbling wetness out of those beautiful lips and he enjoyed the sweet flavor as it increased. Without moving his head, he ran his hands up her body and massaged her round breasts with those tiny stiff nipples. She arched her back forcing his head deeper into her velvet crevice.

The next guy moved up to her gorgeous face and wiggled his cock in her face, slapping her cheeks a few times with it then rubbing it across her lips. She looked at the cock and gasps a little. The guy smiled and told her I have always been cursed with a large cock and balls. Nine inches long and Two inches thick, very few women can take that much at ease. I have never been able to put it all the way in without causing pain to my partner. She opened her mouth wide and smiled at him with her eyes, he moved up closer to her. She licked the clear drop of fluid from the head.

She just smiled and said,” What a gorgeous cock”.

She took the head into her mouth and began running her tongue around and around. She let her teeth drag up and down the shaft, heightening the effect it was having on him. He grasped her head in his hands and holding her steady, began moving his shaft in and out of her mouth. Pushing it deeper each stroke, moving farther down her throat, she made a few gurgling sounds. This went on for several strokes and then she tilted her head back a little and he felt the end of his cock touch the back of her throat, hesitate then go all the way down her throat. She made a low moaning sound and he felt himself grow even harder. Meanwhile the guy working on her dripping wet cunt continued to feast on her puffy lips and velvety pink flesh.

She pulled back and repeated the deep throat movement two more times. She then pulled back off and told him ‘come in my mouth, I want to taste you, as much as you have to give me’. She resumed her deep throating of his shaft and the second time he stiffened and felt the hot cream well up from his balls. She kept the end of him in her mouth and swallowed with each new load of cum he shot into her. When he finally stopped she took him out of her mouth and a long string of cum went from her lips to the end of his now soft cock. She licked her lips and smiled. He felt weak in the knees so he stepped back a little then sat down with a big smile on his face.

Another guy moved up for his turn at the fuck slave. He moved behind her and started to rub around on her tight little rosebud. She moaned and tilted her head back a little, her dark eyes searching thru the group of men for You. Finally her eyes found Eskişehir Escort Bayan Yours, it was like time stopped for a few minutes as more than just a look was exchanged between You and her. She smiled at You and then continued on with servicing the guys. The one working on her ass reached over and began to work his finger in and out of her. For the position that she was hanging the large amount of wetness that was coming from her busy cunt had coated her tight little ass hole and his finger slipped in and out with ease. He withdrew his finger and licked the wetness of her.

“I love the way you taste,” he said.

Slipping his finger back inside her tight hole, he fucked it in and out quicker this time and a little deeper. A few times of this and he inserted another finger and now pumped two fingers in and out of her fast and hard as she moaned and whimpered at the attention her cunt and ass received. The guy at her puffy cunt began to massage her clit. He then inserted his finger into her. She arched her hips and moaned. He started to vigorously finger her as she moaned more and more. He reached between his legs. She suddenly felt something inserting into her very wet slit, much bigger than his finger was. As he rammed his cock into her body, she yelled in pleasure.

“Oh YES, this is great. More more!!” she screamed. The guy at her ass pulled his stiff cock up and pumped it into her wet ass hole and both guys then fucked in and out of her. They could feel the others hard cock thru the thin flesh that separated her ass and cunt. Fucking and grunting as they did, another guy moved up to her and placed his cock into her mouth. She quickly started her talented tongue too work on this cock.

Licking and sucking as he pumped in and out of her mouth. Gently biting down on the hard flesh that was being forced in and out of her wet mouth over and over. A few other guys moved close too her and started to bite and pull at her hard nipples, licking and sucking at her flesh that now had a nice thin layer of sweat on it. Even more moved over to the fuck fest, pulling and pumping at their hard cocks as they watched the fuck slave be used in every hole she had. A lovely aroma now filled the air as many started to spew their hot sticky liquid on her body. After a bit that group was spent and all lay back on the soft grass and watched as the next group moved into place.

This guy moved to the front of her and pushed her legs wide, and began to massage her swollen clit. As the other guys cum ran out of her pussy and down to her ass, he reach under and massage it around her tight ass hole. She was always ready to try anything new. “Oooh Mmmmm,” she sighed, as he continued to work. The hard fucking she just received to her tight ass had loosened her hole up a bit. As he massaged the cum into her smooth hot skin her eyes searched thru the crowd for You again. Your dark eyes connected again and You nodded to her. Moving over toward her thru the large group of horny hard cocked men You made the announcement that it was time to change the fuck slave’s position. You gently caressed her cheek before removing her restrains. Once all was removed You checked her and asked how she was doing, she flashed that sexy grin at You and said she was ready to continue. You popped her round ass and told her to get on her hands and knees, and let her Son get behind her. She did as You said, and the Son moved over behind her and was ready to fuck her.

He got on His knees behind her, and began to run His cock in and out of her cunt. He would tell her while He did it, I’m Getting My cock wet with your juice, because I’m going to fuck that little brown hole.

“Are you ready?” He asked

She moaned as He pulled out of her cunt. He pressed the head of his cock to her asshole slowly, and then rammed in about an inch.

He said “it’s time!”

She screamed out in pleasurable pain and dug her fingers into the ground as she told her Son that He was such a good “MOTHERFUCKER!” She whimpered as He pushed in farther. Another guy moved over to her, then reached up under her, and started to massage her clit. Her Son increased His pace as her pain began to turn into pleasure. “Oh yes! OH YES! FUCK MY ASS!” she yelled over her shoulder to Him. Her Son was almost ready to cum, and His cock had hardened tremendously inside her ass. As He slammed her over and over, He started popping her ass with His hand, yelling at her, “Nasty whore! You are so sluttish. Take my hard cock up your little ass! I’m going to cum into your ass you little fuck toy!” The guy under her continued to work her clit while her Son did His duty.

“Are you ready to cum bitch?” He asked.

She shook her head and moaned loudly.

“If Escort Eskişehir you can’t answer Me then I can take it out and jack off on your cute little ass!” He said.

“YES, YES, I’m ready to cum please!” she screamed.

The guy under her couldn’t wait anymore; he masturbated and aimed his cum toward her beautiful face as glob after glob covered her white skin. Her Son gave a couple of more hard thrust before dumping His hot cream deep into her ass hole. “Cum whore! Cum now slut!” He told her. She started cumming, and fell forward onto her elbows. The guy under her followed her down, never letting loose of her clit. She could do nothing but pant as her orgasm took control of her body. She trembled and shook violently as it ran from her dripping cunt to her head. “YES! YES!” she screamed.

She was exhausted but didn’t want to let You down. So as the last group of guys moved to her she pulled herself back up on her hands and knees ready for more stiff cock. A guy crawled down between her legs, and lapped his tongue up her wet pussy. “Oh yes!” she moaned. “That’s the way you eat pussy MMmmm yes, just like that!” She would let out little moans every time his teeth hit her clit. Several others began to masturbate again while they watched. Then another guy moved behind her to fuck her velvety cunt. He rubbed the head of his cock all around the very wet flesh several times.

“Mount her!” You yelled suddenly. He worked his cock up into her, and shoved it in deep as she screamed in pleasure while You looked on. After several minutes of fucking her, You told him it was time for You to get some. As You walked over towards her she could see in Your hand You carried the new flogger. She stayed in position waiting to see how You wanted to use her. Without any warning the new leather straps popped the damp flesh on her ass. She jumped and moaned a little as she felt Your boot tap her knee. She looked up at You as You nodded to her. It always amazed everyone how You and she commutated with the other thru just looks and smiles. She stood and walked over to a chair and sat down. You used the handle of the flogger to push her legs wide apart and then tied her ankles to the back legs of the chair then tying her wrist to the back of the chair.

Moving back a bit, You stood and gazed at her for a minute and then before anyone expected You swung the flogger back and then down across her wet open cunt sending a hurt thru her entire body. She flinched a little but not a sound did she make. Your eyes moved up her sweaty skin to her dark eyes. A wicked smile crept across Your face and across her cunt came the next nip, and then another, over and over many times. You walked over to her and ran Your big hand across the red flesh of her thighs and dripping wet slit.

“Nice and warm with such a pretty shade of red,” You said

You stepped back into place and started again, one after another the leather of the flogger caressed the tender skin of her open cunt, hard nipples and thighs. She moaned and whimpered now with each strike to her body, her eyes never left Your face. On this check of the scarlet flesh You made comment about how the whore could not control herself as You brought the guys attention to the puddle that had formed in the seat of the chair. You rubbed the still stinging red flesh and told her it was time to service her Master. You told our Son to untie the cummy slut and get the clamps and place them on her.

“I want that tight hot cunt on My cock.” You said.

You laid onto Your back, as Your fuck slave crawled over to You. She climbed on top of You with her back towards You and slowly melted down onto Your cock. Our Son began to pinch and pull at her perky tits. She enjoyed the pleasure her Master was giving her as well as her Son. After He had her nipples nice and tender He placed the clover clamps on nice and tight. He then attached a small chain to the one that ran between the clamps. He stepped back a few steps and pulled tight on the chain sending a shock of pain thru her whole body as she continued to ride Your hard dick like a wild starved animal. The harder she rode You the harder He pulled the chain. All the while she and He looked into each others eyes as He knew His Dad was using His slave mom well and some day He will own her. After some time You told her that You were about to cum. She wasn’t quite finished yet, and started to pick up the pace. As she did, it excited You more and the harder He pulled the chain, stretching her tiny nipples out far from her body.

“That’s it My bitch cunt, fuck Me good and hard!” You said.

She continued to fuck You like a bitch in heat.

“Mmmm I love to fuck You!” she screamed.

Her cunt pinched Your cock like a vice as it shot cum deep inside her. She screamed and panted as He yanked the chain hard; the clamps pinched her nipples hard. You dug Your fingers into her sweaty flesh as she came. He released the chain and her body collapsed on top of You. You hugged her and stroked her hair for a bit then swatted her ass and told her to go shower……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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