After the Party

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Big Tits

The Memorial Day cookout is finally over. All of the family and friends have made their way to their cars and headed for home.

“Why are we still in the pool? It’s 2 o’clock in the morning.” Jordan says. “There are much better things I could think of to do with my tipsy wife than be here swimmnig.”

“Oh yeah?” Kristy asks. “Like what?”

“Like…fuck” He says smiling.

“Hmm, tempting…” she smirks. “Let me help mom clean up some of this mess. I think dad has gone to bed already.”

Jordan watches his wife as she gets out of the pool, the water pouring down her back and legs as she climbs the stairs. She turns around and winks at Jordan and he can’t help but notice her gorgeous 40D breasts glistening in the moonlight.

He smiled slyly, and winked back.

“Hey mom, want some help?” Kristy asks, opening the back door and walking inside. Her mom, Lori, was standing in front of the sink, draining a cooler of all it’s melted ice from the party that day. Her long auburn hair was pulled up in a loose pony tail and she had on a spaghetti strap purple tank top and pair of very short, black shorts.

“Yes please.” she says. “Can you pick up all of the empty bottles around the house and lets get them in the garbage. Try to be quiet because your dad is asleep.”

“Sure” say Kristy. “Let me change out of this wet bathing suit and Jordan and I can both help.”

Kristy comes out of the bathroom at the same time Jordan is walking in the back door. She is wearing a low cut black tank top that showcases her 40D breasts perfectly and a pair of orange shorts that Jordan lovingly refers to as “slut shorts”. Her brown, curly hair is falling down in layers around her face. He loves when she wears her hair down.

Jordan follows up the stairs behind his wife and gently smacks her ass with each step she takes.

Kristy walks over to where Lori is, slightly bent over the sink, washing dishes and gently places her left hand on the small of her mom’s back and on her tiptoes, reaches with her right hand to the cabinet above her moms head.

“I…can’t….reach….” she struggles. She was trying to get the garbage bags from the cabinet but her 5’5″ stature makes that a little difficult. As she reached her breasts were pressed up against her mothers back.

“FUCK.” Jordan thinks as he watches the 2 woman.

“Baby, can you please come get these?” Kristy asks her husband.

Jordan walks over behind Lori and reaches over her head into the cabinet. He is 6’1 so the task was a little easier for him.

“Oh fuck, she smells good.” He thinks as he catches a wife of Lori’s hair.

He has always been attracted to Lori, since the first time Kristy brought him home 2 years ago to meet them. How could he not with the body she was blessed with?

He grabs the trash bags and turns around to hand them to his wife. She smiles sweetly and says “Thanks babe.” He thinks to himself, “So sweet…God be bad just ONCE!!!!”

Kristy takes the bags and heads outside for the porch. Jordan follows.

“Can you hold the bag lover, and I’ll stuff it?” Kristy asks.

“I’d like to stuff you right now” Jordan teases.

“Baby!!! Be good.”

Just then the door opens and out comes Lori holding an arm full of FULL alcohol bottles.

She says “To hell with cleaning. Let’s continue this party.”

Kristy laughs and says “Mom! Haven’t we had enough to drink tonight?”

“You see these full bottles?” her mom asks. “That means, we have NOT had enough to drink.”

They all sit down at the patio table and Lori lays out the Smirnoff, tequila, a few beers and a couple shot glasses.

“Ok, what’s first? Shots?” Kristy asks. “God tomorrow is gonna suck.” She adds.

“Yes…but tonight will be fun” Jordan states. They smile at each other.

“Me first” says Lori, pouring herself a shot of tequila. “Here’s to a great marriage for the 2 of you.” She downs the shot.

Jordan says, “We can drink to that.” and pours him and his wife a shot of the Smirnoff vodka.

“Need I remind you that I am ALREADY drunk casino oyna from drinking soo much today…you want me sloppy drunk don’t you?” she asks. “You want a sloppy fuck tonight?”

“At least someone is getting fucked tonight.” Lori pouts

“I’d fuck you too.” Jordan thinks.

Kristy gets up and sits on her husbands legs. “I propose a game of truth or dare.” “Any takers?” she asks.

“Count me in, I’m drunk enough to strip naked and run the streets.” Lori giggles.

Jordan raises an eyebrow in his mother-in-laws direction. He pours a round of shots for the three of them.

“Mom, truth or dare” Kristy asks.

“DARE” she exclaims. “Wait” she says fidgeting with her bra strap. “I have to take this dumb thing off, it’s too tight.” She reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra, slides the straps down each arm and then reaches in under the front of her shirt and pulls the bra out, leaving her 34C breasts bare under the purple tank top. Her nipples were hard and Jordan could not help but take notice.

Kristy felt her husband move a tad uncomfortably underneath her ass. As if to adjust himself. She raised her eyebrow in curiosity, and continued with her dare.

“I dare you to….hmm…dare you to…she thinks a second about what may have excited her husband….I dare you to give Jordan a lap dance.

“What? No” Jordan tried to hide his excitement. Had his wife really just told another woman to grind her gorgeous body on him? Her mother, at that.

“Sure, why not?” Kristy said taking a sip of beer. “Let’s see if she has the skills I have. Like mother, like daughter, right?”

“I fucking hope so” thinks Jordan.

“Ok” says Lori. “I can do that…but no touching Jordan.”

“SHIT” he thinks. “Ok…no touching.”

“To make sure you don’t touch….I’ll be right back….” she emerges a couple minutes later with 3 scarves.

“Kristy help me tie his arms to the chair.” she says sternly.

Kristy laughs. “Gladly”. She is somehow strangely turned on by the fact that she is getting ready to watch her mother give her husband a lap dance. She ties one scarf around her husbands left arm and leans in to give him a kiss. She slides her hand down into his lap and pats him one time. “Be a good little boy.” she whispers in his ear. She gets up and turns on the little radio on the porch. “There ya go. Let’s see what ya got.” she tells her mother.

Lori begins to slowly slide her hips up and down beside Jordan’s chair. He can feel his breathing increase as her silky smooth legs brush against his arm time and time again. She lifts one leg and rests her foot on his arm, with her leg stretched out across his chest.

“God I just want to rub that gorgeous thigh” he thinks. He is trying not to let Kristy see his excitement. But Kristy is excited herself, and has begun running her fingernails lightly up and down her right thigh as she watches.

Lori raises up on her tiptoes, which puts her best feature right in Jordan’s eyesight. “Fucking shorts” he thinks. And then he barely catches a glimpse…

“She is not wearing underwear” he can feel his cock hardening at the thought.

“Oh my God, she did that on purpose” he thinks.

She turns and lowers her hips and grinds her ass against his lap. She smiles slightly when she notices his excitement. Then she stops.

“Ok, lap dance over.” she says

Jordan begs in his mind “PLEASE don’t stop.” He sighs out loud.

“Now it’s my turn. Truth or Dare Kristy?” Lori asks. Leaving Jordan still tied to the chair.

Lori noticed her daughter slightly rubbing her leg and knows she too is as turned on as Jordan and herself.

“Dare…and make it good.” exclaims Kristy.

Lori looks over at Jordan…who now visible has a hard on and cannot hide it from his wife. She looks at her daughter and then smiles.

She comes close to Kristy and whispers something in her ear. Kristy grins evilly as her mother hands her the last of the scarves.

Kristy approaches her husband, leans in and kisses his neck. He shudders.

She kisses his shoulder. canlı casino He starts breathing heavily in anticipation. She then wraps the scarf around his eyes and ties it behind his head.

“Blindfolded?” He asks curiously. “What do you girls have planned for me?”

Kristy says “Oh you shall see. Don’t talk. Just use all your other senses to make up for not being able to see.”

“Jordan…truth or dare?” he hears Kristy ask. “Well since I cannot possible go through with a dare while I’m tied to the chair….hit me with a truth” he says.

The next thing he knows…his lips are being parted by a wet tongue and he is engaged in a deep, sloppy, kiss. “Use all your other senses” plays back in his head…”this does not taste like Kristy” he thinks. His cock immediately grown harder at the thought maybe, just maybe, his tongue is in his mother-in-laws mouth. The kiss stops.

“So tell the truth, did you like that?” Kristy whispers near Jordan’s ear.

Jordan lets out a sigh. “Choose you answer wisely, Jordan.” she continues. One answer will reward you, the other will stop all of this.” She slowly slides her fingers into the waste band of his shorts. “Lets hear it Jordan…did you like it?” she demands.

“YES” he exclaims. “Yes, I’m sorry. I fucking loved it.”

“Mmhmm” Kristy says gently. “Right answer.”

“But who was it?” he begs.

“You will know soon enough” replies Lori

Suddenly, Jordan is overcome with pleasure as he feels 2 sets of hands near his waist. He raises his hips as both women slide his shorts off to the ground. His huge, hard cock is exposed and Jordan feels slightly venerable with the 2 women hovering over him. Just then he feels lips…warm, wet, lips…and a tongue.

“Oh my god” he says quietly. He instantly recognizes the tongue tricks and knows that his wife is going to town on his hard cock. She always devours him and he loves every second. She tilts her head to the right, still stroking his cock with her tongue.

“Oh fuck” he says. Now there are two tongues. 2 dirty, cock hungry sets of lips on each side of his cock. Each taking turns swirling their tongue around the head of his cock. Jordan begins to squirm with pleasure and then it happens…his cock is touching the back of her throat.

“But which is it?” he thinks. “Oh fuck, I’m ready to explode” he tells them.

She continues her pattern…taking his cock deep into her throat and then pulling it out and swirling her tongue around the tip.

“You’d better not cum.” he hears.

“We’re not done with you yet” says the other.

“Tell the truth Jordan…did you like that?” asks Lori.

“Yes, yes. I loved it. Please don’t stop” he answers.

“You tell me which of us just deep throated you, and we might continue” says Kristy. “Matter of fact…” she says. “It was my mom Jordan.” “Your mother-in-law just had your cock shoved deep in her throat.”

“Are you turned on yet?” Lori asks her daughter.

“HELL YES” exclaims Kristy.

“Should we continue?” her mother asks as she strokes Jordan’s cock.

“PLEASE continue. Oh my god!” he begs.

Kristy leans in her to husband. “We’re about to make your wildest dreams come true”

“Mom, help me untie our sex toy.” Kristy smirks.

“I have a better idea” she replies.

Jordan can hear the two women whispering back and forth.

“What is coming next?” He thinks

As Jordan sits, waiting as patiently as he possibly can given the circumstances, he feels another hand wrap around his cock and stroke a few times. It is Kristy…he knows by her touch. But it’s backwards, as if she is behind him, and he gets the sense that someone is in front of him as well.

He then feels one hand on his left shoulder….now his right….fingernails slightly digging into his skin. One leg now…resting on his right arm….now another on across his left arm. He’s being straddled.

He inhales deeply as he feels the warmth of her pussy brush across his cock. And his wife’s hand is still wrapped around him. He starts to breath heavily now. It is kaçak casino his mother-in-law. His wife’s mother is straddling him, tied to this chair. He has longed to fuck her for over a year. And now here she is…sitting mere inches from his throbbing cock.

“Why are you teasing me?” he whimpers

She slams her hips down onto his mass.

“Oh my God” he says as she does it 2 more times.

She lets out a slight moan and pushes herself down onto him a couple more times.

“Have you always wanted to fuck my mother?” he hears from behind him.

“Fuck yes.. Yes….since the first day I met her.” he replies.

“And now you are, aren’t you?” she says.

“Do you like having two of your very own sluts?” asks Lori

Kristy starts to untie Jordan’s left arm…then his right….he lifts his hand towards his face…

“Keep the blindfold on” she demands

He grabs a hold of Lori’s hips and begins thrusting his hips up to meet hers.

“Take it like the slut you really are.” he demands.

She screams out in pleasure as he thrusts harder and deeper into her.

“Mmhmm. Fuck her.” says Kristy. “Fuck her pussy.”

Kristy is now sitting in a chair facing her mother and her husband. She slowly slides a finger inside her shorts and begins to flick her clit.

“Mmmm, yeah!” “Fuck her good” she tells Jordan as he bounces Lori up and down on his huge cock.

“How do you like this cock now, you slut?” he asks.

“Mmm, I fucking love it. Your cock is so hard for me. Fuck! Fuck!” she screams as her orgasm approaches.

“Oh fuck” says Kristy as she is sliding her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy. “Make that slut cum all over your cock”. “I want to taste you both.” she tells him.

“Kristy, get this blind fold off me, now” Jordan demands.

Kristy gathers her composure and unties the blindfold. Jordan has Lori’s breasts bouncing right in his face. He flicks her nipple with his tongue and she moans louder.

“Kris, get on the table, on your back. This slut is going to eat you, aren’t you slut?”

“Yes, yes, fuck. Please don’t stop fucking me. I’ll do anything you say.” says Lori

Kristy gets on the table and Jordan stands Lori up. He grabs her hair and bends her over and shoves her face into his wives cunt.

“You lick her good and I’ll keep fucking you.” he tells her and he gets behind her.

She inhales deeply as he thrusts his cock deep into her from behind. She starts licking her daughters pussy in a frenzy.

“Oh fuck, yes! Eat my pussy! Oh my god!” Kristy screams out.

The sound and sight of that turns Jordan on even more and he pounds Lori even harder.

“Make her cum, slut. Make her cum and you will get your orgasm too.” he tells her.

Kristy starts to squirm with pleasure as her orgasm creeps up on her. She grabs a hold of her moms head and pulls her in deeper.

“Fuck yeah. Eat my pussy the way you’re supposed to.” she leans forward to look at her husband . She can tell he is getting close to his point of no return.

“Oh fuck. I’m ready to cum. Fuck….” she screams.

Then Lori screams out in pleasure. Jordan has just shoved his cock deep inside her ass.

“Oh my god! Fuck yes.” Lori screams.

He smacks her ass as she rocks back into him.

“Take it all you fucking slut.” he demands. He grabs a hand full of her hair and pulls her closer to him…shoving his huge cock so deep into her ass.

“Cum in your slut baby.” Kristy tells Jordan. “Cum in her, cum with me. Fuck yes!!!”

Jordan shoves Lori’s face into his wife’s pussy again.

“MAKE HER CUM” he demands.

Lori’s tongue goes crazy inside of Kristy’s pussy as wave after wave of her orgasm sends her over the edge with pleasure.

He thrusts himself into Lori a few more times as stream upon stream of his hot cum shoot deep inside her.

They all breath heavily together as Jordan and Lori flop back into their chairs.

Kristy lays on the table, still completely blown away by what just happened.

“Oh my god” Lori exclaims. “That was unbelievable.”

Kristy sits up and looks at her mom, then at her husband.

“Shower?” she asks.

Jordan smiles and takes both woman by the hand and they head for the bathroom….

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