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There’s something about this man.

I can’t put my finger on it– it’s elusive, carnal, decadent and intriguing all at once. He’s holding back, I think. But from what? It’s our first time together, perhaps he’s playing it cool?

Here he is before me, powerful and commanding, but with a gentility and softness that belies the gleam in his eyes. He wants me, of that I’m sure. And I want him. But I find myself frightened by his reticence- what is he holding back? His hands cup my face and his kisses drown my hesitation until I feel safe, comfortable and comforted in his arms.

Slowly he peels the shirt from my shoulders, his lips trailing his nimble fingers and sending shivers down my spine. My nipples erect, the heat between my thighs making me shift my weight and grind toward his cock. His mouth teasing me, sucking and licking at my breast causing me to arch closer to him, wanting him to take the fullness of my breast into his mouth. He obliges me immediately- he can read my signals. My hand gripping the back of his head, forcing my breast deeper between his lips. Soft and hard, firm yet pliable in his Escort Sincan hands he kneads them just enough to make me moan. Alternating between them he feasts on me until my nipples are red and raw to the touch. He returns only to kiss my lips before continuing on his path.

Standing before him naked and vulnerable, I feel only security and unabashed passion for this man. He won’t hurt me- that I know. I gently push him toward the chair and he sits obediently, licking his lips in anticipation. But he’ll have to wait.

Here he is. Mine for the taking. And it feels as if I’ve waited forever for this. His hardness clearly visible through the confines of his jeans. I trail my fingers over it and I hear him groan. But I’m not ready for that yet.

This man is not one to take for granted- our time together will be limited and I must make the most of it. I straddle him on the chair and kiss him slowly, tasting whiskey and cigarettes- a comforting yet dangerous combination. His lips are soft, begging to be bitten and who am I not to oblige? I sink my teeth into his lower lip and feel him arch Sincan Escort toward me. His hands reach for my hair and tug gently, but retreat just as quickly. He settles his fingers at the back of my neck and pulls me deeper into him. My hips begin a slow grind on his cock, leaving a spot of wetness on his jeans. I need to see him. Right now.

I slip his pants from him, leaving him naked. His cock is thick and strong, pulsing from his arousal. I sink to my knees and begin to taste him, his inner thighs, his tummy, the heaviness of his sack and the spot hidden underneath. He edges forward in the chair and I begin to suck more earnestly, leaving tiny bite marks as evidence of my arousal. His breath is coming faster– I think he might be ready. Slowly, I straddle him once again and position his cock at my wetness. I ease slowly onto him, grinding my hips as I sink down. His arms wrap around me and his face is buried in my neck.

I ride him slowly…deliberately. Relishing the feeling of him filling me completely. I can feel the storm rising between my thighs and I arch toward his body. I grind Sincan Escort Bayan deeper, harder, faster until my orgasm takes me. My head thrown back, my fingers digging into his shoulders, my pussy clenching his cock hard to draw him deeper inside me. “Please,” I whisper. “Please, Baby…” He thrusts upward until his cock hits my limit, bruising me in the most wonderful way. Lost in my passion I feel myself gush on him, my juices flowing and bathing us both.

And yet…He hasn’t cum.

He’s holding back.

In the afterglow of my orgasm, my body still wracked with spasms, I look him in the eye. “Baby…was it not good for you?” He grins at me- the smile I came to love spreads across his face, “It was wonderful.” But I can see it in his eyes- there’s something else he wants.

I dislodge myself from his grasp and stand before him, naked, trembling and tender. Searching his eyes, I see it. I know what he wants. I step back and avert my gaze. Sinking to my knees once again but with a totally different agenda his time. My heels against my ass, my palms behind my back.

And softly I whisper to him, “Again, Sir.”

The dynamic has suddenly shifted. He’s proven his allegiance to me and has acknowledged my fears. He has read my body, my mind and my heart.

Now, for the first time in so long, I trust whatever may cum.

To be continued…Someday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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