Alex’s Gifts Ch. 20

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Healing Wounds

Alex jumped into his jeep in the YMCA parking lot. He’d quickly given up trying to reason and rationalize his shower room debauchery with his new boss Emily. Throw it on the pile. Carrie was the only person he could talk to about it, and he doubted they’d have time alone together anytime soon. He owed Jenny a date tonight and didn’t intend to let anything interfere with his plans.

A buzzing sound roused Alex out of his reflection and he picked up his phone. Twenty-seven missed messages, all from Ben. He didn’t bother reading them, he had a good idea what his best friend was saying and intended to pay him a visit on the way home. He wasn’t looking forward to facing Ben’s wrath, but it had to be done; the longer he waited, the greater the damage would be.

Diverting his attention momentarily, Alex dialed Jenny’s number. Her cheerful voice greeted him, “Hey, Alex.”

“Hi there. Still on for tonight?”

“Absolutely. I’ll be at the store until six.”

“Okay, I’ll stop by then,” Alex said, then hung up after exchanging goodbyes. It was nearing five o’clock and he didn’t have time to waste. He drove out of the parking lot and turned down the road towards Ben and Megan’s house. Five minutes later he pulled behind his friend’s car in the driveway and let himself into the house. Upstairs, he knocked on the door to his room.

“Ben? It’s Alex.” After several seconds the door swung open forcefully. Out of the corner of his eye, Alex just managed to catch an object rounding towards his head. He leaned back in surprise, taking a glancing blow to his cheekbone while Ben’s fist followed through and impacted the door frame with an audible crack.

“Fuck!” Ben blurted, grasping his injured hand while Alex rubbed his face.

“Feel better?” Alex spat and then moved his jaw in circles to make sure nothing was out of place.

“Fuck you!” Ben howled. Alex shoved him out of the way and went into his room. Ben cradled his hand gingerly as he turned in surprise at his friend’s brazen act.

“Look, I might deserve that, but you need to calm down before you hurt yourself,” Alex said, rounding on his friend and trying his hardest to remain level headed.

“Why did you do it?” Ben bellowed, the shooting pain in his hand feeding his rage. He’d already fucking hurt himself.

“I told you exactly what would happen if you kept that camera running,” Alex said, glaring at his best friend.

“But with Megan? My sister?! That was some sick shit, man.”

“What we did was her idea, not mine.”

“Bullshit!” Ben snapped.

“Ask her if you don’t believe me. Ask Becky too, for that matter.”

Ben sighed in pain and sat in his desk chair. “Becky told me. I watched the video while she was here.” His breathing slowed as he began to calm. His throbbing hand was beginning to distract his anger rather than enhance it.

Alex sat on Ben’s bed and said nothing, waiting for his friend to come to his senses.

Ben examined his injury, wincing in pain. “Probably broke my fucking hand. Fuck!”

Alex got up and left the room. Downstairs, he collected a bag of ice and a towel. While returning to Ben’s room, he ran into Megan who had just walked in the front door.

“What’d he do?” she asked, obviously concerned as she grabbed his chin and turned his red cheek towards her gaze.

“It’s fine, he hurt himself worse. I’m handling it.”

“Alright, tell me how it goes. And don’t be stupid, Alex.” Megan was surprised it came to blows. She didn’t want Alex or her brother getting hurt over something she’d instigated, even if they did deserve some punishment for what they’d done.

Alex nodded and went back into his friend’s room. “Here,” he said, handing Ben the ice and towel.

“Thanks,” Ben grumbled. “How long have you and Meg been…?” He trailed off, unwilling to describe what he’d seen them do.

“Since Casey’s party. The day before, actually, when I came here to set up the firewall. Apparently, she’s been into me for a while,” Alex said and shrugged.

“And Becky?”

“I’ve never done anything with her before. She wasn’t part of the plan. Megan wanted her involved.” Alex sighed. “Did I fuck that up for you?”

Ben shook his head and couldn’t stop himself from smiling. “Once I got back I was going to do what you said and take the camera down. But Becky was still here, and she didn’t let me off that bed for two hours.”

“Good. And just so you know, I told Becky to wait around for you. Not that she needed convincing. I guess I sort of ruined her plans too.”

Ben grinned to show his appreciation. “After we did it for like the fourth time, she told me what you guys had done. She said she felt bad about it, about me, I guess,” Ben said, hanging his head. “She made me play the video and when it got to her part she said sorry and that I should call her if I wanted to, then she left.”

“Did you?”

“Yeah, just did. We’re going out tonight.”

“Good. I’m glad. I felt the worst about that but Megan was insistent. She wanted to teach you a lesson bursa escort bayanlar and I couldn’t say no, I already felt bad enough about the part I played in all this,” Alex said, shaking his head.

“So you told her? She already knew when you came over here to talk to me?”

Alex nodded. “She got suspicious and forced my hand. But I was planning on telling her regardless.”

“I bet she was pissed.”

“You don’t know the half of it, man,” Alex said and shuddered for effect. “She’s fine now, provided this ends,” Alex added, nodding at Ben’s closet.

Ben continued to look at the floor, clutching the bag of ice against the back of his swelling hand. “I, uh, have a confession to make.” Not waiting for Alex to respond, he continued quietly. “I put that video up online, on a website I know where people sell homemade porn. I was pissed, I hope you aren’t mad. The masks, the crazy shit you and Megan were saying about being brother and sister…”

Alex chuckled. “The roleplay was Megan’s idea. Your sister is a piece of work, man.”

“I’m figuring that out,” Ben replied.

“Look, I don’t care that you posted the video, as long as it can’t be traced back to the girls. I had a feeling you’d do something with it.”

“I took precautions. It’s made almost two grand since last night,” Ben said, then looked up and grinned.

“Holy shit!” Alex exclaimed.

“Apparently it’s a popular category. Who knew? People are going nuts for it, dude. They want more. Check this out,” Ben turned to his computer and awkwardly pulled up the website with his left hand working the mouse. There were dozens of comments: “Hot as fuck!” “I want more!” “Do it from other angles” “I want to see her face” “Look at the size of that cock!” “I bet her ass is so tight” “More!!” Ben clicked through and eventually landed on his account page. A total showing over three thousand dollars in purchases flashed across the screen.

“I didn’t think people actually paid for porn,” Alex said, shaking his head.

“I know, dude. It’s the highest grossing video this month and it’s only been up a day. All the other top sellers are the same. People pretending to be related. At least I assume they’re pretending,” Ben shrugged.

“Niche market.”

“I guess. So what do you think?”

“About what?”

“Don’t play dumb. That’s a shitload of money. We could be rich!” Ben said, hoping his friend was following his implication.

Alex canted his eyebrows. He already was rich and Ben knew it. “If you need money…”

“Oh fuck off with that. I don’t want your charity,” Ben spat. He’d never accepted Alex’s help directly and Alex very rarely offered it anymore.

“How is it any different? I give you money, or I let you record me doing it with your sister so you can get money.”

“Everybody wins,” Ben stated flatly. He was too proud to take Alex’s money, but apparently not too proud to watch his friend screw his sister.

Alex was used to Ben’s mixed bag of morals and didn’t argue the point. “Let me go talk to Megan,” he said then stood and stopped once he reached the doorway. “That stays off,” he said, pointing at the closet. “I’ll know if it doesn’t,” he added, holding up his phone. Ben nodded and Alex crossed the hall to Megan’s room. He knocked lightly and entered once he heard a response.

“Hey, got a minute?”

“Sure,” Megan smiled cutely and turned from her laptop. “How’d it go?”

“Fine. He’s over it. I guess Becky did a number on him then told him about it. They’re still together, so he’s happy. He was coming back here to shut it all off after our fight.”

“Good,” Megan said.

“There’s more…” Alex said, trailing off. Megan sat and listened to him explain Ben’s proposition. At first she was hesitant, but once she heard how much money could be made she was more in favor. Mostly it was the thought of other people watching her that did it. The closet exhibitionist could finally have an audience without revealing her identity.

“I’ll do it. But I have a few rules.” Alex nodded and she continued. “First, he can’t turn on the camera. All that goes away. You and I are the only ones with access to it. Second, I get final say if the video gets posted. We’re also going to keep wearing the masks, nobody can find out who we are.” She said the last part with extreme emphasis, knowing what it would do to her reputation as a freshman starting college in the fall. “And I want half of the money,” she added, almost as an afterthought.

Megan sat quietly in thought for a few seconds before continuing. “He has to stay out of my room. Always. If he comes in here then I’m done with him. And if he gets some perverted idea about him and me, I’ll kick him in the balls so hard he won’t be able to make babies.”

Alex chuckled at the fiery brunette. “Alright. He’ll agree to all that. There are a couple of things he’s going to want, though.”


“He’ll want to be able to control the camera while we’re filming. And he may want to add more cameras.” Alex knew his friend well bayan sarisin escort bursa enough to tell the direction this was headed. He’ll want to up the production value, it was a logical next step. Plus, they didn’t really need Ben if everything was in his and Megan’s control. Her brother would have to bring something to the table if he was to remain a member of their perverted partnership.

Megan huffed and folded her arms under her chest. “I guess that’s fine. As long as we still control everything.”

Alex nodded, “That’s doable. We can give him access and then shut it off. I’ll go see what he says.” Crossing back into Ben’s room, he saw his friend had the infamous video pulled up; a masked Megan was gobbling on Alex’s cock. Thankfully his hands were still above the desk. “Alright, she’s in,” he said loud enough to startle his friend.

Ben closed the video and turned red. “Sweet!”

“She has some conditions. First, she wants half the money.” Ben nodded. “And we get full control over the setup. You can work the cameras, but only when we allow it. All this stuff gets moved to her room,” he said, waving at the hardware he had set up.

“Fine by me.”

“And you’re not allowed in her room. Ever, for any reason. She said if she catches you then she’s done. She also said if you get any funny ideas about you and her she’s going to hurt you in a bad way.”

“The thought never crossed my mind,” Ben said honestly. Perving on his sister was one thing, but he’d never take it anywhere else. Plus he had Becky, she was more his type.

“The masks stay on, and we get a final say before a video gets posted. You can do the editing and whatever else, but you don’t put it up for sale until we agree.”

“Alright. What about cameras? Can we add more?”

“Yes, I asked her about that.”

“Nice. I’ll grab a couple more tonight and get everything ready.”

“I’ll swing by tomorrow and we can change the setup around,” Alex offered. “Keep it off until then or I won’t be responsible for what Megan does to you. She knows that I will know, and I will tell her immediately,” he added, waving his phone in the air for the second time to make his point extra clear.

“Okay,” Ben said, wincing at the thought. “I’ll be here tomorrow afternoon.”

“You should probably get that looked at,” Alex said, nodding down at his friend’s swollen hand.

“Fucking hurts. Serves me right, I guess. Sorry about that.”

“It’s all good dude. And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry it went down like this.”

“Water under the bridge, man.” Thoughts of a burgeoning porn production career now occupied the majority of Ben’s mind.

“Alright, I gotta get going.”

“Hot date?”

“Yup,” was all Alex offered as he strolled out of the room. He knocked on Megan’s door again and entered.

“Okay, we’re all set. I’ll be back tomorrow. If he doesn’t keep the camera shut off, I’ll let you know.”

Megan stood and hugged Alex. “Thanks for taking care of this.” She lowered her voice and added, “I got pretty excited thinking about all those other people watching us.” She ran a hand down the front of his pants.

“I’m kind of in a hurry,” Alex said, not wanting to be late for his date with Jenny, but also not wanting to deny Megan’s advances outright.

“Then I’ll make it quick,” she said and dropped to her knees. Her hands went immediately to his belt, then a button popped free, a zipper dropped, and down went his pants and briefs. Megan immediately took him into her mouth, coaxing his semi-softness to life. Wiggling out of her shorts and panties, Megan continued to suckle his swelling head. Once Alex’s erection reached its peak, she stepped away and sat on her bed, leaning back and lifting her knees. Licking three fingers, she reached between her legs and gave Alex an invitation he couldn’t resist.

Alex hadn’t intended to fall into the plucky brunette’s trap, but her appetite for him seemed to only grow stronger the more time they spent together. Like any of his other special ladies, he couldn’t deny her what she wanted. Their pleasure fed him and sustained him, making his tumultuous new life worth living.

Kneeling at the edge of the bed, Alex nuzzled into her soft folds, smelling Megan’s bittersweet aroma. He licked between her fingers, zeroing in on her protruding pink clit with his tongue. Slurping greedily, he quickly worked the frisky girl to a state of impatient arousal. Feeling her pull on his hair, he stood and leaned over her, guiding himself into her yawning chasm as she wrapped her taut legs around his waist. He pushed into her entrance and felt Megan’s legs tighten around him, urging him deeper. The couple moaned together as Alex filled her and began thrusting, driving her into the mattress with enough force that she rebounded back.

Not a second was wasted as Alex quickly increased his rhythm while Megan’s limber body writhed under him in ecstasy. She grunted and bounced every time he drove into her tightness, ricocheting up to meet each penetrating plunge. Pulling bayan esmer escort bursa a pillow over her contorted face, Megan let out a muffled scream and Alex felt her begin to shake and saw her core muscles ripple along her taut stomach as he looked down at the point of their union. He stared at his glistening shaft as it parted Megan’s lips, focusing on the sensations her hot ribbed insides were sending through his body. Megan cried out again into the pillow as Alex plunged into her and held, pinning her hips to the mattress as his eruption filled her depths.

“Oh, god!” Megan rasped as she struggled to sit up and wrap her arms around Alex’s broad shoulders. Alex leaned over her and allowed her to hold him as the couple pressed together, convulsing in unison while hanging half off the edge of the bed. Alex wrapped an arm around Megan’s lower back and lifted her. He lunged, throwing himself and her petite body up and fully onto the bed. His sudden forceful display of strength and the intensely deep thrust that followed as he landed on top caused Megan to cry out. Alex leaned in and kissed her, now able to fully support his own weight with knees and elbows. He moved his hips in little circles, grinding his pelvis against her clit and dancing his cock through her insides until another shattering orgasm overtook the quaking brunette.

Alex pulled away from Megan as her trembling body calmed. She mewled in complaint and clutched her sopping wetness, pulling her legs together tightly and rolling onto her side. “More,” she groaned while she watched him rise and walk to where his pants lay on the carpeted floor.

Alex chuckled as he pulled up his underwear and slacks. “Sorry, hun, no more time for fun. Put that dirty little brain of yours to work thinking of what you want us to do on video.”

Megan giggled, nodding her head in anticipation. Once dressed, Alex leaned back over the bed and kissed her lightly. “See you later,” he said.

“Bye.” Megan let out a heavy sigh as Alex left her room.

Alex returned to his jeep and sped home. The house was empty and he quickly went upstairs to change. He pulled on a pair of package-enhancing briefs for Jenny’s enjoyment and then added a respectable button-down shirt and tan slacks.

From his closet, Alex found the diamond earrings he’d bought for his girlfriend and stuffed them in his pocket. Heading to the bathroom to make sure he was presentable, he added deodorant, brushed his teeth and examined his face. His cheek was a little red and puffy, but not distractingly noticeable. Sprinting back down to the garage, he suited up in his motorcycle gear, strapped a spare helmet to his street bike, and raced down the driveway.

Several minutes later, Alex roared into the parking lot at Party Central. Dismounting, he quickly checked his phone and let out a sigh of relief, only five minutes late. He dialed Gene’s restaurant and placed a takeout order, having already made plans for how he wanted to spend his evening with Jenny. Helmet in hand, he walked into the store.

“Hiya,” his sister said from behind the register. Then she stood up straight and put on a fake smile. “Can I help you, sir?”

“Hey Case,” he said, smiling at his sister’s hijinks. “Actually, could you tell me where my beautiful girlfriend is?”

“Girlfriend, is it?” Jenny’s voice surprised him.

Alex spun and blushed. “That okay with you?” God, she was pretty, he thought, admiring her long graceful neck and cute button nose.

Jenny smiled and walked up to Alex, wrapping him in her arms. She closed her eyes and he leaned in and kissed her softly.

“I guess that’s my signal. Have fun you two,” Casey announced.

Breaking off the kiss, Jenny spoke over Alex’s shoulder. “Thanks for all your help today, I’ll see you tomorrow at ten.”

“See you then,” Casey responded, gathering her things and leaving through the back door.

“What happened?” Jenny asked, looking at the red welt on his cheek.

“It’s nothing. You should see the other guy,” he said with a grin.

Jenny chuckled and stepped back. “I like this look,” she said, admiring his kevlar-armored jacket and pants. Then she noticed the helmet in his hand. “You ride?”

“I do. Want to join me?”

“God yes. It’s like you’re walking out of my fantasies.”

“Oh?” Alex asked with raised eyebrows.

Jenny shrugged. “Always had a thing for guys on motorcycles.”

“Have you ridden?”

“Only once,” Jenny responded. She shook her head slowly while grimacing. “It didn’t end well.”

“We’ll have to do something about that,” Alex said with a grin. “Meet me outside when you’re ready.” Jenny nodded and quickly ran through her closing procedures; locking doors, stashing cash, and taking out the trash. Five minutes later she joined Alex in the parking lot.

“Ducati?” she asked, obviously impressed.

“That’s right,” Alex responded, surprised she could identify the exotic brand.

“My dad had one. Until he wrecked it and broke his leg,” Jenny explained.

“Ouch!” Alex winced.

“He was alright. My mom made him give it up though. She was harder on him than the crutches,” Jenny added with a laugh.

Alex handed her the spare helmet and helped her get it fitted. He also gave her an earpiece and showed her how to turn it on. The wireless tech would allow them to talk while they rode.

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