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Alice was bored, her A level exam was 2 hours long, it felt like 2 days. She had been a keen and willing student all through high school, in the last few weeks school had been torture.

Her life had changed on her 18th birthday a few weeks before.

She had woke up the morning of her Birthday feeling particularly lazy. Deciding to luxuriate in the warmth of her duvet for a while longer her fingers soon found their way between her legs. Alice was still a Virgin and loved to push her finger into her entrance and feel the resistance of her hymen before moving up to her clitty.

As she worked her clit the familiar warm sensation spread between her thighs and into her belly. As she felt her pussy start to respond to her playing, she dipped her fingers into the juice bubbling from her sex lips. Working her clit faster, she crested into her orgasm, squeezing her legs together as the waves of pleasure engulfed her.

Normally she would slip her panties on before she went to the bathroom as she only wore an old t shirt to bed. This morning she couldn’t be bothered, her orgasm had left her relaxed and chilled and thought her parents and brothers would be out.

Walking Down the hall to the bathroom, she passed her brother Dave’s bedroom. Dave had left the door slightly ajar, hearing a noise Alice stopped and peered through the crack in the door. Her brother was laying on his bed casually stroking his hard cock, obviously watching porn on his tablet.

Alice was shocked, she had seen his cock before, but never with a hard on. As she watched she felt her pussy start to flood and an overwhelming desire to touch that rock hard cock. Her brother started to pump his cock faster and his breathing was coming in rasping breaths. Just as Alice had decided she had seen enough, Dave came. His cock spurted several thick ropes of cum onto his arm and belly.

As she watched his body twitch and tremble she felt the door move. In her eagerness she had leaned forward to get a better view, the door swung open under her weight and she tumbled into Dave’s room. Picking herself up she felt incredibly stupid and embarrassed. As her brother scrambled to cover up, her guilt and embarrassment disappeared as she decided to have some fun with him.

“What a wanker,” she chortled. Seeing the mortified look on his face, she started to feel sorry for him

“Sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

As Dave started to regain his composure a little he looked at her. Dressed in one of his old t shirts he could clearly see her nipples were rock hard.

“That’s ok, looks like you enjoyed the show,” he smirked.

Not quite realising what he meant she looked at him puzzled.

“Well either your real pleased to see me or it’s a lot colder in here than I thought.”

Suddenly realising she covered her tits with her arm, this caused the hem of her t shirt to lift, exposing her pussy to him.

Laughing “wow little sis your all grown up.”

“Fuck off you wanker.”

Turning, she made to leave the room, changing her mind she sat on the chair opposite her brother.

“Aww come on little sis, what the hell, I need to clean up.”

Ignoring him she frantically thought about what she wanted to say and do.

“Do you think I am attractive, I mean if I wasn’t your sister would you date me?”

“What kind of question is that, he spluttered.”

“Please, its important I need to know. I feel attractive but none of the boys seem interested.”

“Alice you are fucking gorgeous, your great, I know that 2 or 3 of my friends have been waiting to ask you out.”

“Waiting? For what, Christmas?”

Her typical fiery response made Dave chuckle.

“No, a bit of courage, you can be a bitch.”

“Oh, I don’t mean to be.”

“Are we done yet, I really need a piss and to clean up.”

“Can I watch? I will let you watch me,” she added quickly.

“Oh god, we ain’t 10 years old playing doc’s and nurse’s Alice.”

“No, I know that, but want to know about men, don’t you want to know about me.”

As she said it, she felt silly, Dave was 20 and unlikely to be a Virgin. Looking at her brother she half expected him to throw her out of his bedroom. Dave looked at his sister, she had turned into a very good looking women and after all she had seen everything already.

Steeling himself he stood up, feeling his sisters eyes all over his body, felt surprisingly good. Walking across to the en suite bathroom, he knew his sister would be watching his butt and he felt his cock start to stir.

Standing over the toilet Dave rolled back his heavy foreskin and started to piss in the bowl. Turning to wash the residue of spunk from his morning wank he saw his sister intently watching him. Stepping under the steady stream of hot water he casually soaped his chest and arms. Moving down to his cock and balls he started to use exaggerated movement, making sure he pulled his foreskin all the way back and washed himself thoroughly.

Leaving the shower running, Dave reached for a towel to dry himself. Moving quickly Alice Gaziantep Escort grabbed the towel, looking into her brothers eyes for the ok, she started at his head and worked her way down. Alice marvelled at her brothers muscular chest and arms. As she patted and rubbed the moisture from his body she worked her way down his taut stomach to his cock. Forgetting that she was his sister, she couldn’t help but pull the skin back and look with wonder at the bulb of his cock as she felt it stiffen in her hand.

Standing she took her nightdress off, knowing that she was posing a little, she looked to her brother for encouragement. It made her pussy flood even more to see Dave’s look of lust as his eyes roved over her body.

Enjoying her self, she loaded a scrunchy up with shower gel and started to wash her upper body. Peeking at her brother she felt a wave of confidence wash over her as she saw his rock hard cock and look of lustful hunger on his face. Moving down her body, she spread her legs slightly as she washed her arse. Hoping that he was getting a great view she bent slightly and widened her legs as she washed the sticky juice from her thighs.

Turning back to face Dave she saw that he was stroking his rock hard cock. Deciding she wanted more, she got out of the shower

“C’mon Dave dry me and then take me to your bed, I want you to take my virginity.”

“Hold on a minute sis, we can’t, its wrong its illegal.”

“Who cares, I wont tell if you don’t.”

Full of confidence and drunk with lust she led him to his bedroom. Ignoring his protests she pushed him onto the bed and leaned in for a closer look at his straining cock. Realising she had no idea what to do, she gently moved her hand up and down the veiny shaft. Gripping his cock she watched as his heavy foreskin moved back and forth over his knob end. Noticing that liquid was leaking from the hole at the end of his cock, she felt an overwhelming urge to taste it.

Leaning forward she kissed and licked his bell end, hearing him groan she took the head of his cock into her mouth. He tasted slightly salty and smelt delicious. Experimenting a little, she soon figured out, that flicking her tongue around the eye of his cock and moving her lips over the ridge of his bell end seemed to drive him crazy.

She jumped as Dave grabbed at her legs, understanding that he wanted her to straddle his head. Alice had assumed that Dave just wanted to look at her pussy and maybe finger her clit a little. It was a huge shock as he pulled her down and she felt his tongue probing her pussy lips.

It was like an electric shock as his tongue probed her opening and flicked her clit. Resisting the temptation to mash her cunt into his face, she tried to concentrate on his cock. As Dave’s tongue expertly lapped at her clit and sucked on her pussy lips, Alice was unable to contain herself any longer. As she came she was sure it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Collapsing onto the bed, she felt lots of small orgasm’s deep inside her pussy, causing her legs to shake and made her feel dizzy. Snuggling into Dave’s shoulder she slowly came down from her orgasm. As her senses returned, with a pang of guilt she realised that Dave’s cock was still raging hard.

Slipping down his body she gripped his shaft and wanked it, as she had seen him do earlier. Putting her mouth over his bell end she flicked her tongue around the eye. Hearing him groan and feeling his body stiffen she knew he was close. Suddenly she felt his cock expand as jets of thick creamy spunk shot into her mouth she didn’t hesitate in swallowing every drop.

Returning to his shoulder she whispered “Thanks I am so glad you are my 1st.”

Sis, that was fucking amazing, you had done that before, surely that wasn’t your 1st blowjob?”

Moving up to his head they shared a passionate kiss.

“Please believe me yours is the 1st cock I have seen hard and that was the 1st spunk I have tasted.”

“It was fucking delicious, I want more, I want you to take my innocence with your hard cock.”

“Are you sure? That’s incest, there will be no going back.”

“Yes I am absolutely positive. If you are worried about busting my hymen I will use my hairbrush handle.”

Dave knew it was perverted but the thought of watching his sister take her cherry with a hairbrush really appealed and his cock twitched in anticipation.

“Can I watch?”

Giggling Alice nodded in agreement. Going back to the bathroom Alice laid in the bath. Dave sat on the end and watched with fascination as she spread her legs and furiously rubbed her clit to make sure she was as wet as possible. Alice was amazed at how comfortable she felt as she worked her clit, knowing that with her legs spread wide her brother could see all of her.

The hair brush was quite thin at the end but had a much thicker bulb like shape in the middle. As Alice guided it to her opening she pulled her lips apart and draped her legs over each side of the bath. Hearing her brothers breath catch in his throat she guessed Gaziantep Escort Bayan he was enjoying the show.

“Would you do it for me please. I want to really pull my self apart with my lips, might make it easier.”

Taking the hairbrush he looked at the pink hole that was stretched open in front of him, he could actually see the piece of skin stretched across her pussy entrance. Deciding that if he was going to do this, probably the best way was quickly, like ripping a plaster off.

Putting the hairbrush up to her entrance he looked at Alice.

“Just do it Dave. Hurry up.”

Making sure that the end of the brush was lined up properly, he pushed it against her cherry. Feeling its resistance and seeing Alice wince, he slapped the end of the handle, forcing it through her hymen and maybe 3″inside her pussy.

Alice gasped as the pain spread like fire through her groin, as the pain subsided she looked between her legs and saw the bulbous part of the hair brush against her pussy lips.

“Oh you sadistic bastard she giggled, give me a minute then push another couple of inches into me.”

Getting the nod from Alice, Dave pulled the handle out slightly before ramming it back in. With a couple of thrusts he managed to get the widest part of the handle into her.

“Oh fuck, that feels wonderful.”

Putting her hand over his she pushed it further in until she had about 7″ of it.

“Fuck me hard, I want to feel it deep inside me while I frig my clit.”

Surprised Dave started to gently pump the handle into her cunt, this was new to Dave and he loved watching her pussy expand as the bulb of the handle stretched her young cunt.

“Harder and faster please, oh my god I am going to cum so hard”

Dave thought it was possibly the most erotic thing he had ever seen, as his sister scrabbled at her clit and he rammed the handle deep into her pussy. As she started to cum Dave saw her cunt open before bearing down onto the handle. Her scream as she came made Dave ram even harder into her, feeling the brush handle hit something hard at the top of her pussy he was worried he had hurt her.

Alice’s reaction was to scream as she came again, looking down at her pussy Dave saw her squirt a mixture of blood and girl cum. Dave continued to slowly push the handle in and out of his sister, she shook and shivered as her orgasm continued.

Putting the brush to one side he looked at his sister, she was covered in sweat and her pert tits were topped with rock hard nipples. Her chest heaved as she tried to get her breathing back under control. Looking down between her legs he noted that she had stopped bleeding but her legs were covered. Looking at her puffy lips and slightly gaped hole he hoped that his cock would be wrapped in her real soon.

As if she could read his mind she said,

“Let me get a shower and freshened up a bit and this is all yours to enjoy.”

“What today,” He asked eagerly.

“Oh yeah, I need that fat cock of yours.”

“Shit I haven’t got any Durex.”

“That’s ok, I have been on the pill since I was 15.”

Looking puzzled “Why?”

“Heavy irregular periods.”

It seemed that she took forever in the shower and Dave’s cock ached as he caught glimpses between her legs. Eventually she got out of the shower and Dave eagerly dried her with a fresh fluffy towel.

Laying on his bed she spread her legs wide. “Come fuck me silly with that fat cock.”

Any ideas Dave had about teasing her a little melted away as his cock found the heat of her entrance. He could feel that she was incredibly wet and as he pushed into her he slid in balls deep.

Alice’s eyes flew open, “Dam that is good, so much better than a piece of plastic.”

Dave couldn’t believe how his sisters pussy felt, he had, had sex 3 times before but never without a rubber. As he slowly slid in and out of his sister he felt like he had been a virgin. The pleasure of feeling her wetness and heat was tremendous. As he picked the pace up a little he felt her body respond to his thrusts and all to soon he felt his cock expand as it blasted a heavy load deep into his sisters body.

Collapsing to one side they fell into a deep contented sleep. Alice smiled content and happy as her brothers flaccid cock plopped out of her sopping wet pussy.

Waking 2 hours later, Dave was disappointed to find he was alone. He realised why, when he heard his mother banging about downstairs. Getting up, he showered and dressed wondering what the day held for him.

Chapter 2.

Shaking herself back to reality, Alice checked her paper again before putting it on the adjudicators desk and leaving for the day. She had managed to borrow her mothers car, so decided to head into town to spend some of her birthday money on clothes and shoes.

As Alice sat in some traffic, she tried to scratch a persistent itch on her lower belly. Smiling to herself, she realised that the itch was just her pussy telling her that she needed some cock. It was 2 weeks since her brothers cock Escort Gaziantep had introduced her to the world of carnal pleasure and there hadn’t been opportunity since.

Turning off the main road Alice headed towards the canal and parked in a quiet corner of a multi storey car park. Rolling her skirt up, her fingers soon found her clit, within a few seconds she had a crashing orgasm. Although her cunt was now running with pussy juice, she felt strangely frustrated. It had been just the same after her regular early morning session, she was left feeling empty and frustrated.

Looking around the car park she felt confident that no one could see into the car. The gear knob on her car was aluminium about 4 to 5″ wide. The more she looked at it, the more she needed it inside her. It was rectangular with rounded corners and edges, with the engine running she noticed that it had a slight vibration.

Turning herself around she positioned herself with a leg in each footwell. Lowering her self down the knob rested at the entrance to her pussy, spreading her generous lips she gasped as the cool metal touched her inner lips. The slight vibrations from the engine sent waves of pleasure to her engorged clit.

Breathing heavily she lowered herself and gasped as its width forced her pussy apart. This was much bigger than she had, had before and she decided to take her time, slowly working the bulbous knob into her dripping pussy.

The feeling of slight pain was negated by the pleasure she felt. Pushing down hard she forced herself down, looking between her legs she could just see the edge of the bulbous knob. Forcing herself down she saw it completely disappear inside her.

Soon she was able to bounce up and down, relishing the feeling of being stretched more than ever. She crashed into her orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure invaded her senses. Pulling herself back to the drivers seat, she felt relief and regret as the gear knob left her body. Trying to ignore the craving she felt to have that monster back in her cunt, she mopped the girl cum out of her pussy and adjusted her panties and skirt.

Making a mental note that she needed to make better, more appropriate arrangements to satisfy her on a regular basis. Noticing some of her cum running down the gear lever made her smile. Cleaning the gear lever with tissues and wet wipes, she held the jizz covered tissue up to her nose. Inhaling deeply she felt dizzy at her musky scent.

Putting the used tissue and wet wipes in the bin she noticed a car in the shadows adjacent to where she was parked. Shivering with anticipation, she wondered if the lone male driver had been able to watch her. Walking back to her car she saw him watching her. A thrill shot through her body as she realised that he had seen everything.

Taking a chance she smiled at him and nodded a greeting. Returning to her car she waited, hoping that he would come and talk to her. After a few seconds, his door opened and he walked towards her car.

“Hi, my names Tom. Can I buy you a coffee, lunch if you are Hungry?”

Unable to stop herself she nodded in agreement.

“That would be great my name is Alice.”

Stepping into the lift she pressed the G button and turned to face Tom. The turning motion had caused her skirt to twirl, the scent of her sex wafted into the small lift. Knowing that her pussy was running with juice she chattered to Tom, hoping that he wasn’t able to smell her arousal.

As they walked to a small restaurant Alice guessed that Tom was about 30. He was wearing an immaculate 2 piece blue suit with a crisp white shirt. Entering the restaurant she excused herself and went off to the loo.

Sitting in the small cubicle she tried to wipe her pussy dry. Touching her clit sent a shiver through her, deciding she needed to cum she furiously rubbed and fingered her pussy. In less than 30 seconds waves of pleasure crashed over her as she had her 4th or maybe 5th orgasm of the day. Taking a large wedge of tissue she dabbed and wiped until she felt drier.

Returning to the table, she asked for a cappuccino and as they chatted chose to have a seafood salad. After lunch Tom asked her if she would like to go see a movie, taking a deep breath.

“Yes that would be lovely, are you married?”

“Divorced, well waiting for my absolute.”

“Well if you live locally or have a hotel…”

Alice couldn’t believe she had just said that, but her cunt yearned for some attention. Giggling to herself she realised that she was controlled by her pussy.

“My apartment is about 15 minutes drive, is that ok?”

Nodding in agreement they returned to their cars and Alice followed him home. Toms apartment was a spacious 2 bedroom in a small block. Looking around whilst he made the coffee confirmed that he was single. The furniture and décor were masculine with no sign of anything feminine.

As Tom returned with the coffee, Alice started to undress.

“You must think I am a slut, well if wanting sex is sluttish then I suppose I am.”

“Not a slut, we all need sex, even women”

Kissing him deeply she started to undo the buttons on his shirt as he reached for her pert tits. Falling into his bed nude, she shivered with anticipation as he went down on her. Latching his mouth onto her swollen clit and pushing 3 fingers into her soaking cunt sent her into orbit.

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