Alice Ch. 01

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Charlie was nervous while waiting for Alice to arrive. He’d met his new “step-sister-who-wasn’t-really-a-sister” several times, and they got along really well so far. But now she’d be living with them. Alice had graduated from college and was moving home for a year or two until she applied to grad school. Charlie’s mom was divorced and he lived with her, because he got along with her better than his dad. And anyway, his dad was off in another city where he worked, and Charlie hadn’t wanted to leave his high school and what friends that he had. Alice’s mom had tragically died in a car crash several years ago, and already for a year Alice’s dad, his new step-dad, lived in his and his mom’s house. Not his and his mom’s house! He had to remind himself. Their house now. The new family’s house.

Charlie had never had a brother or sister, but now he would have a sort-of sister in the guest room next to his, which seemed weird and exciting at the same time. He admitted it a little to himself—he had a crush on Alice. She wasn’t like the often shallow and stuck up girls in his high school—teenagers who wore make-up and, like the teen boys, endlessly gossiped and texted on their phones. Alice seemed like a more real person.

Reality itself seemed more real when she was around because she seemed so genuine. She wore no make-up, at least not that he’d ever seen. And as he waited in the driveway and saw her struggling with her big suitcase he saw that—as usual—she didn’t wear a bra either. As she struggled and lurched her clearly very heavy red monster of a suitcase he could see her small breasts giggle a bit up and down in her dark t-shirt, and he could even see her small nipples a little.

“Here, let me help with that!” Charlie said with a grin.

“Sure, but first give me a hug,” Alice said, and squeezed herself unselfconsciously against him. “Are you even taller than you were last time?”

“I don’t think so,” he said with a self conscious grin. “I’m still just 5′ 11″.”

“Well, that’s still tall to me. It’s going to be hard being your big sister when you’re that much taller than me.”

It pained him that she called herself sister, and Charlie’s smile faded.

“I think of you more as just a friend.”

Alice broke the hug and looked closely at him, suddenly serous. Her freckled olive colored skin was lovely under the shade of the carport. She didn’t look troubled, but was just thinking about him. Her eyes were a lovely light brown flecked with an almost tigery yellow color. He wondered if she saw anything in his green eyes.

“Yeah, I am your friend Charlie. But more than that too.”

Charlie realized that the “more” that she was talking about was probably something sistery, while he guiltily hoped it might be something else. He realized on his side that it was something else already, but he had to hide it.

They were alone at this moment, because Alice’s dad Ted had rushed into the house to go to the bathroom after the airport ride, and Charlie’s mom Sylvia was making dinner.

It was an awkward moment, at least for Charlie, but even awkward moments didn’t seem very difficult with Alice.

“Anyway, thanks Charlie. You don’t know how good it is to be here. I’m so tired after all of the work and drama of college. I really need a rest. And a new best friend.”

And now that she had said she was tired, he saw that it was true. There was something exhausted about her expression and even body language, and there were even little dark but almost ominous circles under her eyes. In fact, it looked like she’d been crying.

“Best friends! I like that!” Charlie said a little too eagerly. He did have a best friend at school, Jeff. But he was already happy to throw Jeff over for his new best friend. Or just different best friend.

Alice suddenly said, “I *really* need to pee!” with enthusiasm and then laughed.

His smile instantly faded and he blushed.

“Oh, well, yeah,” Charlie said, “You know where the bathroom is. Go ahead—I’ll get the suitcase.”

Laughing, Alice said, “Charlie, you really need to look less shocked that I pee. Everybody bursa escort bayan pees!” And she laughed again her natural musical laugh. “Now that we’re sharing a bathroom,” she said as she walked away with a backwards grin, “you’ll find that I pee a lot.”

As she disappeared, he felt very embarrassed. He had to get over that, and try to be natural and cool, like Alice. As he dragged the suitcase in he saw that Sylvia and Ted were kissing passionately in the kitchen, to the pleasant sounds and smells of garlic and onions simmering in olive oil. He looked away and headed to the guest bedroom—Alice’s room now, he thought with a thrill. As he dragged the suitcase there he passed by the bathroom door that was right in between their bedrooms—and he could hear the stream of water that he knew must be Alice’s pee. That was weird. Again he reminded himself to be natural as he dragged the suitcase into her small and rather empty and undecorated bedroom.

He wasn’t sure what to do with himself. Should he wait in her bedroom till she came out? Yes, he thought, as he sat on her double bed that seemed like it took up half of the room. Soon he could hear Alice washing her hands quickly, and then she was out and came and sat right next to him on the bed.

“Well, what do you want to do?” She asked.

“I dunno. The table is all set. And I’ve been helping mom with dinner and it’s pretty much done. Plus they were kissing in there last I checked.”

“You’re embarrassed again,” She said with a smile. “We’ll have to work on that.”

He felt both good and weird that she was almost adopting him, or at least his shyness, as a project to work on.

“And you’re right,” Alice said, snuggling next to him. He could feel her body heat, “it is still kind-of weird for me too seeing them kiss. And I get embarrassed too by it sometimes….and so.”

Now Alice blushed, and then the look of tired sadness came back. He wondered if she was thinking about her mom that she’d lost, and now having a new step-mom. Or if it was something to do with college and the people there. He’d heard vaguely from Ted that Alice and her boyfriend had recently broken up.

“Are you thinking about your mom,” Charlie asked, “or is it something about college?”

“Both,” she said, and her face suddenly crumpled like a piece of beautiful light olive-colored paper, and she leaned into Charlie’s shoulder, and started quietly weeping.

This was little shocking—he’d seen her cry once, but not like this on his shoulder. But she was so natural in holding him for comfort as the hot tears and her runny nose got on his shirt, that he felt natural too in comforting her. And ashamed that he was a little turned by the warmth of her and her breasts pressing against him.

“I’m sorry, Alice,” he whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

She pulled away and smiled through her tears and red eyes.

“That’s what I like about you,” she said as she laughed and sobbed a little at the same time. “I can just be myself and not worry about it.”

“My boyfriend would have said to stop crying. That was one of the reasons we broke up, I guess.” Her face suddenly darkened into anger. “Plus now that he’s going to law school he wants to be able to fuck all the young law school ladies that he can!”

Charlie was shocked. The blood drained from his face.

Alice smiled again, worried that she’d scared him, that she’d let her guard down too much and had freaked him out. But she also felt that Charlie needed to see that people had passions and got upset. He needed to get out of his shell. Sometimes he seemed too lost in his books to feel emotion and see the messiness of life.

She thought about this and reached for a tissue and blew her nose loudly, and then smiled at Charlie as she looked down at her own clear snot and tears in the tissue.

“I’m sorry for getting upset, Charlie, but it’s still all a little much. And that’s one thing you’ll experience now that we’re living together. I don’t really hide my emotions, or much of anything for that matter.”

“Hey,” she said brightening, “do you think gorukle escort we have time for a swim?”

“I think so,” he said, remembering with a smile the last time he saw Alice in a swim suit. “let me ask mom.”

After checking with his mom, he came back to Alice who was unpacking.

“She says we have plenty of time for a swim. The souffle is still about 45 minutes away.”

“Oh good!,” Alice said, seemingly over her drama and crying fit of a few minutes before. “And here’s my swimsuit,” she said pulling out her bikini and showing it to Charlie.

Charlie knew he should have headed back to his room to change, but for a second he was paralyzed.

Alice matter-of-factly started to pull up her t-shirt. Charlie looked alarmed and immediately backed out of her room and toward his.

“I’ll just change,” she said, giving him a wide smile at his shyness as she shut her door most of the way without latching it. As he went into his room he could hear her clothes rapidly coming off—including the unzipping of her jeans.

He definitely closed his door as he went to change. Quickly getting out of his clothes he could see and feel that he was getting just a little bit stiff. He thought ice cubes, and then ice bergs, to try and cool himself down, and then quickly popped on his somewhat baggy swimtrunks and tied them. He decided he should be neat and put away his clothes before going out, and so by the time he opened his door she was standing right outside of his door, waiting, and she startled him a little.

“It’s meee!” she said with glee, and did a little pose and smiled.

Her bikini was black and relatively modest as bikinis go, but still it was like looking at Alice in her underwear. She was quite slender, but with a just very slightly swelling and sensual tummy. He stared a little too long and too obviously. It was only a second or so, but Alice got a different kind of smile, a smile that secretly said to him she pretty much knew how much he liked her—and liked to look at her. She could tell he was checking her out, but she decided to just let it happen and not make him self-conscious—at least for a couple of seconds. But that was enough. And during that time she checked him out too a little. He did seem a bit taller and more muscular than before, with slightly larger pecks and nice looking brown penny colored nipples, and almost no chest hair.

“Come on,” she said, and grabbed his hand and led him outside to the pool.

The pool was one of the nicest features of the house. It was rectangular rather than kidney shaped, and had a real deep end and diving board. The sun was blazing.

“Oh,” she said, feeling the intensity of the sun, “we’d better sunblock.”

She grabbed a tube of sunblock that was sitting on the window sill, squeezed out a blob, and started rubbing it in. Soon their faces, tummies, and arms were somewhat white from the not fully rubbed in sunblock.

“I’ll go get some towels,” Charlie said, and quickly went in to get two large beach towels with white and blue stripes.

When he came back, Alice said, “Ok, time to do our backs.” This was part of their ritual of swimming together–rubbing sunscreen into each other’s back.

“Me first,” Alice said, grabbing a towel and laying down on it in the sun. “Oh my god, the sun feels *so* good!”

“Yeah,” Charlie said, getting a big gloop of sunblock and rubbing it between his hands to warm it up.

Charlie started rubbing it gently into her back like she’d taught him, as a mini massage. He gently rubbed and massaged her shoulders, very gently massaged her neck, was startled as he always was by the poetry of her shoulder blades, and then by accident hit against her bikini top back straps.

“Here, let me get that so you can rub it in better,” she said, and then reached back without getting up and untied her top.

She’d never done that before, and Charlie was a little shocked. But he didn’t know what to say, and admitted that it was easier to do the sunblock that way.

As he massaged he sneakily looked at the sides bursa merkez escort bayan of her breasts. On one side he could see just a little bit of a light brownish-pink nipple.

“Oh, that feels really good, Charlie,” she said, encouraging him.

He smiled, even though she couldn’t see it, and kept slowly massaging a little more down.

“Keep going. A little more firmly. I won’t break…..Yes, that’s it. That feels great. Would you get the backs of my thighs too? I forgot to do them.”

This was new, and very embarrassing. But he thought maybe it was just all be on his side, and that he was imagining things. He tried to act like this was all just routine, but didn’t quite succeed, because he could hear his voice was a little wavery when he said, “Yeah. Sure. No problem.”

He got another gloop of sunblock and started rubbing it between his fingers. And then she adjusted her self and spread her legs apart so that he could do it better. He looked at the top of one thigh and her bum, and saw to his shock that her bikini bottom didn’t cover her up all the way. Well, it did, but he could still see a little of her black pussy hair coming out from the sides. She wasn’t much for shaving, he remembered, and only shaved her legs and underarms once a week or so, if that. As he looked at her tanned thighs right up to where her suit was, he couldn’t stop thinking of what was underneath, and that was enough to start his stiffness again.

“Go ahead!” Alice encouraged him. And so he started rubbing the lotion in slowly up her legs, one at a time, but he stopped a few inches before he got to the bottom of her swim suit.

“Don’t stop. Do it all the way up to my suit. I don’t want to get burned there.” Alice figured at this point he was maybe getting a little turned on, and a little scared, and she was right about that. She hadn’t quite planned this, and she knew it wasn’t a good idea. But she also felt that he needed to learn some things, now that he was 18, yet was still so innocent and so shy. She knew that he hadn’t done more than kiss a girl in his whole life.

He started again, and gently rubbed the lotion into the back of her thighs with a gentle massage. As he got close to her suit, inch by inch, her skin got smoother and softer, and he could feel just a little of her heat. But he stopped an inch before he got to her suit. She could feel herself getting relaxed and a little turned on under his kind fingers. She knew she shouldn’t have asked for this, but it felt so nice to be touched in such a gentle and loving way. And, she confessed to herself, she a little bit liked how turned on and flustered he was.

She noticed he’d stopped before getting to her suit, but she suddenly knew that really was a bridge too far. What was she thinking? He wasn’t her brother really, just a close friend, or at least that’s how she sometimes thought of it, but….she realized she was doing something she’s shouldn’t, but something she’d done other times in her life, of ignoring boundaries.

When he was done he gently lifted his hands, and she decided to try to put him at ease. “That was great,” she said, getting up slowly after tying her top.

She turned toward him, “Now you.”

Charlie tried to lay down quickly on his towel, but not so quickly she couldn’t see something in his swimsuit. She decided that saying anything would almost kill him with embarrassment, and so she said nothing, but just warmed the lotion efficiently with her hands, and then started a sensual massage of it into his back.

Alice decided to quickly go into the pool in case Charlie still had something he had to hide, and so without waiting for him she said, “Beat you in!” And got up, walked quickly over to the pool, and dived in.

Charlie was excited, and thinking about ice cubes didn’t seem to do much good. But he finally got up and walked at quickly as he could to the pool and dove in without looking at Alice.

They played in the pool and roughhoused and splashed and laughed, and on the surface looking at them you wouldn’t know that something deep had just happened, at least for Charlie. The 80-degree water cooled Charlie down, but he could feel that in just the half hour since she’d gotten here he’d gone from having a crush on Alice and really liking her, to maybe being in love with her. He was also desperate to see her nude, and was hoping that at some point in the next few days that might happen.

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