Alice Manipulated Ch. 02

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Tiny Alice, an orphaned only child raised since eight by her guardian, 50 year-old uncle Bernie, has just turned 21 and her extremely sheltered life is about the change. Hot and spicy times are just around the corner for a young woman starved of romance and sex.


Her uncle, a deeply religious man who instilled puritan ideals into her upbringing so much so that she became very naïve about sex and the desires of men. Her guardian promised that when she turned 21 he would allow her freedom to do whatever she may, but until then she must remain a virgin.

It is 12 months since the petite country girl started work at the town doctor’s consulting practice and only for the handsome young doctor Alice would have reached reach 21 as a virgin ignorant of the pleasures of sex and her entitlements to the freedom to express herself once she turned 18.

Alice one day approached the doctor to explain she felt ashamed that her figure was more like a pre-pubescent 11 year-old rather than a young woman two years out of her teens. He examined her to dispel her fears that she could not ever have normal sex with a man because she was so small. She told the doctor, a married man in his early 40s, that her uncle always treated her well and never once harmed her, but treated her in such a protective way that he could not see she had become an adult.

“He still thinks I am his little girl, and that is why he insists I still wear my blonde hair in these long pigtails and no make-up,” she told her employer. “He even still reads to me at bedtime like he did when I was a child, but I love him dearly for all his good intentions and don’t want to hurt his feelings.”

The doctor explained to her that problem was not unique, as some parents hate to let go of their siblings as it made them feel old and no longer as important to the child.

“Your uncle seems a bit rigid though and you say he is very religious. Perhaps he is acting out a fantasy with you as your keeper and moral guardian without realising he is holding you back,” said the doctor in return. “Alice there is a saying that in every man there is a little boy, and in every woman, there is a little girl. There are many advantages of not looking your age.”

This conversation led the doctor agreeing to Alice’s request to give her a physical examination as to whether she was sexually mature owing to her small frame. Once she undressed he could understand her concerns — on the surface at least.

Alice was only 4 feet 10 inches tall, her girlish body size — 30-18-32 was Asian-like and perfectly balanced and trim for her height and weight, but she did not look anything like a young Western woman of 20 when he examiner her.

Her breasts were not developed beyond having wide and sturdy high mounted puffy nipples that did create a sensation of sexual expression in the doctor’s opinion. But Alice’s greatest concern was having a small, tight pussy. Visually, it certainly looked nothing like other young women her age. Not a skerrick of hair buff, not even the a hint of it anywhere around the well-raised pubic mound or on the pussy itself.

The doctor was quite surprised. He spent several minutes feeling around it, probing inside the vagina area, pushing the normally very elastic cavity sideways, then stirring his fingers around in a circle while pressing to the outside of the vagina and stretching it out wide for test resistance, and finally, slowly pushing three fingers in as far as his knuckles allowed and making walking movements with them inside the dark pit.

“Alice, you are indeed quite small in an overall sense and rather tight in there but that can be widened with exercises,” he said at the time. He then started probing for her clitoris, finding it was fairly large for the overall size of her vulva. He rolled his fingers around it, making Alice flinch. His conclusion was that Alice’s sexuality was quite normal, but simply that she didn’t look her age. No wonder, he thought, she passed for years younger with other employers and was rejected as trying to put her age up just to get a job.

It was after the examination that Alice, not satisfied with his dismissal of her fears, begged him to check if she was capable of receiving a man’s penis. She dreaded the day a boy would make love to her and she would let him down by being too small.Eventually the doctor, in order to pacify her when she was nearly in tears, got her consent to try to put his penis inside her to “find out once and for all.”

The doctor had to explain that being small like she was, that he must first get her totally relaxed and internally lubricated as his penis — eight inches long and quite thick — could otherwise be too much to take first up. That hour-long consultation was the beginning of Alice’s sexual education. He used his tongue to excite her and asked her to suck his erection to ‘slick it up’ before slowly but surely sliding it into her wet crack until he was in up to his balls.

This görükle escort event is described in chapter one but doubtless, the doctor successfully convinced Alice she was not a kid-sized freak, but simply a sexually capable young woman who happened to have a tiny body compared to her friends of the same age. His parting words to Alice after their final monthly sex lessons session were: “You may well be even more desirable to many men than you think. Men like tight pussies and a lot of them fantasise about having it with a really good looking girl of your type of figure.”

That parting remark remained in Alice’s mind because she secretly wished she could be loved sexually by her uncle, her defacto father, the man closest to her most of her life and who had gone to such great pains to take care of her. For his age he was still a handsome man with a strong muscular build, and standing just over six feet tall.

His broad shoulders, blue eyes, silvery grey hair and natural teeth he had cared for so well made him seem younger than his real age. They had something in common, she often thought. But the way he towered over her made her look, and feel, that indeed she was his little angel.

Uncle Bernie was so square though, so old fashioned, so religious and unaware of what women sought from a man, let alone his own this wisp of a girl he raised from eight to 21. How could she bring herself to him, to make him want to hold her tenderly in those great strong arms, to excite some passion into him to escape into another world where, it seems, he has never been before?

It is now Monday afternoon and Alice is on her way home to their cabin in the woods five miles out of town. Yesterday, on her 21st birthday, her uncle brought her breakfast in bed, gave her one thousand dollars he had been saving so she could buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes as his way of celebrating her coming of age. She went shopping in her lunch hour that day in the town’s only store that sold fancy lingerie.

Tonight, she vowed, she would wear something provocative to show her uncle she was no longer a little girl. The doctor had been most helpful, being aware of her dilemma for so long. He privately gave her a small bottle of pills that he said would allow any boyfriend to maintain an erection for two hours and reboot his testicles to produce strong sperm ejaculations several times over that time frame. Alice did not let on she intended them for her uncle. Or was that the doctor’s intention too?

While Alice was driving back home in his pick-up truck uncle Bernie was also doing some thinking. Although Alice had never sensed it, being so naïve under his strict guidance, the old man held long restrained lustful thoughts about her. He had watched her grow from a pint sized kid into a beautiful young woman over the past 13 years and to his delight, .her figure seemed as though time had stood still, as if for him. He had promised her at 21 to show how to enjoy sex.

Her skin, so smooth and satin-like, her fulsome shaped lips giving her mouth such innocent and sensuous appeal, her sparkling bright blue eyes and shiny blonde hair ever so cute in the long pigtails stirred his senses with a body so shapely, very trim taut and short. Her tiny shape made her seem more vulnerable and needing a big strong person like him to protect her.

Only once in her lifetime had Alice seen her uncle naked as he got out of bed one morning when she walked into his room. That was 10 years ago and she can still remember that fleeting sight of him that held her in awe for years. Big, strong looking and with a ‘very big thing.’ It was not erect, but halfway so and it was her first sight of a man’s cock.

Ever since then and in her young adult years of being unhappy with her own body size, she gained the impression that all men must have big cocks; the doctor made it seem more so. Little wonder she thought her tiny shape was not equipped for such huge hunks of man meat. Nevertheless, her memories of what she saw so long ago, and reinforced by the wonderful experience with the doctor, Alice decided to worship a man’s most prized possession.

That evening just before they retired to their separate bedrooms, Alice told her uncle she would make his nightcap and give him a kiss before going to bed. He liked the sound of that so he watched the late TV news while she disappeared to the bathroom. Alice ducked into her bedroom, a room much smaller than her uncle’s because he needed a much larger bed due to his size.

He used to joke that she could curl up in the kitchen sink and they’d both laugh. Alice retrieved one of the pills the doctor gave her and she returned to the living room to make his nightcap. It dissolved quickly and being tasteless, the big man was unaware his wispy little angel had put a stimulant in his drink.

Inwardly, Alice became excited as she watched with great anticipation him drink the entire mug down. This, she thinks eskort bayan to herself, is my chance to worship a man’s big cock. She had to be so careful not to seem devious or in anyway experienced in case it aroused any suspicion about her virginity. She had to play innocent and naïve, as she had always been, never for once imagining that her loving uncle, her replacement daddy, and hid strong sexual fantasies about ravishing her.

They retired to their separate rooms and when she saw the light go out in his room Alice slipped out of her cot ever so quietly and sprayed a raunchy scented cologne around her neck, her thighs and nipples. The woman who sold it to her said it brings men on like — wow!

Alice then took off her knee length cotton nightie and lay on her bed touching herself lightly, thinking of how she could seduce her foster father. After half an hour, giving him time to fall asleep, she slipped into the new baby doll nightie she just bought. It was a size six and made in Asia for small body sizes so common there and standing up, the lace frill at the bottom came level with the bottom of her pussy. Made of sheer skin coloured nylon it came with matching gusset free g-string panties, also size six,that held her pussy tight and made it stand out quite sexily in the mirror

She tiptoed to her uncle’s bedroom door and walked into the darkened room. The only light came through the window from a full moon. How romantic, how sexy, she thought. She tapped her uncle on the shoulder, whispering but with faked great anxiety, “Uncle Bernie, Uncle Bernie please wake up.”

He sat up, bolt-like. “What is it, angel. “You sound frightened.”

“Oh uncle Bernie I just had a terrible nightmare. It must be the long day I had and strange men who wanted to undress me were dragging me into the woods. I was calling out for you to help me. They were laughing and said they tied you up and now they would have their way with me. That’s when I woke up shaking like a leaf.”

The old man felt unusually randy and was getting an erection as he heard the outpouring of his niece. They were facing each other in the room only illuminated by the outside moonlight and his older eyes had not adjusted to the fact she was wearing something he had never seen on her before.

“Uncle Bernie, let me stay here with you tonight, I’ll feel so much better: Before he could answer Alice had already snuggled alongside him in the bed. “Er, I suppose that’s all right then if you feel better. I will look after you, don’t worry about a thing.” He couldn’t believe his luck. Is this as close as it gets? He wonders.

“Uncle Bernie I am going to kiss you good night for being such a wonderful loving man and being so kind to me. As she moves her innocent lips to his mouth he can smell the intoxicating aroma of her sweet lithe body, the pulling power of the expensive cologne she sprayed on her only a short while ago. She was as wholesome as any girl could get. He felt an overpowering urge to claim her as his own.

Their lips met and Alice suddenly felt consumed by the sheer difference in their body size. She did not want her tiny size to put him off. She put her mouth to his and murmured like a purring cat. “Mmmm Uncle Bernie, you are so big and strong, do kiss me like a big man wants to kiss his little precious.”

Those words inflamed his pent-up passion, his eight-inch rock hard rod standing up high and mighty between his expansive thighs under the single bed sheet. but Alice did not see that. She was concentrating on opening her mouth wider so she could explore his manly face. He responded once her moist lips touched him. He had only imagined that one day this pint-sized kid could lie beside him in bed. He is naked and he thinks she is in her old-fashioned cotton nightie. But putting her hot mouth against his?

He greedily slid his tongue into her parted lips and their tongues met. Dancing around and taking turns to lick each other’s lips, then sucking on each other’s tongue. She hoped he would not notice how experienced she must have seemed to him, but in the heat of the moment, it had gone over his head. He was enjoying her closeness. Nothing else mattered.

His erection stayed powerfully upright. She smelt so beautiful, her lips so seductive. He could feel them, hot and wet, gripping his extended tongue in her mouth and moving them back and forth in a cock sucking kind of motion. The doctor had taught her well.

They were so immersed in each other’s mounting passion they rolled over and the sheet came off him and as they moved. Alice’s hand accidentally glanced against his exposed rocket-like penis. “Oh, oh Uncle Bernie, look at you. You have no clothes on and you look so manly, so big and powerful,” she exclaimed with a sound of childish adulation.

“I have never seen you like this. Please let me see you down there.” He lustily promoted his body into a better position so indeed; the moonlight altıparmak escort fell squarely on his strong thighs, their centre point being a huge shaft pointing at the ceiling.

“You can feel how strong your Bernie is if you like,” he prompted.

“Oh uncle Bernie please let me call you daddy. You have been my daddy longer than my real daddy and you have made me your own little daughter. I want so much to worship your manhood.”

“Alice, you make me so happy to hear you say that. Yes go ahead and show me your love now you are old enough.”

Alice giggled slightly, without overdoing it. “Oh daddy, you are so cute I can’t help just staring at your big beautiful cock. It seems so massive. How do you fit it into your pants?”

“Well Alice, it is not always like this. It is very much awake now because you have woken him up and he likes you. He wants you. Later on he will go back to sleep and fit snugly inside my pants again. That’s how it is.” The old man talked to Alice as though she is 10 years younger again. He can’t help himself because that’s how he visualises her in all his fantasies. Against his large body, his muscular shape, her body seems so fragile, so cute and delicious. Her hands go to his penis.

Alice cups his large balls in her left hand and her right hand is filled with the thickness of his rod. Slowly sliding it up and down the vertical. shaft. Inside her small hand and little fingers it feels even bigger than it is. “Daddy it is so warm and so hard,how do you get it to stand up like this? Is it because of me? she asked coyly

The old man thinks all his Christmases have come at once. She is so innocent, so naïve, so small, so sexy, so young, so seductive, so fuckable, he thinks as her hands glide all over his manhood as though it is a new toy she received as a youngster.

“Daddy can I kiss you there? It feels so hot maybe I can cool you down?” Without waiting for him to respond Alice wraps her hot lips around the sensitive head of his penis and in a series of short up and down thrusting movements has him close to exploding in her face. He wants to hold back. This is too good to stop now.

Luckily she slides her mouth down his shaft and leans way over the top of it as he gawks in amazement, her mouth seeming to swallow most of his entire eight inches. She very slowly draws back up the shaft and then plunges her lips down deeper so that this time, she has all of his erection down her throat.

She gently squeezes his scrotum while her lips caress the length of his penis as she draws it slowly out of the deep throat position. She suddenly assaults the now highly sensitive head of his cock with tightly gripped lips around it, sliding up and down with ever-increasing speed just on the sensitive knob, two inches in, two inches out, two inches in, two inches out, two inches in, two inches out. Her tiny mouth works his penis head like a well-oiled machine.

The unprecedented sight of his little sweetie pie sucking him off and the incredible magnetism of her lips wrapped around it is forcing so much intense pleasure is too much to bear any longer. His engorged penis head is just at the entrance of her mouth when it explodes with a burst of thick white cum that splatters around her mouth and chin, jerking up momentarily as she is caught by surprise, a further spasm of sperm washing. across her face and some landing at the top of her forehead.

“Aaaargh, aaaargh,” he moans loudly, his huge body stiffens in orgasmic utopia.”Swallow, swallow, lick it up,” he begs. Alice can’t get enough of his cock in her mouth. This is what she has dreamed of doing for years and now it is coming true. She can worship her new daddy’s cock, to fondle and suck, make him moan and watch it spurt spasm after spasm of his rich white goo over her

This renders such a strong powerful man helpless under her control. She no loner feels like a little schoolgirl in pigtails; she feels tall and sexy like other women around her age.

She has drained him, sucking his rod dry until it goes back to a half erection. She rubs the cum on her face into her skin and savours its salty taste on her lips. “Daddy, was that nice? I did try to make you happy,” she cooed innocently. He is laying here totally naked, his large six-foot tall body and solid thighs dwarfing her child-like size. “Angel you have made me a very happy man. I want you to sleep with me every night from now on. I want us to be close after all these years of living together I have never experienced so much sweet love you gave me then.”

“Daddy Bernie, I want you too. I love how big and manly you are. You make a little girl like me feel so protected. Daddy can I put the light on?”

She gets up and in the soft but more reflective light of the bedside low voltage lamp, he realises for the first time she is not in her knee length cotton nightie but a sheer skin coloured satin baby doll nightie that stops short of covering her tight g-string panties.

From his low position lying back on the bed, as she moves up to straddle him with a shy expression, he looks directly at the tight shape of her pussy pressing against the fragile nylon panties. “Alice, you look stunning. I mean you are so beautiful I could eat you.”

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