All Day Tease Ch. 03 – The Mall

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“All Day Tease”

Chapter 3: The Mall

1: The Morning — 2:00am to 1:00pm

2: The College — 1:00pm to 3:00pm

> 3: The Mall — 3:00pm to 6:00pm

4: The Fantasy Club — 6:00pm to 9:00pm

5: The Nightclub — 9:00pm to 12:00am

6: The Apartment –12:00am to 2:00am


Characters in Chapter 3:

Nikki, college sophomore. (19 years old)

Becca, college sophomore. (18 years old)

Ashley, clothing saleswoman. (22 years old)

Jenny, college freshmen. (18 years old)

Susan, clothing saleswoman. (42 years old)

Rob, professor. (32 years old)

Will, a boy at the mall. (18 years old)

Albert, shoe salesman. (41 years old)

********** Chapter 3.1 — 3:00pm — For Your Entertainment

Another CD clattered to the floor, and Nikki let out a giggle.

The boy’s eyes were so wide, as he gazed at Becca’s bright baby blue panties peeking out from under her yellow flared skirt, right in front of him. He didn’t even breathe for an awkward second, and then Becca straightened up and turned to face him, her eyes wide and her red lips in a big smile.

She handed him the CD she had dropped “accidentally”, and winked at him. Then she sashayed back over to Nikki. His eyes were locked on her swaying ass all the while. He clutched his shopping bags tightly in front of his crotch, to hide the hard-on pressed against his pants.

But Nikki knew it was there — she could always tell which guys were most susceptible to their charms, and this boy was a textbook example. He had been by the posters when she and Becca had walked in, and could not help staring at them. He had tried so hard not to stare.

Nikki loved it when they tried – when they ripped their gaze away but then looked right back a minute later, when they tried to stay back but could not help getting closer. Nikki liked to see them sweat. She did everything she could to make it hard for them, in more ways than one.

Becca did too, which is why when they were walking back to the listening stations she made sure she was close enough to brush up against him as they passed. Nikki could almost feel an electric tingle when they passed him, so strong was his repressed desire. He gasped in their perfume as they flounced past, heading for the singles rack, and after a minute, trying not to be obvious about it he followed them at a distance.

The girls walked through to the front, and sauntered out of the FYE like they owned the place, and the boy trailed behind.

They had been walking down the north corridor towards the food court for a few minutes when someone shouted from behind them.


Becca felt a rough hand grab her arm. She squeaked in surprise and spun around, grimacing in dismay when she saw who it was.

“I got you now, you shameless tramps!”

Herman was the oldest and ugliest of the mall-cop security guards, and he had Becca in his grip. Nikki stopped too and put her hands around Becca’s shoulders in solidarity as they shared a look.

This was not their first run-in with Herman, and they knew they were in trouble — the girls were used to dealing with boys and men, but for some reason he seemed to be completely immune to their charms. At first they suspected he might be gay, but it soon became clear he was just a grumpy old misanthrope. And he seriously had it in for them after a little incident last spring.

He had gotten his eighteen year son Junior hired as a security guard, and it didn’t go so well. Junior was not the most composed young man out there, and he had proved quite vulnerable to the girl’s particular style of teasing. His thing was this lacy lingerie, frilly Fredericks of Hollywood style, and the girls loved to corner him outside the Victoria’s Secret. They would slink up next to him, whispering dirty talk about the lingerie on the mannequins inside, and generally stir him up.

More than once he had been caught with his pants down, as the saying goes, and on one fateful day, that was literally true, with disastrous consequences. Herman had covered as best he could, but there was nothing he could do. Mr. Edwards, the mall’s general manager had been showing an empty storefront to a potential tenant after closing in a Sunday, and they had found Junior in the empty store stripped down to his bulging boxers, but with his mall security hat still on. He had been blindfolded with a red padded bra and his hands were tied to a merchandise rack with red fishnet stockings. A pair of crimson panties from the same matched set were dangling out of his mouth, and he was counting to himself – “116, 117, 118” – mumbling through the red fabric.

He was fired on the spot. Aside from the embarrassment, Junior was alright with it — he didn’t like that job, or his father, all that much, and Becca had met him later that evening to apologize on behalf of them both with a mind-numbing blowjob, wearing an identical set of red lingerie.

Herman, though, had never gotten over it, and nursed virulent grudge against the lezbiyen porno two girls ever since, going out of his way to harass them. It didn’t help matters that he had caught Becca with Junior twice since then.

“You two sluts are NOT allowed on the premises of the Westfield Greenville Mall, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian.” Herman spat, “and that’s final!”

“But we’re both over 18,” Nikki whined.

“Yeah, Herman,” Becca added, her voice crescendoing as she stamped her foot. “It’s totally not fair. We can be here if we want!”

“I don’t care,” the old bulldog shouted back “This is MY house, and if I see you again without someone at least twice as old with you then your asses are out the door. They’re sure as hell out everywhere else.”

He pointed at the mall exit, down the hallway. Becca stuck out her tongue at him as the girls ran off in the other direction, toward the food court, their heels clattering down the mall hallway.

Unseen behind a planter across the hallway, the boy from the record store waited a minute or two for his boner to subside enough to walk. Then he quickly followed after.

********** Chapter 3.2 — 3:15pm — Auntie Annie’s

Rob entered the mall by the movie theatre, and sighed contentedly as air conditioned air washed over him. It was getting hot outside. Usually he liked the hot weather — the warmer the weather, the less clothes the girls wore.

Today though, he only had thoughts for Ali. Every time he closed his eyes he saw the shape of her magnificent cleavage as she leaned over his desk.

The envelope with her panties was in his pocket. When he had torn it open and grabbed the panties, pulling them up to his face, a business card had fallen into his desk. With his senses on fire from her smell, he picked it up and read:

The Flights of Fantasy Club

242 Marginal Way

4pm – 4am

On the back side was a red lipstick kiss imprint, and “6pm” written in matching red ink.

Rob blinked and shook his head to clear it. What would happen tonight? Whatever that little vixen had in mind, Rob wanted to look as good as he could.

After a fruitless walk through J.C. Penney’s, he made his way towards the food court. At three in the afternoon the place was almost full, and it was hard to find a table.

Just as he got a pretzel and a Coke from Auntie Annie’s, a family of four got up and he hurriedly took their table. It wasn’t until he had settled and was taking the first bite of his pretzel that he glanced to the next table over to his right. He almost choked on the greasy bread when he saw the two girls who were sitting there.

Across from him, at the next table, were two gorgeous girls, and they were both dressed in short scandalous outfits.

Rob’s brain had pretty much been dominated by mental images of Ali ever since the test, but right now he forgot her altogether as he tried to process what he was seeing a few feet away. He felt the pressure in his pants again as he took in these two young angels, hot as shit and obviously looking for attention.

The girl directly next to him had her dirty blonde hair up in a high ponytail, wrapped with a yellow scrunchie. Her sleeveless blue top was tight, and clung tight to her flat stomach. Since she was sitting beside him, he could see the shape of her chest, outlined by the stretchy blue fabric. Her flouncy skirt was yellow, with several ruffled layers overlapping each other. It ended well above her knees, and her tanned legs looked tasty. Rob could see her cute feet inside her strappy black high heels. Her toes were pink.

Across from her was a woman just as gorgeous, if not more so. Her rich red hair, obviously dyed, attracted Rob’s attention as it hung down straight a little past her pale shoulders, exposed by a sleeveless black shirt. She was showing a few inches of cleavage, accentuated by a pink bra that Rob could just barely see through the thin black fabric. Her skin was paler than her blond friend’s was, and her eyes were a rich green. The table was in the way, so couldn’t really see whether she was wearing pants or a skirt, or what her shoes looked like. But that didn’t matter — normally shoes and skirts were among the first things he noticed, but today he could not wrench his attention away from her face, and hair.

He realized all of a sudden that he was staring, and also that they had noticed. They exchanged a look, and then the redhead nodded.

Quick as bunnies, they were out of their chairs and across the aisle. Once she was out from the table, Rob could see the redhead was wearing a little pink miniskirt, and silvery heels. She sat down across from him, while the blonde slipped into the seat next to him and put her hand on his thigh. They both just stared at him, as if considering what to do.

Their perfume was filling his senses, and he was aware of his cock coming to life in his pants, mere inches away from the blond girl’s fingers with their French tipped nails. Rob knew he needed liseli porno to say something, and soon.

“Hello, my name is Rob,” He was proud of the fact that he remembered his own name, faced with these two angels.

“I’m Nikki, and that little tramp next to you is named Becca.” Nikki’s voice was sweet and high.

“I am a sweet angel” Becca stuck her tongue out at Nikki. She turned to Rob. “Nikki’s the real tramp – just last week she let Brad stick his – ”

Becca cut off abruptly with a squeak when Nikki reached over and yanked her ponytail.

Nikki turned back to pin him with a look of wide eyed earnestness. “Rob, we need your help”.

This was not at all what he expected her to say. Rob raised his eyes, curious where this was going to lead.

“So, this big old meany security guard says we were causing trouble and told us we had to go unless we found some,” Nikki paused for effect, “adult supervision.”

She stretched out the last two words and Rob felt his endorphins wake up again.

“What do you say, mister?” she finished. “Would you like to … watch … us? We really like to be watched.”

“Do you want to be our daddy for the day?” Becca asked, and her voice went up.

“Older brother,” Nikki countered. “He doesn’t look old enough to be our father.”

“Sexy step-dad? My mom is a cougar.”

“Your mom is a whore.”

“You’re a whore!” Becca stuck her tongue out at Nikki.

Nikki looked back at Rob. “How about pervy yet loving uncle?”

Rob looked from Nikki to Becca and then back again.

His animal brain, jump started by that cheerleader on the steps, and then whipped to a frenzy by Ali, momentarily could not process these two teen goddesses, and what they were asking.

Nikki took a step forward and placed one glitter tipped finger on his chin briefly, and then brought it down to play with the collar of his shirt.

“Please,” she oozed, “we’ll have fun. You’ll have fun. We’re fun! We are REALLY fun!”

She took another half step in, and was inches away now.

“Are you going to make us …” she pursed her red lips tight and slowly finished, “… beg for it?”

“Ummmmmm –” Rob could barely think, let alone speak.


“Pretty please!”

Nikki grabbed Becca’s face, forcing her mouth open. She nodded Becca’s head up and down. Becca’s eyes went wide and she moved with Nikki’s motions, and Nikki moaned in a sing-song voice.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty, please; pretty sexy slutty tease; sexy slutty, on our knees,”

“Mister!” Becca whined, “We neeeeeed you, Mister … mister?”

“Rob.” he said, giving in. “My name is Rob. OK girls — I’ll chaperone you.”

Becca clapped her hands together excitedly.

“On one condition,” he added. “I have a date tonight, so you can’t, you know, go too hard.”

“Don’t you mean YOU can’t get too hard?” Becca giggled back.

“Deal.” said Nikki, reaching her arm out for a handshake. Rob automatically took her hand in his. Holding his hand, she slipped her lithe body out of the chair and came around the table to sit next to Rob, on his right.

“We like it hard, but we also like it long,” as she said this, she ran her nails quickly up his forearm.

“Well wait – ” he stammered.

“How much can you handle?” Becca was right there on his left, pressing up against him.

“Are you gonna lose it if I do this?” her face darted in towards his head and he felt her tongue in his ear. A jolt of endorphins raced through his body.

“Interesting.” Becca cocked her head to the side and looked at him.

“How about if I do this?” On the other side, Nikki reached her hand straight down her shirt, under her bra and grasped her left breast in a full grip. She began to squeeze it slowly.

Rob couldn’t see her nipple or anything, but the perfect circular globes of her tight shirt were changing shape and moving all over the place as she dug her hand around inside. He felt the movement of her upper arm, and his cock began to expand.

She saw the change in him as he stared at her chest and winked. “Well, now I know one thing you definitely like!”

She pulled her arm out and resettled her boobs under her shirt. “We can get you past that, safely, without spoiling your dessert, but we’re gonna have to work up to it.”

“Sounds like fun!” exclaimed Becca. “Let’s go, daddy.”

“Uncle.” Nikki corrected.

Rob was feeling energized and excited from the attention, and stood a bit straighter.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “I don’t have to explain myself. If anyone gives us trouble, you two just hold my hands and let me do the talking.”

Nikki shivered with enthusiastic pleasure. “Our hero!” She looked at Becca. “This one’s a keeper. I can tell already.”

She turned back to Rob.

“So if all you’re going to do is look at us, then we’re gonna show you all our favorite looks.”

Becca nodded and clapped her hands. “And we’re gonna take you to all our favorite stores”.

Nikki mature porno took his hand, and dragged him towards the shops. Her heels and Becca’s clicked sharply on the floor as they moved. The sound filled Rob’s brain as thoroughly as the girls’ perfume dominated his nose and their brightly colored curves commanded his eyes.

The assault on his senses was underway.

********** Chapter 3.3 — 3:30pm — Forever 21

They walked down to the food court entrance, and out into the mall proper. There were only a handful of shops before the first intersection. The right passage led to a parking ramp, the left to bathrooms, and the rest of the mall was straight ahead. Just past the intersection on the right hand side was a Forever 21.

Nikki pulled Becca in for a huddle, and Rob could not make out what they were saying. He heard Becca give a little squeak and look at him for just a heartbeat before facing Nikki again.

They both laughed all of a sudden, and Nikki held up a hand with her pinky sticking out. Becca matched the gesture, and they locked pinkies for a moment. Then they turned back to Rob.

“Well, come on, silly!” Nikki grabbed his arm and they pulled him to the side of the store, and over towards the changing area, which was down a little hallway and around a corner. There was a bench on one wall, next to a wheeled garment rack, and on the other wall were three changing booths with white slatted doors.

He sat on the bench, and the girls disappeared into separate stalls.

Becca’s door opened first. She had on a wispy orange sun dress, transparent enough to show the teal bikini below. A wide straw hat was on her head, and her shoes were thin and strappy.

“How do I look, uncle?” Becca affected a patrician accent, and spoke very ‘properly’. “Do be a dear and take me to the pool later!”

“If you deserve it, young lady.” Rob played along, grinning.

Becca took off her hat and spun it around a finger. “Ta-ta uncle!”. She gave a shimmy and Rob could see her bathing suit jiggle underneath the sheer dress.

She was already pulling off the dress as she turned back inside and pushed at the door. It closed almost all of the way but left an inch or two gap. Rob could see a sliver of her body as she untied and shrugged out the bikini top and then bent over to pull off the bottoms.

He didn’t really have a good angle, and the gap was no more than two inches, and mostly saw her evenly tanned back. He was more aroused by his wondering if she meant to leave the door slightly open for him to see, rather than by the brief glimpses of her nakedness.

He caught a glimpse of blue as she pulled up her panties, followed by a swirl of yellow as she stepped into her skirt. With a clatter, the white slatted door opened. She breezed past Rob and disappeared back into the store.

Rob watched her leave, the yellow skirt swishing from side to side as she walked. He was pretty sure that she had left that door open on purpose, giving him a glimpse to turn him on.

That intentionality was extremely arousing — Rob’s entire thing was for beautiful girls who knew how good they looked, who liked to do themselves up to go out, who loved to show off their sexiness. These two wild girls seemed to have that sexual confidence at an elemental potency. He was happy he had gone to the food court.

He woke from his reverie when he heard a noise behind him. Turning back toward the dressing stalls, he saw Nikki standing in an open doorway.

He glimpsed her for only a moment before looking down at the floor — in that one moment she looked so delicious, right out of his fantasies. He wanted to appreciate every inch.

So his gaze slid across the hardwood floor until it landed upon a pair of white cork-back platforms, with marker-bright blue and purple stripes socks pulled tight over her legs. Her ankles were exquisite, delicate yet flexible, and her calves curved up, outlined by the tight thin socks.

Rob’s eyes travelled further up, taking in the evenly tanned skin and smoothly defined shape of her knees. A line of bedazzled blue denim with little diamond shaped holes cut across the luscious flesh of her of smooth juicy thighs, about a foot above her knees.

The skirt was tight and flat down the front, and he could see her skin through several holes with frayed edges. There was a red bedazzled heart on one side, and the waistband was decorated with diamonds like the hem. A belt of interlocked silver and white gold circles hung loosely across her waist.

Tucked into her skirt she had on a thin tight white shirt, and over that was tied a yellow sweater. The neckline of the white undershirt stretched tightly across her cleavage, which was accentuated by the tight sweater. Her breasts were perfectly curved to each side, round like two scoops of ice cream, and a silver cross pendant disappeared between them.

Her hair was held up on the left side with two white barrettes, and hung down over her face on the left side. The effect was equal parts Ivy League elegance and Valley Cali girl sass, with a healthy pinch of Disney Channel primary color confidence.

Rob felt his heart beat faster than it had all day. For a moment he forgot all about Ali and that eraser between her lips, Nikki’s sexual presence was so great.

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