All for Mom Ch. 02

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“You two kids have turned me into a damned slut,” Elizabeth groaned as she bounced up and down on James’ cock while Brooke rode his licking tongue. For the past three months, the incestuous trio had strengthened their relationship in the best way possible, through the advent of kinky family sex. Elizabeth could not get enough cock, James believed, and rightfully so, that his mom was a nympho. That was fine with him, his only complaint was that his sister was equally horny and he knew he wasn’t getting as much sleep as he should have been.

“We didn’t turn you into a slut mommy, you were one all along,” Brooke sighed as her brother brought her to her third – no, her fourth – orgasm of the afternoon. “You are a cock-hungry bitch and James and I just reminded you of that, that’s all.”

“Cunt-hungry too, my adorable whore,” Elizabeth giggled. “Or have you forgotten what you and I did all afternoon yesterday while our special stud was working?”

Brooke giggled along with her mom and shook her head. No, she had not forgotten. Her mom’s magic tongue and fingers had brought her to several wonderful orgasms and they had tried out a few of the new toys they had purchased on their last shopping trip with aunts Bryiana and Kiki. The clerks at the sex shop were overjoyed to see the quartet because they knew their joint purchases would easily add up to four figures.

“Are you brave enough to try a DP yet, mommy?” Brooke asked eagerly. She had purchased a very large strap-on the previous afternoon and dearly wanted to experience something that her brother had and fuck her mommy with it. Seeing her mom get ass-fucked and cunt-fucked at the same time was one of Brooke’s most perverted fantasies.

“Not yet, my wonderful little sex kitten,” Elizabeth groaned as she rolled her hips around her son’s magnificent member. “I’ll admit to being a slut, but there are a few things I have to build up to and being fucked in the ass while my son fucks my pussy is still one of them. Don’t worry, I’m sure I will get around to it sooner rather than later.” The sparkle in her eyes as she said that to Brooke made her daughter believe it.

Elizabeth let herself go and wailed loud enough to wake the dead as her orgasm traversed her entire body. Once rested, she snuggled into her son’s strong arms while she watched her daughter try in vain to rouse his prick. For now, at least, James was out of commission. She had no cause for complaint, neither of them did. How many men could satiate two cock-crazy bitches three times and have four orgasms all his own? Her son was in a league all of his own.

“What should we do this weekend?” James asked as he enjoyed the relaxing sensation of his sister’s tiny hand stroking his cock. “Neither Brooke or I have to work, so we can do anything at all that strikes our fancy,” had he said with an evil grin. James knew very well what the women would choose to do.

“We both know what’s on your mind, but have you forgotten that Brooke promised to help your aunt with her gardening?” Elizabeth grinned. James groaned and rolled his eyes, he had forgotten. Curse Brooke and her green thumb, he was up for a weekend of fun and now, that wasn’t going to happen. He decided that he would Gaziantep Escort make the best of it and get some rest, although he knew that his crazy, wild, perverted mom wouldn’t let him spend too much time in bed – resting.

“Sorry, big brother, I’ll try to finish up as early as I can,” Brooke smiled. “You’ll just have to fuck us each one more time before I have to leave.” A few seconds after she said that, the phone rang. As he was the closest one to it, James answered it. After a conversation his women could not overhear, he was smiling.

“The weekend is looking up,” he said to his mother and sister. “I won’t say exactly what’s going on, but I think I’m going to have a lot more fun than you are, sorry Brooke. Mom, don’t make any plans – you won’t want to miss out on a second.”

“A second of what?” Elizabeth wanted to know. It likely involved something sexual, most things in their world did now, but surprises still made her uneasy, even ones she knew she would more than likely enjoy.

“If I tell you, you might panic,” James told her, causing her to shiver a bit. “Let me just say that a true slut will enjoy each and every minute of what is going through my mind. This will prove, once and for all, that you’re a nasty fuck pig and that cock and cunt are a way of life for you.” Most moms would have been offended by words like that. Not so Liz – they made her shiver even more with forbidden urges.

Brooke got an early start the following morning, but Liz was smart enough to let her son sleep in. She cooked him a nice, large breakfast as she was confident he would be needing the energy. She ate lightly, not wanting to be weighed down by a large meal. Whatever James had in mind, he was playing it close to the vest. He kept wearing his smile, but gave her absolutely no clue as to what to expect until a bit after 1 PM when the front doorbell rang. She went to answer and two sets of arms grabbed her forcefully.

“Fuck James, you were right, she is a MILF,” the taller of the two women said as she helped to restrain Elizabeth. She wasn’t hurting Elizabeth and the horny mom knew this must be part of the games for the day.

“She’s really your mom, you really are a motherfucker?” The tinier of the two younger women asked. James nodded as the two women dragged Elizabeth to the upstairs bedroom.

“I thought we were kinky bitches because we’re twins that fuck each other, but damn, you’re a bastard!” The taller girl laughed. The two girls were both blonde and gorgeous, but there, the similarities ended. The taller girl was in black leather shorts, outrageous black high heels and a red leather corset. The tinier blonde wore a black sequined top, stripper heels and a leather mini. The taller girl was slender, her sister, petite. Both seemed to have an air of sexuality about them that you could almost have cut with a knife.

“Mom, these two gorgeous babes are my whores for the afternoon, the tall one is Jessica and the tiny one is Brea,” James smiled. “These are the Jane sisters, two of the kinkiest bitches you will ever meet.” The duo still had Liz tightly in their grasp. “Girls, tie the slut to the bed and then, do whatever you want to her,” James Gaziantep Escort Bayan instructed them. I’m going to watch, whichever one of you makes her cum first gets whatever she wants.” He looked at Elizabeth with a steely grin. “Did you hear me, mom? Whatever she wants. That means that if Jess wants to fuck you with a strap-on, she can do it. If Brea wants me to fuck her and have you eat the cum from her cunt, no problem. You are going to be our personal cunt for the day mom, and you are going to fucking cum like never before!”

Elizabeth had accepted her lot in life over the past several weeks. She was a slut and a whore, a woman who lived for fucking and being fucked. Her husband had not been able to bring that out in her, her delightfully wicked offspring had accomplished it with ease. Nothing seemed too much anymore, she loved watching Brooke take James’ cock in her pussy or mouth. This was her first foray in a long time with anyone outside of her family and the blondes were both gorgeous. Being “abused” by the two gorgeous honeys would not be hard to take at all!

Jessica walked over to the bed and tested Liz’s bonds to make sure they were secure. She wore a cruel smile, although Elizabeth was sure that it was all a part of the act. She pinched Liz’s face and looked back at her sister and at James. “You’re going to be our perfect little fuck bitch for the day, just like James said,” she grinned. “Brea and I have always wanted to make it with a hot, older MILF like you. Too bad we can’t fuck our own mom, but you sure don’t take a back seat to anyone, does she, sis?” Brea shook her head and approached the trembling Elizabeth with a mystifying grin.

“She is such a classy-looking, sexy woman,” Brea said in a soft, nearly-girlish voice. “It’s going to be a real thrill fucking her and seeing her act like a whore. Yeah, I think I’m really going to get off on that,” she said and crushed her mouth to Elizabeth’s. The older woman whimpered in protest, although no one in the room took her at her word. James knew if he or the girls was to touch his mom’s pussy, they would likely find it soaking wet.

James sat down in a chair and watched as the two beautiful girls swarmed to his mother like bees to flowers. Brea was right, even in the throes of the kinkiest passion, Elizabeth had a classy aura about her. Brea was removing his mother’s clothing with a smiling glee while Jess kissed and fondled the parts of the goddess’ body that were being made available to her. All the while, Elizabeth moaned and gave herself over fully to the emotions welling up deep inside of her. She was likely damned to hell, so she decided to sit back and enjoy the journey to damnation. A beautiful, naked pussy squatted over her face and she welcomed its arrival as a tall, grinning blonde buried her face in the warmth of Liz’s horny, aching cunt.

“Damn, she’s a tasty bitch,” James heard Jessica say, assuming that she was talking to her sister. He was sure she was also being very vocal for his listening and voyeuristic pleasure. She had good instincts, because he loved it when his sister and mom got it on.

“She knows what she’s doing with a pussy, that’s for sure,” Brea grunted Escort Gaziantep happily as she moved close enough to swap tongues with Jessica. She tasted the sweet nectar on her sister’s lips. “Mmm, can’t wait to switch places with you and make this bitch buck.”

Elizabeth wasn’t sure who in the room was having the most fun, herself, the sisters or James, watching them all at play. She didn’t want to let anyone know that she had already cum once or the games might end too early. She was thrilled as the sisters switched places and wondered if their styles were alike or dissimilar. She soon found out because Brea ate her quim with a ferocity unlike anything Liz had ever known. It was evident that both girls were bi, but Liz believed that Brea might like women just a bit more than her sis. It was the tinier girl who got the loud moan out of Liz that signaled everyone that she had cum.

“I get to fuck her,” Brea laughed, clapping her hands as everyone complimented her on her achievement. Jessica reached into the bag that the twins had brought with them and extricated a dildo even larger than the one Brooke had purchased. She helped her sister strap it on and licked her lips. “Make her howl, baby,” she said as she gave Brea a quick peck on the lips.

“What are you going to be doing while I’m making her my bitch?” Brea asked, although she knew the answer. She was just voicing it for everyone’s entertainment.

“I’m going to let James fuck me up the ass,” Jessica said as she licked her lips. Her brown eyes were dark as coal as she looked at the handsome stud. “We’ve both wanted to try it, I think he’ll be perfect for my first butt fuck,” she laughed. James nodded and thought things were working out well. Elizabeth would experience her first dildo fuck and it would open her to the possibility. She would also be able to see one of her playmates being ass fucked by her son and she would see it wasn’t as terrible as she might think. Jessica lubed up James’ cock, but her twin was miles ahead of her. She was fucking Liz’s cunt as if her life depended on it and the older brunette was crying out for more and acting like the total, whorish slut she loved to be.

James had never fucked butt before, it was tight and a bit difficult to manage in the beginning. Lucky for them both, Jessica was a partner who enjoyed all things sexual and she relaxed enough to allow him to accomplish their mutual goal. Once he got going to where both of them were comfortable, he was able to fuck her the way that she wanted – hard and long and strong. Their companions had already finished their fucking and his mom licked his cock as it battered Jess’ anal pucker while the taller of the twins ate cum from her sibling’s pussy, just as she had wanted to do.

It was an afternoon of sheer debauchery that turned into an evening of hedonistic kink. Leather and vinyl, more toys, oils and water play, it was all on the table for the four of them. James hoped that his sister would come home and join the party, that didn’t happen. She called and said that she was tuckered out from working outdoors all day and that she would be home the next afternoon. It was just as well, James thought to himself. He wasn’t sure whether or not Brooke would be up for a five-person orgy. Would she be jealous? He doubted it, Brooke was swiftly learning, like their mom, to go with the flow. James was sure of one thing – an afternoon like the one he had experienced with his mom and the twins beat an afternoon of gardening any day of the week.

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