All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 03

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Group Sex

The next day was a mix of emotions for Mallory, Lizzie and Jess. Mal couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d done to her little cousin. She was both mortified and aroused by the memory.

She kept sharing knowing glances with the younger girl, but neither said a word to each other. It was obvious to Mal, however, that Jess enjoyed their tryst and was unashamedly eyeing her cousin with newfound lust.

Lizzie was a ball of confusion, forced to face a rush of new feelings all at once. Not only a newfound and intense desire for members of her own sex, but constant, nagging and almost obsessive fantasies of all of her young family members filled her dirty mind. She couldn’t help but look at all of her cousins, and especially her sister, with a new, depraved lust she was struggling and failing to dismiss.

Jess had woken up as if the world had opened up to her. She had found sex, and it was a wonderful thing. It thrilled her to imagine her big cousin Mallory doing way more to her than she had the night before, and imagining joining Jill and Candace, as well.

The thought of the sisters was so sexy in fact, that she found herself looking at her own sisters, wondering what it would be like.

Despite the odd behaviour from the three girls, the other four were oblivious. If Tiffany or Nikki ever suspected something was amiss with any of them, they didn’t seem to let on.

Jill and Candace were so concerned with their own naughty secret that they didn’t have much room in their filthy minds for wondering about their cousins.

The day was spent much more quietly, the 7 girls spending their time reading, watching tv or escaping to a bedroom if they could for a little time to themselves.

That afternoon, the three mothers announced they had some news for their girls. They’d heard back from their brother, Mike.

He and his 18 year old daughter Brittany had been invited to join them for the holidays, too, but he’d initially refused. Mike was a bit of a drunk, and didn’t like to leave the house much. It was a difficult situation for young Brittany, and Debra had hoped to give the girl a break from it.

That afternoon Mike had called, saying he’d like for his sisters to come visit him, and if they liked, they could take Brittany back with them to join in the holiday festivities.

All seven daughters were delighted to hear the news, but glad they weren’t being asked to visit with their uncle as well. He was a bit hard to get along with, and the leering looks and inappropriate comments made them more than a little uncomfortable.

They all missed Brittany, though, and looked forward to welcoming the youngest member of the family to the household.

That evening, the three older women set out for their brother’s cottage. It was a bit of a long drive, and out of the way, so they would be spending the night there, rather than driving to get back at such a late hour.

Before they left, Debra told Jess: “If you’d like, you can use my bed for tonight. I’m sure it’s more comfortable then that futon downstairs.”

“Thanks, Aunt Debra!” Jess said, hugging the older woman. “That would be really nice!!” She turned to share a look with Mal. A look of enticing invitation for later that night. Mal bit her lip, wondering what would happen if she were to go into that bedroom tonight. She wasn’t sure if she could bring herself to do it.

That night, the girls loosened up a bit, enjoying their freedom from the parents. They had a little wine, played games and listened to some music until it got to be very late.

When the last of the snacks had been devoured and the third bottle of wine was empty, they all decided it was time to go and sleep it off. They said their good nights, leaving the mess for the morning, and went their separate ways to their respective bedrooms.

Feeling more than a little tipsy, Mal sunk into the bed next to her sister. She didn’t feel at all tired. In fact, she was starting to feel very horny.

Part bursa eskort bayan of her hoped she would soon hear the familiar sounds of her cousins fucking next door, her pussy moistening at the thought. Then her mind turned it’s attention to the memory of young Jessica, and the delightfully naughty signals the girl had been sending her all night.

Could she really go through with it? The wine had already significantly lowered her inhibitions, and she was very tempted. She glanced sideways at Lizzie, who seemed to be ready to pass out. Her lips were slightly parted and she was breathing softly, her eyes closed.

Mal fought the sudden urge to lean over and kiss those soft lips. She shuddered, turning her thoughts back to Jess.

Finally, she decided to go for it. Slipping out of bed once again, she crept from the room, leaving her little sis to drift off to sleep.

Jess lay in her aunts queen sized bed, luxuriating in the soft, wide mattress she had all to herself. She was happy with this step up from the downstairs futon, however temporary it might be. She ran her fingers teasingly over her body, growing aroused at her own touch. Dirty lesbian fantasies were still playing through her mind, and she wished she had a warm body next to her to play with.

As if on cue, her wish was answered, and a soft knock came from the other side of the door.

“Come in!” she whispered, trying to hide the excitement in her voice.

The door quietly opened, and Jess grinned happily as she saw Mal slink into the room and gently close the door behind her. Not saying a word, Mal just stood there, fidgeting, staring down at her sexy cousin.

Growing impatient, Jess quickly shoved the covers off of her self, revealing her body to the older girl.

Mal gasped. Jess was completely naked , her supple body moving sensually on the mattress, beckoning her to join her. All the apprehension Mal was feeling immediately vanished, and she leapt to the bed, struggling out of her own t-shirt clumsily before falling into her cousin’s waiting arms.

Jess giggled before Mal’s greedy lips claimed hers, and in an instant they were making out passionately, Mal’s body crushing down on top of her cousin’s. They ran their hands all over each other’s bodies, squeezing and groping as they ground their naked flesh together. Their pussies flooded as they enjoyed each other’s bodies.

Jess desperately sought to tear Mal’s panties from her body, pushing them down to the older girl’s knees until Mal reached down herself and kicked them the rest of the way off. Then Jess’s hands were on her cousin’s naked ass, squeezing it roughly and pulling her hips down so they could grind harder against each other.

They panted into each other’s lips, squealing and writhing in pleasure. Both girls were dragging their wet cunts against each other’s thighs, their entire bodies plastered tightly against each other as they humped with desire.

The girls’ sudden and intense passion combined with the effects of the wine, leaving them oblivious to their surroundings. Soon they’d forgotten about any concern for discretion, becoming louder and louder in their love making.

The noises drifted through the bedroom wall to Lizzie’s room, where Tiffany and Nikki slept, both snoring softly. The wine had caused them both to fall asleep quickly, but now their sister’s throaty moans and their cousin’s shuddering gasps were beginning to wake the younger of the two.

Nikki’s bleary eyes crept open as the sounds grew louder. It took her several minutes to wake up enough to realize there were noises coming from outside the room. It took her several more minutes to put together what those noises were.

When she finally recognized the sounds of sex, and realized they were coming from where her sister was supposed to be sleeping, her eyes went wide, staring at the wall across the room where they drifted from.

She strained to hear more. A second voice was coming from the bursa merkez escort room, but she couldn’t figure out who it was. She could only tell it was female, and assumed it had to be one of her cousins.

Frozen in place, she wasn’t sure how to react. Part of her wanted to burst into the other room and put an end to whatever was happening, but another part of her was becoming aware of the warm feelings growing in her crotch… She continued to listen, her arousal growing.

She started picturing her sister with each of her cousins in turn, and found every coupling equally as arousing. She glanced quickly back at her sister laying behind her. The older girl was still asleep, and Nikki was very tempted to reach into her dampened pussy and relieve herself. She fought the urge as long as she could, but the temptation was too great, and her fingers drifted down, seeking her wetness.

Mal was grinding hard against her younger cousin’s thigh, gasping as her pussy wept on the burning skin beneath her. She was lapping eagerly at the younger girls nubile tits, sucking the hard nipples into her mouth and causing the sexiest noises to come from Jess’s lips. She once again reached up, claiming those lips with her own, and slid her pussy up the girl’s thigh until it made contact with Jess’s.

The two girls grunted as their burning crotches made contact, and renewed the energy of their thrusting, their now sweaty skin slapping wetly as they fucked. Jess’s hands were still on the older girl’s ass, and she squeezed tightly, pulling their open pussies together hard, kneading the soft, sweaty flesh. She reached around further, spreading the cheeks and pushing a finger against the stretching anus.

Mal suddenly released her cousin’s mouth, throwing her head back in a strangled cry as she felt the finger push against her anus. She spread her legs further, humping back against the finger, and Jess giggled, knowing she’d hit one of Mal’s hot spots.

She plunged her finger deep into the sweat coated orifice, and Mal pitched and bucked, cumming hard against her naked cousin’s body. Her hips gyrated wildly, banging back and forth between Jess’s swampy pussy and invading digit. When the orgasm faded, she looked down at her cousin, a wild expression on her face.

The orgasm had only increased her hunger for sex with this young angel, and she quickly slid down the girl’s body, claiming her pussy with her mouth and pushing her tongue out to lap at her juices.

Jess gasped, thrusting her cunt into the older girls mouth. Mal was lapping at her like an animal, sending her into convulsive fits of pleasure. She reached down, tangling her fingers in the girls wet hair, pushing her face hard into her cunt and scraping it back and forth in ecstasy.

For her part, Mal never released the writhing girl’s cunt from her mouth, shoving her tongue hard between the flaring lips and pumping it in and out, coating her face in creamy sex as she gorged herself.

Nikki was rubbing her pussy with a growing need, losing herself to the pleasure enveloping her. She imagined herself joining the two lovers in the other room. She imagined fucking her sexy young sister, and the idea thrilled her. Her panties were now drenched as her fingers pumped wetly inside her.

For several minutes now, Tiff had been awake. She was laying behind her sister, listening to the younger girl bring herself off, not to mention the now very obvious sounds of sex coming from the other room, where she knew her youngest sister and one of her cousins were greatly enjoying themselves.

She had started by reacting much the same way Nikki had, with shock and even a bit of anger, but that was gone now, replaced with her own arousal.

She was trying to be discrete and not call attention to herself, slowly running her fingers through her wet pussy lips. She knew, though, she would need more than this gentle teasing soon. She knew she’d have to fuck herself bursa sınırsız escort bayan as vigorously as Nikki was now doing, but wasn’t sure how she could without attracting attention.

Both girls suddenly looked up at the wall in amazement as a wanton scream exploded from it. Jess was coming, and coming hard in her cousin’s hungry mouth. For her part, Mal had quickly shoved two fingers into the girls pussy, pumping them hard while she sucked on her throbbing clit. She drew out the younger girl’s orgasm, until it rose up into a second one, and Jess started to babble incoherently, her body stiffening and quaking, her mouth drooling as she experienced ecstasy.

As her second orgasm started to fade, Mal slowed her vicious finger pumping, and lapped at the flowing cream greedily.

Jess gawked down at her cousin, panting desperately. She grabbed Mal’s face, pulling her up on top of her hard and wrapping her legs around the older girl’s waist. Their slippery bodies collided and Jess started to lick her juices enthusiastically from Mal’s chin and throat.

She then rolled her cousin over, straddling her stomach and kissing her passionately. The two girls ate each other’s mouths for several minutes, before Jess tore away again, sucking a breast into her mouth and lapping at the nipple. She slid her way down the older girl’s body, and immediately dove in for her own taste of pussy, lapping up Mal’s seeping honey.

Mal groaned, the feeling of her baby cousin’s tongue on her clit was electric and she clamped her sweaty thighs tightly around Jess’s neck. The grip of Mal’s thighs only encouraged Jess further, and before long she’d wormed two, then three fingers into her cousin’s pussy, and her other hand reached up to once again sink a finger into Mal’s sweat drenched anus.

The intense lovemaking next door was too intense for Tiff to resist any longer, and she plunged her fingers into her gash, fucking herself desperately. She closed her eyes tightly, hoping her sister was too involved with her own pleasure to notice what she was doing. Her thumb ground down on her clit as she curled her fingers inside herself, humping up against her cum soaked hands.

Nikki was lost in a fantasy of debauchery. Her eyes were glazed with arousal as she pictured not just one, but ALL of her cousins, naked and fucking in a delicious pile. Jess and Tiff were there too, and she had joined them all, a big pile of hungry lesbian whores slurping at each other’s cunts. She rolled back suddenly, bumping into her sister as orgasm overtook her.

The sudden contact from her sister was enough to send Tiff over the edge too, and both girls began convulsing against their fingers, their juices gushing into their panties as they brought themselves to the heights of their climaxes.

They were both oblivious to the rest of the world, gyrating wildly as they impaled themselves again and again on their fingers. Finally, they each fell back into the mattress, totally spent. Nikki rolled forward again, her cheeks red at the thought she may have woken her sister. She still had no idea what Tiff had been up to, and didn’t dare look back to see if she’d woken her.

Tiff for her part just lay on her back, her eyes hazy with lust, slowly sucking the cream from her wrinkled fingers. Before long the exertion from their orgasm caused both girls to fall back into a deep and satisfied sleep.

Mal was gasping for breath, feeling both of Jess’s hands pumping at her cunt and ass, and her mouth clamped down hard on her clit, everything quickly came crashing into her and she came again. It was the second orgasm in a row Jess had given her in this position, and the younger girl still showed no signs of slowing down. Her pussy screaming in protest, Mal struggled to reach down and pull her greedy cousin away from her steaming pussy, gasping for breath.

“Please…” she panted. “It’s… too… much… too sensi…tive…”

She pulled Jess back up into her arms, and the cousins shared another passionate kiss, sharing the generous amounts of Mal’s cum Jess’s face had collected. Both girls were exhausted from their heated lovemaking, and Jess curled up in her cousin’s arms, pulling the blanket over them.

They both snuggled into each other, their breathing returning to normal, and drifted to a well-deserved sleep.

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