All Grown Up

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Lyle knew better than accept a date with his mom’s friend. It’s not that he was unattractive, he just knew very few women. That’s what comes of years of attending all boys schools. Until he got to college he could count the number of dates he’d had on one hand.

He’d gone out with Tabitha, mostly to appease his mom who gave too much attention to his private life even though he had moved out almost two years ago. Nightly she would call and talk about everything, from television shows he watched to the fictional dates he told her about. He agreed to meet Tabitha for dinner came during a drawn out conversation where he would have said anything to get her off the phone so he could get dinner started.

She was his mother’s oldest friend. In fact she had been close to the entire family at one point, having met his mother when she was hired as her tutor in college. The two had hit it off immediately and grown a bond of friendship neither experienced elsewhere. She was her bridegroom at her wedding and his babysitter when his parents went out. As his mother settled into the complacency of marriage and all that came with it, she was busy getting her Masters, starting her own company and building her investments. She was a very intelligent woman, with a keen sense of herself. She never married, nor did it seem she ever wanted to.

Though she drifted apart from them while she built her own life, she was never far from them. Phone calls, letters and postcards kept her a constant in their home. As Lyle entered college, she moved to the city and dropped in on them most every weekend. He began to date and Tabitha showed an increased amount of concern about the women he chose to spend his time with. When he was out she’d discuss his choice of women with his mother, who trust him to show good judgement.

“But don’t you think that’s learned, not something you want to experiment with?” Tabitha asked his mother.

She answered as best she could with a series of clichés. Lessons learned the hard way are the most remembered, she said.

“Darleen,” she groaned. “This is not something that should be learned the hard way. Look at all the men growing up that don’t have a clue about women or,” she added, her eyebrows rising, “the men that get women pregnant that don’t have a clue about raising children.”

Her friend nodded her head. How else does a boy learn?

Aware of her background and liberating view of sex, Tabitha suggested something most women would never dream of, especially with the son of their best friend. His mother turned to listen, her mouth held slightly open, unsure of what to say.

“Think of it Darleen, you know me, you trust me. I love him and you know he loves me. What could be so wrong with that?”

She was dumbfounded. Everything told her it was wrong yet her friend was right. Intelligent reasoning proved it to be a worthwhile idea.

“I’m not talking marriage,” She added. “God knows there’s time for that later and it’s not what I’m looking for at this stage. I’m just talking about an intimate relationship, with me more of a mentor than anything. We go out, share evenings together and I coach him on being a man. I teach him how to treat women.”

They discussed it further though it was obvious both women felt the same way. Darleen’s love for her son made her cautious and though she trusted her friend with him, she couldn’t shake the concern that a mother has for her offspring.

“He’s mine too,” Tabitha offered. “Yes, you carried him and nursed him but I raised him as well. I bathed him, fed him, kept him in my bed when he was too young and you were away. No doubt the boy thinks of me as his second mother- perhaps more than that.”

Darleen looked out the window. A grove of trees where together they’d played Hide and Seek with him still loomed larger and denser than she remembered from his childhood. The Boy- It was a long time since she thought of him that way. It was a cute term they used together as they raised him without a father. “Did you put the boy down for his nap?” “Has the boy been behaving himself?” Such thoughts filled her heart and caused a warmth to flow through her chest. She missed her boy and there was no doubt her friend cared for him as much as his biological mother.

She assented to the idea though she kept her reservations silent. If anyone would hurt him it would more than likely be a strange girl than her best friend that practically raised him.

That night, as he returned home she met him before he turned in. He was glad to see her but acted guilty, as if he had done something. She was just turning in but before she did she told him Tabitha was coming to pick him up the next night.

“Ms. Smith?”

“Tabitha. You’re old enough not to use such a term anymore. You may call her Tabitha.” A thought passed through her mind. “You’re not going out tomorrow night, are you?”

He said he wasn’t but seemed confused by her idea. He enjoyed having her around and he couldn’t say he wasn’t attracted to her yet his mother’s declaration casino oyna surprised him.

The next evening he chose his clothes more carefully than he would for any date. She would expect him to wear something better, having laid out his clothes for him on numerous occasions. He selected a pair of faded blue chinos and a starched white shirt. With his hair finely combed and cleaned he looked much more respectful than he did sneaking in the night before.

Tabitha too, had primped and dressed appropriately. She wore a tight dress that stopped at mid thigh, where he could see her legs covered in light gold pantyhose.

“Wow…hi Ms, I mean Tabitha.”

“Hello dear. Ready for our night out?”

He got in the passenger side and sat quietly, not sure what to say. She drove off and together they shared a wonderful dinner. Afterwards they walked together along the beach and when she reached for his hand she found it shaking slightly. He did not resist however, and thought the feel of her skin was very comforting. She took him home that first night though rather than move too fast, she took the spare bedroom after wrapping him tightly in a thick down comforter.

The next two weekends were similar. Saturdays they would get together and he would end up sleeping at her home. On the third date she slipped in beside him as he slept. Dressed in only a thin pair of panties she was shocked to feel bare skin beside her when she pressed into him. The boy slept naked?

She awoke before he did and stroked him in the crook of her arm until he came to. He feigned sleep for some time, content with just feeling her attentions. He opened his eyes slowly and instinctively went for her breast. She made no move to stop him, instead pulled down the sheet to reveal her swollen, puffy nipple. His lips connected and she felt the surge of comfort flow out of him as his skin met hers. He closed his eyes once more, exalting in the complete tranquility of suckling at the breast of a woman that loves him. No milk came from her though she fervently wished it would. He didn’t seem to mind, only hummed happily as he sucked.

His lips were soft and moist and the gentle sucking motion soothed her. She found herself warming to him. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened slightly and slowly her legs parted. Between her legs her pussy warmed. The heat turned to a steady dampness as her cream soaked her panties.

He was a man and most likely not a virgin. So long she had wondered how he lay with his women. Was he a gentle, kind lover or clumsy and oafish as most his age were? She was certain it was the former.

The stiff eagerness of his full cock pressed against her bare thigh and she squealed with lust. With a harried movement, she reached to her hips, lifted her legs and pulled the skin of panties down and off, tossing them casually on the floor. She felt open now and she parted her legs farther. The full bush of her mound glistened and the slick lips of her vulva breathed hungrily. Her canal was open, begging for his touch. She threw the covers off, hoping for his attentions but his lips never left her breast.

So taken was she in the moment that she couldn’t look at him. She winced in pleasure, feeling the heat of his body beside her. Her thigh rested between his legs where she gently pressed against his soft, full testicles.

Boldly she reached and allowed her hand to travel the length of his body. He was young, strong and tight just as she’d imagined. Her hand found his cock and she gripped it though she was barely able to fit her tiny hand around its shaft.

He was excitedly mouthing her. No longer sucking, his tongue flicked over the sensitive nipple, stirring a buzz within her that traveled straight to her pussy, speeding her flow.

She was careful against him. Her strong thigh was gentle against his tender balls but each time she pressed she was rewarded with a slight sound of hopefulness within him. Soft hairs tickled the bare flesh of her knee.

Her lips found his ear where she placed several loving kisses. The time she fantasized about, that sped her to orgasms one after another as her fingers stroked her sex, was finally here and she couldn’t believe it. This beautiful young man, once the child she helped raise from birth, the same boy that once called her “nana” and “auntie” when she pushed him on the swingset, the same one that cried pitifully as she washed his scraped knee and squealed playfully when she kissed away the hurt, was beside her. Now a grown, virile man, she had waited for this day for years.

She would make love to him as a woman should for a man. He was bred to be hers, his smooth skin, tousled hair and still boyish looks were hers. She had loved him as a mother, bathed him, nurtured him and now she would guide him properly in the ways of love. If any man was made for any woman, he was to her.

His cock was hot against her and she pulled at it slowly. He didn’t fight but allowed her to jack him. With a gentle nudge, she removed him from her willing breast and moved canlı casino to take him between her lips.

Instantly he sat up, a look of alarm in his eyes. As if finally recognizing the situation, he covered himself, his countenance blooming to a deep scarlet as he unsuccessfully tried to hide his arousal. It pushed out from beneath his frantic hands.


She sat up on her knees to face him. Her heavy breasts bounced freely and as she went to kiss him he moved back slightly and held himself, allowing her lips on him. His body was tight and unmoving. Tabitha touched her lips to his. They had kissed before, untold amounts of times but this was the first they shared as lovers.

“We shouldn’t do this.”

Her soft fingertips stroked his cheek as she tried to soften him. “Easy, sweetheart. I love you.” She looked downwards to his undiminished cock forcing itself into her view.

“I know you do,” he hesitated, searching for words. “I love you too. I just can’t.”

She was disappointed and felt rejected but wasn’t surprised. He was always a late bloomer. She rubbed his arm tenderly and leaned back. It was better not to rush him. Coming to him, she wrapped her arms around his body and pressed her shoulders to his. Their embrace was warm and she felt him respond. A kiss was placed solemnly against his cheek and he sighed. Her breasts, with nipples budded, pressed against his body. He felt smooth and warm against her skin.

As she rose, he examined her. Though he had been with a fair number of girls, it felt like the first time he was with a woman. Something was completely different in her. Her body was full and developed. Her hips had filled out to a pleasing roundness that drew him. Her breasts, heavy and full, caused a bolt of lust through his body. As she turned, he eyed the flash of pussy covered with soft brown hair. She began dressing, indifferent to him watching her from the bed. He sat naked, feeling awkward. Instinctively his hand went to his prick and stroked playfully before catching himself. She noticed and admonished him with a wink.

“C’mon hun, better get you dressed and home.”

He blushed but felt relieved. It had been a strange night and he looked forward to sleeping in his own bed. As he dressed, she wondered how the chubby bottom cheeks of the boy she knew turned into the tight, firm ass in front of her.

As she drove him home she gauged his feelings. He’d always been a shy, delicate boy and she didn’t want to harm their relationship or the growing intimacy between them. Instead of discussing that night they talked and joked about nothing in particular. By the time they arrived at his home he was laughing and in a much better mood.

They went in together and he didn’t mind her hand squeezing his behind and she followed him in. She shooed him upstairs and went to the kitchen to make herself a drink. Relaxing in the overstuffed easy chair she listened to the silence of the house and considered her feelings for the young man upstairs. Her love for him was as strong as his mother’s, there was no denying that, but she couldn’t ignore the feelings that had been growing within her for many years. For too long she looked at him in a different way. He was becoming a man. First his body began quickly taking shape- he seemed to pass through awkward adolescence in a short week, then he held himself differently. His walk, his smile, the timbre of his voice, all formed to make him a beautiful, if still adorable man. She didn’t realize it at first, her female senses noted it before she acknowledged it herself, but everything about him was coming together to make him the ideal man for her. She watched as his sexuality developed and he noticed women and took the first clumsy steps towards sex. It was inspiring, in a way. Such boldness was out of character for him but he took to the role of Romeo easily and soon he was accustomed to the touch of a woman.

She watched from the sidelines his interactions with the girls about him. They fawned over him, some even played hard to get, but he had an instinct for it that made them always give in. Many times, she was certain, a young girl had opened her body to him, pleading to be taken. If only she could watch, if only it were her.

Her passion roused her from the darkened living room and, slipping off her shoes, she tiptoed up the steps to wish him goodnight. If he was still up perhaps he would like to talk about his past experiences. A retelling of his exploits would do her well and promise hot dreams.

A crack of light shone under his door and she exhaled, glad that he was awake. She lightly rapped against the frame and heard quick movement behind. Her curiosity got the better of her and she opened it and was inflamed at what she saw.

He was lying on his back completely naked. His legs were spread wide and one hand reached for the sheets to cover himself. In the moment before he did Tabitha saw his full length held in the center of his fist. Her body warmed at catching the boy at such a time. kaçak casino

“Can I come in?” He didn’t respond, just looked at her speechless. She sat down at the head of the bed and placed at hand on his shoulder while the other reached around his head and petted his neck.

“Lyle, why are you jacking off?”

The use of such a phrase made him more uncomfortable. His nervous squirming heightened her arousal and she pressed farther. The hand on his shoulder traveled downward, finding a nipple and capturing it between her thumb and forefinger.

“I can’t believe I caught you. Such a filthy habit…” In fact, she thought it was anything but. She knew how natural it was and would worry if she learned he did not do it at all but his discomfort thrilled her. “Why would you do such a thing? With your mother down the hall and you in here pulling on yourself like a schoolboy. Aren’t you ashamed?”

She felt guilty for scolding him and he looked more than contrite. He had turned a heavy scarlet and could not bear to look at her, only looking downwards to the tent his shaft formed beneath the sheets.

“I’ve known you your whole life. I was there when you were born. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.” Poor tormented boy, her words were really affecting him. “Is this what you learned away at college?”

It broke her heart to speak to him in such a way but something inside her pushed her farther and forced the bitch out to confront him.

“Don’t hide yourself!” She almost yelled at him. “Show me what it is you were doing. What you chose over me.”

He was shocked. He couldn’t speak but she knew how incredibly difficult it would be for him. Aware of his body, she slowed down and gently rested her body against his.

“Please Lyle,” -whispery soft kisses on his forehead. “Show me how you play with yourself. Auntie wants to see.” He allowed himself to ease into her and when she whispered in his ear, “I’m so proud of you, my baby.” She heard him sigh sweetly.

He unveiled himself, showing her his cock, now swollen and red from his grip. He clutched it possessively, like his favorite toy. He began jerking himself self-consciously and she pressed closer, her lips at his ear still taunting.

“What would your mother think?” His response was only a yelp as the pleasure deepened. “You do this a lot, don’t you boy?” He nodded, unable to ignore her. “So many girls to play with and you play with yourself, why?”

His concentration broke and he gazed at her. His penis was on the brink and a sliver of creamy white spunk held at his slit. She knew his body must be bursting at that moment.

“You…,” he gaped. “I’ve always wanted you…you’ve been in my dreams since I can remember.”

She was familiar with men and knew it was impossible for them to lie at such a time. Her body reacted, her pussy began to gush and her nipples swelled to an ache. Almost trembling, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled off the skirt she wore. Her legs, smooth and warm, rubbed along his. Moisture that dripped from her sex to her inner thighs coated his body. She knew he, the boy she held closer than anyone else in her life, would explode if she were to touch him only once. He was coming of age and would soon be a man. She would be there to guide him the rest of the way. Her body, her lips, her touch would take him into the warm pleasures only a man could experience.

His eyes shut tight, he could only feel her body against him. The warmth of it, the softness of her skin as it surrounded his being drove him farther. She leaned back and trapped the shaft of his prick between her thighs, causing him to expel an approving grunt.

The rim of his cockhead burned with pleasure and with a quick gasp he came. Neither saw it but both felt the eruption of hot come spill onto their adjoining legs. He whined and kicked restlessly, forcing her to silence him with her lips clamped on his.

The skin of his dick was so smooth it made her sigh. It looked untouched and completely pure. Tabitha wondered if he had really been with a woman at all. It peeked from between her closed legs and begged for attention. Thick streams of come continued to spill down the peak.

The look on his face was unforgettable. It was one of complete ecstasy as he humped against her legs. The thick seed drenched both of them. His face dropped, as if desperately trying not to lose any sensation, as his orgasm rescinded.

“How do you feel, lover?” She bent down and placed a wet kiss against his lips.

He struggled to speak and found his mouth dry. His actions conveyed all she needed to know and, with a dozen kisses circling his lips, she shushed him. Feeling an urgency pressing against the thin material of her thong she whispered to him. “Rest now, little one. That will come later.” His eyes closed slowly remembering the sweet curve of her smile as he faded to sleep. “Dear child,” she addressed his sleeping form. “Now a man.”

As he rested she cleaned his naked form until he was warm and dry. “My boy,” she said. “I will teach you all you need to know to please a woman as you should. You were made for me and I will always hold you close.” She kissed the tip of his penis before covering him for the night. “I love you and I always have.”

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