Alone For the Weekend

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I hate it when my wife goes out of town. I am left to my own devices and do not do well under those circumstances. God knows I am too old to hang out at clubs and I am not a neighborhood bar kind of guy.

She tries to take the pressure off by getting some of her friends to invite me over for dinner, but if she is gone during the week I usually decline. I can find enough work and a good book to get me through the evenings. I get the pre-done meals at the gourmet supermarket and am in bed at a decent hour so I can be on the roads running by six A.M.

Weekends are different. That’s when the heebie jeebies set in. The runs take up time until the sun is high and then the paper and breakfast at I-Hop or Panera Bread get me till noon. I can write or futz around for a bit, but then the sun sets.

That’s why I’m glad I accepted Louise’s invitation to dinner. She and Dan live about fifteen minutes from us. Their kids and ours were friendly growing up and we have been more or less friends for years. I stopped at the wine store and selected a good Merlot to take with me – always bring something, my wife cautions.

I pulled up to the stately two story Georgian home, not by any means a Mcmansion, but a comfortable looking house on a cull de sac. The front light was on and some subdued lamp light filtered through the front windows. One ring of the bell, which sounded like a modified church bell, and there she was.

Louise was wearing a long dress, cut high on the shoulders and low on the bust. Now, I had known her for over fifteen years, so go figure this was the first time I ever noticed her breasts. They were magnificent. Not hanging out of the dress mind you, but clearly defined and with cleavage noted. She was approaching fifty, but as I looked at her in the doorway I realized she was still a stunning woman.

“Well, Barry,” she smiled at me, “welcome to the weekend bachelor.” Her smile could light up a room. I had noticed that whenever we were together at a neighborhood party or a fund raiser. Louise was almost my height with huge brown eyes and hair that surrounded her face and fell to her shoulders.

“Thanks for saving me from the neighborhood bar,” I replied. I held out the Merlot bottle. “I don’t know if this goes with whatever it is I’m smelling, but Dan and I can drink it anyway, right?”

“Our Danny is not with us tonight and that is salmon you smell, but if doesn’t matter to you, it does not to us.”

“Us?” I questioned.

“I thought you might feel threatened with just me at dinner, so when Dan got called out of town this morning I invited Bobbie over to take up the slack.”

Bobbie. Louise’s friend Bobbie. Bobbie was as short as Louise was tall. Thin, athletic, and a real ball of fire, full of fun, jokes and enjoying her post-divorce life with her ex’s money. Bobbie was about ten years younger than Louise, which made her a full fifteen younger than me.

Louise took my hand and led me from the front hall into the living room. There was a fire crackling in the fireplace. It was November and a chill usually set in after sundown. Curled up in a massive wing chair in front of the fire was Bobbie. She had her hair cut short, but not in a masculine cut at all. Her bare feet showed from under a pair of black and white striped slacks. She smiled up at me and waved a huge wine glass.

“Welcome to weekend at the Stewarts!” She called. He voice was high, as Louise’s was low. But not annoyingly so, kind of like tinkling bells. She uncurled her feet and sprang up from the chair, Above the slacks she was wearing a stunning electric blue blouse with the first two buttons undone. I figured it was a two hundred dollar number from Neiman’s catalogue, but what the hell do I know?

Her perky little breasts outlined on each side of the open buttons. Not half the cleavage that Louise showed, I thought. And, as soon as I did, the other voice in my head said “stop that, you old raunch!”

She came up to me and pulled my head down and kissed me full on the lips. Not a long kiss, but enough to make my loins jingle. “Barry,” Louise called as she went through the dining room and into the kitchen, “help yourself at the bar or open that wine you brought. I’ll be right in.”

I moved to the bar, set in the wall just to the right of the fireplace. I looked over the wine assortment and figured what the hell, as long as I have to open one it might as well be the one I brought. I took the cork screw and in a minute was seated in the other wing chair beside the fireplace.

“Life good?” I inquired of Bobbie.

“A bit boring, but otherwise excellent. You?”

“Too busy, but otherwise I guess I’d go nuts.”

“Let’s see,” Bobbie looked at the ceiling. “Former Navy Seal, now writes thrillers for a living. Makes book tours, an occasional movie deal. Wife high powered attorney. Yeah, I guess you are busy!” She turned to me and turned on a million watt smile. How come, I thought, I never looked at either of these women as sensual beings Etimesgut Escort until tonight?

Louise came in from the kitchen and perched on the edge of Bobbie’s chair. Bobbie scrunched back to make room and absent mindedly rubbed Louise’s back. “Maria still working that pollution case?” She asked.

“Yeah, had to go to Washington for the weekend to get ready for the government depositions next week.”

“Good cause, though,” Louise said, getting up and going to the bar. She held up the bottle of Merlot. “This what you brought?” she asked. I nodded. She poured a healthy dollop into a large wine glass and stood in front of the fireplace.

“You two guys really have exciting lives,” she said, smiling at me.

“Well, you know, happiness is where you find it,” I answered lamely.

“Well, I am still lookin’!” Exclaimed Bobbie.

We talked about life in the suburbs, kids at college, what an asshole Bobbie’s ex husband was, now sailing around the world on his boat. The wine glasses emptied and were refilled.

“Let me put the salmon on,” Louise held up a finger as if to stop the conversation until she returned. “It’s been marinating for over an hour and it will take a jif to cook.” She strode from the living room and I watched her go. Never noticed what a great ass she has, either, I thought.

“Ya know,” Bobbie said, still curled up on the wing chair, “I asked your wife what it was like being home with a successful writer, ex Seal, bla, bla. She said it was pretty normal, but I really don’t know what the fuck that is.”

Louise returned and settled on the couch. She swirled her third glass of wine and looked deep into it as if secrets could be revealed there. “Normal is as normal does,” she said. “Dan is sweet as hell, but sometimes I’d like to poke him with a stick to see if there is any life in there.”

I figured I better duck this one from both sides. Bobbie drained her third glass and stood up, stretching. Her taut little belly showed below her blouse as she did. “Dinner, Louise, before I get totally shitface,” she said.

Being trained as a watcher and observer, I held to one and half glasses of the Merlot, which was now a dead soldier. Louise went in the kitchen and I stood to head for the dining room. As I did, Bobbie came right up to me and stood maybe three inches from me. She looked up at my face. “I think I’d love a taste of what Maria calls normal.” With that, she ran her leg up between mine stopping just short of my crotch. So, whaddya do or say with that? Well, I smiled, stroked her cheek with my hand, put it in the middle of her back and turned her to the dining room. She put on a mock pout but headed, a bit unsteadily to the dining room.

Louise had set a beautiful table. Candles glowed in the middle. The china was vintage Waterford. The salmon came on a platter still sizzling with steamed vegetables and small red skinned potatoes. She had brought out a good looking red Cabernet and passed it around.

We ate leisurely, the conversation roaming from the stupidity of the government to trying to stop a new massive shopping center from being built. The food seemed to sober Bobbie up a bit, but she kept staring at me all through the meal. At a lull in the conversation, she said “You’ve been in real danger, haven’t you?”

“At the time, did not give it much thought. Now I’m very sedentary.”

“You don’t look it, Barry. Kept your shape, looking good.”

I don’t blush, but if I could I would have. “Well, you know, life long habit, running and the gym…” I trailed off. I looked to Louise and she had me in her sights as well. Really looking at me as if she had never looked closely before.

Then she broke the stare off and let loose with that great smile. “Let us to the living room and some coffee, what say?”

We rose and headed back to the fire, which had died down. I went to the log pile stacked neatly beside the fireplace in a built in nook and took out three logs, putting them one at a time on the fire. I was kneeling down when I felt fingers going through my hair. I stayed right there as long as my knees would handle it and then had to stand.

The fingers dropped off but as I turned it was, as I suspected, Bobbie. She looked me in the eyes. “Yes,” she said softly, “really good shape.”

Louise had brought a silver coffee pot and some cups in on a tray. She put it down on the coffee table in front of the fireplace. She went to the bar and brought back a bottle of Bailey’s. “Desert, as promised,” she said and winked at me.

I sat back down in the wingchair, but Bobbie curled up at my feet. Louise sat on the floor in front of the coffee table. “Love that blouse, Bobbie,” she said. “Local?”

“I don’t think so,” Bobbie’s voice was quiet. “Barry, check the label for me will you?” With that she leaned back against my knee and unbuttoned another button. She pulled the blouse away from her neck and thrust her head forward.

I tried to look at Escort Etimesgut the label, but it was small and even sitting, I was too tall to read it. “Sorry Bobbie,” I said, leaning over as far as I could.

“Oh, here,” she said and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons, thrusting the blouse back over her shoulders. I saw tan shoulders and the straps of a white bra. I took the blouse in my fingers and read “Neiman’s.” By God, I was right!

Louise watched the scene, her mouth half open. “Bobbie!” she said, but her voice was a bit unsteady. “Don’t embarrass Barry.”

Bobbie turned to me and I saw that the bra was one of those Victoria Secret things that held them up but did not cover them up. I was holding the blouse in my hand and noticed that I had it all; she had slipped completely out of it. “Embarrassed Barry?” she asked me with a truly wicked little smile.

“Uh, no, just a bit surprised. Want your blouse back?”

:”I’m warm enough in front of the fire,” she said and reached for the coffee table. She turned to Louise. “Bailey’s, darling?” She poured a healthy amount in the three cups of coffee and stood. Her body was incredible, I had to admit. I had seen her in a bathing suit at the Club in the summer, but again, it was like I was seeing both these women for the first time.

She gave me a cup and handed one to Louise. When she handed me mine, even though she did not have to, she leaned over and those great little breasts came very close to my face. I did not know where this was going, but I was in no mood to stop it, yet.

She lingered on the other side of the coffee table by Louise. “And I love your dress, :Louise, local?” Louise actually blushed. “Let me see,” Bobbie said and moved behind her. She undid the catch at the top of the dress. I heard the zipper go down as she pulled it off Louise’s shoulders. Louise did not object. I saw her breathing harder and that great chest moving up and down.

“Armani!” cried Bobbie and kissed Louise between her shoulders. Louise caught her breath. She half turned and in doing so, the dress slipped off her shoulders. It was one of those with a built in bra, so suddenly, there was Louise, those magnificent breasts in clear sight, with me just four feet away.

Bobbie took Louise’s shoulders and brought her head to her own. She kissed Louise full on the lips. She pulled back and said in a voice much deeper and more sultry than that regular tinkly one “Haven’t done that since college.”

I was sitting like a lump in the wing chair, holding a cup of coffee between my legs. But I had a hard on that could be an award winner. I was in shock and in lust and not sure what to do. I watched fascinated as Bobbie, her face close to Louise’s, staring in her eyes, began to stroke Louise’s breasts. Louise just sat there, her breathing getting harder. She reached out and stroked Bobbie’s cheek.

Bobbie reached around and pulled Louise’s dress down even farther. Then she reached behind her own back and undid her bra. Pert little breasts with incredibly large areolas came into my view. She took one of Louise’s large hands and placed it on her left breast. It was as if I wasn’t even there, like I was watching a movie.

Louise seemed mesmerized. Then slowly, she leaned forward and kissed the breast that she was holding. Bobbie shivered. Then she took Louise’s hand away and stood. She reached down and unzipped her slacks and let them drop. She wore nothing underneath. She reached down and lifted Louise up to a standing position. Slowly she dropped Louise’s dress to the floor. Louise stepped out of it, wearing just a small pink pair of panties. The two girls stood holding hands. Then Bobbie began to giggle. She went from a giggle to a laugh, from a laugh to a guffaw.

Louise looked puzzled, then she too began to laugh. Then the two girls hugged each other and finally turned to me. Bobbie stood in front of me, totally naked, totally enchanting. Taut little belly that I had glimpsed at the beginning of the evening, great little breasts, beautiful face, now very flushed.

Louise made no attempt to cover herself. She was quite a bit taller than Bobbie, with long, slightly heavy legs and those great breasts. She too was flushed. “Well,” she said, her voice still a bit shaky, ” aren’t you going to say something?”

I stood and put the coffee cup on the table. I took two steps until I was right in front of both of them. I put one hand on Louise’s shoulder and one on Bobbie’s. “Girls,” I started to say, but my voice cracked. I cleared my throat. “I don’t know if that was spontaneous or just for my entertainment, but it was tender and terrific.”

They both came a step closer and kissed me on the cheeks. “Oh, it was spontaneous!” exclaimed Bobbie. “Wow! What a feeling!” She looked at Louise. Louise was staring at my crotch. I was wearing a pair of white Dockers, a bit tight and a mock turtle neck short sleeved shirt.

My hard on was indeed visible as a lump in my Dockers. Bobbie Etimesgut Escort Bayan followed Louise’s eyes. “My God, look at that!” With that she knelt in front of me and before I could react she undid my belt and was unzipping my pants, unbuttoning button at the top. I must admit I did nothing to stop her. She gave a yank and down they came. My rock hard cock was covered by my Jockeys and not very well. Bobbie was kneeling in front of me. She looked up with that same wicked smile and yanked my Jockeys down. My cock sprang out as if it was on a spring.

Bobbie looked at Louise, still kneeling in front of me. “Not bad for an old Seal, huh?” With that she took my member in her hand and began to stroke it lightly. “Oooh and warm as well!” she said. With that she leaned forward and licked the end very gently.

I stood, my legs locked wanting to react but not knowing just at that moment what to do. Hell, this was incredible! But also, these were family friends, for God’s sake!

Louise seemed fascinated. She stood there, breathing heavily. She moved her hands up to her breasts and began to fondle her nipples, which became enlarged. Bobbie stopped licking and let go of my cock. She stood up. She motioned Louise to come closer. She took two tentative steps and was beside Bobbie. Bobbie took Louise’s hand and moved it to my cock. “Nice?” she asked.

Louise put her hand around my cock and stared at it. It was as if the hand had a mind of its own. She was breathing harder and harder. Bobbie took her own hand and wrapped it around Louise’s. I just stood there, enjoying the feeling and admittedly wondering what came next. So far I had been spectator and prop. Was it time for me to become a participant?

This was answered for me by Bobbie. She stood on her tip toes and kissed me. Then as Louise backed off, she threw her arms around me. I reciprocated, grabbing those lovely little ass cheeks and squeezing them. She backed me off a bit and grabbed my shirt, pulling it up over my head. Now we were all even.

She took one of my hands and one of Louise’s and led us to the couch which faced the fireplace. She sat us both down next to each other and then went to each of the side lamps and turned them off. The only light in the room came from the fireplace. She stood in front of us, smiling. I sat there, three inches from Louise, my cock still at attention.

Bobbie kneeled between us in front of the couch. No question who was the conductor of the little concert. She reached up and grabbed the top of Louise’s panties and pulled. Louise straightened those great legs out and let Bobbie pull them off. Bobbie then reached up and took Louise’s hand and put it back on my cock. I could no longer be a simple spectator. I reached over and put my hand behind Louise’s neck and drew her head to mine. I kissed her passionately and let my tongue seek out the inside of her mouth. She reciprocated and I felt her hand tighten on my cock.

Bobbie watched, breathing heavily, her mouth half open. As I continued to kiss Louise, out of the corner of my eye I saw Bobbie take both Louise’s legs and move them apart. Louise spread her legs without breaking the kiss. She had begun to gently stroke my cock. Bobbie moved between Louise’s legs and put both her small hands against Louise’s vaginal lips. She began to stroke the inside while watching Louise stroke my cock. Louise let out a small moan. Bobbie put one of Louise’s legs on each side of her shoulders and moved her mouth to edge of Louise’s pussy. She darted her head forward and licked right at the top, just inside the lips. She hit the right spot, because, Louse groaned louder and broke off the kiss. I reached over and began to fondle those incredible breasts of Louise.

I heard the sound of Bobbie lapping at Louise’s cunt. My cock was throbbing and I knew what was coming. Louise spread her legs even farther and was writhing on the couch as I continued to fondle he breasts. She broke of the stroking and moving her head down without letting Bobbie stop she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck at me in earnest. She had this wonderful, large mouth and sensuous lips. They enfolded me as I watched, putting my hands in her hair. I hadn’t said anything for what had seemed like a very long time. Suddenly there it was. I cried out loud “I’m cumming!”

As I said this, Louise gave a full body shudder, took a very long pull on my cock as I shot a full load into her mouth. She did not stop, just kept shuddering and writhing and sucking. My cock had grown so sensitive I thought I would pass out. Just at that moment, her shuddering and writhing lessened, she lifted off my cock and lay back against the cushions.

I looked down to see Bobbie pulling her head back from between Louise’s legs. She licked her lips and looked at me with a very sultry smile. “And that,” she said in that throaty voice of hers, “is the first time I’ve done that, including in college.”

I stood, a bit unsteadily, and made my way to the downstairs bathroom. I washed off, threw some cold water on my face and came back to the living room. Both the girls were sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. In my absence Louise had put on a terry cloth robe and found a short house robe for Bobbie. They were sipping coffee and looked up at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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