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“Happy Birthday Daddy!” The tiny brunette said as she held out a small plastic baggie with several different color pills in it.

“You got me drugs Baby?” Calvin asked, amazed at his daughter’s gift.

“No Daddy, I got us drugs!” Annie enthused. “There’s Viagra in there and a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember the name to. Oh and Ecstasy too!”

“Viagra? Pumpkin, I’m not sure if I should be insulted or not.”

“Oh Daddy, it’s just so you can fuck me over and over again like we always talk about.” She shook her cute little head and wrinkled up her nose to emphasize her words, short black hair flying about her head.

“What about the cock ring?”

“Oh, I threw that out.”

“You threw it out! Why did you do that Annie?” Calvin was a bit upset to hear that. He had the best night of his life with that thing on him.

“Because it hurt you Daddy! You know I can’t stand it when you’re in pain. That’s why I got the Viagra.” She sounded so cute. You could hear the pout in her voice.

“It didn’t hurt that bad baby.” He was once again surprised by his daughter. She was such a study in contrast. It sometimes seemed to sneak up on him how twisted she could be and yet she was still his little girl at heart.

Most people only thought of her as a twenty year old college girl who seemed too scared of boys to date. Most of her girlfriends had tried to convince her to date someone, anyone, but she refused. Calvin was all the man she’d ever need.

To Calvin his daughter was both an angel and the reason he was undoubtedly going to hell. She loved him with such intensity that he had been incapable of resisting her when she’d started to come on to him. Now that they were well and truly involved things only got crazier. There was nothing she didn’t want to try and most of what they tried she loved. So far the short list of those things she didn’t like included him being in any sort of pain no matter how fleeting.

“I’m sorry Daddy, but I couldn’t make you use it again just so I could cum all night.”

“It seemed pretty worth it to me.”

“Well not to me. Besides, we have Viagra now and all of that other stuff too. We don’t need a cock ring with that stuff.” She shifted from foot to foot and looked up at him through lidded eyes like she had all her life. He was putty in her hands and they both knew it.

“But Baby we don’t like to use drugs like that. It could be dangerous.” He sounded like he was talking to a first grader but it wasn’t insulting. It was just a part of the game they played every day with each other. He was the wise Daddy and she was the innocent little girl. Calvin could smell his daughter’s arousal already.

“I know Daddy. But I thought maybe just today, for your birthday, we could risk it and see if you really can fuck me to death.” He tried not to frown at her when she said that. For such a lively and vivacious girl, Annie had a bit of a fascination with death. It disturbed him sometimes when she said things like that.

“Baby, I don’t want you to die.”

“I know Daddy but I really want to die with you fucking me, whenever that happens to be.”

“Annie stop!” The playful tone left his voice. “You aren’t going to die, not with me fucking you and not anytime soon. Why are you so fascinated with that shit?”

“I don’t know Dad, it’s just something that’s always rattling around in my head.” The girl became a woman as the role play evaporated. “I’m sorry if it’s disturbing to you, but I was just being honest.”

“I’m sorry Annie. I know you’re always honest with me. It’s just that every time you start talking like that it makes me feel old and scared that some day you really will die. You know I couldn’t handle that.” A hint of sadness entered Calvin’s voice as he contemplated the possibility of having to live with out the love of his life.

“I know. I couldn’t handle it if you died either. I think that’s why I kinda want to die first. You know what I mean?” Now Annie was sounding sad as she thought about the probability of her father dying long before her.

“Oh Baby, I wish you wouldn’t worry about things like that. We both have a long life left for us to live. You don’t have to worry about me leaving you any time soon.”

“Daddy, I’m just so scared…” Annie melted into her father’s open arms and held him tight. He gently rested his chin on top of her head and cooed soothing sounds as she clutched at him possessively.

“It’s ok Baby. It’s ok. I’m right here. You don’t have to be afraid.” Her tiny body shook against him as she sighed loudly. He could tell she was releasing a great amount of pent up anxiety with that breath.

“Daddy?” Annie asked after a long pause, using her little girl voice again.

“Yes Pumpkin?”

“Do you promise you won’t die?”

“I promise Baby.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure Annie.”

“Then can we use your present tonight?”


“Please Daddy?” The cuteness factor pegged the needle as she looked up at him with wrinkled brow and furrowed lip.

“I don’t Giresun Escort know…” He was cracking and Annie pressed the advantage.

“You know I don’t even drink Daddy. I just want to give you this gift tonight. I just want you to be able to fulfill all of your fantasies with me.”

“You mean all of your fantasies.” He said wryly. Every time they made love it was fulfilling his greatest fantasy. It was Annie who always seemed to need more.

“No Daddy, all of our fantasies.” He gave in then. There wasn’t anything else to do really. It was true that he often considered his daughter’s desires as good as his own and she had just used it against him. Calvin felt no betrayal though. He knew she just wanted to make their time together better than ever.

“Ok Baby. What do I have to take?”

“Oh yay! Oh Daddy, you’ll love this so much. I can’t wait for you to just slam my tiny little body so I hard I just break into a thousand little pieces.” She pushed away from him enough to jump up and clap in excitement before pressing said body against his again.

“I’m glad you’re happy Pumpkin.”

“I am Daddy, I really am. Only you could ever make me so happy.” Calvin smiled at her as she positively beamed. He would suffer anything with a smile on his face in order to see that look on her.

“So, what did my little drug addict get us?”

“Daddy!” she screeched in outrage. “You know I’m not an addict. At least I’m not addicted to drugs.” She drew her little hand over his crotch, enjoying the feel of his hard manhood.

“Ok, so what did my little cock addict get us?” He replied with a grin. Her startlingly blue eyes seemed to shine as if polished as she smiled back. Calvin’s heart melted in his chest and his dick lurched in her hand. He loved her more than life itself.

“Well I don’t know all the names,” she started as she took the baggie from him. “But the blue ones are Viagra and the little ones with the bunny on them are Ecstasy. The pink ones are supposed to give you hours of non-stop energy and the yellow ones make it so you can cum over and over again without your balls hurting like they always do. At least that’s what Celia said.”

As she spoke, Annie pointed out each of the drugs she was describing. She held the clear plastic baggie up over her own eye level to be sure her much larger father could clearly see them.

“So Celia is your drug dealer then?”

“No Daddy!” She giggled at that. “Celia is the girl who’s gonna fuck you tomorrow when I’m too exhausted to.”

“Baby, I don’t want to fuck anyone but you.” Calvin put extra emphasis on the word want. It was true. Annie was the only woman he’d wanted for a long time.

“I know Daddy, but Celia’s got a really tight little pussy. I tested it out myself to be sure she was good enough for you.”

“Annie! Since when did you start having sex with girls?”

“Oh Daddy! With all of this stuff there’s no way I’m gonna be enough for you. I had to find someone I could trust to keep you happy when I couldn’t.”

“Pumpkin you know I could never cheat on you.”

“I know Daddy, but it won’t be cheating if I’m there to enjoy watching you fuck her like the nasty little slut she is.” The atmosphere was starting to ratchet up as her language made Calvin react with intense lust. They both loved it when she talked dirty.

“You’re the only nasty little slut I need.”

“Daddy, come on. Tonight is about making you happy and if that means letting some other slut fuck you then I’m willing to do it. To make you happy.”

“Fucking Celia will not make me happy.”

“Why don’t you let her pussy determine that in the morning?” She was ready to move on and no longer wanted to discuss Celia. “Let’s forget about that blonde whore and get to the brunette one right in front of you.”


“Daddy I’m so ready for you to fuck me I think there’s a puddle on the carpet.”

“Yeah? You want Daddy to rip your tight little pussy up don’t you?”

“God Daddy! I want you to hurt me so bad I won’t be able to get out of bed for days. I want you to use me like the sick, twisted, little incestuous whore I’ve always been for you.”

“You think you can handle it?” Calvin was keyed up now and the drugs were all but forgotten.

“No way! I think you’re gonna be too much for me and that’s what I want. I’m such a filthy cum dumpster, I just don’t know if I have the capacity to hold all of your delicious seed.”

“Why don’t we find out?”

“God Daddy, what are you waiting for? Use my sick fucking ass! I can’t wait any longer.” Annie’s hand was gripping his hard on through his slacks so tight it hurt. Calvin was careful not to give away that fact however, he didn’t want to ruin the moment by causing her concern.

“Get upstairs and take those fucking clothes off! Now!” He barked at her and her scent seemed to thicken in the air. She loved it when he used his authoritarian position over her to order her around.

“Fuck Daddy! I can’t fucking wait!” She yelled back at him as she Giresun Escort Bayan made her way up the stairs at a dead run. She was still holding the baggie of chemical goodies and she had to remind herself to make sure he took them before he banged the bottom out of her pussy.

Calvin watched awestricken as his daughter’s perfect body worked to get her up the stairs. She was so incredible; he had no way to describe it. If he had ever been asked what made a woman perfect for him, he would have described his daughter to a tee. It had taken him years to realize that, but it seemed she had known from as early as her preteen years that they were meant to be. She constantly told him she had wanted him for as long as she could remember.

Even so, it had been less than a year since she had finally taken it upon herself to seduce him. She said she just couldn’t wait for him to take the initiative any longer.

In many ways the girl was like her mother. She was pretty, not in a supermodel way but more of a girl next door down, to earth sort of way. She was petite, more so than her mother in fact. Cassy had been five foot three and around one hundred pounds, maybe one hundred and five. Annie was barely five feet tall and couldn’t have been more than ninety five pounds soaking wet and fully clothed. For some reason Calvin found her diminutive size an incredible turn on. It made him feel like a giant standing over a foot taller than she was.

Coupled with the way she kept her hair in that short bob, Annie was a raven haired pixie that could harden a dead man’s cock. The only trait she seemed to inherit from him was an insatiable sex drive. Her mother had been warm and soft and nice but she just never seemed to feel the intense desire that was a constant companion for him. Annie seemed to have that in spades.

Calvin made his way up the stairs trying not to rush. He was as excited as he had ever been, but he wanted his little nymph to stew a bit in her own juices. The longer he made her wait the harder she’d want him to fuck her. He intended to fuck her harder than ever before.

“Baby, what’s all this?” He asked as he walked in his bedroom only to find his naked daughter on the bed with a couple of small boxes sitting next to her and the pills laid out on the night stand beside the bed. The only light in the room was from a scattering of candles that cast restless shadows across everything and made Annie look like some kind of magical creature sent to provide endless hours of sexual satisfaction.

“I have a couple more presents for you Daddy,” she said in that shy little voice that made her sound so vulnerable. She kept both hands behind her back and arched up as he walked in, jutting her tiny breasts out at him just the way he liked.

“You didn’t need to get me any more Darling, you know I have everything I could ever want.”

“I know Daddy, but I had to get you these things. I had to.” She sounded like she was swimming in hormones as her voice got uncharacteristically husky. If she dropped the little girl act then it had to be intensely important to her.

“Ok Baby.” Calvin was a little surprised at all of this, but he smiled at Annie and sat beside her on the bed.

‘God she’s so tiny! And that body, it’s just so fucking perfect!’ He thought as his eyes once again took her in. Maybe it was sick of him to want her so much, but he couldn’t help it.

There was a fresh innocence to her but also a deep set carnal knowledge that declared her a woman. That was the only thing that allowed him to justify the things he’d done with her.

“What did you get me?”

“Open it Daddy, I can’t wait!” Annie sounded breathless as she watched his hands reach out to pick up the first rectangular box. It was just a bit longer than it was wide and would have looked large in her hands. It fit well in his own.

“What is this baby?” Calvin asked as he looked in the box. It looked like an odd shaped ball, or even an egg, with a wire coming from it and attached to a thin remote. He had never heard of such a thing.

“It’s a special vibrator Daddy. It has a nub on it that is meant to press up against your prostate when I put it inside you.” He was shocked to hear her talking about putting something in his ass. Sure he knew she was willing to do anything, but nothing like that had ever come up before.

“You want to use this on me?” He winced inwardly as he realized he sounded almost offended by the thought. Annie just smiled at him, anticipating his reaction.

“Yes Daddy, but only when you’re ready for it.” She batted her eyelashes at him and flipped her hair and once again he was ready to do anything for her. “Open the other one Daddy.”

“Ok Princess,” he said as he reached for the other box. It had nearly identical dimensions as the first one and when he opened it he was a bit confused. “This is the same thing only bigger Baby.”

“No it isn’t Daddy. It’s meant to go in my pussy while you fuck me in the ass.” He could only gape at her now. First she wanted to put Escort Giresun something in his ass and now she wanted his cock in hers. Two firsts and the night hadn’t really begun yet.

“Baby, don’t you think that might hurt?”

“I hope so Daddy. I love it when you hurt me.” She smiled so broad it cramped her face but Annie was too happy to care. She was speaking the truth, she loved pain during sex. It was a measure of her trust in him that she was able to give herself so completely to him without worrying that the things he’d do to hurt her might have permanent results. They’d explored that before, yet it still seemed to shock him.

“I know, but I’m not sure I like to hurt you.”

“It’s ok Daddy. I know you like to hurt me because I enjoy it, not because you hate me or something. You’re not sadistic; you just love me too much.” Annie explained it as if it was basic knowledge that anyone would be expected to have, yet it wasn’t condescending in the least. It was just her nature to sound so childish and yet so wise.

“You’re sure you want to try anal sex?”

“Yes Daddy, I am.”

“Well I think we should at least get some kind of lubricant. The risk of…” Calvin trailed off as his daughter brought her hands around in front of her body. She held two tubes of jelly that she’d bought that day for just that reason.

“You really are too smart, you know that?” He chuckled as she smiled her best little nymph smile.

“So Daddy, what do you want to take first?” She said after putting the lube down on the bed. Calvin just frowned at her so she elaborated. “The pills Daddy.”

“Oh, well what lasts the longest?”

“I don’t know. I think the Viagra is supposed to last four hours.”


“Yeah, and there’s enough there for three doses. I hope as soon as the first dose starts to wear off you’ll take another. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get you hard on my own at that point.”

“If anyone can it’s you Pumpkin.” Calvin said as he leaned over to grab a couple of the blue pills. She had even set down a couple glasses of water on the table and he found himself smiling at how great his daughter was. Before he could take the pills, she spoke up.

“I think the pink and yellow pills are supposed to last like six hours or something, so you can take them now.”

“Alright,” he said as he swept up the pills.

“Not all of them Daddy, that’s three doses of each too.”

“Oh, ok Honey.” It took Calvin a moment to figure out what each dose should be and shuffle the excess out of his hand and back on the table. “What about the ecstasy?”

“Why don’t we save that for later? It’s supposed to make sex like, exponentially better and I don’t think I could handle that right away.”

“I don’t think I could handle that ever.” He said with a chuckle. If what she said was true, the ecstasy would send him straight to heaven. It was impossible for him to imagine anything more pleasurable than fucking his amazing little daughter, but if the ecstasy could make that better he was willing to expand his imagination a bit.

“Are you gonna take anything Baby?”

“No Daddy, I’m just gonna take you.”

“Are you sure you don’t want some of the pink ones? A little more energy might be nice.” It was a scary thought, Annie with more energy. He passed out exhausted every night while she sucked his flaccid cock and played with herself for who knew how long afterward. If she had even more energy she’d never sleep again.

“No Daddy. Those are for you so you can outlast me, not so I can turn into a raving lunatic. I’m as horny as I need to be for you.” She reached out to touch him through his pants again and found he was horny for her as well. Of course, it had been a long time since she’d found him any other way.

“Ok Honey, down the hatch then.” Calvin toasted her as she began to stroke him before popping the fistful of pills in his mouth and washing them down with a mouthful of water.

Those blue eyes of hers were wide with arousal and anticipation and he found himself staring into them. There was a heat to them that never failed to warm him and he basked in it as the pleasure of her hand started to register with him. For several long minutes they just looked into each other’s eyes as Annie stroked him, lost in their intense love.

Slowly Calvin reached out to wrap his left arm around her tight body and draw her close. The feel of her against him made his cock twitch in her hand and she moaned at the sensation. Their lips met and immediately the atmosphere became charged with lust. The kiss deepened and their tongues intertwined in a war neither ever wanted to win.

The fingers of her father’s left hand traveled across her flat belly and down through the tuft of hair between her legs to find her smooth little pussy. Annie moaned again, this time into her father’s mouth, as those fingers found that tiny dot that gave her so much pleasure.

When they had first become lovers Annie had been scared Calvin would find her body too childlike and reject her. When he didn’t she had then found new insecurities, from the size of her breasts to her overwhelming sex drive. He had always managed to put her at ease about these things, but there was one thing about her body he couldn’t make her happy about. She hated her clit, or rather how small it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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