Always Do The Lottery

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“Number …..29!”

My eyes darted to the ticket I held in my hand as the ball rolled out of the officially regulated machine now depicted on my TV screen. I ticked off the number.

“Second number..” the disembodied voice continued, “12….”

Again I ticked the number off on my ticket.

The lottery. A Saturday evening ritual for the overly optimistic all over the world. And for Jenny and I and our neighbours Bill and Sonia also. But after several years of weekly disappointment, the excitement had most certainly waned; every Saturday the ticket that we had pinned our hopes and dreams on would be ritually screwed up and thrown with a sigh towards the waste basket. But not for me – not this Saturday at least.

I glanced over at my wife Jenny. She was sitting, blissfully unaware that our ticket had correctly recorded the first two numbers of the draw, next to Bill on the sofa. As usual, the two of them were flirting outrageously. My eyes flitted over the room and alighted on Sonia, Bill’s gorgeous blonde wife. I often wondered why Bill was so unfaithful. I knew the rumours about his excessive womanising were true – he had never tried to hide the fact. But with a wife as lovely as Sonia – why?

“The third number is….21”

My attention was immediately drawn back to the TV screen as, again, I ticked off the third matching number on my ticket. I was starting to pay attention now, it had been a while since we had managed to match three numbers.

“Fourth number…..35”

I could feel the sweat begin to break out across my forehead as I studied the ticket and found to my astonishment that I also had the fourth number. My eyes were now rivetted to the screen. My throat was dry as the machine, agonisingly slow, churned out the fifth ball.

“Number 4”

I hardly dared look, but I knew it was there almost instinctively. Five numbers! Images of fast cars and yachts bobbing lazily on clear blue oceans began to form in my mind.

“And the final number is…..27!”

The two matching digits stared out at me from the winning ticket. I exhaled sharply not realising that I had been holding my breath or for how long. My mind raced. All external thoughts and images had been erased; all that was left was the ticket.

Sonia was the first to notice that something had happened.

“What’s wrong, Paul?” Her voice sounded as if it came from a thousand miles distant.

Eventually, I managed to raise my eyes and stared at her. I tried to speak but my mouth was dry, the words sticking like glue in my throat.

“I…I…We…We….I think we….” I stuttered.

“What on earth is the matter, Paul?” laughed Jenny. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

I gave up trying to speak. Wordlessly and with trembling fingers I handed her the lottery ticket and pointed to the matching numbers displayed on the TV. Jenny’s smile faded instantly. She took the ticket and read. I was slightly irked to see that Bill’s arm was around her shoulders but, it didn’t seem important. Right then nothing seemed real.

For a long moment all four of us were silent as my wife double checked the numbers. Suddenly she let out a piercing cry of joy. The sound reverberated around the room and startled us all. I waited for her to leap up and embrace me, to confirm that we had indeed won, but my wife’s next action surprised even me.

With a second squeal of joy, Jenny immediately turned towards Bill. Her arms wrapped lavishly around his neck and she pulled him to her in a hard, lustful embrace. I assumed that this was just a shocked display of affection and that as soon as she realised what was happening Bycasino she would break the kiss and come to me. I was wrong. For a second time in the space of a few minutes I was rendered speechless. I knew that I should do or say something but there was some morbid, voyeuristic fascination in watching my wife kissing another man. I looked over at Sonia expecting to see the same shocked expression that I knew must currently be adorning my own face but again I was wrong. Sonia’s face was a picture of passive acceptance. I immediately got the impression that this was not the first time she had witnessed her husband in an intimate embrace with another woman.

As their kiss continued it appeared to intensify; the electricity between my wife and our neighbour was obvious. Sensing my astonishment and slight discomfort, Sonia had come and sat next to me.

“It’s okay. Let them have their fun.” She whispered into my ear, trying to comfort me, her arm around my shoulder and playing with the hairs on the back of my neck.

Bill and Jenny’s lips were still locked together. Their eyes were closed, lost in a world of their own and completely oblivious to anything or anyone around them.

“But..but, surely you don’t…”

My words tailed off as Sonia’s soft lips touched my own. I could still see Bill and Jenny out of the corner of my eye and was further shocked to see that Bill had opened my wife’s blouse and was at this moment helping her shrug the garment from her olive skinned shoulders to reveal her red satin bra. I felt Sonia’s hand gentle on the side of my face as she slowly turned me back towards her eager lips. A moment of panic shook me as I realised what was happening but this feeling quickly disappeared as I felt Sonia’s long, pink tongue snake into my mouth.

“It’s okay, Paul. Honestly.” Sonia whispered as our long, wet kiss finally ended. “We all know what my husband’s like, but he’s very good. Believe me, he’ll make your wife very happy!”

I wasn’t sure how I should feel about all this but, despite myself, Sonia’s exquisite kiss had left me with a serious erection and I could feel myself straining against my pants. Sonia also noticed my obvious bulge and let her hand rest lazily against it.

“But shouldn’t we…you know..?” I croaked

“No, let them enjoy themselves,” Sonia said as she gently massaged my groin, “we can have fun too! Wouldn’t you like to touch my breasts while we watch?”

It was strange. Thoughts of the lottery had almost vanished from my mind as my beautiful, blonde companion gripped the hem of her tight fitting sweater and pulled it up over her head. We had been friends with Sonia and Bill for some months and I now recalled all the times that I had tried to sneak furtive glances at Sonia and often fantasised about what her tits would look and feel like in the flesh. Now I could see for myself; sweet, creamy coloured mounds of flesh capped with ruby red nipples that simply cried out to be fondled.

“Go ahead,” cooed Sonia as if reading my mind, “I don’t think Bill or Jenny are going to mind, they seem quite busy themselves right now!”

As my palms filled with the deliciously warm flesh of Sonia’s breasts I looked over at my wife and her lover. Both were now as naked as the day they were born and Bill was urgently pulling Jenny’s head towards a large, throbbing penis. I felt Sonia’s nipples harden to stiff points just as I saw my own wife’s willing lips slowly part and accept the turgid length of Bill’s cock.

“Mmmm…she looks great with Bill’s big cock in her mouth, doesn’t she?” Sonia murmured. “Just watching them is making me so wet.”

I looked Bycasino giriş back at my blonde lover’s flushed face and nodded my agreement.

“Touch me, Paul,” she whispered, “touch me down there.”

I was past worrying now and eagerly let my hand slip down to Sonia’s leg. Her skirt was short and as my fingers explored further and further up her thigh I could feel the heat emanating from her damp panties.

Sonia gasped as my fingers grasped the waistband of her underwear and began to tug them over her sweet, rounded behind. My hand brushed against her mound and I realised that she was completely shaved; smooth, silky and very moist.

It was time for us to follow Bill and my wife’s example and get naked. As Sonia and I stood and began to disrobe, both of us watched as Jenny continued to suck feverishly on Bill’s solid erection. His long shaft disappeared in slow, steady thrusts as he fucked her mouth. Jenny could do little but gurgle her appreciation as the slick rod bumped against the back of her throat accompanied by deep guttural moans of satisfaction from Bill.

“Why don’t you get Sonia to give you some of this?” Bill suddenly said to me. “She’s a real slut, you know and a great cock-sucker! And little Jenny’s pretty good with her mouth, too! Damn! Why have we never swapped our wive’s before!”

It was a good point, I thought. I had long wanted to get into Sonia’s panties and knew from the way that he flirted with her, that Bill felt the same way about my wife. Suddenly all this seemed to make sense.

As I finally removed my shorts and my hard cock sprung out, I watched Sonia’s eyes widen with obvious lust.

“Oh Paul,” she cooed, “Let me suck on that big dick! I want to taste it right now!”

Never one to disappoint a lady I lay back with a wide grin and anticipated Sonia’s silky lips on my cock. It was as good as I had expected. No, better. I felt my mind swim as her warm mouth enveloped my throbbing glans and her tongue slide under my shaft as she began to blow me.

Slowly, Sonia dropped her head lower and lower onto my erection. My breath shortened as I felt myself at the entrance to her throat and I gasped out loud as she made a slight adjustment to the angle of her head and swallowed me down into her hot, tight throat.

“Damn!” I cried, finally finding my voice, “You’re right Bill, your wife gives fantastic head!”

I looked over at my friend to see him smiling back at me. His long tool was buried deep in my own wife’s sweet throat and he was bucking his hips up as he face-fucked her.

“I want it inside me, Bill, please fuck me!” Jenny gasped as she reluctantly allowed the thick cock to slip from between her lips.

I watched as Jenny remained holding Bill’s dick and spread her long, shapely legs. Moving herself over his body she straddled his groin and deftly guided his swollen member towards her exposed pussy hole. I heard her gasp wantonly as he penetrated her vagina and watched her slowly lower herself onto him until he was buried completely inside her

While his wife continued her delicious deep-throat action on my throbbing tool, Bill’s arms encircled my own wife’s lithe body and gripped her buttocks. I could see his hands grope and squeeze the soft flesh of her ass. I watched his lips open and move towards her breasts drawing a stiff, hard nipple into his mouth and nibbling lightly on the tight bud. Jenny moaned loudly. I could see her legs tremble and her bare toes curl as she fell headlong into a crashing climax.

I had been so wrapped up in my wife-watching, that I hardly realised that my own, blonde-haired lover had removed my cock Bycasino deneme bonusu from her mouth and was slowly licking up and down the length of my shaft. Her pink tongue seemed to dart this way and that as she laved me from tip to balls and back again causing my weapon to twitch and throb wildly as she held me.

“I got an idea,” she gasped as she slowly stroked my dick, “let’s all fuck together! I need to feel Paul’s cock in my cunt right now!”

We all laughed and agreed with the idea. This would be wonderful, I thought. Not only would I be able to satisfy my recently acquired voyeuristic tendencies by seeing my wife get fucked right next to me, but I’d have the added pleasure of watching her whilst ramming my dick into Sonia’s hot pussy!

The decision made, the two girls lay down naked next to each other. Bill and I moved into position; him between Jenny’s wide spread legs and me between his wife’s. We both looked at each other. It was as if some unspoken message was passed between us. We both nodded as if agreeing.

With long, well-timed thrusts Bill and I entered our women simultaneously. Both girl’s moaned as they felt the penetration and then seemed to understand our plan to mirror each others actions. Gasping together they both raised their hips and pushed towards us ensuring that our entire lengths were buried in their cunts completely. Sonia felt hot and tight and I could see from the delighted expression on Bills Face that he was not disappointed either.

We moved in unison. Backwards and forwards thrusting deeper and deeper with each movement of our synchronised bodies. My wife’s feet were draped over Bill’s shoulders as he pushed her knees firmly backwards, spreading her further apart in a lewd pose.

Sonia was breathing hard as I humped into her sweet body and I knew she was on the point of climax. My hands went under her butt and spread her cheeks, sliding a finger gently into her tight asshole. That was enough to tip her over the edge and she orgasmed loudly her body shaking and trembling as her cunt contracted on my cock.

“Jeez, Bill,” I gasped, rutting into Sonia’s quaking body, “I don’t think I can hold out much longer!”

“Me too!” My friend grunted his reply, “let’s cum on their tits!”

It seemed like a great idea to me and so, together, we both pulled out of our respective pussy holes and I clambered up sitting astride Sonia’s chest. Bill did likewise with Jenny and the girls giggled as they must have felt our heavy balls tickling their skin as my neighbour and I began to thrust between their heaving tits.

There was no way we were going to be able to time our ejaculations exactly, but we were pretty close. I felt my head spin as the cum began to boil up from my balls. Sonia’s warm cleavage surrounded me beautifully and the contrast of my gushing white sperm as it splashed across her tanned breasts was almost electrifying.

Bill was very close behind me and I heard him groan deeply in his throat. I turned and was just in time to see a huge spurt of seed explode from between my wife’s tits and splash obscenely onto her face thickly coating her eyes and lips.

That evening was one of the most intensely erotic experiences of my life. The four of us got together on a few occasions subsequently, but we never quite managed to replicate the moment.

It turned out that Jenny and I had won nearly half a million on the lottery and after enjoying a sumptuous holiday with Bill and Sonia we decided to buy a much larger house in the suburbs. We kept in touch with our friends for a while but, inevitably, we eventually lost touch.

Although we are now quite wealthy I still buy my lottery ticket every week. Sometimes we invite other friends around to our house on Saturday evening as the draw is being made, but it’s never quite the same. I don’t think it will ever be the same without Bill and Sonia.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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