Am I Our Mother? Ch. 01

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“Can you pass me the salt sweetheart?”

That was my mother, she’s probably too hungover to do anything thought requires movement or coherent thought. She tends to drink in moments of anger or depression, which seems to be consistent since our old man left us a year ago. She could easily find another man to fill in the gap if she wanted to, at age forty she has the body of a thirty year old. Numerous men hit on her when we go out, being a natural blond with big breast would guarantee that, I guess. I’m guessing because as much as I appreciate the female anatomy, I’m pretty fucking gay if I do say so myself. Also she’s my mother, all though that seems to not apply to my brother. Which brings us to why she’s probably drunk, my brother came home last night from graduating college. He happens to be the younger version of our father, curly cut to the ear brunette hair and a goofy smile on his face all the fucking time.

Slightly tan and firm small muscles even though the guy never worked out a day in his twenty one years of life. His smokey blueish grey eyes with a deviant twinkle seemingly searches and analyze you making you second doubt yourself. Sometimes my mother forgets how old she is and assumes he’s Richard, our father. Not that Jamie cares, the worry free fuck never hesitant to feel her up in one of her moments. Like last night, as he grabs her ass after she sobs how much she misses him, Richard. Forgive me but I can’t just sit on the couch and watch that, so I said hey ma that’s James. She went hysterical and threw him out. Now we’re sitting here at the kitchen table at 6 a.m. both of us eating brunt eggs, she made, before she goes off to her job as a sales clerk.

I smile as I hand her the salt, taking notice in her attempt to tame her wild hair with a scrunchie tying it up in a high bun. I came out more like her, wild wavy dirty blond hair ending at my shoulders, a bit pale from the lack of sun, slender and a sharp chin completing with the sea green eyes and a button nose. Basically I’m the ‘cute’ one whereas my brother is the ‘handsome’ as my mother would say when we were growing up. I’m the sweetheart and he’s the honey. Even at seventeen that’s how my secret ex boyfriend would describe me. A secret because he was my Spanish teacher, married with a daughter. I’m eighteen now so I assume my appearance hasn’t change much since than.

“Are you job searching today sweetheart?”

I smile as I shake my head yes eating my last bit of egg. She smiles sadly back standing up and taking my plate from me to bring to the stink with hers. She’s disappointed I’m not following my brothers or fathers footsteps and attending college. I didn’t even finish high school, two months left and I dropped out. I was upset over Mr. Esimur, the Spanish teacher, deciding our relationship wasn’t safe to continue anymore. I’m like my mother in that sense too, incredibly loyal and sensitive.

“Stanley maybe you can enroll in some summer classes to get your diploma sweetheart?”

I roll the sleeves of my grey sweatshirt, matching my sweatpants, up, standing up to put my glass in the dishwasher. I just don’t have in it me to continue my education but I can’t tell her that so I say,

“Maybe, I’ll check it out Ma.”

She beams at me hugging me before reaching for her Coach bag on the counter. Throwing it on her shoulder and picking up her car keys from the key rack on our wall she turns to address me.

“I’ll be working late tonight sweetheart, can you bring those suitcases out in the living room into your brothers room? And when he returns the phone book is in the junk drawer if you boys want take out.”

I think about calling escort bayan bursa her out, to her I’ll be working late means I’ll be holed up in the bar getting plastered, but I decide against it and follow her out the door.

“Sure thing Ma.”

Once she’s out of the driveway I shut the door and spot the suitcases James left by the couch. Rolling my eyes I pick both of them up, one in each hand, and head towards his room. Pushing open his door it creaks and I struggle to find the light switch. I finally do after what feels like centuries and I take a look around. Over college breaks he would come home and bring things back with him to place in his room, like this mini fridge in the corner. Honestly I haven’t been in here without him because I’m a big fan of privacy and I tend to respect that. It feels wrong to be in here now but I proceed regardless setting his suitcases on his unmade bed. Something hot pink catches my sight peeking out from under his pillow and I tug at it. Bringing it up to my face and squinting I realize it’s a pair of woman’s panties and I freak throwing them on his already messy floor.

Trying to erase the spot of whites I saw inside it from my mind I take another look around the room. Spotting a half empty beer bottle I take a couple sips setting it back in its place. Staring at a poster of some random bimbo strutting her ass I can’t help but try to place the panties to one of the girls he brought home from school. I recall the busty redhead in oversize boots and quiet raven with those sleek glasses but all the others didn’t really stand out to me. They were your average sluts. Against my better judgement I pick up the panties from the floor stretching them out. They look like they’d belong to one of the average sluts, a thong with a line of rhinestones at the tip. They’re kind of cute really, I look at the full size mirror leaning against his opposite wall and hover the thong over my pelvis and sweatpants. I bet if I were to be one of those gays who crossdress I’d look adorable in these.

But I’m not because that is just weird. Also it wouldn’t hurt to see, prove my own hypothesis. I pull down my sweatpants, kicking off my boxers alongside with them. Hastily I pull the a size too small thong on expanding it. My eight inch dick is popping out of them but other than that I say I’m pulling them off well. I rub My thighs turning around to look at my ass and I hear a girly shriek. I quickly turn around to the door, covering my dick with my hands, to see my brother and some blonde covering her eyes and backing up. My brother grabs her arms to keep her from leaving but she gets out of his grip and spits at him,

“This is just too weird I have to go home.”

He doesn’t bother staying around even as she walks away till we hear the front door slam shut. I’m blushing under his intense stare from pure embarrassment and I make to grab my sweatpants when he slams his bedroom door shut loudly scaring me out of my wits. I try to speak but his holds his hands up motioning me to be quiet.

“I know your’re gay and all but really dude?”

I’m speechless, for one I had no idea he knew I was gay and two what can you possibly say when you get caught trying on woman panties by your older brother? He smiles crookedly at the look on my face and laughs running a hand through his brunette locks.

“Mr. Esimur?”

I gap at him still holding my sweatpants in from of me protectively. He walks over to sit on his bed and watches me amusingly trying to conquer some form of words.

“You talk in your sleep, came one Christmas break and you were past out on the couch moaning his name like bursa sinirsiz eskort a bitch in heat dude.”

He smiles his devil smile and leans his back on his bedpost asking,

“Who’s Mr. Esimur anyway?”

“He was my Spanish teacher.”

He laughs and shakes his head kicking off his sneakers.

“A crush on a teacher, that’s cute dude.”

I blush, and mutter a little angrily,

“It wasn’t a crush, I loved him. He was my boyfriend, my soul mate.”

He isn’t laughing anymore as he peels off his socks throwing them at the ground carelessly. He looks at me with the most serious face I’ve ever seen him wear.

“Don’t turn into mom dude.”

Now I’m piss but I keep my cool, staying in control.

“Why might make you horny you disgusting pervert?”

Now he’s shock but only for a second as he stands up and stomps over to me grabbing my arm tightly surely going to leave a bruise.

“Dude are you seriously that dumb? I just don’t want to hurt her feelings, she’s so fucking sad all the time because of our shit head cheating father. I just don’t want you to be like that. Is that why you dropped out, why your’re drinking my beer? Because your’re fucking lovesick over some teacher?”

I look down at the ground not wanting to answer and he tightens his grip on me making my yelp.

“Fucking asshole let go of me!”

“Stop calling me names you little shit. Now answer me.”

I’m actually scared, James is fairly a easy going guy. Yet here he is all stern and his chest is heaving like he’s refraining himself from hitting me which scares me even more so I can’t help the whimper that escapes my lips. Something in me stirs but I can’t pinpoint what it is I’m feeling other than fear. He stares down at me, his eyes soften but his grip stays the same as he says,

“Was he your first? Is that way your’re being so pathetic?”

I attempt to get out of his grasp but he just spins me around and shoves me towards his mirror. I can see him behind me with my arm locked at my back and him leaning near my ears. His smirking as he whispers,

“Since I’m a disgusting pervert and asshole I stay it’s only fair I make you move on.”

His voice is husky and his tongue licks the shell of my ear nipping at it. I struggle and scream but he leans all his weight on me thrusting his hips at my ass. I can feel him through his jeans and my thong and I’m unsure how to fell about it. He whispers again,

“Make you forget, make you mine sweetheart.”

Whimpering he bends his index finger in the back of my thong tugging it down to my ankles licking down my neck. Still struggling I unintentionally thrust backwards into him making him moan in my neck. He takes his free hand and wraps it around my dick harshly.

“S-stop please James!”

To my surprise he does staring in my eyes in the mirror with his hand still on my dick and the other holding me still, his breath is heavy when he sighs.

“Tell me why I should stop.”

Bewildered I shout,

“Because we’re brothers!”

He actaully smiles at me before responding,

“That all? No because I don’t want you to fuck me or I’m still in love in Mr. Esimur? Or maybe even because your’re scared this doesn’t mean anything?”

Tears start to well in my eyes, for what reasons I’m not sure, I shut them tight sputtering out the first things that come out of my mouth without thought.

“Will it mean something?”

“Of course, do you think I’d risk my relationship with my brother for some meaningless moment of lust?”

I open my eyes to see the stormy eyes staring escort bayan back at me.

“I asked you a question, do you?”

His voice is stern, his eyes intense, grip tight and my dick, once soft, grows with pre cum in his hands.

“No. I’m sorry.”

He hums and lets go of my dick picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. He walks over to his bed and throws me on his bed. Sprawled on the bed I sit up on my elbows to watch him. He unzips his jeans slowly catching my eyes. He pulls down his pants. He doesn’t touch his boxers but instead walks over to me and grabs my hair shoving me in front of his pelvis.

“Take my dick out for me sweetheart.”

I look up at him before with shakiness fishing out his ten inch dick from his boxers. He throws back his head moaning while I grab his waist. I try to pull him on the bed with me but he tugs my head all the way back harshly hurting my scalp.

“Don’t do anything without my permission anymore. If your’re going to behave like a little bitch and slut sleeping with your teachers, I’m going to treat you like one. Next time you step out of line, I’m going to have to punish you, understand?”

I don’t answer in favor of trying to nod my head yes forgetting I can’t. He slaps me hard across my cheeks throwing me harshly back on the bed.

“I’m tired of you not answering me.”

Walking over to his mini fridge he throws off his t shirt leaving him only in his boxers with his dick hanging out. He opens the door of the fridge as I watch in anticipation. He pulls out a bottle of super hot sauce throwing it at me barking a order,

“Take out your shirt and open that.”

I do as I’m told as he positions himself in front of me again at the side of his bed.

“Now pull down my boxers, take some of that and rub it all over my dick.”

I tentatively drop his boxer down to his knees taking his dick in my hand. Squirting some hot sauce on it I scrub it all over earning some deep moans from above my head. He grabs me head and grunts,

“Do my balls too sweetheart.”

I do so, slowly enjoying the sounds erupting from him. Next thing I know he shoves my face on his dick.

“Take as much as you can in your mouth.”

I take some of his ten inch penis in my mouth, regretting it right away as my mouth burns with intensity. I try to push back but James shoves most of his dick in my mouth making me gag excessively. My eyesight is blurry as he facefucks me and my mouth is on fire. Thrusting and tugging my blond locks he gasps,

“Want me to cool your mouth down?”

I whimper hoping he knows I mean yes, he chuckles thrusting faster and deeper in between my lips. With a grunt and one last thrust he comes deep in my mouth nearly choking me to death. Squirt and squirt of cum fills my mouth and spills out, I count at least four comes he shoots. At least. Taking his soft dick out of my mouth he orders,

“Leave some in and swish it around sweetheart then before swallowing it open your mouth and show me how fitly you are.”

Moving the white substance around with my tongue I savor the flavor that is my older brother. Musky and sweet, a little bitter. I open my mouth allowing my brother to see his cum in my mouth, he laughs dipping a finger on my tongue. Sniffing his finger, he resolves to wipe his cum on my cheek as I gulp down his sperm. Done I watch him for my next move, hoping he’ll return the favor. He reaches for a random shirt on his floor and throws it at me smirking.

“Is that it?”

I didn’t mean to make it come out so desperate, so needy but gratefully he doesn’t laugh at me but smiles warmly down at me as he pulls on some sweatpants, without returning his boxers on.

“For now, I said I’d punish you didn’t I?”

I scoff and pull over the shirt he handed me on, huffing,

“That’s hardly fair.”

He laughs and throws my sweatpants at me.

“Well you have till I find my own place to redeem yourself sweetheart.”

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