Amateur Night Ch. 03

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(This part of the story is in the BDSM category because Robert, Emily and Becky have elected to try to become involved in a Master/Slave and Mistress/ Slave relationship. However, not to ruin anything for you, the actual situation is one of all three agreeing to play this role and it never reaches anything too severe. There will be no bloodletting and no extreme pain.)

I was really excited by Becky’s revelation of her submissive desires and, in truth, her confession made me realize that everything Robert and I had done to this point was because I was also submissive to Robert. He got me to admit my desire for another woman, he set up the camera and the idea of my advertising for a woman and he took me to the adult store and “made” me make those purchases and “made” me dress like a slut for that entire day. So as he returned to the bed with his leather belt, I was so pleased that we had both recognized the obvious, that I wanted to submit to him and that he was comfortable in pushing my “slut” limits. I quivered as he snapped the belt in the air over our heads.

“Sluts! At this time we are going to have a little quiz and when you fail to answer correctly you will feel true pain. If you answer correctly you will feel loving pain. Are my sluts ready?”

“Yes Sir!”

I said and then listened as Becky moaned and said.

“Please, Sir!”

From the sounds she was making, Becky was already developing an orgasm due to her situation. I knew then that she was more prepared than I was for what was to come. I wondered if she had already had some sort of discipline in the past.

“Slut Emily! What do you want?”

“I want…”

I never finished my sentence as Robert’s belt smacked into my left ass cheek and I winced and stifled a cry of surprise. I felt the sting. It would always be memorable for me, my first taste of discipline but it was not severe.

“Let’s try again Slut, what do you want?”

“Master, this slut has no wants for herself. It is this slut’s desire to obey you Master.”

This time the belt hit my right ass cheek hard but not as hard and a tingle in my cunt let me know just how right this was for me.

“Slut Emily, what shall I do with your body?”

“Master, if this slut is good, I hope you will use this body to please you.”

With another touch of the belt back on the left ass cheek and another contraction in my cunt, I felt my nipples grow hard.

“Tell me slut, what about your slut, what will you demand of her?”

The belt slapped into my ass once again.

“I will train my slut to please us both. I will demand that she submit to you, to take your cock, to please you as you see fit.”

As I spoke those words I knew that I was truly committed to serving my Master. Since the onset of our relationship and throughout our marriage, his cock had only been mine. Now I was agreeing to willingly share that wonderful cock with Becky. I had no regrets. I had only the desire to see Robert command me.

“You have done well, Slut Emily. Now I will soften up that ass of yours and you will keep count. You are to receive ten lashes, but if you lose count we will need to start from the beginning.

“Yes, Mas…”

The belt landed on my ass and I yelped. By the time I thought to say one, the belt landed again. I knew I had to be quicker.

“One, Master.”

Each time, I repeated the phrase changing the number as soon as the belt struck. In total, I had eleven due to my own forgetfulness. When another blow came I wondered what I’d done wrong and then I recalled from my reading of BDSM that I needed to thank him.

“Thank you Master for showing this slut the discipline she needs.”

One more swat and then I felt Robert’s fingers in my dripping cunt. I said nothing as he probed inside me, feeling my need, enhancing my arousal. My tits ached as my nipples were unbelievably hard. I felt Robert leaning on me, his breath now in my ear as he whispered.

“You need to deal with your slut, Slut. If I think you’re going easy on her, I will give you twenty hard ones on your ass, ten on your tits and five on your wet cunt. Do you understand me Slut?”

The feel of his breath in my ear and the words he spoke only excited me and I squirmed on his hand before I answered.

“Yes, Master. I do not intend to displease you, Sir.”

He pulled his hard hot fingers from my wet needy pussy then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off the bed. He handed me the belt and nodded at Becky’s now quivering ass. It was obvious that what had transpired between Robert and I had only further excited her.

I took the belt and whipped it down on Becky’s unsuspecting ass and she groaned and said.

“Thank you Mistress. Your slut is grateful for your firm hand.”

“Oh you are a canny little slut! This isn’t your first experience with a belt, is it slut?”

“No, Mistress. My father used a belt on me all the time. He believed in corporal punishment.”

“Tell me all of it, slut.”

I used the belt in two successive swipes, her ass reddening such that I first thought I was using Pendik escort bayan too much force.

“Mistress, he was only punishing his daughter for her lack of maturity. He was not sexual, he never spanked my bare ass but I always found myself in my room later masturbating as I sat on the harsh carpeting in my room so my inflamed ass rubbed on the carpet.”

I used the belt a few more times. Becky’s pussy was dripping and her nipples grew so large her tits looked even smaller.

“How old were you, Slut?”

“My father would use his belt to spank me, to punish me until I was eighteen. You know – for breaking curfew, speaking back to my mother, all the typical kid stuff. After puberty, once my pubic hair grew in and my breasts began to form, I used the pain to cum, Mistress.”

” What made him stop when you were eighteen?”

“The last time, he went pretty hard on my backside and I felt it even through the jeans I was wearing. I’d been yelling at my Mom when he came home and he was a bit furious at how I was treating her. As I said, he went after me pretty hard and eventually I heard my Mom telling him that “enough was enough” and he stopped. He told me never to speak to my mother like that again and to go to my room.”

I was into Becky’s story but knew that there was more to tell, so I slapped her ass a few times with my hand and asked.

“Then what happened?”

“I tried to sit down in my room and my ass was on fire. I could feel my pussy was damp and at first, I just rubbed it through the jeans, then I opened my blouse and caressed one of my barely developed tits. Inside, I wanted more and so I opened my jeans and slid both them and my panties down to my ankles and sat down on the rough carpeting in my room. The fire erupted in my ass when I did that and I pulled my knees up and spread them wide. I put one hand on my pussy, the other back on my tit. I started to stroke my self, to masturbate and an orgasm was coming so soon, so easily. I closed my eyes and used my fingers, one to penetrate myself and another to massage my clit. My other hand was pulling my tiny nipple and twisting it, the pain adding to the one in my ass. I closed my eyes and I used my fingers to fuck my pussy as fast as I could.”

Becky went quiet then so I slapped her ass and said.

“Finish slut!”

“I guess I forgot to lock my door because as my orgasm hit, I opened my eyes and there was my mother staring at me, staring at my fingers buried in my slit. I felt humiliated that anyone, much less my mother had watched me cum. My orgasm intensified knowing she was watching me but I tried to cover myself. My mother spoke to me.”

“No, let yourself finish Becky. What your doing is natural for you, I’m sorry if I interrupted you but you just looked so lovely when you came.”

“So your mother watched you cum?”

“Yeah, she did Mistress and instead of lecturing me, she only said that if I were to do this again that I had better lock the door. She then said how pretty my body was that she loved seeing my pussy spasm around my fingers and she left. We never spoke about that again.”

“Later in life I felt shame at using my father’s image spanking me to get off, and I completely forgot about my mother until I was in college.”

“I dated yet every boy or man I dated failed to excite me. None of those relationships ever developed, I think because in those few instances where I gave up my body, allowed one of them to fuck me, I was always left wanting.”

“Then in college I had a roommate, who was that all American, blonde type. She was straight, only into men or should I say men were always into her. She had no shame about her body and paraded about the room often in little or no clothes. In many ways I thought she was taunting me, that she wanted me to make love to her. She made it clear one night when she told me she thought the girls in a particular sorority were lesbians and she could never be with them. Yet, I often masturbated at the memory of her naked body or of her smell when she returned to the room after being with a boy.”

I started to use the belt on Becky, her ass becoming more inflamed, her pussy now gushing fluids. I so wanted to drop the belt and bury my face between her pale white thighs.

“Then I saw your video and I saw Mistress, a woman who spoke to me. A woman who allowed her husband to show her, advertise her and to allow her to seek another for sexual purposes. I saw what my mom saw in me that night and something clicked in my head. I knew as soon as I saw you masturbating that I wanted you to see me, too.”

My arm was tired and I stopped spanking her ass. I dropped the belt to the floor and said.

“You saw me as being submissive to my husband?”

“No, Mistress. I sensed it. I saw in you a true passion not only for the all American blonde, but also I felt you were making this a gift to your man. It made me want you.”

I bent over and kissed Becky’s now tender ass and Robert said.

“Ok sluts, enough history lessons. Slut Becky I want you on your back, Slut Emily I want you sitting on your Escort Pendik slut’s chest facing her cunt. I do not want that slut cunt of yours anywhere close to your slut’s mouth.”

We got into position and Robert stood there holding his cock, which was rock hard with pre cum oozing from the tip.

“Slut Emily! Grab your slut’s ankles and pull her legs back and over your shoulders, open her cunt for me.”

I did as I was told and my slut’s pussy was exposed and wet, her breathing heavy. I felt my own pussy leaking onto her chest.

“Now I am going to fuck your slut and you are going to sit there and watch your husbands cock fill your slut.”

I hungrily looked at his cock and then at my slut’s wet, wanting cunt. My own pussy was spasming at the thought of finally seeing that cock I knew so well buried in another woman’s cunt. I know I had watched him fuck her ass, but for me allowing Robert’s cock into her pussy was the ultimate. I know it sounds lame and maybe somewhat strange but a blowjob or an ass fuck, although sexual, wasn’t the same as pussy. I was giving my Master access to another woman’s center. I felt the orgasm starting knowing what was to come.

“Problem, slut? If you don’t put your eyes on my cock and where it’s going to be, I will just have to discipline you. Maybe I’ll let your slut take the belt to your ass.”

I looked down at his cock, just an inch from sliding into Becky’s pussy and I said.

“No Master, your slut is here to please you. I want to see you inside my slut.”

“Good because I am full of cum and I intend to make sure every drop of it is pushed deep into her cunt.”

With no further words and no gentle foreplay, he speared my slut’s wet pussy and I heard her gasp behind me. Robert pumped her fast and hard, and I held her legs spread wide and stared at what was once my own cock as it pushed into and out of my slut’s cunt. I could see her juices coating his shaft as he pulled back. I could see her labia holding onto his cock and then I would watch that cock I loved slam back into her and I would feel her whole body jump with each thrust. Somewhere in the back of my mind I could hear Becky whimpering and moaning and I could feel my own orgasm building ever stronger as I watched this man, my husband, my master, fuck my slut. I found myself shouting as the passion heated up.

“Fuck my slut, Master. Cum inside her and fill her slutty cunt with your cum. Make her cum on your hard cock.”

I knew then that I would do anything for him. When he came, my slut came and I watched his balls gather under his cock as he shot his seed into her. When he stopped cumming, he pulled out of her and stepped off the bed, wiping his cock in my hair. I came hard. Seeing him fuck her then using me like a common towel, the feeling of being a dirty slut overwhelmed me and my orgasm exploded inside me.

“Showers then bed sluts. We need to go shopping tomorrow, so the world will know what a pair of dirty sluts you are.”

After we’d all showered we climbed into bed. Robert slept in the center and one of his sluts to either side of him. We were all naked. I would learn in the morning that the only reason either of us sluts would wear anything is if we left the house. Even then what we would be wearing was never in any way modest.

The next morning my slut and I fixed our Master breakfast and then he dressed us for a day out. My slut had few clothes but Master managed to find something in her suitcase and in my closet and drawers that would serve his desires for now. She wore a short skirt and pink camisole top. The camisole was a little large on her and as she walked in her heels, the top would shift and her tiny, beautiful tits would flash as the material flowed back and forth. Whenever she’d sit, her skirt would barely cover her naked cunt.

I wore a similar outfit, skirt and a white camisole top. Although my top fit me better, it too would move as I walked exposing my slightly larger tits. When we were ready, Master handed us both a button down shirt to put over our camisoles. Of course he’d removed the buttons. The shirts were sufficient to keep us from being arrested on public nudity charges, I guess, but they would not shelter our tits from the eyes of those we would meet during our day out.

I had no idea what we would do that day. I knew we were to be exposed and I wanted to be – I wanted all to see the slut I was. Our first stop was for a pedicure and the thought of sitting in those high chairs, in our short skirts and being exposed to other women was a total surprise to me. As my own slut gasped upon seeing our destination I knew she too was caught unaware.

I held my slut’s hand as we sat next to each other and as the women began to work on our feet I saw them look up in surprise at our naked hairless cunts. They laughed to one another and called to their co-workers. Throughout the hour it took to complete the pedicure, every one of the attendants took a turn working on our feet. They grinned and pointed at our bare bottoms and exposed cunts. Robert busied himself watching them and selecting a slutty Pendik Rus Escort red polish for our toes.

Finally we were down, our toes dried sufficiently to put our heels on and before Robert went to pay he whispered to me.

“I want you and your slut to kiss and fondle each other, show these hard working women what sluts the two of you are.”

I felt my face turn red as the humiliation of the pedicure and of what Master now wanted seeped in. I took my slut in my arms and whispered our orders to her and we kissed one another deeply letting our hands find and caress each other’s tits while the staff watched. I heard through the fog of snickering Robert calling to us and we left, hand in hand and followed our Master to the car.

As we were about to enter the car, I said.

“Thank you Master. I hope your slut pleased you.”

Becky too, thanked Robert then she thanked me.

“Let’s go! The day has barely begun. Slut Becky in front with me, Slut Emily in the back.”

We drove for a while and I realized that my Master’s intention was to take us out of town. For whatever he wanted to do with us, he was not yet in the mood to reveal his slut to anyone who knew or worked with me. I could see my slut squirming in the front seat and said.

“You having some problems slut?”

“Mistress, this slut is not able to control herself. The humiliation of the pedicure, all those women looking at our cunts, commenting on our small tits and laughing has me fighting back an orgasm and I am sorry Mistress but I do not think I can stop it.”

“Master, can we pull over so I can deal with my slut?”

The car pulled off the road into a rest area that put us fifty or so yards from the highway. The rest area was not empty but Master pulled off to one side. I got out of the back of the car and opened my slut’s door. I pulled her from the car and pushed her to her knees, then spoke to my Master.

“Master, with your permission, I intend to have this slut eat my cunt till I cum. If she can not hold her own orgasm, then I may need to take her over my knee and spank her.”

Becky’s eyes found mine and I saw her pleading for mercy. I was not to be stopped by her, only Master could prevent what was to happen.

“Slut! I would prefer you put her in the back seat with you and that you pull her tops off and lift her skirt. Then with your hands and your mouth make her cum and cum and cum, until we get to our next destination. Later we will punish her in another way. now, let’s keep her in a constant state of orgasm. Perhaps a sore cunt will allow her to hold off future problems like this.”

So as we drove, I enjoyed the taste of my slut. I ate her cunt to orgasm, stuffed fingers in her cunt and ass and enjoyed her moans and screams as she came numerous times. She had begun to beg and plead with me.

“Oh Mistress please stop. Mistress, your slut promises to be good, to learn to control her own desires and to focus only on you.”

Master was still driving so I ignored my slut’s pleas and continued to assault her sex. Her hips rocked into either my hands or face as she begged me to stop, her body reacting no matter how much she wished it to all to stop. Finally I felt the car slowing and I eased up on her, but did not stop until the car was in park.

“Slut Becky, you will now lick your Mistress clean. Her face and fingers are covered in your slutty discharges.”

I was a bit messy in other areas and would have loved a tongue or a finger between my own legs, but such was not the desire of my Master. Once my slut had cleaned me sufficiently and put her camisole and shirt back on, we were ordered out of the car. My slut stood on rubber legs and leaned against me. Master stayed in the car.

“Go in and select some slutty clothing to wear. Your goal is to please me, not to test my patience. So find the right attire and wear it out to the car. You have one hour. If you are longer, then…well I would not advise you to delay too much.”

I knew an hour was pushing it. Fortunately, he’d stopped at a relatively upscale department store so we could reasonably get everything we’d need in one place. I pulled Becky along, ignoring the fact she was feeling the effects of constant orgasming. I tried to think of what might work for Master as we moved into the store, trying my best to be as quick as possible. Luckily for us it was early on a Saturday and the crowd in the store was not as thick as it would be after lunch. I had some ideas that I hoped would satisfy Master, but also knew that part of the experience of being his submissive was the promise of some discipline. I went into the lingerie section and quickly found the more risqué area and looked at panties. I looked at some that were nothing more then clear cloth, but decided that I wanted something else and moved to a section containing garter belts. I told my slut to find some stockings, preferable in a bright color. She returned with a sample of red fishnet stocking and I nodded, gave her my size and sent her back to get us each a pair. Then I selected a red garter belt for each of us and when Becky returned, we looked at bras, specifically red ones, and without padding or under wires. I found the perfect style and after getting Becky’s size I selected one for her that was a size smaller, I made the same decision for me. I wanted the bra tight and uncomfortable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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