Amber , I Ch. 06

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The loud music and the smell of cigarette smoke hit us hard as we stepped into the main room of the club. There were two stages at either end of the rectangular room, but neither was set against the walls, so that chairs and tables could be placed all around both. Each stage had a pole at either end. There were two girls dancing on each stage, one still wearing a modest costume and the other stripped down to nothing but a g-string and high heels. The tables and barstools were moderately full of customers, but then it was early.

Amber clasped my left hand with her right and in the left carried a shopping bag I had provided for her. I looked over at her, grinned and asked, “What do you think?”

“I don’t really have a choice, do I?” she asked with a cheerful smile.

“Well, you always have a choice,” I laughed. Then I leaned over to say in a low voice, “But, there will be ‘consequences’ if you back out.”

She laughed and said, “I’m sure! No thanks! This should be fun.”

“I thought you’d say that,” I said. I nodded over to the right half of the room, “I’ll be over here at one of those tables, if you get a chance to pick which stage.”

“OK,” she nodded. “The dressing room’s over there by those two bouncers. Don’t forget me while I’m away.”

“Not a chance!” I pulled her to me, gave her a long, passionate kiss, and then handed her the form we had gotten at the door. As she headed off to the dressing room, I swatted her tight ass for luck… well, more for the pleasure of swatting her tight ass. I waited until she’d showed the form to the bouncers and disappeared into the dressing room, and then made my way to a small table not far from the stage on the right end of the club.

It was still a bit early, so I didn’t have to wait long before a buxom blonde appeared to get my drink order. While I waited for my cola, I idly watched the two dancers on the stage in front of me, and thought about the weekend so far. Of course, the night before, with the bondage and the assistance of our bellboy, had been a rousing success. Amber had slept soundly until nearly noon today. We spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool, with the subject or act of sex strictly forbidden by me. I told her she would have to hold her passions until tonight, but didn’t tell her what I had in mind until after our romantic, candle-lit dinner.

“You’re going to enter an amateur strip contest,” I said simply, as we pulled into the strip club’s parking lot. She laughed at the idea, but didn’t complain. I gave her the clothes, a skimpy costume really, I had bought for the occasion, and sent her off to prepare, with only that much warning.

My drink arrived; I tipped the pretty girl generously, and noticed that the girls on stage were changing. The girl who had been barest came down on the floor to move among the customers offering more personal dances, the girl who had been “fully clothed” prepared to bare “all,” and a new girl came up on stage. This third dancer caught my eye. She was a leggy, black-skinned woman — and I do not mean dark brown, but black as ebony. Her midnight hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail that fell down past her tight round ass. She wore a loose, vest-like top of yellow-orange that covered her flat chest, and a bright red wrap around her narrow hips. Her strong slender legs could be seen, tantalizingly as she stalked across the stage in her platform shoes. Golden hoop earrings framed either side of her long neck. I heard the DJ announce two girl’s names — both stages must be going through a change-over at the same time — but somehow I knew it was this dark woman who went by the name of Sable.

I watched as Sable moved suggestively around the stage. She did not need to flaunt her sex — no one could deny it! I barely noticed as one, then two girls came by to offer me a lap dance. When she stripped off her top and wrap, she changed her style accordingly, wrapping herself around the poles and crawling sensuously between them. I wasn’t, by any means, the only appreciative man in the audience.

It was only when Sable left the stage that I noticed that the audience had grown considerably during the last few songs. Apparently the amateur night was a popular event here. After a couple more songs the stages cleared and the DJ announced yetişkin porno that they would be beginning the contest. He explained something no one heard about judges, and about how the competition would be handled.

As the first set of girls came out, two to a stage, I was disappointed that Amber wasn’t among them. It only then occurred to me that there might be quite a few contestants. However, if these were the competition, Amber would do quite well indeed. Two of the girls now dancing were not only over-weight but in pretty bad shape. The third seemed already too drunk (or whatever) to be safe up on the stage. Only the fourth seemed to know what she was doing. In fact, she seemed to me to be a ringer — she certainly had experience as a stripper. She also had a fairly impressive set of implants.

Each set of girls got to dance to two songs, costumed and then stripped down to their shoes and g-strings. As the woman at the door, and the form they’d given us, explained, the girls couldn’t interact with each other or the customers, and the g-strings had to stay on at all times. Aside from that, it was up to them to show the crowd and the judges what they could do. After the first set, one girl would be selected from each group of four, then they would be voted on in diminishing sized groups, depending on the number of contestants that night, until one was chosen as the winner.

I eventually realized there were fifteen girls competing tonight. (The fourth set in the first round only had three girls.) I was happy though, that I only had to wait until the second set of girls to see Amber strut her stuff. Knowing her as well as I did, I could tell that she was nervous; I doubted anyone else noticed, though. She strutted across the stage in what I thought of as her “street walker” costume, grabbed the pole and spun around it like she’d been doing it all her life. She continued to work that pole through the entirety of her “clothed” dance. At first it was just a pole, and she experimented with wrapping herself around it like strippers customarily do, but then she seemed to get another idea… She began to treat the pole as if it were her dancing partner… and then as if it were her sex partner. She hung against it, letting the audience admire her strong calves. She clung to it, lowering herself slowly so that those legs splayed out in front of the crowd. She caressed it, and began to press herself against it, rocking her hips as if she were using the pole to pleasure herself, which I suspected she was. By the end of the first song, she had gotten over any stage fright, and had definitely gotten the attention of every man who could see her.

She took advantage of that attention when it was time to start taking her top and skirt off. While she had paid very little attention to the men around the stage during the first part of her act, she now turned to them and teased them, like strippers used to do. She took her time in removing her skirt, and then bent over in front of the crowd, letting them appreciate her strong, firm butt. I smiled to think that the previous night I had been fucking that glorious ass that was now quickly becoming the inspiration for other men’s fantasies. She toyed with those men then over the issue of taking off her top. I watched raptly as she ground her hips to the music and slowly exposed her shoulders and then, finally her firm tits. She coyly cupped the nipples in her hands and only after receiving suitably enthusiastic encouragement from the crowd did she show them everything. She played the shyness up for all it was worth, and as the song ended she stood up tall and proud, her rigid nipples standing out in front of her unashamed, and blew kisses to her new fans.

I applauded long and hard as she left the stage. If she came over to me right then I would have had a very hard time resisting the urge to throw her on the table in front of me and fucking her for all I was worth. “Luckily,” she didn’t come right over. Instead I watched as the third set of dancers took the stages. Again, there wasn’t anything particularly impressive to watch. Even considering my own prejudice in the matter, I thought Amber was easily the best so far.

Then I was delighted as she fell into my lap. She was giggling youjizz porno and laughing as she kissed me on the cheek and then my neck. She was wearing a robe from the hotel we’d had the foresight to bring along.

“How did I do?” she grinned.

“You were amazing!”

“I know,” she laughed. “One of the dancers said I could get a job here. You should see her; she’s gorgeous!”

“You could definitely do this,” I nodded, grinning back at her. “I take it you’re having fun.”

“God, yes!” Then she leaned in and said in my ear, “I am so wet!”

Her hand went between us and felt my crotch, and she laughed, saying, “And I see you’re enjoying the show too. Good! Well, I have to get back!”

She kissed me hard and was gone.

My head reeling, I gradually came back down to earth. I noticed some of the guys at nearby tables had seen Amber’s little visit. One of them smiled at me and shouted over the music, “You’re one lucky son of a bitch!”

I nodded, smiled back and raised my glass to him.

The last set of girls, only three this time, came on, and for the first time I saw someone who I thought could give Amber a real challenge. This was a tall, curvaceous woman with flaming red hair. She certainly had worked a stage before, and was quite good at it. Her body was in fantastic shape, and she was clearly quite proud of it.

After this fourth set of girls had done their second song, all the girls went into the dressing room to change and await the decision of the judges. It only then occurred to me to try to figure out where the judges were. I finally spotted a side room, over my right shoulder that was raised up — like a box at a sports arena — with a view of both stages. Inside I could see three men and two women, the last two looking like dancers themselves, who were talking amongst themselves, but not too seriously.

Eventually, all fifteen girls came out and lined up along the wall opposite the judges’ box. The DJ explained that four girls would be named and that they would take their places on the stages for the next round. They picked one girl from each round, so I wasn’t surprised that the one I suspected as a ringer from the first round was called up. Then, naturally, Amber was called. I hadn’t paid any real attention to the third round, but the curvy redhead was unsurprisingly last. I confess, I didn’t watch the eleven girls who were so summarily dismissed as they retreated to the dressing room. My eyes were glued on Amber taking her place near the pole furthest from me, at the other end of the stage from the ringer with the big implants.

Amber was now wearing her school girl outfit. It wasn’t original, I know, but it looked great on her. She had put her dark hair up in pig tails, and began immediately to play her innocent part to perfection. She pretended to have a hard time getting the hang of the music. She made an act out of watching the other girl and tried to copy her. The comical aspect of it might have been too much if she didn’t bend over and let her short skirt expose her ass and the thong that barely covered her pussy. When the men cheered for this, she reached up between her legs to cover herself. Then she turned around to shake the forefinger of her other hand at the crowd scoldingly, but kept her hand pressed against her crotch. Getting a little distracted, she “absently” rubbed her hand against herself, then, in faux shock at her own behavior clapped that hand over her mouth in embarrassment. Then, playfully, she licked her hand and sucked her finger slowly into her mouth. The men in front of her went wild, and she spent the rest of the first song sucking on her fingers.

Amber played the reluctant stripper for about the first half of the second song, but by the time she was down to her g-string and heels, I could tell, even from that distance, that she was getting pretty worked up. She crawled across the stage and then sprawled on her back, rubbing her hands over herself and arching her back. Her legs were bent and she thrust her pelvis into the air, her palms and fingers exploring first her belly and tits, and then her legs. The song ended and she collapsed back on the stage. The applause was loud and it seemed to take a long time for her to get up, collect youporn porno her clothes and leave the stage.

The DJ announced there would be fifteen minutes before the judges announced the two finalists, and I settled back in my chair. I didn’t expect to see Amber again until she took the stage next time, so I was surprised when she appeared next to me with the dancer I had been admiring earlier in tow.

“This is Sable!” Amber beamed. “She thinks I’m great!”

I stood up and said, “She’s not alone! Nice to meet you, Sable.”

Sable smiled warmly at me, “You’ve got yourself a real wild cat here.”

“Don’t I know it!” I grinned.

“She says you’re not so bad yourself,” Sable added, taking a moment to frankly look me over.

“I promised Sable she could have her way with us if I win,” Amber said with an impish grin.

“Oh, you did, did you?” I laughed.

“Don’t even try to pretend you wouldn’t love it,” she said as she kissed me. “OK, I have to run again.”

Sable winked at me over her shoulder as she followed Amber back to the dressing room.

After the professionals cleared the stages again, the four semi-finalists came out, and, I suspected to no one’s surprise, Amber and the redhead were chosen to be the best two of the night. The crowd of men, and few women, applauded and cheered as the two women climbed back up on stage. Amber was back on the stage closer to me, and was back in her schoolgirl outfit.

The song began, and she started her coy routine, but quickly moved into her duet with one of her poles. After a bit of this, she crawled along the stage to the other pole and began to press her body against it. She seemed almost oblivious to the crowd as she rocked her pelvis against the hard metal. Her plaid skirt was bunched up around her hips.

As the first song ended and the next one began, Amber turned to look out at the faces of the men looking up at her. There was wanton lust in her eyes; accustomed as I was to that expression on her face, I knew full well what she was thinking. I thought for a moment that she was going to lose the contest by dragging one of the men on stage and raping him — not that anyone would really complain, of course. However, Amber seemed to collect herself, a bit. She took her top and simply tore it off. She stood there thrusting her chest out wantonly, as the men around her clapped and cheered. Amber turned and showed the guys at the back of the stage. She took a few steps toward the other pole, the one at my end of the stage, all the while running her hands over her naked chest, and occasionally up over her bare throat. She pinched her nipples, and then reached down to run her hands up under her skirt. Everyone could tell that she was playing with herself, but that wasn’t enough for Amber. She impatiently pushed her skirt down over her hips and her muscular legs. Kicking the skirt out into the audience, Amber stood there in front of everyone rubbing and caressing herself.

Her right hand found her crotch and pressed against her clit through the g-string. I saw her lick her lips and then she sagged to the left, reaching out to catch the pole. She looked out at the audience with a devilish look in her eye. She leaned back against the pole, wrapping her left arm around it as her right hand moved up to play with her breast, pinching and pulling on her nipple. She slowly knelt down, leaning against the pole, her knees spread out in front of her.

She slowly ran her right hand down her taut belly, and then Amber slid her fingertips in under the elastic top of her g-string. The men directly in front of her went crazy, and those to either side crowded in to get a better look. I could see from my vantage point that her fingers were already at work stroking her clit. She reached down further, and the muscles of her forearm began to flex as she worked her wrist and fingers in and out of herself and against her clit. Her abs stood out and her left arm tensed. She was biting her lip and her head leaned back. It felt like the entire room was staring at Amber as she played with herself.

Then, even over the music, everyone could hear Amber cry out as an orgasm ripped through her body. The song slowly faded out and Amber collapsed back against her pole, legs straight out in front of her and a happy smile all over her face. The audience went wild, clapping and cat-calling almost hysterically.

Once the crowd settled down a bit, the judges came back with a very fast decision. Amber won the title and the $500 prize, but that was only the beginning of our fun that night.

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