Amber’s Real Job

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I opened my eyes and looked at the digital display on my nightstand. “3:52,” read the glowing red numbers. Climbing to my feet I threw my robe on and journeyed to the hallway. A glance to my right was all I needed for my frustration to continue. Amber’s door was ajar, just as it had been when I checked it about ninety minutes earlier. Sighing with anticipation, I retreated to my bed, unable to sleep soundly.

Pacing momentarily at the foot of my bed I contemplated calling her cellphone, trying to decide if I really wanted to be that ‘nervous father’ that every teenage girl dreads. It was Amber’s third weekend with her new job, a bartending gig she landed part-time to help her with tuition payments. She had told me she would be working late hours, but the bar she worked at closed at three and yet I found that she wouldn’t usually be home until after four, sometimes as late as five in the morning.

She claimed it takes a while to clean the bar and to “cash-out”; whatever that means. I knew she would probably be home within the hour, and I trusted her as a father should, I just couldn’t help feeling uneasy with her being out at such late hours. There were many drunk people on the streets at these hours, and I guess it hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be. I was never this way with my son. When Kevin was this age, he would often stay out all night, not returning until I was leaving for work. For some reason I worried less with him, perhaps because he was a young man. I knew it wasn’t fair to her, but she was Daddy’s little girl, and I always made sure she was safe.

Ever since she got her license two years prior I had become a restless worrier, unable to relax until I knew she had reached her destination. It had taken me a few months to get past my tension with her driving, and now it has seemed to return with this new job of hers. She loves it though and speaks of the tips she makes and the people she has met, so as long as she is happy, I put up with it. I try not to express my concern over the late nights, after all, I have to let my little girl grow up. I guess it’s all part of being a father. Maybe I’ve been a little more over protective since her mother passed away three years ago. Amber is my only girl now, and so I worry.

I know she’s a big girl and can take care of herself, and it’s nights like these when I’m grateful her mother and I enrolled her in Kung-Fu at an early age. Not only has she grown into a beautiful 19 year old woman, she is also an accomplished black belt. So I’m confident she could defend herself if she had to, but I pray she never does. After about twenty minutes of wrestling with the sheets I managed to drift off to sleep again, hoping her door would be closed when I reopened my eyes.


I awoke to a familiar pulsating beep from my alarm clock. As soon as I opened my eyes and noticed the brightened shades covering the window I hopped from my bed once again and checked the hall. Her door was closed. Comforted by the sight, I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. While turning on the faucet I couldn’t ignore a lingering uneasiness. To calm my ever-growing anxiety I decided to check on her.

Wrapped in a towel I went back into the hallway and approached her door. With a soft grip on the knob I twisted and opened it slowly and quietly. Peeking into her room I was a bit surprised with what I saw. Amber was lying face down on her bed with the sheets pulled down below her knees and the comforter lay on the floor beside some scattered clothes. She wasn’t wearing a thing.

She had often locked her door at night, and although I respected her privacy I had always wondered why she kept it locked. Now I knew her reasoning, like myself she slept nude. Her bare ass was clearly visible from my vantage point, and it looked perfect in every way. Her milky white skin had no tan lines, and her cheeks were small and tight. Her ass looked perfect in every way possible, and suddenly I encountered a sensation that frightened me. Beneath my towel I could feel my cock slowly lifting to attention, aroused by the view.

I knew I should close the door, return to my shower and forget I had seen her, I just couldn’t. I hadn’t seen my little girl naked in about ten years, and her body had changed in so many ways. Her bare back was enough to get any man off, with a few dark freckles sprinkled between her shoulderblades, she looked like an angel without wings. I probably stood in the doorway looking at her for a good five minutes or so. For as badly as I wanted to, I could not tear myself away from this pleasant surprise.

As I admired her sleeping, I was suddenly overcome with devilish thoughts. I couldn’t believe they were coming to mind, and I fought them with every urge, but was losing fast. I wanted to get closer to her, to study her, to touch her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away with the latter idea, but then I wondered whether or not I could. Her face was toward the wall, so I only saw the back of her head. Even if she had her eyes slightly open, she would escort bayan bursa not see me standing there. Plus the sound of her steady breathing coupled with the soft rise and fall of her back told me she was deeply out.

I lost my inner battle of hormones, and I found myself slowly and quietly entering her room. I tip toed closer to the bed, my heart racing inside my chest and for a brief moment when her breathing seemed to halt I almost panicked. Trying to keep myself under control I relaxed slightly when her breathing continued. As I approached the bedside I kept my eyes glued to her beautiful ass.

I wanted to touch it so badly, I needed to touch it. I didn’t let myself. I considered myself lucky enough to get this opportunity, and I had no intentions on ruining it. Just then another thought entered my mind, and I went with it, unable to think rationally. I quietly removed my towel beside the bed. As I stood there naked beside my daughter, my erection was at full attention. I stood closer to her, hoping to touch the head of my dick to her waist. I had no idea what I was doing, or why, all I knew was I was enjoying it.

As I leaned my knees on the edge of the mattress I became extremely startled when she suddenly turned her head. I froze. She was still out cold thankfully, but now her closed eyes were facing me, and I feared them opening at any minute. Her mouth was slightly open and I could tell I was over reacting. I remained there, but eased my knees off the bed.

Just before thinking I’ve stayed long enough, I decided to try one more thing. Shifting a few steps to my left, I positioned my cock directly in front of her face. My heart raced in tension as I got closer, and soon I felt her warm breath on my cock. It sent shivers through me like I had never experienced. I inched closer and closer, hoping the tip would touch her lips. I was an inch away when she closed her mouth and out of nowhere her arm flung forward toward her pillow. I tried to pull back in shock, but I couldn’t avoid her fingers grazing my cock before they were tucked beneath the pillow under he head.

I was literally shaking with nerves as I exhaled the close call, and then I thought about what had just happened. She touched my cock! I knew it was an accident and she would have no idea, but I knew she did and the thought alone was enough to get me off in the shower. I knew I had overstayed my welcome, and I put my towel back on as I looked at her smugged breasts beneath her sleeping body. How I wished she would turn over so I could see those lovely mounds she had developed. I knew she was a heavy sleeper though, and her flipping over could be a few hours. I decided I had seen enough and quietly exited her room, closing the door as quietly as ever when I left.

It was only minutes later that I was jacking off in the shower, imagining what I had just seen and done. I couldn’t help but thinking about how wrong it was, and I couldn’t help get myself off to it. I was very thankful she forgot to lock the door, because had it been locked I would have not fetched the key.

After showering and dressing I left for work. Amber would probably sleep until 2pm as she usually did after late work nights, and I would likely be home at that time.


The rest of the day was uneventful beside the fact that I could not get Amber out of my mind. When I had returned home that afternoon Amber was already showered and dressed and was leaving for a friend’s house.

“Hey Dad,” she said as I found her in the kitchen. She wore a white tank-top with a red bra underneath. Covering her legs were black stretchy pants that covered her ass like nylon skin. As she stood by the fridge retrieving a beverage I couldn’t help but stare at it, and try to imagine how it had looked earlier that morning without the material.

“Hi sweetie, when did you get up?” I asked.

“About an hour ago or so,” she said as she turned and faced me. It was like I was noticing her for the first time. Her smooth brown hair complimented her gorgeous hazel eyes. Her soft white skin looked as smooth as satin, and her cleavage was hard to ignore. She had decent sized breasts, like her mother she wore a 34 C bra. I couldn’t help undressing her with my mind as I talked to her.

“Get in late again?”

“Yeah, but I had a good night,” she said smiling.

“That’s good, how much did you make?” I asked.

“Oh about a hundred and fifty,” she said.

“Wow, maybe I should bartend!” I said surprised.

“I don’t think you’d be good at it Daddy, no offense,” she said.

“Oh no? Why not?” I asked with a smirk.

“Well, you could get tempted,” she said.

She was right, and I knew it. When her mother died I went into a depression for a few weeks and during this time I became rather dependant on alcohol. Amber and Kevin were the ones really responsible for my recovery. Kevin drove me to rehab every week, and Amber made sure I stayed sober. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them, and now I was sober bursa sinirsiz eskort for twenty eight months and counting. I have not stepped foot into a bar either, and for that reason I have not seen Amber at work.

“I think I’d be able to control myself,” I said.

“I don’t know about that Daddy,” she said un-offensively.

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t tend bar, but I’d at least like to come by the bar one of these nights to see my little girl in action,” I said.

“Dad, that’s not a good idea,” she said losing her smile quickly.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Cause Daddy, I have a lot of friends there and it would be weird if my dad showed up.”

Feeling slightly hurt by her comment, I knew she didn’t mean anything by it. “It’s not like I would stay long, you wouldn’t even know I was there!” I said.

“Dad, please don’t, I just started, you may make me nervous,” she said.

“How can I make you nervous? I just want to see my baby working,” I said, now feeling a bit insulted.

“Daddy, just give me a few more weeks to get better at it, and then I’ll tell you when to come, OK?” she asked.

I couldn’t imagine why she was so concerned with me showing up at her job, but I didn’t want to make her upset so I agreed.

“Thanks Daddy,” she said as she kissed me softly on the lips before she put her glass in the sink.

“When do you work again?” I asked as she headed for the doorway.

“Friday and Saturday nights,” she said.

“OK, see you later hunny, be careful,” I said as she headed out.

After she left I sat in the kitchen for a while thinking about her conversation. Amber and I had always been very close, and she was never ashamed to introduce me to any of her friends. She liked to consider me her “other best friend” sometimes to her girlfriends. I couldn’t imagine who she was keeping me from meeting at the bar. I also realized that the entire time we were talking I kept looking at her ass, I hope she didn’t notice.


The following days passed quickly, and each night I was tempted to return to Amber’s room. On Wednesday night I even went so far as to try the doorknob, and was dissapointed to find it locked as I had expected. I couldn’t help but thinking of her nude body lying on the bed on the opposite side of this stubborn barrier between us. I wanted desperately to open the door, but I refrained and went to my room to masturbate and help get my mind off it.

Thursday night I cracked. After trying the knob, I found myself rummaging through the junk draw in the kitchen at two in the morning in search of the key. I was about to give up when I found it. Excited like it was Christmas morning, I double-timed it up the stairs to her door. Wearing a pair of gymshorts this time I slowly worked the little allen wrench type key into the hole and turned. I felt the lock release, and again my heart raced. I couldn’t help thinking of her sitting on her bed on the other side, watching the knob unlock. Getting ready to scream at me for intruding on her privacy.

I faced my fears and slowly opened the door. Her room was much darker this time than it had been last and it was difficult to make her out at first, but I did. Dissapointment flooded my body as I found her tucked beneath her sheets, only her bare shoulders exposed. I toyed with the idea of softly pulling her sheets down, but I knew it could be fatal to our relationship if she awoke. I decided against it and closed the door making sure to relock it.

Friday came and I went to work as usual. When I returned I found a note on the table from Amber.

Dad, I am eating dinner at Brittany’s tonight, see you tomorrow, love you. Amber

“I guess I’m eating alone again,” I said to myself as I headed for the freezer to find something. Suddenly I was stricken with an idea. I figured since I didn’t want to cook for just myself, I would go out and grab a bite and a movie. And I contemplated breaking my promise and stopping in at O’Shea’s to see Amber work. I headed for the mall.

After having dinner by myself, and feeling rather lonely, I decided I’d skip the movie. I wandered around the mall for a bit looking at all the young girls loitering the walkways, and dressed to impress. Some of them were probably only fourteen, and yet they could pass for Amber’s age. It was amazing how times had changed, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit aroused when I saw them. No wonder there are pedifiles I thought to myself.

As I walked I couldn’t help reconsidering my plan to spy on Amber. But even as I thought about aborting it, I kept replaying what she had said earlier in the week.

“Dad, please don’t, I just started, you may make me nervous,”

I didn’t understand this explanation at all, and it bothered me. If there was something she was keeping from me, I needed to know, for her own safety. I decided on going to the bar, but before I did I thought about how I could keep myself from being spotted.

As juvenile as it sounded to me, escort bayan I found a Halloween store on the second floor and asked if they had any disguises. Never revealing my motive, a nice girl at the counter set me up with a realistic moustache and facial hair. I decided against a wig, because they all looked rather ridiculous. Instead I stopped by the sporting goods store and picked up a baseball cap. I couldn’t help but feeling guilty doing this, but curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I felt these steps were necessary to be a protective father. At least that’s what I told myself.

In the restroom at the mall I applied the fake hair to my face. The glue was surprisingly strong, and I momentarily feared it’d leave a mark when I needed to remove it. Luckily the bathroom remained empty as I applied the disguise. I didn’t want to have to explain my actions to a man who happened to walk in on me putting on a false goatee.

After pulling the tags off the hat I looked at myself in the mirror. Although it looked real, I didn’t feel confident enough that I wasn’t recognizable, so keeping the hair on, I left the bathroom in search of an optical store. I bought myself an inexpensive pair of non-prescription glasses. After finding a mirror I was satisfied with my appearance. I left the mall and headed for O’Shea’s.

When I pulled into the lot I had second thoughts. What if she DID recognize me? I thought uneasily as I stared at the pub through the windshield. I sat there for a minute or two thinking over a gameplan as I watched young twenty-somethings make their way in and out. I looked at myself in the mirror again. I knew I didn’t look my age. Instead of fourty two, I believed I could pass for thirty at least. I decided to stop waiting and just to go.

Entering the bar I was surprised at how packed it was in there. Wall to wall people stood holding glasses of beer and other mixed drinks. Nobody gave me a second look, and with this I grew confidence. My eyes were drawn to the bar almost immediately, and I saw two bartenders waiting on several customers. Many of them sitting on stools just having conversations while others tried to squeeze between them to order more drinks.

The bartenders wore black t-shirts that had the pub’s logo on the upper left breast. One of them was a female with blonde hair thrown up into a pony-tail, and the other was a tall man with short black hair and very muscular. They both looked extremely busy and didn’t notice me. I had originally decided to keep a low profile by hanging out in the back, but since I didn’t see Amber at the bar, I ventured closer.

Pushing through the crowd I couldn’t help but feel the urge for a drink. Amber had been correct in this assumption, but I was confident I could buy a beer without getting addicted. I finally made it to the bar and waited for attention. I kept peering around to see if there were any waitresses bring drinks to the table in the back. There were. I noticed a short girl with wavy hair bringing a tray of long necks to a booth of people by the wall. I noticed another girl on the other side doing the same thing. I still did not see Amber.

“What can I get for ya?” the blonde girl behind the bar suddenly shouted.

“Can I get a Coors Light?” I asked projecting my voice over the crowd.

“Draft or bottle?” she said.

“Bottle,” I chose quickly looking around the room again.

The waitress quickly returned with my cold beer and told me the price.

“Hey, is Amber here?” I asked.

“What? Amstel?” she said trying to make out what I said.

“No, AMBER, is she working tonight?” I shouted over the crowd.

“We don’t have an Amber here,” she said as she made change for me.

“Are you sure?” I asked her.

“Yes, quite sure,” she said looking annoyed, “look, I’m busy,” she said.

“Yeah, OK, sorry,” I said taking my beer and leaving her two bucks.

Where the fuck is she? I wondered feeling both foolish and angry.

I remained at the bar for about another ten minutes or so finishing my beer. It tasted very invigorating, but I was confident I would not buy another. Before leaving I had to ask someone else. I asked one of the waitresses if they knew her, and she gave me the same answer as the bartender. I was getting very upset.

I left the bar shortly after and drove home trying to think if I had the right bar. I knew I did, it just didn’t make sense. Amber had never lied to me her entire life, and she entrusted me with many secrets. Why would this suddenly change? I needed to ask her.

When I got home I found it difficult to go to bed. My little girl was out somewhere and I had no idea if she was alright. I couldn’t relax, and I tried her cellphone. No answer. I wasn’t surprised and I hung up before leaving a message. Where is she? I kept thinking to myself as I thought of the people at the bar not knowing who she was. I went into the den and turned on my computer. I wasn’t ready to retire for the night before killing one more curiosity.

On the internet I found listings for two different O’Shea’s Pubs. I could have sworn she told me she worked in Glenn Dale, but it could have been College Park. I picked up the phone, and called the number listed. After many rings, someone finally picked it up. The man was shouting over a racious crowd in the background, “O’SHEAS,” he said.

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