Amy’s Eyes Pt. 02

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Jackson stomped out of the room after he had dressed himself. He quickly made his way through the house, grabbing his keys along the way, and out to his car. Amy followed him every step of the way, calling “J” trying to stop him from leaving her. Quickly Jackson got in his car and sped off, leaving a distraught Amy at the front door. “J!” she called one last time before he left her.

For the next two weeks Amy and Jackson never crossed paths. He’d be awake before her and leave before she came down. He’d come home much later, like 3 or 4am; knowing she would be asleep. Everyday he would think about what Amy told him. How he’d been tricked by her. Everyday he would mull over the situation thinking that maybe he overreacted or maybe he was wrong. But then the overwhelming sense that Amy had tricked him, had lied to him kept coming to the front of his mind. Normally when Amy had lied to him in the past as kids, it wasn’t so bad. But now that they were lovers, Jackson had become disappointed by the fact that his new found love for his baby sister was all a ruse.

It was late the following Monday when Jackson finally saw his sister again. Amy had waited up until he came home late in the morning, so she could finally talk to him. Jackson arrived home at 4:30 expecting to go to bed. As soon as Amy heard the door begin to open, she turned off the TV and walked towards Jackson.

“J, please talk to me.” She pleaded.

“Why? So you can tell me another lie?” Jackson replied with anger.

“No J, not so I can lie to you. So I can tell you the truth. Please, just hear me out?”

After a short silence, Jackson responded. “Fine. Five minutes, that’s all.”

Amy, relieved, let out a heavy sigh.

They sat in the kitchen, away from one another.

“J, I’m sorry I lied to you. I wanted to be with you. I love you. When I saw you with Susie I thought it was wrong. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to be able to make you cum like that. I just..I just, didn’t know how to make it happen. I couldn’t just straight out tell you because you’re my older brother, it’s not right. I couldn’t tell mom and dad how I felt about you because they’d probably kill me. I either had to live with the pain I was suffering, seeing you with different girls; or do something about my feelings. I did something about it and I couldn’t find any other way to make it happen. So if you know of another way I could have, please tell me J.”

“You could have just told me Am. I’ve always wanted the same things that you wanted. I wanted to be with you as well. But you didn’t. You tricked me to get me into bed. I’m not hurt or angry Amy. I’m disappointed.” Jackson replied with a raised voice.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disappoint you J. I should have just told you how I felt. But let me ask you this J, when did you start feeling the same way towards me?”

After a long pause Jackson replied truthfully…

“You’ve always been beautiful Am. I guess I didn’t really realise that until a couple of weeks ago. But that was obviously part of your plan – to make me fall for you.”

“I’m..I’m sorry J. I shouldn’t have done what I did. But if I had told you how I felt about you a couple of months ago, when I saw you with her; you wouldn’t have felt about me the way you do now. You just said it yourself, you only realised it a couple of weeks ago.”

“I guess..I guess you’re right. But it doesn’t change the fact that you manipulated me Am. In the future, how am I to know whether or not you’ve tricked me into getting you pregnant? Into doing whatever you want? Huh?”

“Because J, I promise you I wont. I only lied to you to show you how much I loved you and how much you loved me. But I guess I messed that up now, haven’t I? You hate me don’t you?” Replied Amy beginning to cry.

Jackson, for the first time in this conversation; felt sorry for his sister. He walked over to her, holding her tightly in his arms.

“Amy. Amy look at me,” she did “I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed that you couldn’t tell me.” She looked away again, “Hey. Hey, look at me. I still love you. Nothing is going to change that. I just want a honest relationship with you, not one built on lies and dishonesty. Deal?”

Amy, sniffling, replied “Deal, J. I’m still really sorry.”

“Look, fresh start. A honest start, yeah?”

“Yes. God yes J!”

He caressed his sister, holding her close to him. Then after a few minutes peace, he put a finger underneath her chin and tilted her head up towards his. Then slowly; he planted a kiss on her lips. A quick soft kiss, that let Amy know everything from then on would be just fine.

That night the pair stayed with one another. They slept on one of the sofas, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

It was mid-day when they woke up. görükle escort The sun was beaming in through the living-room windows, birds were singing and there was a slight dew on the grass. It seemed as though today was going to be a good day for Amy and Jackson.

Amy rolled over to face Jackson and whispered sweetly, “Morning J.”

With a yawn he replied “Morning Am.”

They just laid there for a few moments looking at one another. A stray strand of hair fell down in front of one of Amy’s eyes, gently Jackson stroked it behind her ear; lightly tracing her jawline, causing her to shiver slightly.

“I love you.” She whispered to him.

“I love you too.” He whispered back, ever so softly. Then he kissed her.

His kiss was passionate and loving. He let his tongue float into Amy’s mouth, reaching into her far corners. Amy returned his kiss. Gently she swirled her tongue around his. Slowly Jackson ran his hand down Amy’s back, eliciting goosebumps to run all over her body. Then his hand slid down to her buttocks. He gave it a firm squeeze, feeling how strong and well toned her cheeks were. Amy placed her hand on Jacksons shoulder, then ran down to his well defined tricep giving it a gentle squeeze. Slowly, the kiss broke. Amy a mixture of happiness and love, let out an uncontrollable little giggle which made Jackson’s heart skip a beat. She placed the tip of her finger in the centre of his chest and ran it over each muscle, bumping over each ab as she worked her way down. Her finger, inches above his waistband, stopped. Only momentarily. Before she dug it inside his shorts. But Jackson grabbed her hand, restricting her from going any further.

“What’s the matter J?” She asked confused.

“We shouldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because, we haven’t got any condoms and our neighbours will probably see us doing…that.”

“Don’t you think if any of them saw us together here, it would have happened already? Plus we’ve slept here all night and just kissed.”

“Yeah I guess. But we still need condoms.”

“You’re right, we do.”

“I’ve got some stuff to do today, I can pick some up while I’m out. In the meantime, why don’t you get out of the house; maybe go out with your friends or something? so I’m not tempted to come home and use one straight away.” Jackson replied with a wink.

“Oooo, I can’t wait.” Amy replied seductively.

They kissed again – just a quick one – before they got up and started the day off. Amy contacted her friends and arranged to meet with them. Jackson did exactly what he said he was going to do – run his errands (including picking up multiple condoms) then come home. When he returned home, Amy was there waiting for him. As soon as he came through the door Amy jumped on him and locked him into a passionate, hot kiss.

Biting his lower lip and looking deep into his eyes, Amy seductively said to him “I’ve been waiting for you.”

She took his hand and led him upstairs. Jackson, under Amy’s control, dropped his bags (all except one bag in particular) and watched his sister’s slender legs lead him to her room. Immediately she turned around and pulled him into another passionate embrace, falling onto her bed. Jackson lost in lust, ripped apart Amy’s shirt exposing her torso and causing Amy to grip his arms releasing a lusty “Oh yeah” from her lips. Quickly Jackson latched onto one of her bare breasts (apparently Amy really didn’t like wearing a bra), gently biting and sucking her nipple; causing her to jerk around underneath him. Harder and harder he suckled and nibbled on each nipple releasing low growls and grunts from his sister. Amy, now beginning her build up to an orgasm, ran her hands down and into her black jeggings (jeans crossed with leggings if you don’t know) finding her hard clitoris. Firmly she pushed and circled her fingers, every once in a while slipping one or two fingers in between her pussy lips. Quickly, her first orgasm of the night began. Her body went stiff, her finger play increased ten-fold (as did Jacksons breast play). Suddenly she began jerking underneath him, almost shuddering as she rode out her powerful orgasm. She let out a loud and strained “Uuuuuuuh” as her orgasm finally finished. Jackson finished his breast play with a final flick of the tongue against Amy’s hard nipple. Her breath escaped loudly from her throat as Jackson slid away from her and towards the one bag he’d remembered to bring with him.

“J, what are you doing?” Amy asked as Jackson was rifling through the bag.

He didn’t reply. He just returned with the bag. Now kneeling in between his sister’s legs, he again proceeded to rip her jeggings off. Well, at least creating a large hole in them right where the crotch is (or was in this case).

“J, what are you doing?”

Again no reply. karacabey escort Instead he pulled out a new vibrator for Amy. It was similar to the one he found in her room weeks before, the only difference was; that this didn’t need to be plugged in.

“You needed a new didn’t you?” He finally said to her, looking up at her.

“Yeah, buuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttt…”

Jackson sort of cut her off mid-sentence, causing her to moan that last word, by pressing the vibrator inside her pussy. He turned it on inside her, causing her to grab the sheets and put them in her mouth only so she could scream into them. Amy had never put the vibrator inside her pussy before, so to add to this new sensation Jackson played with her clitoris. Applying firm pressure with his fingers, almost flicking it from side-to-side and occasionally licking it. Amy in a constant state of pleasure, could only bite down on the sheets and release a muffled growling sound from her throat. Very quickly Amy’s second orgasm began. It was even more intense than the one moments ago. She couldn’t stop moving around, writhing, bucking, shuddering constantly. Jackson watched his sisters stomach, seeing how it sucked in almost crushing her insides and then bounced back out immediately. Finally her orgasm subsided. The vibrator, still inside her pussy, was left on though. And Jackson continued his clit work.

Releasing the sheets from her mouth, Amy uttered “Not this again.” While Jackson grabbed ahold of the vibrator and began slowly fucking his sister with it.

Quickly he began moving it with more vigour, going faster and faster; increasing his pressure and speed on Amy’s clitoris as well until the inevitable happened- she squirted. Unlike last time, her first time, Amy’s pussy exploded her juices. The vibrator caused them to splash everywhere, over the sheets, over Amy and drenching Jackson. Still not satisfied, Jackson continued making his sister squirt.

After Amy had stopped squirting Jackson crawled on top of her. He placed his hand inches from Amy’s lips and commanded her to “Suck your juices baby.”

Instantly, she complied. She sucked hard on Jackson’s fingers, cleaning them one by one savouring her own taste.

“Good girl. You’re a kinky little thing aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. But now let me service you. Let me be your kinky little slave.”

She rolled over on top of Jackson in one swift movement. She went straight for his shorts, tearing at them to get them off. Once free, Jackson’s erect sprang free. His cock standing straight up, had changed since Amy last saw it.

“Err J, I don’t want this to sound weird or anything, but your bigger than before.”

“What!? What do you mean Am?” Jackson, surprised looking down at his sister and his cock, replied.

“You’re thicker.” Replied Amy, with blazing green eyes and pure lust in her voice gripping the base of his dick.

Then she licked it all the way to the tip, before Jackson could reply. She placed the tip in her mouth first, circling it with her tongue. Slowly she pushed her head down, stuffing more of his shaft into her mouth. Since Jackson’s dick was thicker than before, Amy had problems fitting in its full 7inch length- so much so that it stretched her mouth as it entered (before it was just able to fit in). Anyway, she continued on sucking hard and swirling her tongue around his shaft. She gagged more this time when she tried deep-throating her brother. But this only caused more pleasure for Jackson as she serviced him. He felt his balls begin to tighten and knew what was coming (no pun intended).

He managed to utter “Am, I’m going to cum…where do you want it?”

To which Amy removed herself from his cock quickly and replied just as quickly “Cum on my face baby.”

Before the last word came out of Amy’s mouth, Jackson stood up and fisted his dick aiming at Amy’s face. It only took a couple of pumps before jet after jet of his thick seed flew onto Amy’s face. The first few streaks entered her mouth. The rest covered her face and hair. The white contrasted so greatly with her bright orange hair, making her look strangely beautiful. He released a deep grunt as the last few droplets formed on the end of his dick. Amy quickly cleaned his end, and then swallowed his load; showing him that she’d done so with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Wow sis, you really are kinky.”

She giggled, then replied “You don’t know the half of it J. Now fuck me.”

She climbed onto the bed, resting on all-fours. Jackson quickly reached in the bag and put on a condom. Amy looking over her shoulder at him, had a nervous look on her face.

“What’s the matter Am?” Jackson asked seeing her nervousness.

“It’s…it’s my first time.” She replied shyly.

“But your hymen’s gone.” mudanya escort

“Yeah, I broke it a while ago; masturbating.” She again replied shyly.

“It’s ok Amy. I’ll be gentle, promise.”

“Ok J.”

He then proceeded to kneel behind his sister, placing a hand on her left flank and directed his penis towards her opening.

“Hang on. I’ve got a surprise.” Amy interrupted Jackson.


She didn’t reply, she just fiddled around under her bed. Her head went down the side of her bed, out of Jacksons vision. When it popped back up, she was wearing a black spiked dog collar around her neck. She turned and said to him..

“Do what you want to me.”

And so he did. He pushed forward, slowly entering his sister’s virgin pussy. She was very tight. Just like her arsehole, her pussy clamped down around his head. As he slowly slid more of his length into her, he could feel her pussy clench around his shaft. Amy, loving the feeling of being penetrated by her brother; released a long and soft moan: “Oooooooohhhhhh.” When he was all the way in, he waited there letting Amy get used to the new feeling. Then slowly like the time he fucked her in the arse, he pulled out a couple of inches and then added them back in. After about 5 minutes of this slow and steady rhythm Amy said “J, it’s alright, you can go faster.” And he did immediately. He began thrusting harder into her, gently poking her cervix as he did so; causing Amy to moan lusty “Oooo yeah…oh fuck…”

He continued thrusting harder into his sister, now pounding her. The sound of Amy moaning and slapping flesh filled the room. Each time Jackson pulled further out and as he thrusted back in, pulled on Amy’s flanks causing her to smash against his pelvis. Amy now moaning loudly was surprised when Jackson spanked her. Firmly he smacked her arse-cheek, eliciting a quick “oh” from Amy. This added to her lust for him. Quickly her orgasm began to stir inside her. It built up like a ball in her stomach, emanating heat and pleasure from its core. Jackson quickened his pace. He gripped a fistful of her hair and firmly pulled her head backwards. Amy stopped leaning on her hands as he did this, causing her back to arch inwards. Her ear next to Jacksons mouth, was subject to sweet nothings and dirty talk. Jackson would whisper things like “You like being fucked by your brother? Do you want it harder you dirty slut?” and would suck on her neck; causing Amy to moan even louder being spurred on to release “Ohhhh” after “OOOOOOOHHHH.” And then finally her orgasm crashed into her. The walls in her pussy spasmed and clenched all around Jackson’s cock. As he continued fucking her, her walls rippled bringing Jacksons climax on. Soon his dick began to swell and tried pumping out another load. But because he’d cum moments before, he had a dry orgasm. He continued to thrust into Amy, timing it perfectly with each pump.

The teens collapsed on the bed after both orgasms were over. Both breathing heavily.

“Fuck…fucking…hell…that was…the most..intense…” Amy tried uttering between breaths.

“Sit…sit on the floor…” Jackson replied.

“What?…Why?” She whispered back.

“Because..I’m not done with you yet.”

She looked at her brother with her bright green glassy eyes.

“Huh?” She replied.

“Sit on the floor.” He commanded forcefully.

She did. He directed her to sit in front of her bed post and wait there. He again went over to the bag he’d brought with him.

“What are you getting J?” Amy asked intrigued.

He came back over with some rope.

“Oooh J.” Said Amy looking at the rope in his hands.

He then put her hands together above her head and tied them to the bed post with the rope.

Amy was now at his mercy. Well, she had said for him to do what he wanted with her body.

He placed a hand on the inside of each thigh and firmly pulled them apart; exposing her freshly fucked pussy.

He dove in straight away, like a thirsty dog and a bowl of water; lapping and licking at her pussy.

“Ooohhhh…” Amy moaned.

Then Jackson added his hands and the vibrator to the mix. He slid the vibrator into her pussy and turned it on. The hum could be heard from inside Amy. Then he toyed with her clitoris, circling and trapping it between two fingers; giving it a gentle squeeze. He slipped his other hand below her pussy, down into the crack of her arse. He rubbed his finger against the small rough patch of skin, then pushed it inside. As quickly as possible he was fingering her arse. Amy was again moaning loudly “Ooooh…Ooooh God…fuck..” at the overwhelming sensation now being given to her. And just to make it unbearable for Amy, he began to suckle and nibble at her hard nipples again. Quickly Amy began to leak juices from her pussy. So much that she created a puddle on the wood flooring. Jackson quickened and hardened his actions bringing her to yet another orgasm.

“Oh yes…oh yesss…God yes..” She moaned.

Jackson found that he liked being able to have so much control over his sister’s body. He began to get hard again.

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