Amy’s Lays By the Thames – Day 01

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It was my sister Suzie’s idea. For her birthday I arranged for a spa day for the two of us before we went out for a night on the town with some mutual friends. Suzie and I had been discussing one of my biggest hobbies, hiking. During an interlude in our conversation Suzie looked on in stunned silence (and possible admiration) as I flirted and ultimately propositioned a young female masseuse. Despite her being both straight and spoken for we exchanged contact details (and a few nights later at my flat some bodily fluids as well).

“I just can’t believe you Amy. How do you do it?” Suzie asked when the girl had gone.

“Charm with a healthy dose of confidence thrown in for good measure. Sometimes, not even that. I just seem to find myself in the company of horny people looking for sex. I’m as likely to be seduced as seduce.” I had replied.

‘And of course, you know she’ll get in touch?” Suzie persisted.

“I do, just like I’m positive I’ll pull someone when we go out tonight. The only questions are will it be a man or a woman, or perhaps even both?”

Having thought on it, as we were leaving to head back to our respective homes to get ready for our night out, Suzie laid out her challenge:

“Here’s a chance to combine your two favourite pastimes, hiking and shagging. You just mentioned you’ve always wanted to hike the Thames Path from the source to Tower Bridge.”

“Go on.” I said, intrigued.

“Walk the path and along the way, you are to get as much sex as you can. In fact ideally it’ll be through sex that you get a bed for the night.”

“I take it I’m not to be too blatant about it and go up to people and say ‘let me stay at your place tonight and you can shag me’?”

“Um, no. And obviously I’m aware of the potential dangers posed to an attractive woman out on her own, especially if she is ‘putting it about’. So let’s say you limit it to women. Besides, men are too easy.”

Suffice to say, I agreed to the challenge and took three weeks out of my (not so) busy schedule, though two may have sufficed. I timed it so that the weather had the least chance of being bad and I wouldn’t have my period during the trip and then started prepping for it. Getting the right equipment, going for longer and longer strolls to get up my stamina and researching the route, include places to stop. I had to have a back up in case I failed to pull, which west of Oxford was what I expected.

Perhaps I should explain a little about me and my proclivities. I’m what some people might call a slut, maybe even a sexual deviant and I’m damn proud of it. I’ve not been without sexual companionship since I lost my virginity. I’ve never had a boy or girlfriend, just bed partners of both sexes, monogamous relationships filled with romance can wait until I’m at least thirty. There’s very little I haven’t tried; threesomes, foursomes, orgies and much more — apart from the obvious taboos of course. For instance I once had separate affairs with both a husband & wife — until they found out and both dumped me, which I was pissed off as I was the one who arranged for them to find out. I was getting bored with them and thought it would be a good way to end it with both if we all had a threesome, but alas it never worked out that way. I’m financially independent courtesy of a multi-million pound lottery win by my parents when I was young, so my days (and my pussy) were mine to fill as I so chose. At the time of writing I’m twenty-six, size ten, near shoulder-length ginger hair possessing a permanent ‘wet effect’, extra-large, slightly saggy tits and areolas the size of two-pound coins.

What follows are extracts from the diary I kept of my travels. They were written when and where I had the opportunity, which meant some times the day after and I’ve omitted all the entries where I didn’t get kaçak iddaa any action as well as almost all my observations of travelling along the Thames, which I might say was very nice, beautiful countryside with picturesque scenery, towns and villages.

Day One Tuesday

I set off this morning from a field near Kemble in Gloucestershire, where there was a weather beaten marker stone containing illegible writing, that apparently proclaimed it was the start of the Thames River. A few paces away were a collection of rocks from which at certain wet times of the year, water would spring up. After trudging through fields I came to a path and walked beside what looked like at times to be little more than a brook or stream.

I made my first stop in a small village called Cricklade beside the river and stayed the night at a quaint pub called the Raging Stallion. I’d booked a double room there the previous night. There weren’t many people in the pub and the handful that were just weren’t my type. That was fair enough. I doubted that I’d get much action anyway until I got to large towns and cities like Oxford & beyond. In fact, I’d booked a double room only because it was the only one they had available at such short notice. However, everything changed when I went to the bar for my last drink of the evening, a non-alcoholic one due to the walking.

“What can I get you miss?” The barmaid was about nineteen or twenty. Shorter than me (I’m only 5″3), pear-shaped physique with hair like mine, only slightly longer and coppery. She wore boot-cut jeans and a turtle-neck sweater which hugged her figure and showed off her ample cleavage.

“I’d like a decaf coffee please.” I replied noting her reaction, she couldn’t keep her eyes off me. Immediately prior to my placing my order, the landlord had emerged from behind the bar to declare: “Time ladies & gentlemen please!”

The pub had emptied of customers by now and I was only served because I was a guest and had asked for coffee not alcohol. Behind me, the landlord and another barman were stacking chairs and stools and clearing away empty glasses and bottles.

“So is that your father?” I asked referring to the landlord.

“Oh no, I just work here. My name’s Dorothy.” She said.

“Mine’s Amy. So do you live near here?” I asked.

“Not too far away, but I have to walk through some dark country paths to get to my place so whenever I work nights here, I always stay in one of the rooms. It’s safer that way.” I had thoughts that would dispute that.

“Well I tell you what. Why don’t you bring the coffee up to my room when you get off? Perhaps we can chat before bed.” I gave an exaggerated yawn midway through my sentence for effect. She nodded and I let her get back to her things.

I retired to my room and hastily got ready for bed. I’d just slipped naked between the sheets of the comfortable double-bed when I heard a tapping at the door.

“Miss?” Dorothy called meekly.

“Come in, it’s unlocked.” I called.

A moment later she entered carrying a small plastic drinks tray with a cup & some sachets of sugar and milk. I waited until she put it down on the bedside table and then I sat up in bed, exposing my double-Ds to her.

“Oohh.” She exclaimed upon seeing the sight.

“Never seen a pair of boobs before?” I enquired as I busied myself with adding milk and sugar to the coffee, stirring them in and taking an exploratory sip. It tasted good.

“Not like those.” Dorothy replied.

“Not even in the mirror?” I asked referring to the ample swelling of her chest. Her round cheeks reddened which I found sweet and adorable. I drank more of the coffee and shifting over to the edge of the bed I patted the empty space. With some trepidation she crawled up and sat on the bed, pulling off her trainers as she did so revealing black sports kaçak bahis socks with day-glow green toe-guards.

“This is unusual.” Dorothy noted.

“Will you get in any trouble if the landlord knew you were in here?” I asked as I finished the coffee.

“No, I don’t think so. After all, you asked me in.”

At that moment we heard a whoop of delight being exclaimed through the wall, from the room next door. There then followed the sound of creaking bedsprings, followed by intermittent bursts of laughter and giggling, which as time wore on gave way increasingly to moans and groans. We both tried to talk but the sound of what was clearly frenetic love-making by the couple in the adjoining room took over and we both fell silent. After almost ten minutes or so the sounds were silenced after reaching an orgasmic crescendo. All the while I’d been watching Dorothy and saw her fidget and absentmindedly rub her inner thighs together.

“Did you enjoy listening to that?” I asked, inclining my head in the direction of the wall.

“I did.” She confessed rather breathlessly.

“Do you hear a lot of that when you stay here?” I asked.

“Yeah, mainly the landlord and his wife as I usually stay in a room next to theirs, like bunnies they are.” She extended one of her thumbs and gestured towards what I assumed was their bedroom.

“Do you find it a turn on hearing people fuck?” She nodded, unperturbed by my use of the ‘F-word’.

“And I play with myself and try to time it so I cum at the same time as them.” She added, only to bow her head in embarrassment when she realised what she’d just admitted to.

I put my now empty coffee cup to one side, leaned forward, and gently held her chin up to me with my hand.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, well unless it’s your folks or something. And as for ”Jilling’ off’…” I pulled the sheet down so that Dorothy could see my moist, engorged pussy and the thumb and forefinger of my other hand entwined around my clit. Dorothy looked at my pussy and was entranced as I’d hoped she would be.

“Would you like to satisfy yourself after hearing the couple next door?” Dorothy nodded her head enthusiastically. I smiled at her and told her to undress. She hopped off the bed, locked the door and did as she was told. First went the socks, followed by the jeans and jumper. Her body was beautiful and voluptuous and when she removed the matching powder-blue sports bra and panties, her great breast and succulent, bald pussy were revealed in all their respective glories. I noted how the breasts were erect, her nipples surrounded by areolas, the same size as mine. I also saw how damp she was between her legs. At this point in proceedings there couldn’t have been any doubt in her mind as to what was to happen and she made no protest as without usual preamble of kissing I dived down between her legs to begin sucking and lapping her clit and pussy lips.

She instantly let out a moan and her hips bucked.

“I should have warned you, I’m very sensitive down there.” She admitted. That merely encouraged me and I resumed my tonguing with even more vigour. This time her hip movements were less pronounced, but the steady stream of lustful moans and groans continued. Finally the moans & groans were joined by deep breaths and the hip-bucking had resumed. She was close. Her tangy, salty juices dribbling down onto my chin told me that. And then, she came.

“Yaaahh!” She bellowed before firmly planting her hand over her mouth to stifle further noises. I merely laughed as I licked her clean.

“Here, taste some of yourself on this.” I brought my mouth down on hers, bringing our tongues into contact and giving the opportunity to taste her juices.

It was only then that I realised I’d not asked her if she was into girls. This brought about a fit of the giggles illegal bahis from me.

“What’s so funny?” She asked defensively, as if suspecting I was mocking her.

“I don’t know if you like girls.” I replied.

“That’s all beside the point now, isn’t it?” This time we both chuckled, ending our mutual mirth with another passionate kiss.

“It’s your turn. Do you know what to do?” I gestured to my own quim, glistening with pre-cum. If Dorothy was a first-timer, she was a quick study. She shimmied down the bed until her head was level with my vulva and began to gently stroke my labia with the tips of her forefingers. It was my turn for a body-spasm as I felt wave after wave of pleasure ripple through my body. And then she brought her tongue into contact with my clit and its hoods and began swirling it around and around.

“Ahhh, that’s good!” I exclaimed and planted my hands on the back of her head to keep her there as she lapped and swirled away with her tongue. She would occasionally take my clit into her mouth and gave me effectively a blow-job.

“That’s it, you’ve got it, don’t stop!” I instructed her through gritted teeth as I moaned and groaned from the pleasure she was giving me. My orgasm certainly didn’t creep up on me. I’d felt it building since the first moment Dorothy had tongued my clit. I gave a whoop of joy as the orgasm hit me and I shuddered on the bed long afterwards as it took time to subside.

“Are you okay?” Dorothy looked worried that she’d hurt me.

“Are you kidding, that’s the best cum I’ve had from a woman in ages.” I grinned lasciviously back at her. She rejoined me at my end of the bed and we again kissed. This time I was able to taste my juices from her. We cuddled for a while before we tried something else.

“I once found a USB stick in my brother’s bedroom and found it had porn on it. In one of the scenes he had, these two women were sucking each others’ fannies at the same time.” Dorothy said.

“You mean they were having a ‘sixty-nine’. Would you like to try it?” She nodded enthusiastically and I inched my way down the bed so that she could turn around and straddle me. She lowered her cunt onto my mouth and then resumed lapping at my clit ‘upside-down’. It was a repeat of her earlier supreme efforts at rug-munching, but enhanced when she’d periodically react to the sensations that I was giving her at the same time as she was with me. We each shared another ‘rip-roaring’ orgasm, mutual this time. We lay panting, with Dorothy crawling forward an itch or two to clear her pussy from my mouth, but otherwise sank on my body, clutching one of my legs with both hands for dear life.

After a minute or so we heard something from the next room. Possibly aroused by the noises from our bed, which they must surely have heard, they were going for ’round two’. Once more the sound of their fucking served as an aphrodisiac.

“There’s something else I saw in my brother’s porn collection I’d like to try.” Without waiting for a response from me Dorothy turned around and grabbing both ankles, lifted my legs in the air to form a ‘V’. She then lowered herself carefully down so that her clit and mine came into direct contact. It took a couple of tries but she got there eventually. She started to gyrate her hips, rubbing her clit against mine in the process. I love tribbing and dry-humping (not that our pussies were even remotely dry by this point) and we soon developed a rhythm in sync with the couple next door, our beds squeaking and bumping in unison. Within moments of each other, in two adjoining rooms, a man and three women all noisily and satisfyingly climaxed.

As we lay there relaxing I was tempted to bang the wall and shout “well done”, but didn’t. We settled down then. We’d each come thrice and I had the first entry in my ‘ledger’ for the trip. Dorothy fell asleep in my arms. When I awoke the next morning it was to see her finish getting dressed and tip-toe out of my room and return to hers. I fell back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 8.30 or so.

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