An Abuse of Power Ch. 01

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It’s cold and wet out, a dreary Fall day, he thinks as he sits at the train stop. There’s a batch of new Jews coming in, and it is his job to lay out the rules for those coming in. He shifts back and forth on the balls of his feet, rocking heel to toe, silently fuming about the late train. It begins to drizzle and still he waits, his blood is boiling in impatience and his clothes are soaked and heavy when the train finally screeches to a halt.

Dirty, smelling, wearing rags they pile out onto the platform. He steps back, making room for them all on the platform. He goes through the rules quickly, eager to get out of the rain, but this only makes him come across as cold and professional, which is a benefit in a way, since they will listen and fear him.

After his makeshift orientation he leads the group to the gates where they will be separated by gender. He watches impassively as men go to the left and women to the right, wishing they would hurry. Occasionally he swats a pair with a riding crop when they cling to each other, trying to avoid separation. Suddenly, he catches a flash of blue eyes, they stand out so much they almost startle him.

“You!” He cries, pointing his crop at the blue eyed girl. She continues to shuffle numbly along. He pushes a few people out of the way, racing to catch her. “You, with the blue eyes” he cries, this time she turns to look at his shouting. When she finds him staring at her, her eyes widen in fear and she stops in her tracks.

“Come here!” he calls. But she doesn’t move. Her knuckles are white as they cling to keep her thin dress around her, like that will keep her warm in this weather.

“Come. Here” he says, softer, but somehow colder.

One of her feet moves towards him, and she looks startled by this. It is a full second before Pendik Anal Escort the other foot follows. She stands before him, eyes on his shoes although they occasionally flit up fearfully to look at his face. He eyes her coldly, her figure is hidden in a baggy but thin dress but he suspects she may be just what he needs.

“I need a housekeeper” he sneers. “Follow me.”

She doesn’t move, and he has walked a full five feet to realize that she is not following. The subordinate officers are beginning to snicker when he turns around, slowly. When she still doesn’t move, he storms up to her and slaps her across the face, hard.

“Are you stupid?” he snarls. Clutching her face she shakes her head. “Then follow me. Now” he sneers, and this time she does, wobbling behind him, still clutching her face.

He enters the house and leads her to the bathroom. He handcuffs her hands to the shower head and begin to remove her clothes. Her body trembles but he only removes her head scarf and coat. Then he turns on the cold water and she gasps in shock, squirming to get away from the icy jet but she can’t move far enough away from the icy jet. She tries to press her wet form against the wall, gasping at the cold. He watches the wet dress cling to her body and finds what he was hoping for: large perfect breasts, the nipples poking out painfully in the cold water.

His cock hardens and he reaches over to turn off the water. She stands shaking, her eyes refusing to meet his despite his closeness.

“Would you like warm water?” he asks and she slowly brings her eyes to his and nods, distrustingly.

“I’m going to wash you” he says, slowly, turning the water back on and letting it warm up as he removes her dress, peeling off the discolored and used under garments with disgust. Pendik Yaşlı Escort “New things, you will have new things” he promises and she meets his eyes, nodding, but she still looks cautious.

Slowly, he removes his clothes and steps into the warm water behind her. She instantly stiffens. He holds back for a moment, watching the water cascade over her curves. He moves forward, reaching for the soap and his hard cock brushes against her buttocks. She jerks away, but he ignores this and grabs the shampoo.

Gently he washes her hair, letting the suds drip between her buttocks. He grabs a bar of soap and begin with her shoulders, washing them, then under her arms, relishing at her soft skin. When his hands reach around to her breasts and she freezes, body stiff. He reaches up to her face and turns it towards him, waiting patiently until she brings her eyes up to his.

“There is no point in refusing me. You are MINE. No one will stop me” he says, matter of factly. Her body doesn’t relax, her bottom lip begins to quiver, but her gaze is steady. He meets her gaze and begins to rub soap all over her chest.

She turns her eyes away, but twice he catches her with her eyes half closed in pleasure as he handles her breasts and nipples with delicate care. The lather from the soap bubbles over them, and her nipples form hard peaks that stand out against the bubbles. He rubs his palms over them, pinching them softly between his fingers.

His cock aches as he patiently washes the rest of her body. Rubbing her belly, down her legs, her calves and her body relaxes as he moves down her body, intentionally avoiding her pussy. When he stands he can barely control himself, his hard cock throbs with want.

He presses against her back, his cock presses into the Pendik Zenci Escort small of her back as his hand snakes around her waist, then down. She jerks away as his finger parts her pussy lips, but he feels her want. He knows she wants to be filled. When she squirms again his other hand grips her waist tightly and he whispers in her ear menacingly “Remember you are mine. Fighting won’t help.” Then his hand moves between her legs, his palm pressing against her clit, but after a moment she presses her back against his chest, her breath coming hard.

After a moment, he withdraws his hand and grips her waist, bending her forward as much as allowable with her hands still attached to the shower head. She realizes his plans a moment too late and just as she begins to squirm and the word “No” forms on her lips he pushes inside her with a long slow thrust.

Him being inside her seems to set her off, she struggles furiously. The sound of her handcuffs clanging against the shower head are almost deafening. Calmly, he grips her hips more tightly and stays buried inside her, even as she struggles against him. The movement of her body as she struggles is intoxicating as her pussy moves around him, tight and wet and moving spasmodically.

“Shhhhh” he whispers in her ear as her struggles begin to slow, then to stop. As she stands panting, his cock still buried deep inside her she lets out a low sigh of defeat. He recognizes her sigh for what it is and begins to move in and out of her, slowly at first, relishing the way she feels around him. She doesn’t fight him, her body limp, accepting his thrusts, which are growing more urgent.

She lets out a low groan of horror when she feels his cock erupt deep inside her, filling her. He withdraws with a moan of appreciation, then steps out to dry off. He unlocks her hands and she begins to rub her raw wrists, letting the blood flow back into her numb fingertips. He leads her out of the shower, wrapping her in a towel and begins to pat her dry.

“Do you know what a submissive is?” he asks, his heart pounding in his chest.

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