An Amazing Discovery Ch. 02

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She kissed me, fully on the lips for the first time, I could feel her tongue probing my lips – I opened my mouth slightly to allow her to probe my mouth and tongue. We lay there for what felt like an eternity, then slowly she kissed her way all down my neck, shoulders and chest – finally reaching the area just above my penis. She looked me straight in the eye and told me she was now going to give me the best blow job I’d ever had!

My reply surprised her “That won’t be difficult…. I’ve never had one!!”

WHAT??? Your a virgin??

“Well, urm yes!” I replied, a sudden look of total amazement came over my sisters face.

“Wow! I really thought that you and Suzie had gone all the way, I mean you used to be all over her like a rash”

It was true Suzie my last girlfriend had let me go further than any girl I knew before, but she would never let me go down on her or give me a blowjob – let alone full blown sex!!

It became obvious that Clare was going to relish the fact she was going to give me my first blowjob. She pushed me further up her bed and proceeded to lick the swollen head of my dick, making sure she coated it with saliva. She then ever so slowly took more and more of me into her warm, wet mouth. Eventually she had the whole length in her mouth and proceeded with a light sucking whilst her tongue caressed the head.

“Clare, Oh my God! This feels amazing, and so wrong” I couldn’t believe the different emotions I was feeling, that it was my sister giving me this new experience just made it even more special.

Clare started to become a little more energetic in her sucking and her tongue felt like it had been plugged into the mains, such was the energy I was becoming very much aware that I would not last much longer.

“Clare, I’m going to come soon you better stop”

This information just made Clare redouble her efforts and before very long I could hold back no longer and felt that familiar tingle start in my sack and build to an exquisite release. I could feel jet after jet being fired into my sisters loving warm mouth, and to her credit she managed to take every last drop.

Clare snuggled up to me and we hugged each other like our lives depended on it, after what seamed like an eternity Clare spoke.

“Dave, I am and always will be your sister, I love you like a sister. But I am also a woman, a woman who happens to find you very attractive. What we do when just the two of us are together will only ever be known by us, if we both want this we are not hurting anyone.”

“Clare, you seam to have thought this all through?”

Clare replied that she had thought gorukle escort bayan of us getting together for a couple of years!! I was amazed, sure I’d noticed a little more cleavage and the occasional unnecessary brushing past me. I was confused and told Clare that I needed to think, I went to my room to cleanup and get some rest.

When I woke up it was dark, I looked over to my clock – it was 1:00am I’d been asleep for hours. I didn’t feel very rested though.

I got up and went to the bathroom and splashed my face with water. On my way back to my room I noticed a light coming from under Clare’s bedroom door.

I tapped gently on the door before opening it slowly and carefully so as not to make a noise our parents would hear.

“Dave!, what are you doing in here if mom or dad hear you they’ll wonder what the hells going on!”

“No they won’t” I replied “They’ll just think your brother could not sleep and came to see his sister, just like we used to when we were kids”

“Clare, I’m not sure what went on earlier, but I need to be with you.”

“Well then you’d better get in” with that Clare moved her quilt to let me get into bed with her.

As soon as I was lying next to Clare I felt better, I could feel her warmth next to me.

“Clare, I’ve been thinking about what you said earlier. Until today I had not realised the sort of love I feel for you, yes you are my sister and I love you for it. But you are a stunning young woman, I could not help but notice it earlier when you stripped for me, I have not seen a more beautiful woman anywhere.

Clare turned to face me, she held my face with both hands and kissed me full on the lips. I could feel her lips open slightly and her tongue brushed my lips, we kissed like no brother and sister should.

“Dave, I want you to stay with me tonight. I need to feel your presence next to me, I wont be able to sleep alone tonight”

Without thinking of the possible consequences I hugged Clare to me and fell into a sound sleep.

“And what do we have here??” My mother had entered Clare’s room to get her up so she could leave for college on time. Of course instead of finding Clare asleep, she found both her daughter and her son asleep together.

“Mom! Oh it’s not really time to get up is it” said Clare, totally ignoring the fact that she had been caught in the same bed as her brother.

“Yes, young lady it is time to get up! Same goes for you Dave you need to be at work soon. Get your lazy backside into the shower, I’ll get you both some breakfast”

I got up and walked past my mom into my own bedroom, nilüfer escort bayan I just hoped that she could not see the hard on that I was sporting. When she had come into Clare’s room we had been spooning, Clare had woken me up by pressing her backside to my groin resulting in quite a boner!.

I heard the shower start-up and realised that Clare had hit the shower. I got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen.

“Morning Son, what’s this your mother tells me? You slept with Clare last night?”

Oh here we go! My mom had obviously told my father what she found when she came into Clare’s room this morning.

“Oh nothing, I could not sleep last night so I bunked down with Clare like we used to.”

“That was when you were 10! Not 21” my father said.

“Oh come on dad, we are brother and sister – what difference does our age make!”

“You know very well young man! Do I need to remind you why we separated your room?”

My dad was referring to a little game of you show me yours and I’ll show you mine that mom walked in on. She had told my father and he separated our rooms that very night!!

“No Dad you don’t. We have both grown up since then, you have brought us up to know right and wrong. We just slept in the same bed – nothing else”

“OK son, you’d best get yourself down to the garage, we’ve got a busy day ahead”

I grabbed the toast my mother had been busy making and made for the front door, as I got to the hall I was met by Clare coming down the stairs. She blew me a kiss and brushed past me without a word.

When I got to the garage the phone was ringing as I walked in through the door. “Hello, Spectrum motors Dave Speaking”

“Nice telephone manner son!”

“Oh Hi dad what’s up?”

“George called me, one of the van’s has broken down. I’m going to take the truck and pick it up, I won’t be back till late afternoon OK”

“Sure Dad, I’ll just get on with Mrs Wilkinson’ service.” I carried on with work and before long got done, all that was left was to clean up the shop ready for the next day.

I was getting ready to lock up for the day when Clare came bounding in with a huge smile on her face. She looked fantastic as always wearing a nice figure hugging blouse and knee length skirt.

“Hey Clare, what you doing here?”

“Oh not a lot I just wanted see if my favourite brother would run me to the mall?”

“Well I guess so, I was just about to lock up here anyway. What is it that you need?”

” Well not a lot” Clare said. I noticed she was starting to blush. “Why are you blushing bursa otele gelen escort bayan Clare?” I asked.

“I’m not!” she said indignantly “You so are!” I retorted.

“Well if you must know, I need some new knickers and a bra!”

I felt terrible I’d pushed her to admit something she had not wanted to, I gave her a big hug and told her I was sorry if I embarrassed her. She just hugged me back and said it was ok, she then looked up into my eyes and brought her mouth to mine. We kissed passionately for a few minutes and then just as quickly Clare said we had to go.

I drove us both to the Mall, we parked the truck and started to walk around the many stores. In and out up and down, gradually Clare was getting some of what she wanted. I noted that we had not been into any lingerie stores so I offered to go get us some coffee so she could go on her own.

“Oh coffee would be great! I’ll only be a few minutes and I’ll meet you in the diner” Clare said. I took a roundabout way to the diner, I ordered 2 latte’s and a couple of Danish’s and made my way over to a table. On the way I’d bought the latest issue of my car magazine, being sure that Clare would be at least an hour I settled down to read.

After what seamed like a very short time Clare came back, clutching two bags under her arm. I waved her over so she could see where I was.

“Wow, that was a lot quicker than I was expecting!” I said.

“I told you I would only be a few minutes didn’t I” she said with a smile.

We sat there for a little while and then Clare said she would like to go, we cleared our table and made our way back to the truck.

“Are you sure you got everything you needed Clare?” I asked.

“Yes, I did and maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll show you what I bought” Clare said.


“Now who’s blushing?” Clare said.

“OK I’m blushing, but you didn’t have to sit through the lecture I did this morning, when I got to the kitchen Dad gave me a roasting because Mom had found us in the same bed”

“So we need to be careful, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun together” she said. “Anyway I don’t think Mom was too bothered so we will just have to take it easy”

Clare is really amazing I thought to myself as I drove us back home, she seams to have really thought all this through. “Clare, are you sure about this?” I asked.

“I’ll show you how sure I am” she said, with that she proceeded to unzip my fly and pull my limp prick out of my shorts.

“Clare! What the hell, I’m driving” I screamed, however Clare was not deterred she proceeded to stroke my rapidly growing prick. She then bent over my lap and proceeded to blow me whilst we were driving down the freeway, I couldn’t believe she was doing it but my god it felt amazing!!

The inevitable happened and I shot my load down her throat, again Clare managed to take it all. She scooted across the bench to sit right next to me.

To be continued…

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