An Evening Interlude

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Dusk stained the sky a moody swirl of red and black, of clouds roiling and embracing, while golden shafts of sunlight twisted spears of liquid gold through the teeming mass of restless night. She was in a restless state of arousal, hypersensitive to the swirl of breeze through a window, touching her legs with gossamer paws, sound seemed amplified and her attention was constantly distracted.

Between her legs, her cunt was aching with a painful intensity, a heaviness which was impossible to ignore while the brush of cotton against her breasts lay somewhere between agony and ecstasy.

She jumped each time she heard a sound, sure it was him, her cunt gushing liquid juice which trailed down her thighs in a sticky residue of lust only to discover it was a cat or a child or any one of a number of other things.

The mundane tasks of her day were eventually completed, two small ones in bed, one picked up and away for the night, the other in Montreal. Now night was here and the house itself seemed to be holding its breath.

Expectation clouded her mind, confused her body and created an irrational sense of anxious excitement she couldn’t ignore.

He had been in and out over the course of the long, endless evening, pausing here and there for a kiss, a quick fondle. With the children in bed, she had entered the bathroom to clean up and casually sat on the toilet.

Suddenly the door had opened and he appeared. Saying nothing, he simply squatted in front of her, parting her legs and indicating that she was to hold her skirt high. Then intently, doing nothing, he watched her piss. She was barely able to accommodate him. Her arousal was so intense that at first she was unable to void, until finally, when he smacked the side of her leg lightly, her urethra opened and a hot, thick stream of piss splashed into the toilet. He watched intently, fascinated by the way the stream emitted from between the swollen lips of her cunt. He waited until the stream thinned and then stopped, small drops patterning the water of the toilet bowl, then he simply got up and walked away.

Now the time was getting late. She went into the bedroom and lay on the bed, somehow at peace now that she knew her waiting was coming to an end. She heard the door to his office open and he came into the room. Her heart was beating rapidly, so loudly she wondered if he could hear it. Going over to her, he pulled her so she lay sideways, her legs trailing over the side of the bed..

Then without saying a word he pulled her dress up and over her upper body then her face. The soft cotton enveloped her mouth and eyes. She was able to breathe through its loosely woven strands but it was if she were cocooned in a web which enveloped her and restricted her movements.

He took her arms and brought them to the top so they lay above her entwined, then with the skirt of the dress he wrapped them loosely so she was in essence suspended, her face and arms invisible in their soft prison, her breasts, belly and cunt open to the cooling night air. The heat generated by the enfolding dress served to make the bareness of her lower body even more naked, she felt utterly vulnerable, open to whatever he chose.

She waited with baited breath. She could not see him through her blindfold but could sense his breathing, feel the heat of his body near her. It was as if her senses were multiplied and increased, as if a sixth sense could track without the aid of her eyes and ears.

He stood between her spread legs and she jumped suddenly as she felt his warm breath on her cunt. She almost cried and could feel her cunt twitching, her hole opening and closing, and involuntarily, a stream of juice suddenly squeezed out of her vagina. She groaned as she felt his tongue lick up her libation, then involuntarily tried to push her Yozgat Escort hips even more into his face. He said nothing, but the tongue suddenly disappeared and she cried with disappointment.

She stilled her treacherous body, aware that he was intent on controlling things, exerting superhuman control to curb the almost insatiable need to thrust her hips. She was rewarded a few moments later when he licked her entire cunt from anus to cleft in a soft, warm delicious caress. Then he began to lap at her like a dog, flicking his tongue up and down the long cleft, pausing to scoop up the juice from her vagina, pushing the swollen inner lips aside to pay homage to her stiff, painful clitoris.

She felt the sensation gathering in her groin, the wonderful, painful, overwhelming pressure which preceded her coming. She fought desperately to control her movements, her hips were actually jerking as she fought them from moving, terrified he would desist. She was close, so close, from between her bound lips small desperate grunts were audible, her mind began its strange fogging which always accompanied an orgasm and then suddenly the sensation was gone.

The disappointment, the despair was almost beyond bearing. The cotton which swathed her eyes dampened with her tears. For a moment she luxuriated in her disappointment, then taking a deep breath, counseled patience and waited. She felt he was away from her at the moment but unsure, stayed very still, not seeking to dissuade him even more. She strained to hear him, to orient where he stood, what he was doing. She couldn’t get a sense through her bindings and was tempted to pull her arms down and look around.

She stopped herself, aware that this ultimate submission, this subjection even to his desires was creating a storm of arousal and emotion she wasn’t quite sure how to handle, yet the emotion it engendered was so persuasive, so seductive, she didn’t want to question it too closely.

The night air from the open window caressed her body in a silken, soft caress, soothing the flames between her legs, calming her churning heart. She felt suspended somehow, removed from herself, as if she were somewhere else and the part of her which felt primitive, basic emotions had somehow surfaced and become dominant. She was aware of arousal, excitement and yet a strange lassitude stilled her limbs and calmed her soul.

He entered the room and looked at her. Her pale, slender legs were stretched wide, slightly outturned so that an unobstructed view of her vulva was possible. The soft, plump mound of her cunt swelled at the base of her soft belly. There, her cleft split into two separate lips, normally pale and slim, now fiery pink and swollen and turgid with arousal. The delicate inner lips of her vagina which were usually almost hidden in the folds of the outer vulva were bright red and enflamed, extending beyond their normal confines by an inch or more. Her sprawled, positioning himself to see the stiff, swollen nub of her clitoris, poking saucily from its usual hiding spot, visibly elongated and stiff with desire.

He followed the line of her soft belly and admired the swell of her hips. She could never be mistaken for a boy, he mused, not with the way her hips bloomed voluptuously, proclaiming her femininity.

The line of her waist was taut and then he feasted his eyes on the breasts which heaved on her chest. On her back, their weight pulled them to each side, their fullness bulging out over the tender pits of her arms. Her nipples were taut, small stiff nubs, their areolas crinkled and tight. The dark shadow under her arms were visible as her arms were raised over her head. The dress caught just above her spread breasts, entangling her arms and covering her face. Its folds drifted and twirled around her upper body, Yozgat Escort Bayan obscuring her features and erasing any hint of identity. She was the epitome of female voluptuousness as she lay there spread-eagled, her body open to him, available and subject to his whims. She was woman personified, with no true personality or ideas of her own, a body, a cunt, two tits there for him to play with, torment, ravish.

His cock felt like an iron bar in his pants. He pulled at the buttons of his fly, undoing them and allowing the stiff erection to poke out. Then, bending, his cock bobbing, he pulled off his pants and peeled off his shirt. Naked now, he began to pull at his cock slowly, leisurely allowing his eyes to travel over the prone body before him, lingering on her hard nipples and probing visually between her legs. His cock was throbbing and erect, its purple tip glistening with the pre-come juice which oozed in a steady stream from its bulging tip. He relished the feel of his fingers and the pull of the velvet skin over the hard muscle, the slippery friction engendered by the juice, soaking his cock and squishing through his fingers. It was immensely exciting and satisfying to know that she was completely open to him, obedient and vulnerable.

He reached for the thick dildo which he had earlier put on the dresser. Stepping between her legs he kneeled, moving close to breathe in the heavy, musky scent of her arousal, the thick sweet smell of her juice which was literally streaming from her swollen vagina.

Grasping the heavy fake prick firmly he took the head and gently probed her cunt hole. He heard her gasp and draw in her breath sharply. Her hips gave an involuntary shudder then stilled but where he gently probed, her cunt hole began to open and close. He pushed just the tip in about an inch, letting the mushroom head disappear slowly, very slowly up her. He could hear her panting beneath the cotton bindings and her chest was heaving, causing her breasts to jiggle lusciously. He could actually sense how hard she was struggling not to push further down on the stiff invader.

His own cock quivered in sympathy, a large drop of pre-come juice oozing from its straining tip.

Then with a smooth, controlled thrust he impaled her, pushing aside her soft folds, filling her, stretching her, engorging her until he felt it strike her womb. Her hips shuddered and her cunt seemed to suck at the big cock as he watched. Grasping it firmly he pulled it out, wet and glistening with her juices, sliding slowly, sensuously through the folds of her cunt.

Again he thrust and again he pulled it out. Her legs which had been sprawled to either side were tense, her thighs trembling with the strain. She seemed to be trying to spread her legs even further apart and she looked incredibly voluptuous and abandoned as her slender legs widened.

Leaving the dildo impaled in her, he stepped back to admire the sight. With her legs agape, her entire cunt seemed tipped up, her cunt lips open while the white shaft of the dildo looked obscenely arousing as its thick base barely peeked from the swollen red folds of her cunt hole.

As he watched, it began to slide out, slippery from the juice which was pouring out of her. He saw her hips shiver and then jerk and her cunt working as she tried desperately to retain its hard length deep inside her.

Reaching down he pulled it out and tossed it to one side. Then stepping between her legs holding his prick in one hand he aimed it at her cunt and shoved it in. He made sure to keep his hips from banging hers as he wanted her unsure as to what she was being fucked with. He had to stifle his groans as his stiff prick sank into the soft, enveloping folds of her cunt, juicy and soft and incredibly deep.

As he pulled out Escort Yozgat for another thrust her cunt seemed to hold onto his cock, her inner lips clinging, her clitoris throbbing. Her cunt felt as if it were as deep as an ocean and as wet.

Rivulets of her own juice were running in streams down the tender inner skin of her thighs and beneath her sprawled buttocks she could feel a pool of her own juice cooling in the night air.

Her breasts were aching, almost like when she was breastfeeding the children and a feeding was long overdue. It was as if she needed them to empty of the arousal which was tormenting her.

Suddenly she felt his fingers at her breasts, pinching the nipples roughly. She moaned as she felt a jolt of pure lust flash from the pillaged breasts to her cunt. She tried to push her breasts into his hands, sure now that it was his beloved cock between her legs and desperate to wrap her legs around his strong, working buttocks.

“OK,” he told her,

Giving a cry of joy her hips surged up to meet his, her legs twining like vines around his back, her vulva pushing into his groin until he lost sight of where his cock started and her cunt finished. The palm of his hands began to slap against her breasts, he found the pink marks of his fingers unbearably erotic. She was like some wild thing beneath him, bucking and straining, her arms and face still covered, just a writhing, twisting female body, a hot, juicy cunt and two jiggling, swollen breasts.

He could feel his balls tightening and the hot intense fire deep within his groin signaled that his cock was getting ready to come. Suddenly he felt her convulse and beneath the shrouded torso, he heard her scream in a long, indrawn breath, a groan almost painful in intensity and her cunt began to pump against him.

The tip of his cock literally felt pinched as her womb began to contract, like a wave of sound, her cunt squeezed and pulled at his thrusting cock, almost expelling its heavy stiff mass.

In front of his eyes, a hot red flush suddenly spread across her heaving breasts and the soft swollen mounds literally seemed to expand another inch, the tips reaching toward him. A hot gush of come seemed to soak his groin and for a moment he thought she had pissed but it had a sticky clear consistency at odds with that. Feeling it soak into the tight nub of his balls and run in streams down the base of his cock he felt his own orgasm trigger and gritting his teeth he grabbed her hips and with a harsh, massive thrust buried his cock as deep as he could within the willing cunt which enclosed it.

Like molten lava he felt the sperm erupt from deep inside, trail fiery veins through the hard shaft of his throbbing organ and erupt in a powerful, burning explosion deep within her. She screamed as she felt the individual spurts strike her already convulsing womb, triggering an even stronger series of contractions.

He was helpless except to thrust and thrust again, seeking to bury within her the essence of his being, his sperm, his brand and she joyfully, accepted all he could give her.

Together they reached heaven, their minds fogged, their senses so permeated with sensation they were almost delirious, then as the series of convulsions weakened within her womb, as the last drop of sperm was expelled, they collapsed.

It seemed an ages later when she felt his hand gently unwinding the skirt which bound her. Cool air reached her flushed cheeks and glazed eyes and she squinted in the soft light of the room.

It was like coming out of a dark fog. Her eyes met his and glowed in answer to the light which glittered in his. He reached for her and gathered her in his arms and gently dropped kisses on her forehead, her nose and then her clinging lips. They exchanged a long, deep intimate kiss and then he bundled her exhausted, satiated body between the cool cotton sheets, pulling the blanket to her chin and hugging her closely behind, clasping her spoon fashion. She drifted in a sea of contentment and love, and true to her nature, fell into a deep velvet sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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